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September 167, 2021 - April 22, 2022

SONG: Got To Be Real
ARTIST: Cheryl Lynn
LABEL: Columbia 23-10869
YEAR: 1978

WRITER: C. Lynn, D. Paich, D. Foster
PRODUCER: David & Marty Paich
REMIXER: No Available
COMMENTS: The most classic track from Cheryl,
and it's really a fantastic song.
Everyone knows what's coming when hearing the first intro tones.
White Label Promo copy of this tune,
which was co-written by David Foster,
who has written and/or produced for (more or less) EVERYONE that counts.
Now in fall 2021 there's a Mike Maurro remix available,
so - get it while still available!
Believe it, Cheryl Lynn always "Got To Be Real" !

August 1, 2021 - September 16, 2021

SONG: Don't You Want My Love
ARTIST: Debbie Jacobs
LABEL: MCA L-33-1823
YEAR: 1979

WRITER: Paul Sabu
REMIXER: No Available
COMMENTS: This great song was the B-side to
"Undercover Lover", which is an equally great track
from lovely Debbie Jacobs - who I had the pleasure to interview.
Both her albums were written and produced by Paul Sabu.
"Don't You Want My Love" got new life in 2017
when Dimitri From Paris re-edited it for Glitterbox.
In 2019 Glitterbox released other new remixes of the track.
This is "Hot Hot" as Debbie 'Gives It All She Got' !

May 11, 2021 - July 31, 2021

SONG: You Can't Run From My Love
ARTIST: Stephanie Mills
LABEL: Casablanca 810 337-1
YEAR: 1983

WRITER: James Mtume & Reggie Lucas
PRODUCER: James Mtume & Reggie Lucas
REMIXER: Steve Thompson
COMMENTS: Last track featured here claimed
"You Can't Hide (Your Love From Me)",
now Stephanie claims "You Can't Run From My Love".
Another great track from the lovely Mrs. Mills
who 'put her body in it' and gave us many nice hits
between the late 70's and mid 80's.
We definitely do not want to run away from Stephanie...

April 10, 2021 - May 10, 2021

SONG: You Can't Hide (Your Love From Me)
ARTIST: David Joseph
LABEL: Mango MLPS 7804
YEAR: 1983

WRITER: D. Joseph
PRODUCER: Godwin Logie
REMIXER: Larry Levan
COMMENTS: David was the lead vocalist
of the British band Hi-Tension.
A group which scored hits like;
"Hi-Tension", "British Hustle" and "There's A Reason".
When the band split, David went on to a solo career
and hade a huge hit with this Larry Levan remixed classic,
which (of course) also got heavy rotation
on the Paradise Garage dance floor.
"You Can't Hide" from hits like this!

March 6, 2021 - April 9, 2021

ARTIST: Carly Simon
LABEL: Mirage DMD 340
YEAR: 1982

WRITER: Bernard Edwards & Nile Rodgers
PRODUCER: Nile Rodgers & Bernard Edwards
REMIXER: Not Available
COMMENTS: With a career starting in the early 70's,
Carly Simon was recording for over 4 decades.
Probably most widely known for her tracks;
"You're So Vain" and "Nobody Does It Better",
the later featured as the theme for the James Bond movie
The Spy Who Loved Me.
In 1982 she teamed up with Nile & Bernard of Chic
for this song as featured in the moved Soup For One.
Potentially the movie wasn't a hit, but Carly's song was...
The song was also sampled by A Tribe Called Quest in their hit
"Bonita Applebum" (Why? Version) in 1990.
Chic + Carly = no need to ask WHY!

February 5, 2021 - March 5, 2021

SONG: Get up - Whirlpool
ARTIST: Edwin Starr
LABEL: 20th Century Fox TCD-109
YEAR: 1980

WRITER: Edwin Starr
PRODUCER: Edwin Starr
REMIXER: Not Available
COMMENTS: Quite slow Funky-Disco
from the man who is probably most known for his
1970 anti-War song - "War".
Edwin started his career back in the mid 60's
and during the Disco era we found him on
20th Century Fox Records creating hits like;
"Contact", "Happy Radio" and this one.
I just love how this builds up...
Time to:
Get Up... and Dance Just A Little!

January 1, 2021 - February 4, 2021

SONG: All night long
ARTIST: Mary Jane Girls
LABEL: Motown PR-118
YEAR: 1983

WRITER: Rick James
PRODUCER: Rick James
REMIXER: Not Available
COMMENTS: This female group
was put together by Funkster
Rick James
and was originally his back-up singers.
They got their name from one of
Rick's hit songs - "Mary Jane".
Rick wrote and produced the band
and they had a huge hit with this track,
which today is considered a classic.
A perfect track now when the nights are long...
Happy New 2021!

December 10, 2020 - December 31, 2020

SONG: Paradise
ARTIST: Change
LABEL: Atlantic /RFC DMD 267
YEAR: 1981

WRITER: D.Romani, M.Malavasi & T.Willoughby
PRODUCER: Jacques Fred Petrus & Mauro Malavasi
REMIXER: Not Available
COMMENTS: Change is one of my favourite bands,
just check back here On the Turntable;
"Angel In My Pocket" and "Glow Of Love".
This track is the opening track of their second album - Miracles.
Change was founded by the great duo of
Jacques Fred Petrus & Mauro Malavasi
and in their first album they had
Luther Vandross and Jocelyn Brown on vocals
on this album they were only on background vocals.
The two producers were also behind acts like,
B. B. & Q. Band, Revanche and Peter Jacques Band.
In these Covid-19 times, what's better than dreaming about...

November 14, 2020 - December 9, 2020

SONG: Keep The Fire Burning
ARTIST: Gwen McCrae
LABEL: Atlantic 0-89905
YEAR: 1982

WRITER: Willie Hutch
PRODUCER: Webster Lewis
REMIXER: Not Available
COMMENTS: We've heard Gwen earlier here
On the Turntable - with her songs;
"Poyson" and "Funky Sensation".
This track was remixed by Dave 'Joey Negro' Lee
in his Remixed With Love series.
Gwen started her career in the late 60's
and has kept singing and recording ever since...
She is also the former wife of Soul legend - George McCrae.
So, who can better
"Keep The Fire Burning"
in these strange times?!

October 10, 2020 - November 13, 2020

SONG: Wastin' My Love
ARTIST: Sticky Fingers
LABEL: Prelude PRL D 161
YEAR: 1979

WRITER: Bruce Ley & Willi Morrison
PRODUCER: Ian Guenther & Willi Morrison
REMIXER: Not Available (Possibly Francois K)
COMMENTS: Awesome uplifting Disco track
from Prelude Records in 1979.
There was no US 12" single released for this one,
instead the 4-track album was issued to DJ's as a 2 x 12" promo
with one track on each side.
Francois K was 'Production Associate'
why I think he probably did the mix.
This track have been sampled twice by
Disco connoisseur supreme...
Dave 'Joey Negro' Lee.
Stop Wastin' time and just listen!

September 6, 2020 - October 9, 2020

SONG: Walk The Night
ARTIST: Skatt Bros.
LABEL: Casablanca NBD 20209 DJ
YEAR: 1979

WRITER: D. Andez, R. Fontana
PRODUCER: Ian Guenther & Willi Morrison with Skatt Bros.
REMIXER: Not Available
COMMENTS: Disco-Rock smash
from Los Angeles based Skatt Bros..
The band was put together by Sean Delaney
who had been working with KISS for many years.
Not surprisingly they got a deal with KISS' label - Casablanca Records.
This track track worked both in Rock clubs as well as Disco's
and it even hit Top 10 of the Disco/Dance charts in 1980.
It has become a highly sought for 12" single these days
after being featured in the video game Grand Theft Auto IV.
The song was re-released for Record Store Day 2020
and the RSD release also includes a special remix,
so make sure to grab yourself a copy while you can.
Bent Boys also released a nice version of the track in 1984.

August 3, 2020 - September 5, 2020

SONG: Shoot Me With Your Love [Venus] / Shoot Me With Your Love [Tasha]
ARTIST: Venus Dodson / Tasha Thomas
LABEL: Orbit 520474-12 / OR-700 [Atlantic DK 4706]
YEAR: 1978

WRITER: James R. Glaser
PRODUCER: James R. Glaser &Peter Rugile
REMIXER: Not Available
COMMENTS: Song # 200 On The Turntable!
Venus Dodson recorded the first version
of this uplifting Disco track. It was only released as a promo.
Orbit Records then decided to publicly release it with
Tasha Thomas on vocals for her Midnight Rendezvouz album.
Venus' "Shining" has been featured earlier in this page,
incl. "Shoot Me".
Tasha has also been featured here before
with the title track off her only album.
But throughout her career she worked with legends like;
Louis Armstrong, Cat Stevens and Stevie Wonder.
Sadly she passed away far too early in 1984.
Come on - Shoot Me With Your Love

June 21, 2020 - August 2, 2020

SONG: Straight To The Bank
ARTIST: Bill Summers & Summers Heat
LABEL: Prestige D-120
YEAR: 1978

WRITER: Chancler, Summer, Washington, Miller
PRODUCER: Leon Ndugu Chancler
REMIXER: Phil Kaffel
COMMENTS: Nice 1978 classic from
percussionist Bill Summers and his
around 10 peoples strong Summers Heat band.
The group had some 5 active recording years
but this was their only hit.
A true Summers hit

May 3, 2020 - June 20, 2020

SONG: Contact
ARTIST: Edwin Starr
LABEL: 20th Century Fox TDC-69
YEAR: 1978

WRITER: E.Starr, A.E.Puhan, R.Dickerson
PRODUCER: Edwin Starr
REMIXER: Rick Gianatos
COMMENTS: This just popped up in some playlist
and I had forgotten about this one for a while,
just love the beat, handclaps and Edwin's vocals.
The 12" Promo (TDC-69) states Edwin as the Producer,
while the commercial release (TDC-74) give credits to Lamont Dozier.
Rick Gianatos did a great job turning this to a
7:21 minutes bad ass kicking Funky smacker.
In these Covid-19 days it can be good to remember to keep in...

March 29, 2020 - May 2, 2020

SONG: I Shoulda Loved Ya
ARTIST: Narada Michael Walden
LABEL: Atlantic K11739T
YEAR: 1979

WRITER: Walden, Stevens, Willis
PRODUCER: Bob Clearmountain
REMIXER: Not Available
COMMENTS: Great track from 1979,
strangely it was never released on 12" single in the US.
Dave Lee introduced me to this one...
Even if he has been in the business since the early 70's,
Narada is probably more known for writing and producing for other acts - like;
Withney Houston, Diana Ross, Mariah Carey, Sister Sledge...
But "I Shoulda Loved Ya" is still a GREAT track!

February 9, 2020 - March 29, 2020

SONG: Smack Dab In The Middle
ARTIST: Janice McClain
LABEL: Warner/RFC DRCS 8893
YEAR: 1979

WRITER: Tennant, Page, Smith
PRODUCER: Milt Tennant & Thom Page
REMIXER: Larry Levan
COMMENTS: Another brilliant
Larry Levan remixed dance floor smacker,
which definitely did "Smack Dab In The Middle"
amongst the dancers at the Paradise Garage.
This was a one off release for Janice on Warner/RFC,
surprisingly no album followed up this hit tune.
Hope you'll enjoy this piece of Disco history!

December 14, 2019 - February 9, 2020

SONG: Rescue Me
ARTIST: A Taste Of Honey
LABEL: Capitol SPRO-9432
YEAR: 1980

WRITER: J.Johnson, B.Miller & R.Bautista
PRODUCER: George Duke
REMIXER: Not Available
COMMENTS: It's a shame...
this fantastic track never came in an official 12" version,
there was a 12" single but only with the 3:20 single version.
The song was produced by legendary George Duke.
Else the band also had hits like,
"Boogie Oogie Oogie" and "Sukiyaki".

November 1, 2019 - December 13, 2019

SONG: Heavenly
ARTIST: Eli's Second Coming
LABEL: T.K. Disco TKD 69
YEAR: 1977

WRITER: Bobby Eli
REMIXER: Not Available
COMMENTS: Philly writer and producer legend
Bobby Eli's own band, even though only one album was released.
Bobby was part of creating MFSB
and was working on most stuff by Gamble & Huff in the 70's.
He has been working with acts like;
SalSoul Orchestra, Loleatta Holloway,
Teddy Pendergrass, the Jacksons, Trammps,
Curtis Mayfield, the Temptations, Carol Williams
and the list just goes on and on...
"Heavenly" was released on Henry Stone's T.K. Disco
and is an often overlooked classic,
so - Please ENJOY!

September 1, 2019 - October 31, 2019

SONG: When You Wake Up Tomorrow
ARTIST: Candi Staton
LABEL: Warner WBSD 8820
YEAR: 1979

WRITER: P.Adams, K.Morris, C.Staton & W.Garfield
PRODUCER: Candi Staton & Jimmy Simpson
REMIXER: Jimmy Simpson
COMMENTS: Another track penned by
the one and only Patrick Adams,
who has also written hits for Phreek, Musique, Inner Life
and lots of other legendary acts.
Candi Staton doesn't need too much introduction
as her 1976 classic "Young Hearts" is still heavily played all over.
Candi is still active recording and singing,
This is one sometimes overlooked great track,
so I hope you'll enjoy it!

June 17, 2019 - August 31, 2019

SONG: Long Train Running (12" Version) / Long Train Running (Original Video)
LABEL: Best BEST 12002
YEAR: 1982

WRITER: Tom Johnston
REMIXER: Not available
COMMENTS: Great cover
of this legendary Doobie Brothers classic
and it became a huge hit.
Traks consisted of 4 Italian guys
and the song is a drums-filled Funky Italo version
even though the band looked more like a rock band of the era.
This song was released on Best Record,
a label which soon became very important for the Italo-Disco scene.
I know several DJ's who still have this as a Favourite.
Enjoy the groove...

May 11, 2019 - June 16, 2019

SONG: Here Comes That Sound Again
ARTIST: Love De-Luxe
LABEL: Warner WBSD 8827
YEAR: 1979

WRITER: Alan Hawkshaw
PRODUCER: Alan Hawkshaw
REMIXER: Jim Burgess
COMMENTS: Love this great little Funky piece
by British pianist, composer and producer - Alan Hawkshaw.
He started his career during the 60's,
Love De-Luxe was one of his Disco projects.
He also worked with Miquel Brown,
Alec R Costandinos for Love & Kisses
and Donna Summer (among others).
He has also worked with David Bowie, Cliff Richard,
Oliva Newton-John and Barbra Streisand to mention a few.
Now - Here Comes That Sound Again (and Again)...

Mar 30, 2019 - May 10, 2019

SONG: 1979 It's Dancing Time
ARTIST: Revanche
LABEL: Atlantic ATL 20.176
YEAR: 1979

WRITER: Alan Taylor, Jacques Fred Petrus & Mauro Malavasi
PRODUCER: Jacques Fred Petrus
REMIXER: Not Available
COMMENTS: Great 1979's Disco!
Revanche was a Disco project
headed by the team behind Change;
Jacques Fred Petrus and Mauro Malavasi.
One of the members were Jocelyn Shaw,
we know her more as Jocelyn Brown.
But also Christine Wiltshire of Class Action fame was part of the group.
Enjoy this fantastic Gem!

Mar 2, 2019 - Mar 29, 2019

SONG: Take Some Time Out (For Love)
ARTIST: SalSoul Orchestra
LABEL: SalSoul SG 368
YEAR: 1981

WRITER: Stan Lucas
PRODUCER: Patrick Adams & Stan Lucas
REMIXER: Not Available
I haven't updated this for ages,
Sorry 'bout that!
But I love this Funky piece by SalSoul Orchestra.
Patrick Adams produced this one
together with Stan Lucas,
vocals by the one and only - Jocelyn Brown.

Sep 1, 2016 - Mar 2, 2019

ARTIST: Mona Rae
LABEL: Quality / RFC QRFC 003
YEAR: 1981

WRITER: David Williams
REMIXER: Tee Scott
COMMENTS: This is a funky little piece
which has really been grooving on me over the years.
First I wasn't too fond of it, but then I heard it again lately
and now I think it's the bomb and it has found its way to
"On the Turntable"!
Late remix genius Tee Scott made sure
to make it as funky as it could get!
Not too hard to find on 12" - and you'll get it quite cheep as well
it's a total steal for this gem!

June 1, 2016 - August 31, 2016

SONG: If My Friends Could See Me Now / If My Friends Could See Me Now (TV performance)
ARTIST: Linda Clifford
LABEL: Curtom PRO-A-709
YEAR: 1978

WRITER: C. Coleman & D. Fields
REMIXER: Not Available
COMMENTS: Another fantastic track
from Diva Supreme - Linda Clifford
from her years signed to Curtis Mayfield's Curtom Records.
10 minutes of pure Disco magic.
As a bonus you get a French live performance video
to see Linda deliver the track (below).

Dec 31, 2015 - May 31, 2016

SONG: It's A Better Than Good Time
ARTIST: Gladys Knight & The Pips
LABEL: Buddah DSC 130
YEAR: 1979

WRITER: Tony Macauly
PRODUCER: Tony Macauly
REMIXER: Walter Gibbons
COMMENTS: Canadian only official 12" release
of this classic Walter Gibbons remix.
Walter's original remix was over 12 minutes long
and was only pressed on acetate
but the Canadian Buddah label saw the greatness
of his version and released this edited version.
It's really hard to come by these days
and I just found me a great copy.
So 2015 ended good...
looking forward to present other treasures during 2016!


Oct 1, 2015 - Dec 30, 2015

SONG: Dancin' To The Beat
ARTIST: Henderson & Whitfield
LABEL: Park Palace ALI-1003
YEAR: 1981

WRITER: G.Henderson & L.Whitfield
PRODUCER: Henderson & Whitfield
REMIXER: Bobby Nathan (Mixer)
COMMENTS: A Boogie classic
that sadly is a bit overlooked.
I just love it and its Disco sounds and vibe.
These guys are not Wayne Henderson
nor Norman Whitfield
of various Disco fame...
But still it's a kicking track that keeps me
"Dancin' To The Beat" !

May 1, 2015 - Sep 30, 2015

SONG: the Break
ARTIST: Kat Mandu
LABEL: T.K. Disco 155
YEAR: 1979

WRITER: Denis LePage
PRODUCER: Joe La Greca & Joe Marandola
REMIXER: Steve Thompson & Michael Arato
COMMENTS: Kat Mandu was
Denis LePage and Joe La Greca.
Denis was also behind the successful 80's act Lime,
where he teamed up with his wife Denyse LaPage.
But "the Break" was a huge hit for T.K.Disco in 1979.
This instrumental classic was new, fresh and exciting...
and it still is!

February 07, 2015 - April 30, 2015

SONG: Miss Manhattan (Official Video) / Miss Manhattan (Full Length Version)
ARTIST: Metropole
LABEL: PBI W-12048 / Derby DBR 15053
YEAR: 1981

WRITER: Al Festa, Francesco Puccioni
PRODUCER: Metropole
REMIXER: Not Available
COMMENTS: Three Italian guys was behind the name Metropole;
Al Festa, Claudio Giusti and Francesco Puccioni.
Francesco would later be more known as Mike Francis.
This was their only release and it was only released in Italy and Canada.
It's a Hard-to-Find 12", but it's a killer track!
Two different clips for this one,
the 12" version as well as the official video.

October 11, 2014 - February 06, 2015

SONG: Caught Up (In One Night Love Affairs)
ARTIST: Terri Gonzalez
LABEL: Eastbourne EAR-102
YEAR: 1980

WRITER: T. Gonzalez, P. Adams
PRODUCER: Terri Gonzalez & Patrick Adams
REMIXER: Not Available
COMMENTS: This song was actually written by
Terri Gonzalez and Patrick Adams
but Terri's version was released after the more know Inner Life version.
This was a B-side track of the second release of Terri's tune
"How Good Is It" on the short-lived Eastbourne Records.
The song has a little different feel to it than it's predecessor.
Another hard find which I hope you'll ENJOY!

September 13, 2014 - October 10, 2014

SONG: Getaway
ARTIST: Earth, Wind & Fire
LABEL: Columbia AS 243
YEAR: 1976

WRITER: B.Taylor & P.Cor
PRODUCER: Maurice White & Charles Stepney
REMIXER: Not Available
COMMENTS: Earth, Wind & Fire are always fantastic,
and this is one of their earliest Disco hits.
Extremely hard to find on 12" single
just got me a copy after years of searching.
Was well worth the wait...
and Philip Bailey on vocals.
This is groovy for sure! ENJOY!

August 5, 2014 - September 12, 2014

SONG: I'm So Hot
ARTIST: Denise LaSalle
LABEL: MCA L33-1866
YEAR: 1980

WRITER: Denise LaSalle
PRODUCER: Denise LaSalle & Ordena Production
REMIXER: Not Available
COMMENTS: Fantastic track
from "The Queen Of Blues".
It was both written and produced by Mrs. LaSalle.
After years of searching for the original 12-inch single,
I finally managed to get me a excellent copy.
Beware of the bootleg 12" pressing.
As she sings herself; "I'm So Hot"
That's EXACTLY what this track is... HOT!

July 6, 2014 - August 4, 2014

SONG: Lotta Love
ARTIST: Nicolette Larson
LABEL: Warner PRO-A-781
YEAR: 1978

WRITER: Neil Young
PRODUCER: Ted Templeman
REMIXER: Jim Burgess
COMMENTS: A Neil Young penned
sleaze Disco classic from Mrs. Larson.
Nicolette had been working with acts like;
Linda Ronstadt, Emmylou Harris, Doobie Brothers and others
before going solo.
She later pursue to a successful Country music career.
This track was remixed by DJ and remixer legend;
Jim Burgess to get a more Disco feel.
To top it off, Disco connoisseur supreme - Joey Negro
remixed this track for a limited edition Record Store Day 2014 12inch release.
Sadly Nicolette passed away too early in 1997 at the age of 45.
But her songs lives on...

May 31, 2014 - July 5, 2014

SONG: Weekend
ARTIST: Phreek
LABEL: Atlantic DSKO 123
YEAR: 1978

WRITER: Leroy Burgess & James Calloway
PRODUCER: Patrick Adams & Leroy Burgess
REMIXER: Issy Sanchez
COMMENTS: A fantastic track
written by the equally fantastic Leroy Burgess.
The track was produced by Patrick Adams
and includes the vocals of Christine Wiltshire,
who also sings on the 1983 Class Action version.
But this is the original from the Adams' artists collective...

February 8, 2014 - May 30, 2014

SONG: Tonight I'm Alright
ARTIST: Narada Michael Walden
LABEL: Atlantic K11437(T)
YEAR: 1979

WRITER: Walden
PRODUCER: Narada Michael Walden & Bob Clearmountain
REMIXER: Not available
COMMENTS: Narada was born Michael Walden
and was given the name Narada by a guru in the early 70's.
He was part of the fusion group Mahavishnu Orchestra
as well as Weather Report
before going solo in the mid 70's.
Besides his solo career he made great success as a producer
working with acts like;
Stacy Lattisaw, Sister Sledge and Whitney Houston
(among many many others).
This is a favorite of Joey Negro,
as much as he remixed it on his Remixed With Love release.
Hope you'll like it as much as I do!

January 1, 2014 - February 7, 2014

SONG: Fear
ARTIST: Arthur King
LABEL: New Wave NW-007
YEAR: 1979

PRODUCER: Arthur King
REMIXER: Not available
COMMENTS: A wonderful track
and EXTREMELY hard to find on 12" single.
Another B-side track that gets the main attention.
This seems to be the only release from Arthur,
which is a shame.
The song is available on three CD releases;
Under The Influence Vol. 1,
The Best of Disco Demands and in
Disco Demands Part 3 - covered up as:
Albert Jones - "Hear No Evil".


March 1, 2013 - December 31, 2013

SONG: I Need You Tonight
ARTIST: Punkin Machine
LABEL: J.C. W-12076
YEAR: 1981

WRITER: S.Panzera, J.D'Orazio & J.Cucuzzella
PRODUCER: Jerry Cucuzzella
REMIXER: Not available
COMMENTS: Great Disco track from 1981,
recorded for the small Canadian J.C. Records label,
which was a sublabel of Matra,
which in turn was owned by Unidisc.
J.C. is the initials of label owner (and the producer of this hit);
Jerry Cucuzzella,
who's relative - George Cucuzzella - owned Unidisc.
The act - Punkin Machine released a few 12" singles
in the first years of the 80's,
but this was their only hit.
Enjoy this collectors item!

December 25, 2012 - February 28, 2013

SONG: Kiss In The Dark
ARTIST: Pink Lady
LABEL: Elektra AS-11413
YEAR: 1979

WRITER: Michael Lloyd
PRODUCER: Michael Lloyd
REMIXER: Not available
COMMENTS: This Japanese duo,
of vocalists Mie & Kei,
took their name after the famous drink.
They had been huge in Japan since the mid 70's
when they in 1979 released this single sung in english,
and the hit was a fact.
It's a great up-tempo feel-good classic
which will keep you dancing all through 2013!

October 6, 2012 - December 24, 2012

SONG: I Love You Dancer
ARTIST: Voyage
LABEL: Papagayo 1C 052-46 094 YZ
YEAR: 1980

WRITER: M + T: M.Chantereau/P.-A. Dahan/S. Pezin
PRODUCER: Roger Tokarz
REMIXER: Not available
COMMENTS: Another 12" single B-side
which is FAR superior than it's A-side,
on this release the official title track is;
"I Don't Want To Fall In Love Again".
This is one of the later releases from the group
who also gave us immortal classics like;
"Souvenirs", "From East To West",
"Lady America", "Scotch Machine" and others...

August 17, 2012 - October 5, 2012

SONG: Shoot Me "With Your Love"
ARTIST: Venus Dodson
LABEL: Orbit 520474-12
YEAR: 1978

WRITER: James R. Glaser
PRODUCER: James R. Glaser & Peter Rugile
REMIXER: Not available
COMMENTS: Promo 12" release only
from the small Orbit label.
This is the first released version of this track,
Orbit later made an official release of the song
with Tasha Thomas on vocals
and that version became a worldwide hit
when it was picked up by Atlantic.
But again - This is the original version,
sung by the lovely Venus Dodson
who has been featured before here 'On the Turntable'.
"Ready, Aim, Fire..." it's a Disco desire!

July 7, 2012 - August 16, 2012

SONG: Touch Me In The Morning
ARTIST: Marlena Shaw
LABEL: Columbia AS 678
YEAR: 1979

WRITER: R. Miller & M. Masser
PRODUCER: Meco Monardo, Tony Bongiovi & Harold Wheeler
REMIXER: John Luongo
COMMENTS: Another promo only release.
Marlena Shaw have had a long career,
starting in the mid sixties and all into this millennium.
In 1977 she joined Columbia Records
and her Disco career was born.
Meco produced this and John Luongo did the remix.
That grants for a great release!
So... Disco-on!

June 9, 2012 - July 7, 2012

SONG: For Those Who Like To Groove
ARTIST: Ray Parker Jr. & Raydio
LABEL: Arista SP-87
YEAR: 1980

WRITER: Ray Parker Jr.
PRODUCER: Ray Parker Jr.
REMIXER: Not available
COMMENTS: Promo 12" release only.
This is an instrumental masterpiece
and the bass line has been sampled several times.
Not more to say than the title of the track;
"For Those Who Like To Groove"...
you surely will enjoy this!

May 5, 2012 - June 9, 2012

SONG: Because There Is Music In The Air
LABEL: Prelude PRL D 155
YEAR: 1978

WRITER: Mauro Malavasi & Jacques Fred Petrus
PRODUCER: Mauro Malavasi & Jacques Fred Petrus
REMIXER: Savarese
COMMENTS: Another wonderful B-side track,
the A-side being the much more known
Steve Winwood written "I'm A Man".
Macho was Marzio Vincenzi,
his friend Mauro Malavasi co-wrote this track
and produced it together with
Jaques Fred Petrus.
Lately this track has had a revival
after being used as base for
Wild Geese's "Macho Disco Master"
(as heard on Horse Meat Disco III)
There's sure DISCO in the air...

April 7, 2012 - May 4, 2012

SONG: My Knight In Black Leather
ARTIST: Bette Midler
LABEL: Atlantic DSKO 201
YEAR: 1979

WRITER: Jerry Ragovoy & Estelle Levitt
PRODUCER: Arif Mardin & Jerry Ragovoy
REMIXER: Not Available
COMMENTS: This is the B-side of
Bette's cover of the Johnny Bristol classic;
"Hang On In There Baby".
But this track is the most Disco of her releases,
have planned to put it on here for years and
got reminded again as it's featured in the new
Disco Discharge. Midnight Shift CD.
Come on and Disco-on!

February 6, 2012 - April 7, 2012

SONG: Going Back To My Roots
ARTIST: Lamont Dozier
LABEL: Warner PRO 665
YEAR: 1977

WRITER: Lamont Dozier
PRODUCER: Stewart Levine
REMIXER: Not Available
COMMENTS: Lamont was part of the legendary and successful
Holland-Dozier-Holland songwriting/production team
who wrote countless numbers of hits for Motown in the 60's-70's.
This is the highlight of his own Disco related material.
This song has been covered lots of times,
most famously by the group Odyssey in 1981.
It's a fantastic song which still moves any crowd.
Hope YOU enjoy it as much as I do!

January 6, 2012 - February 5, 2012

SONG: I'll Do Anything For You
ARTIST: Denroy Morgan
LABEL: Becket BKD 502
YEAR: 1981

WRITER: Bert Reid/Ronald Miller
REMIXER: Not Available
COMMENTS: Jamaican born Denroy
is a Reggae artist who moved to New York in 1974.
In 1977 he won the New York Reggae Music Festival
with his band - the Black Eagles.
This was his first hit for Becket Records,
a label which also scored hits with acts like;
Sinnamon, Jamaica Girls, Terri Gonzalez and Captain Rapp,
as well as later Indeep releases.
Enjoy this tune and Have a wonderful 2012...

December 3, 2011 - January 5, 2012

SONG: Twenty-Four Hours A Day
ARTIST: Barbara Pennington
LABEL: United Artists SP-140
YEAR: 1977

WRITER: I. Levine & D.R. Leake
PRODUCER: Ian Levine & Danny Raye Leake
REMIXER: Not Available
COMMENTS: A single sided 12" Disco promo.
Classic Disco from 1977,
written and produced by legendary - Ian Levine.
This track peaked at # 4 in the club play charts
and was later remixed and re-released in 1999.
In these hectic X-mas times
we need to remind ourselves that there are only...
"Twenty-Four Hours A Day"!
Merry Christmas !

November 2, 2011 - December 2, 2011

SONG: Don't Turn Your Back On Love
ARTIST: Eloise Whitaker
LABEL: Destiny DT-302R
YEAR: 1982

WRITER: Kris Young, Ric Wyatt Jr.
PRODUCER: Laurin Rinder
REMIXER: Elton Farokh Ahi
COMMENTS: Another one-hit wonder
and a track Dave 'Joey Negro' Lee turned my into
through a mix tape he sent me way back.
Nice late Disco track with a driving bassline.
"Don't Turn Your Back On This"...

October 6, 2011 - November 1, 2011

SONG: I Got The Feeling
ARTIST: Two Tons O' Fun
LABEL: Fantasy D-218
YEAR: 1981

WRITER: Wirrick, Miley & Loverde
PRODUCER: Not Available
REMIXER: Patrick Cowley
COMMENTS: Another Two Tons O' Fun classic.
The Two Tons were Martha Wash & Izora Armstead
was the background singers for Sylvester
and later became - the Weather Girls.
They originally recorded this track in 1980,
but this is the 1981 Patrick Cowley remix of this track.
This double sided release is flipped by another classic;
"Space Bass" by Slick.
So - hope you "Get The Feeling" listening to this...

September 15, 2011 - October 5, 2011

SONG: Extra, Extra (Read All About It)
ARTIST: Ralph Carter
LABEL: Mercury MK-11
YEAR: 1975

WRITER: Reid Whitelaw & Norman Bergen
PRODUCER: Reid Whitelaw & Norman Bergen
REMIXER: Tom Moulton
COMMENTS: A Promotion only 12" single,
which comes in "A Tom Moulton Mix".
One of the earliest 12" single releases.
Feels like this track goes along with the time,
as we've lost both Loleatta Holloway and Nicholas Ashford lately.
"Extra, Extra" - this is pure Disco madness...

August 11, 2011 - September 14, 2011

SONG: Symphony Of Love
ARTIST: Miquel Brown
LABEL: Polydor PRO 058
YEAR: 1978

WRITER: Alan Hackshaw & Barry Mason
PRODUCER: Alan Hackshaw & Barry Mason
REMIXER: Jim Burgess
COMMENTS: This was Miquel's first hit
and it was remixed by no other than;
Jim Burgess.
After this hit she disappeared
but returned with even more success in 1983
with the monster hit;
"So Many Men, So Little Time".
She's also the mother of 80's pop star - Sinitta.
Dive into the "Symphony Of Love"

July 3, 2011 - August 10, 2011

SONG: Stop, I Don't Need No Sympathy
ARTIST: Alma Faye Brooks
LABEL: RCA / Victor KPN1-0220
YEAR: 1977

WRITER: Carl Davis, Sonny Sanders
PRODUCER: Dominic Sciscente & Michel Daigle
REMIXER: Not available
COMMENTS: This is a very overlooked
old Paradise Garage classic.
It's a Disco cover of a 1973 Lyn Roman tune.
I had it stashed away, but quickly pulled it out again
when I was re-introduced to it at a DJ gig
at Club Beat in Gothenburg
with my friend DJ Iris!
Since then I just love it...
Just love the breaks and the sounds!
If pitched up just a few BPM's it's even BETTER...

June 3, 2011 - July 2, 2011

SONG: Underwater
ARTIST: Harry Thumann
LABEL: Baby BR 54001
YEAR: 1979

WRITER: H. Thumann & H. Weindorf
PRODUCER: Not available
REMIXER: Not available
COMMENTS: Another instrumental classic
a wonderful track that always work any dancefloor.
Can't really understand it's 32 years old!
It did get heavy rotation by Jellybean
at the Fun House back in the day...
If you wanna get hold of it on CD,
then it's available on Grand 12-inches vol 2.
Else - just dive in and ENJOY!

May 7, 2011 - June 2, 2011

SONG: Sixty-Nine
ARTIST: Brooklyn Express
LABEL: One Way OW-003
YEAR: 1981

WRITER: Began Cekic
PRODUCER: Began Cekic
REMIXER: Tee Scott
COMMENTS: Classy instrumental track
from "master-ripper" Began Cekic,
under his Brooklyn Express moniker.
In this release he has based his tune on
Jimmy "Bo" Horne's "Spank".
It also includes a Madness sample
and a Grey & Hanks rip off.
Still a damn great song - ENJOY!

April 5, 2011 - May 7, 2011

SONG: Hit and Run / Runaway / Seconds
ARTIST: Loleatta Holloway (w. SalSoul Orch. on "Runaway" & "Seconds")
LABEL: Salsoul
YEAR: 1977 / 1977 / 1982

WRITER: A.Felder, N.Harris, R.Tyson / R.James, V.Montana, J.Gugliuzza / R.Kersey, S.Dees
PRODUCER: Norman Harris / Vince Montana Jr. / Patrick Adams
REMIXER: Walter Gibbons / - / Shep Pettibone
COMMENTS: Dedicated in loving memory of the late
Loleatta Holloway!
One of the most wonderful voices of music
sadly passed on March 21, 2011.
But her music and voice will live on,
these tracks are just a few examples of her GREATNESS.
She was the true Disco Diva of SalSoul Records
and she will be deeply missed.
Love you Loleatta!

March 5, 2011 - April 4, 2011

SONG: Just Like A Doorknob
ARTIST: Touche
LABEL: Jonathan 12-27020
YEAR: 1983

WRITER: D.Bell, C.Washington, D.Terrel & L.Washington
PRODUCER: C.Washington & D.Bell
REMIXER: Not available
COMMENTS: Late Disco classic and
another Joey Negro favorite.
Don't know anything about this act,
exept that this tune is kicking!
It's supposed to be licenced from Emergency Records
but I don't know if Emergency ever released it themselves,
have only seen this French release
along with an Italian on the S.P.Q.R. label.
Get ready to get turned "Round & Round"...

February 3, 2011 - March 4, 2011

SONG: Thunder In My Heart
ARTIST: Leo Sayer
LABEL: Warner Bros. PRO 699
YEAR: 1977

WRITER: Leo Sayer & Tom Snow
PRODUCER: Richard Perry
REMIXER: Not available
COMMENTS: What could be better than a little 'Thunder'
after last months "Star Love"?!
British Pop singer Leo Sayer,
born Gerard Sayer,
is probably most known for his songs;
"When I Need You", "More Than I Can Say" and
"You Make Me Feel Like Dancing".
But this 1977 track is pure DISCO...
Hope you'll enjoy!

January 2, 2011 - February 2, 2011

SONG: Star Love
ARTIST: Cheryl Lynn
LABEL: Columbia AS 562
YEAR: 1978

WRITER: J.Footman, J.Weider
PRODUCER: David & Marty Paich
REMIXER: Not available
COMMENTS: Welcome to 2011...
After watching all fireworks on New Years Eve
what could be better than a little
"Star Love" from Mrs. Cheryl Lynn.
A 'starful' track from a Star diva,
who's voice we also heard on
Toto's "Georgy Porgy",
besides her own hits;
"Got To Be Real" and "Shake It Up Tonight".
Reach for the Stars this year...

December 3, 2010 - January 2, 2011

SONG: Hot Butterfly
ARTIST: Bionic Boogie
LABEL: Polydor PD D 509
YEAR: 1978

WRITER: Gregg Diamond
PRODUCER: Gregg Diamond
REMIXER: Jim Burgess
COMMENTS: A fantastic Soulful Disco track
by Gregg Diamond under his
Bionic Boogie alias,
with wonderful vocals by
Luther Vandross.
Gregg brough in his favorite remixer;
Jim Burgess for the mix.
This song was later covered by
Chaka Khan as "Papillon",
but this is the superior version.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

November 2, 2010 - December 2, 2010

SONG: A Little Bit Of Jazz
ARTIST: Nick Straker Band
LABEL: Prelude PRL D 612
YEAR: 1981

WRITER: N.Bailey, A.Gieruf
PRODUCER: Nick Bailey
REMIXER: Not Available
COMMENTS: Disco with a pounding synth beat,
along with a strumming organ piano
which makes this track hypnotic...
Nick Straker Band had a #1 Billboard Dance/Club hit
with this song in September 26, 1981.
But the song was actually released by CBS in Europe already in 1980,
before Prelude picked it up for the US market.
Nick Straker Band had a bigger European hit in 1979
with the song "A Walk In The Park".
Nick Bailey is the real name of 'Nick Straker'.
This Prelude 12" single was mastered by Herbie :-).

October 8, 2010 - November 1, 2010

SONG: Look Ahead
ARTIST: Aquarian Dreams
LABEL: Buddah DISC 08
YEAR: 1978

WRITER: G.Jones & J.Burvick
PRODUCER: Norman Connors
REMIXER: Not Available
COMMENTS: Couldn't help it...
I just had to add this one as well.
Had "Phoenix" featured one month ago,
now it's time for this Joey Negro fave to hit the decks.
This one is taken from the UK double album release
which also include the full lenght version of "Phoenix".
The US 7" single release had "Phoenix" as the A-side
and "Look Ahead" as the B-side.
What a winner!!!
ENJOY this Classy Gem !

September 14, 2010 - October 8, 2010

SONG: More More More
ARTIST: Andrea True Connection
LABEL: Buddah DISCO 102
YEAR: 1975

WRITER: Gregg Diamond
PRODUCER: Gregg Diamond
REMIXER: Tom Moulton
COMMENTS: The 150'th track "On the Turntable"...
Another classic that makes you want...
"More, More, More".
Andrea was an adult movies actress as well as a singer.
Gregg Diamond wrote and produced most of her music material.
This is also one of the earliest 12" singles,
and it's of course...
A Tom Moulton Mix.
Let's enjoy this
while looking forward to the next
150 tracks "On the Turntable"...

August 14, 2010 - September 13, 2010

SONG: Phoenix
ARTIST: Aquarian Dreams
LABEL: Buddah BDSL 488
YEAR: 1978

WRITER: J. Burvick
PRODUCER: Norman Connors
REMIXER: Not Available
Extremely hard to find as well these days.
Wonderful song from the group's
self-titled album.
If you can't get hold of the 12" single,
try to get hold of the UK double album release
which include this full lenght version of "Phoenix"
along with the Joey Negro fave "Look Ahead".
ENJOY this Classy Gem !

July 7, 2010 - August 14, 2010

SONG: Don't Say Goodnight
ARTIST: First Love
LABEL: Dakar DK 100
YEAR: 1980

WRITER: D.Burnside & John Dubiel
PRODUCER: Donald "Dee Dee" Burnside
REMIXER: Donald Burnside
COMMENTS: A Classy track
which has got a new life
thanks to being featured in
Horse Meat Disco II.
The group consisted of;
Denise Austin, Demetrice Henrae,
Martha Jackson and Lisa Hudson,
together known as First Love!
Can't "Say Goodnight" while this is playing!

June 6, 2010 - July 7, 2010

SONG: Changes
ARTIST: Imagination
YEAR: 1983

WRITER: S.Jolley, T.Swain, L.John & A.Ingram
PRODUCER: Tony Swain & Steve Jolley
REMIXER: Not Available
COMMENTS: This is the original 12" version,
there was later also a remix version
from the mini-album - Night Dubbing.
That remix was made by
Larry Levan,
while there's no mixer credits on this one.
A wonderful song...

May 3, 2010 - June 5, 2010

SONG: I Love You More
ARTIST: René & Angela
LABEL: Capitol SPRO-9644
YEAR: 1981

WRITER: R.Moore & A.Winbush
PRODUCER: Bobby Watson, René & Angela
REMIXER: Bruce Swedien
COMMENTS: Promo only 12" single
from this L.A. based duo of
René Moore and Angela Winbush.
As there was no official 12" release of this
has added a great value to this gem
and it ususally goes for top $ on Ebay.
This is their best track (in my opinion)
but in 1985 they had a bigger hit with
"Save Your Love (For #1)".
This is a true classic...

April 8, 2010 - May 2, 2010

SONG: Shoot Your Best Shot
ARTIST: Linda Clifford
YEAR: 1980

WRITER: I.Hayes & M.Hayes
PRODUCER: Isaac Hayes
REMIXER: Not Available
COMMENTS: Fantastic Disco classic
from Curtom Records' answer to Donna Summer...
Linda Clifford !
A wonderful up-tempo Disco track
filled with strings and slick arrangements,
written and produced by
Isaac Hayes.
Don't miss this - come on and...
Shoot Your Best Shot

March 8, 2010 - April 7, 2010

SONG: Bourgie, Bourgie
ARTIST: Ashford & Simpson
LABEL: Warner K 17679 (T)
YEAR: 1980

WRITER: Ashford & Simpson
PRODUCER: Ashford & Simpson
REMIXER: Not Available
COMMENTS: This is a UK only 12" release.
Surprisingly there was never a US 12" single pressing
of this 1977 instrumental classic!
In the UK release "Bourgie Bourgie" is the B-side to
"Love Don't Make It Right",
but it's the B-side that stands out!
There's also a mispressed version of this tune,
on that one the music speed up heavily at around
3:43 and also getting distorted for some 19 seconds
before turning back to normal again.
The hard-to-get correct pressing
has 'K17679T B2' etched into the vax in the Run-out Groove.
Both Gladys Knight and John Davis
recorded vocal HIT versions of the track.

February 7, 2010 - March 8, 2010

SONG: Just One More Kiss
ARTIST: Distance feat. Janey Hallett
LABEL: Challenge TAL-6
YEAR: 1984

WRITER: A.Sojka & R.Dejongh
PRODUCER: A.Sojka & R.Dejongh
REMIXER: Not Available
COMMENTS: Awesome Boogie track
from the first half of the 80's.
It's one of those lesser known gems
that has become a high-priced collectors item.
This one has been bootlegged/reissued,
but the original comes in a silver colored sleeve.
Boogie on down!

January 14, 2010 - February 6, 2010

SONG: Keep on making me high + Party down
ARTIST: Unyque
YEAR: 1979

WRITER: Freida Nerangis & Britt Britton
PRODUCER: Freida Nerangis & Britt Britton
REMIXER: Not Available
COMMENTS: Upbeat Disco from Unyque
an act recording for Dick James Music Records.
The tracks are written and produced by
Freida Nerangis and Britt Britton
who was behind many of
Crown Heights Affair's hits!
Both tracks on this 12" single are great,
that's why I give you both
as a special new Decade celebration.
"Keep on making me high" and "Party down"!

December 12, 2009 - January 13, 2010

SONG: We All Need Love
ARTIST: Troiano
LABEL: Capitol 8518
YEAR: 1979

WRITER: Domenic Troiano
PRODUCER: Domenic Troiano
REMIXER: Not Available
COMMENTS: Domenic Troiano used only his
surname for this release.
He was a Italian rock guitarist
who moved to Canada and gained success there.
He was inducted into the
Canadian Music Hall of Fame in 1996.
Sadly he died in 2005.
This track is a good Disco attempt
and I think it has a great X-mas message;
"We All Need Love" !
Take care of your loved ones,
and have a Wonderful X-mas & New Years!

November 10, 2009 - December 11, 2009

SONG: Funk It
ARTIST: Eddy Rosemond
LABEL: Laser FLP-251 L
YEAR: 1979

WRITER: Eddy Rosemond
PRODUCER: Let's go music
REMIXER: Not Available
COMMENTS: Eddy has a falsetto kind of voice,
similar to what Sylvester used to deliver.
Don't know anything more about Eddy,
but this is an uptempo favorite
which has been popular among the
Disco-Disco.com FORUM members.
Awesome track and Disco all the way...
So come on... "Funk It!"

October 8, 2009 - November 10, 2009

SONG: Shining
ARTIST: Venus Dodson
YEAR: 1979

WRITER: L.Burgess, J.Calloway, B.Johnson
PRODUCER: Leroy Burgess
REMIXER: Tee Scott
COMMENTS: Another classic from Venus Dodson
who also hit it big with "Night Rider".
This song has been requested a few times
and now (finally) I put it 'On the Turntable'.
It's a great boogie track signed - Leroy Burgess
in a remix by DJ/remixer legend - Tee Scott.
On the flip you'll find the track
"He Said, She Said"
which was written and produced by Patrick Adams.
Venus is really "Shining" - Enjoy!

September 4, 2009 - October 7, 2009

SONG: Do You Wanna Boogie, Hunh?
ARTIST: Two Tons O' Fun
LABEL: Fantasy / Honey D-156
YEAR: 1980

WRITER: D.Yeoman, G.Crockett, H.Fuqua
PRODUCER: Harvey Fuqua
REMIXER: Buddy Brundo
COMMENTS: Vocalists of Two Tons O' Fun was
Martha Wash & Izora Armstead.
These two wonderful voices started out as
background singers for Sylvester
and later became known as
the Weather Girls.
This track is the exciting B-side (!!!)
to their Robbie Leslie remixed
"Earth Can Be Just Like Heaven".
This awesome track was brought to my attention
on Dave 'Joey Negro' Lee's
Joey Negro - In The House compilation.
You sure wanna Boogie to this...

August 8, 2009 - September 4, 2009

SONG: Devil's Gun
LABEL: Westbound/Atlantic DSKO 89
YEAR: 1977

WRITER: B.Green, G.Shury, R.Roker
PRODUCER: Mike Theodore & Dennis Coffey
REMIXER: Tom Moulton
COMMENTS: This is C.J. & Co first and biggest hit.
This was also the first song played at
the legendary Studio 54.
This Detroit band was formed by
Mike Theodore and Dennis Coffey
and had two female singers;
Connie Durden and Joni Tolber,
along with three male singers;
Charles Clark, Curtis "CJ" Durden and Cornelius Brown Jr.
The track comes in...
"A Tom Moulton Mix".

July 4, 2009 - August 8, 2009

SONG: Billie Jean [SweMix Remix]
ARTIST: Michael Jackson
LABEL: SweMix / Remixed Records RR 31
YEAR: 1989

WRITER: Michael Jackson
PRODUCER: Quincy Jones
COMMENTS: This is a tribute to TWO guys
who both died much too early.
Michael Jackson sadly left us
June 25, 2009 at an age of 50.
This special remix was made by
the late Denniz PoP,
who died August 30, 1998 at an age of 35.
He was one of Sweden's most know DJ's
as well as Remixer, Writer & Producer.
He was the man behind the Backstreet Boys and Five's sound.
And he laid the ground for the first Britney Spears hits.
This brilliant remix of Michael's brilliant song
is a Tribute to two of the world's
Greatest Entertainers !
You will live on through your music - FOREVER !

June 6, 2009 - July 3, 2009

SONG: You Are The One
LABEL: Dakar DK-103
YEAR: 1981

WRITER: M.Hughes, C.Battle, G.Butler
PRODUCER: M.Hughes, C.Battle, G.Butler
REMIXER: Not available
COMMENTS: Put this on here
in reply to last months;
"Am I Gonna Be The One"
and now - "You Are The One"...
AM-FM's writers were also the actual group;
Michael Hughes, Cleveland Battle & Gerrard Butler.
This was their only hit,
but they also released a Hip Hop/Go-Go track in 1985.
This is nice and Funky... ENJOY!

May 7, 2009 - June 6, 2009

SONG: Am I Gonna Be The One
ARTIST: Colors
LABEL: First Take FTR 515
YEAR: 1983

WRITER: V.Thomas, E.R.Thomas & C.Wade
PRODUCER: N.Hedman & F.Able
REMIXER: Shep Pettibone
COMMENTS: A great song from Colors,
a band I don't know anything about
except that they seemed to move
from label to label...
Becket "Get On Down To The Music" (1981)
this track for the short lived First Take (1983)
"L.O.S. (Love On Sight)" for 4th & B'way (1985)
and "Pay Me Back My Love" - Prelude (1986).
"Am I..." reached # 39 in the Billboard's Dance/Disco Top 80.
The B-side feature the 11:40
'Colorful Dub/Break For Dayze' version
which was co-produced by
Junior Vasquez and Shep Pettibone.
The 12" single is mastered by Herbie :-)
who has etched several inscriptions in the run-out;
"it's Fresh Colorful Breaks"
"for More Details See Side B"
"hot Breaks".
Can nothing but agree with his notes...

April 2, 2009 - May 6, 2009

SONG: Zodiacs
ARTIST: Roberta Kelly
LABEL: Casablanca NBD 4001
YEAR: 1977

WRITER: G.Moroder & P.Bellotte
PRODUCER: G.Moroder & P.Bellotte
REMIXER: Thor Baldursson (Arranger)
COMMENTS: This is the track with the zodiac counting...
"Capricorn, Leo, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Virgo, Aquarius..."
I have got many requests over the years about this track,
so I thought it was time to put it 'On the Turntable'.
The "strange" part about this track is
that it was never released as a 12" single in the US.
It was only released by Casablanca in Canada,
it was also released on a Mexican press, but with another B-side track.
The track was written by the famous team
Giorgio Moroder & Pete Bellotte
who was also behind most of Donna Summer's hits.
But turn your eyes to the stars
and Enjoy the Zodiacs!

March 7, 2009 - April 1, 2009

SONG: Ain't Nothing Gonna Keep Me From You
ARTIST: Terri DeSario
LABEL: Casablanca NBD 20157
YEAR: 1978

WRITER: Barry Gibb
PRODUCER: R.Albert, H.Albert & D.Randell
REMIXER: Not available
COMMENTS: This was one of Casablanca's
single sided two tracks 12" singles.
The other "title" track was;
"The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of"
But it's this Barry Gibb penned track that counts...
You can hear the clear Bee Gees influences
in this lovely track.
So let "Nothing Gonna Keep This From You"!

February 7, 2009 - March 7, 2009

SONG: Hold Your Horses
ARTIST: First Choice
LABEL: Gold Mind GG 401
YEAR: 1978

WRITER: Ricotti, Poppy, Hurdle & Gosling
PRODUCER: Tom Moulton & Thor Baldursson
REMIXER: Tom Moulton
COMMENTS: An sometimes overlooked track
from this classic trio who have given us hits like;
"Armed And Extremely Dangerous", "The Player",
"Dr. Love", "Love Thang", "Let No Man Put Asunder"
and many others...
Rochelle Fleming was the groups lead singer
and was the only remaining original member when the group split in 1983.
This track was released on Norman Harris' Gold Mind label
which was a sub-label of NYC legendary SalSoul Records.
In this Tom Moulton remix he...
"Hold NO Horses"!

January 4, 2009 - February 7, 2009

SONG: I Really Love You
ARTIST: Heaven & Earth
YEAR: 1981

WRITER: J. Washington & S. Peake Jr.
PRODUCER: Samuel Peake Jr.
REMIXER: not available
COMMENTS: A Great Funky track
from this Chicago group with the brothers
Dwight & James Dukes together with
Dean Williams and Keith Steward (who later joined Cashmere).
A "One Hit Wonder" as this was their only Chart success,
peaking at #31 in the Billboard Club Charts in May 1981.
A great song that definitely deserve another play!

December 2, 2008 - January 3, 2009

SONG: Have A Cigar + Money
ARTIST: Rosebud
LABEL: Warner WBSD 8784
YEAR: 1977

WRITER: Waters
PRODUCER: Arena, A.Puglia & T.Perret
REMIXER: Michael Graber + not available
COMMENTS: These are the Disco versions
of the Pink Floyd classics.
These tracks brought the Rock band into the Disco era
and onto the Dance floors worldwide.
The 12" single peaked at #4
in the Billboard Dance charts in April 1979.
Enjoy this special request and...
Merry X-mas to you all !!!

November 2, 2008 - December 1, 2008

SONG: Always There
ARTIST: Side Effect
LABEL: Fantasy
YEAR: 1976

WRITER: Allen, Laws & Jeffrey
PRODUCER: Wayne Henderson
REMIXER: not available
COMMENTS: A great Disco classic from 1976.
This is actually a cover of the Ronnie Laws instrumental classic,
but Side Effect added vocals and had themselves a Disco hit.
This was a Promo only 12" release
and thanks to my friend Jay I finally got hold of it.
The record has been bootlegged
and the Side Effect version has been covered,
most notable was the Incognito version from 1991
with vocals by the one and only Jocelyn Brown.
Enjoy this 32 years old gem,
which sounds as fresh today as it did in 1976.

October 4, 2008 - November 1, 2008

SONG: Yes With My Body
ARTIST: Models
LABEL: FR Dreyfus FDM-84219 / US Windsong BXL1-3642
YEAR: 1979 (FR) / 1980 (US)

WRITER: Yves Dessca & Marc Hillman
PRODUCER: Y.Dessca & J.F.Fréret
REMIXER: Denny Diante
COMMENTS: This was a Frensh act
of three model girls;
Toni, Eva & Gill.
The song is from their only album
called just 'Les Models' in the Frensh release,
while the US release was entitled;
Yes With My Body by The Models.
On the inner sleeve of the Frensh release
you get all measurement details of the girls,
but in the US release they're not mentioned at all,
and the cover is totally different
with other models and a more 'New Wave' layout.
Never the less - "I Say Yes..."

September 1, 2008 - October 3, 2008

SONG: My Destiny
ARTIST: Alton McClain & Destiny
LABEL: Polydor PRO 148
YEAR: 1981

WRITER: A.McClain & S.Scarborough
PRODUCER: Skip Scarborough
REMIXER: not available
COMMENTS: A bit unkown gem from this female trio
who earlier had given us songs like;
"Crazy Love" and "It Must Be Love".
This is a Soulful Disco track
with a little Chic-ish flavor.
This is yet another track my friend
Joey Negro turned me into.
It's... "My Destiny"!

July 26, 2008 - August 31, 2008

SONG: Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel
ARTIST: Tavares
LABEL: Capitol SPRO-8382
YEAR: 1976

WRITER: K. St.Lewis & F. Perren
PRODUCER: Freddie Perren
REMIXER: not available
COMMENTS: Promo only 12" release
of this Disco smacker!
Tavares consisted of the five Tavares brothers.
The band was originally founded as
Chubby and the Turnpikes in 1964.
"Heaven..." was their biggest hit
even though they had other top hits like;
"It Only Takes A Minute" and
"Don't Take Away The Music".

July 1, 2008 - July 25, 2008

SONG: Disco Circus
ARTIST: Martin Circus
LABEL: Vogue 3250-501
YEAR: 1979

WRITER: G.Blanc & A.Pewzner
PRODUCER: Martin Circus
REMIXER: not available
COMMENTS: This is the LONG (14:06) version
of this Disco killer...
I've got the Canadian Vogue release
and sadly it lack much credit info.
There are 2 versions on 2 different 12" singles
from Prelude Records,
this long version and a shorter (7:45) edit by
Francois K.
Don't know if he was involved in the long version as well...
Anyhow the B-side of this Vogue 12" is
the sought for "Ite Missa Est",
which was the A-side of the long Prelude release.
Welcome to the Disco Circus!

June 2, 2008 - June 30, 2008

SONG: Just A Touch of Love
LABEL: Cotillion DSKO 211
YEAR: 1979

WRITER: M.Adams, D.Webster, M.Hicks, R.Turner, S.Arrington & S.Young
PRODUCER: Jimmy Douglass
REMIXER: Not available
COMMENTS: Great Funky-Disco track
from these Ohio Funkers!
The band was formed by Steve Washington,
who later left to form Aurra.
Steve Arrington was also part of the band
prior to going solo.
Wonderful track which
C+C Music Factory later covered.
Enjoy and Groove-on!

May 1, 2008 - June 2, 2008

SONG: Come Back Lover
ARTIST: Fresh Band
LABEL: Are 'n Be RB-003 Pro
YEAR: 1984

WRITER: Tony McLachlan & George E. Rodgers III
PRODUCER: Darryl Gibbs
REMIXER: Tony Humphries
COMMENTS: Wonderful Boogie track
in the longer 6:56 remix version.
The "standard" release clocks in at 5:13
with the same catalog # RB-003-Pro
[only with an additional hyphen between '003' and 'Pro'].
In the run-out of the 6:56 version matrix # RB-003-RX is etched.
Great track that got a lot of attention when
Dave "Joey Negro" Lee
put the shorter version on his
Disco Spectrum CD.
Boogie On Down!

April 1, 2008 - April 30, 2008

SONG: Save Your Love For Me
ARTIST: Donna Washington
LABEL: Capitol SPRO-9619
YEAR: 1981

WRITER: T.Coleman & C.Jackson
PRODUCER: Not available
REMIXER: Not available
COMMENTS: Great Funky Disco-Boogie track
from Capitol Records.
This great track was actually the B-side of the
"'Scuse me, while I fall in love" 12" single.
I had missed this track, but "found it" in the
Capitol Disco CD compilation.
Don't miss it !
Boogie-on !

March 1, 2008 - March 31, 2008

SONG: Cathedrals
LABEL: Pyramid PD 1001
YEAR: 1976

PRODUCER: Aram Schefrin & D.C. LaRue
REMIXER: Not available
COMMENTS: This is D.C.'s first big hit
and was released on the small Pyramid label,
a label which was actually created just for D.C.
This track has an awesome groove going throughout the song
a groove that has been sampled several times already.
D.C.'s other big hit
"Let Them Dance" was featured here in June 2005.
Awesome ! Disco-on !

February 1, 2008 - February 29, 2008

SONG: Love Fever
ARTIST: Gayle Adams
LABEL: Prelude PRL D 618
YEAR: 1981

WRITER: W.Lester & R.Brown
PRODUCER: Willie Lester & Rodney Brown
REMIXER: Francois Kevorkian
COMMENTS: Another GREAT Prelude track.
Again the label brought in one of their favorite remixers;
Francois Kevorkian
to create this 7 minutes plus Disco version.
To make sure this release should really
"pump" the dance floors...
Herb Powers Jr :-) did the mastering.
As often he left a little message in the run-out groove;
"Hi Gerry, Kevin, Gene, Angie :-)"
This track will give you
a Disco-Boogie Fever!

December 31, 2007 - January 31, 2008

SONG: Midnight Rendez-Vous
ARTIST: Tasha Thomas
LABEL: Atlantic DK 4804
YEAR: 1979

WRITER: James R. Glaser
PRODUCER: James R. Glaser & Peter Rugile
REMIXER: Not available
COMMENTS: Another great B-side.
The A-side of this Atlantic 12" single was
"Hot Buttered Boogie",
but it's this uptempo B-side that's the track for me.
It was also the title of Tasha's album
that included these two mentioned tracks
as well as her first hit
"Shoot Me (With Your Love)".
What could be better than a
"Midnight Rendez-Vous"
into 2008...
Disco New Year !

December 2, 2007 - December 30, 2007

SONG: Tubular Bells
ARTIST: Champ's Boys Orchestra
LABEL: Vogue X-G. 180 001
YEAR: 1976

WRITER: Mike Oldfield
PRODUCER: Patrick Boceno
REMIXER: Not available
COMMENTS: Not "Jingle Bells"
now for the X-mas season,
but the Disco version of Mike Oldfield's
"Tubular Bells".
This massive French Disco Orchestra version
has become highly in demand
and was only released in France.
As a matter of fact, it was the B-side track of this 12",
with "Land of make believe" as the A-side,
but this was THE track...
Merry X-mas to all of you !!!

November 3, 2007 - December 1, 2007

SONG: Funky Sensation
ARTIST: Gwen McCrae
LABEL: Atlantic DMD 286
YEAR: 1981

WRITER: Kenton Nix
PRODUCER: Kenton Nix
REMIXER: Not available
COMMENTS: Kenton Nix wrote and produced
this awesome Disco track for Gwen's
self-titled Atlantic album from 1981.
Kenton wrote and produced all songs for the album,
including the other hit single - Poyson.
Kenton used to write all
Taana Gardner's hits.
Gwen used to record for Henry Stone's
Florida based T.K. Productions,
where she's now to be found again...
This 12", and the LP, was Mastered by Herbie :-).
Hold on, 'cause this is a
"Funky Sensation"!

October 2, 2007 - November 2, 2007

SONG: the Real Thing
ARTIST: Brothers Johnson
LABEL: A&M SP-17160
YEAR: 1981

WRITER: George & Louis Johnson
PRODUCER: Brothers Johnson
REMIXER: Not available
COMMENTS: the Brothers Johnson
are probably most know for their hits;
"Stomp", "Light up the night" and "Strawberry letter 23".
Sadly, this great Disco stomper
never got the attention it deserves.
This is the US White Label Promo only,
but there was a commercial UK 12" release
with the same version.
But check this out - it really is...
"the Real Thing" !

September 2, 2007 - October 1, 2007

SONG: Menergy
ARTIST: Patrick Cowley
LABEL: Fusion FPSF 003
YEAR: 1981

WRITER: P.Cowley / M.Blecman
PRODUCER: Patrick Cowley
REMIXER: Not available
COMMENTS: "Menergy" became a
number 1 hit in the Billboard Dance Charts in 1981.
With this song, along with hits like;
"Megatron Man" and "Do Ya Wanna Funk",
Patrick became one the founders of the Hi-NRG music genre,
together with guys like Bobby "O".
Cowley was born in Buffalo NY,
but it was in San Francisco everything got started for him,
much thanks to clubs like Trocadero Transfer
where famous DJ Bobby Viteritti kept his music pumping.
Sadly Patrick died far to early in November of 1982,
but his great music lives on!

July 21, 2007 - September 1, 2007

SONG: For Your Love
ARTIST: Chilly
LABEL: Polydor 2141073
YEAR: 1978

WRITER: Gouldman
PRODUCER: Bernt Möhrle
REMIXER: Not available
COMMENTS: Chilly was a german Disco group
with 2 girls and 2 guys.
This is the German 12" single
which clocks in at around 9 minutes
while the US remix was around 12 minutes.
"For your love" is one of
Bobby Viteritti's favorite tracks
which he played at the Trocadero Transfer.
The song has got a heavy pumping bass
and parts of it is almost Rock'n'Roll.
Rock-on !

June 5, 2007 - July 20, 2007

SONG: I Keep Forgettin'
ARTIST: Michael McDonald
LABEL: Warner PRO-A-1057
YEAR: 1982

WRITER: Michael McDonald & Ed Sandford
PRODUCER: Ted Templeman & Lenny Waronker
REMIXER: Not available
COMMENTS: This is a 12" white label promo only.
The song was never released as a commercial 12" single.
The song got more known in 1994
when Warren G sampled it in his hit "Regulate".
Else Michael McDonald is most known from
the Doobie Brothers
and their 1979 hit - "What a fool believes".
Maybe this track is not very DISCO,
but it's a great track!

May 1, 2007 - June 4, 2007

SONG: You Know How To Love Me
ARTIST: Phyllis Hyman
LABEL: Arista SP-75
YEAR: 1979

WRITER: J.Mtume & R.Lucas
PRODUCER: James Mtume & Reggie Lucas
REMIXER: Not available
COMMENTS: Phyllis was a
hot singer, actress and model in the 70's.
Her solo career started at Buddah Records in 1977,
but already in 1978 she signed with Arista
and in 1979 this track became a major club hit.
Sadly Phyllis is no longer with us,
as she committed suicide in 1995,
just days before her 45th birthday.
At least this lovely hit of hers will live on...
"You know how to love IT !"

April 4, 2007 - April 30, 2007

SONG: Street Player
ARTIST: Chicago
LABEL: Columbia 43-11138
YEAR: 1979

WRITER: D.Seraphine & D.Wolinski
PRODUCER: Phil Ramone & Chicago
REMIXER: Not available
COMMENTS: Very requested track
to be featured here by many of you...
From the Pop/Rock group that even have their name,
Chicago, registered as a trademark.
This Columbia Records release
was probably the most DISCO track they did
and it got new life when it was sampled in
"the Bomb!" by the Bucketheads in 1995.
I personally think they managed to 'sample out'
all the best elements of the original track.
But here you get the original 12" version!

March 5, 2007 - April 3, 2007

SONG: Can You Handle It
ARTIST: Sharon Redd
LABEL: Prelude PRL D 611
YEAR: 1981

WRITER: R.Brown & W.Lester
PRODUCER: Willie Lester & Rodney Brown
REMIXER: Francois Kevorkian
COMMENTS: Classic track in a classic remix
by Francois Kevorkian.
A very sought for version by this Disco diva
who sadly passed away far too early in 1992 of AIDS.
Strangely this track is the B-side of the 12" single.
A-side track is the Chic-ish "You got my love".
Great track with excellent sound as it was
mastered by the Mastering Master
Herbie :-)
Can YOU handle it?

February 5, 2007 - March 4, 2007

SONG: Can't Get Away (from Your Love)
ARTIST: Carol Williams
LABEL: Vanguard SPV 10-1
YEAR: 1983

WRITER: W. Brathwaite
PRODUCER: Darryl Payne
REMIXER: Ray "Pinky" Velazques
COMMENTS: This is the famous
and extremely rare NYC Dub 10" promo of this track.
I've kept Carol Williams' spoken greeting
to all NYC metro DJ's.
This version has been bootlegged on 12",
but then you know it's a boot - the original is on 10".
This might not be the best version of the song,
but I thought the rareness of this release
might make it worth hearing it.
Another Paradise Garage classic.
Take us to Paradise...

January 12, 2007 - February 4, 2007

SONG: Dancin'
ARTIST: Grey & Hanks
LABEL: RCA / Victor PD-11458
YEAR: 1978

WRITER: Grey & Hanks
PRODUCER: Grey & Hanks
REMIXER: Not available
COMMENTS: The vocal duo Grey & Hanks,
Zane Grey & Len Ron Hanks,
came from Chicago
and had a Top 20 hit with this song.
A great song which deserved better,
but the lack of huge success
probably also made it become the gem it is today.
This is another track recommended by
Dave "Joey Negro" Lee.
Enjoy and Keep Dancin' !

December 10, 2006 - January 11, 2007

SONG: Alive With Love + Without Your Love
ARTIST: Cut Glass
LABEL: 20'th Century TCD-103
YEAR: 1980

WRITER: Jeffrey Steinberg
PRODUCER: Jeffrey Parsons & Jeffrey Steinberg
REMIXER: Not available
COMMENTS: This is my X-mas gift to you,
another double feature...
"Without your love" was the A-side track
but the B-side "Alive with love" is just as strong.
Don't know anything more about this act
besides that it's darn good DISCO !
Merry DISCOristmas Everyone !

November 5, 2006 - December 9, 2006

SONG: You're the One For Me
LABEL: Prelude PRL D 621
YEAR: 1981

WRITER: H.Eaves III & J.Williams
PRODUCER: Hubert Eaves III
REMIXER: Francois Kevorkian & Hubert Eaves III
COMMENTS: D Train was a duo;
John "D Train" Williams (vocals) & Hubert Eaves III (keyboards).
The guys got a contract with legendary Prelude Records and
this was their first (and only) Number 1 in the Billboard Dance charts.
The track got a remix treatment by Francois Kevorkian
and got heavy rotation by Larry Levan at his Paradise Garage.
Another Master was also involved in this release...
Herbie :) mastered the recording and put the greeting;
"Hi Gerry, Phyllis and Mike" in the run-out groove.
This is "the One for ME" !!!
Disco-on !

October 6, 2006 - November 4, 2006

SONG: You Gotta Let Me Show You
ARTIST: Esther Williams
LABEL: Friends & Co. DD-1001
YEAR: 1976

WRITER: A.Walker, E.Williams & A.Walker
PRODUCER: Eddie Drennon
REMIXER: Tom Moulton
COMMENTS: Rare classic from 1976,
in "A Tom Moulton Mix".
I don't know if this Ester is at all related
to the legendary Hollywood swimming actress...
This Esther did have another hit in 1981
with the track "I'll be your pleasure".
Disco-on !

September 2, 2006 - October 5, 2006

SONG: Your Love
LABEL: Prism PDS 409
YEAR: 1980

WRITER: Denis LePage,Denyse LePage,Joe LaGreca
REMIXER: Michel Simard
COMMENTS: The married Canadian couple
Denis & Denyse LePage was Lime.
Later they devorsed and other singers were brought in;
Joy Dorris (John Luongo's wife) sung the female parts.
This track was Lime's first hit
and made it all the way to
# 1 in the Billboard Disco Charts.
The song was the best part of the movie Summer Lovers,
featuring Darryl Hannah and 'O.C' star Peter Gallagher.
So this track is for all you 'Summer Lovers',
hold on to "Your Love"!

July 2, 2006 - September 1, 2006

SONG: Summer Groove (Moving-on)
ARTIST: the Joneses
LABEL: Good Records 77733
YEAR: 1981

WRITER: Glenn Dorsey & Augustus & T.Brown
PRODUCER: Glenn Dorsey
REMIXER: Not available
COMMENTS: Great Summer track
which I had forgot about until
Dave "Joey Negro" Lee put it in his new CD
the Soul of Disco Volume Two.
the Joneses are most known for their 1974 hit
"Sugar Pie Guy"
while I think this gem is a perfect
Summer Anthem here - On the Turntable...
Let this "Summer Groove" move you on!

May 30, 2006 - July 1, 2006

SONG: Chains + Cream (Always Rises To the Top)
ARTIST: Bionic Boogie
LABEL: Polydor PRO 066
YEAR: 1978

WRITER: Gregg Diamond
PRODUCER: Gregg Diamond + Godfrey Diamond
REMIXER: Gregg Diamond + Jim Burgess
COMMENTS: Gregg Diamond was Bionic Boogie.
He's probably most known for the track
"Risky Changes".
Sometimes he was credited as
Gregg Diamond Bionic Boogie.
He also released "Star Cruise"
on Florida's T.K.Disco
as Gregg Diamond's Star Cruiser
The "Cream" track was remixed by Jim Burgess.
Gregg only became 49 years old,
he died on March 14, 1999.

May 1, 2006 - May 29, 2006

SONG: You Never Loved Me + I Just Can't Shake the Feeling
ARTIST: Ava Cherry
YEAR: 1980

WRITER: C.Mayfield + B.Eli & J.Prusan
PRODUCER: Bobby Eli + Gil Askey
REMIXER: Not available
COMMENTS: The 100'th track On the Turntable
This is a special 4-track promo 12"single
from singer/model Ava Cherry.
Ava was part of a backing trio together with
Robin Clark and Luther Vandross.
She was also David Bowie's partner for 4 years.
These 2 tracks are from Ava's solo debut album - Ripe!!!
The Curtis Mayfield penned "You never loved me"
was a Larry Levan and Paradise Garage classic.
"I just can't shake the feeling" is a favorite of mine.
Enjoy this double feature to celebrate song #100
On the Turntable...
Come on - "Shake the feeling"!

April 1, 2006 - April 30, 2006

SONG: Lookin' for love
ARTIST: Fat Larry's Band
YEAR: 1979

WRITER: Larry & Doris James
PRODUCER: Larry James
REMIXER: Mike Gormley & Larry James
COMMENTS: Larry James was "Fat Larry".
He was the brain behind this Philadelphia Disco-Funk band.
This song, along with their 1982 track
"Act like you know",
are their finest moments.
Both are great tracks, but none of them
reached the Top 20 in the charts.
The band made a handful albums but
sadly Larry James died far too early
at the age of 38, in December 5, 1987.

March 3, 2006 - March 31, 2006

SONG: Shake it up tonight
ARTIST: Cheryl Lynn
LABEL: Columbia 43-02103
YEAR: 1981

WRITER: M.Sutton & B.Sutton
PRODUCER: Ray Parker Jr.
REMIXER: Ray Parker Jr.
COMMENTS: Not one of Cheryl's
most known songs...
even if it was her biggest hit
She also gave us hits like;
"Got to be real", "Star love"
"Keep it hot" and "Encore".
Besides these you can also hear her in
Toto's classic "Georgy Porgy".
Come on - "Shake it up tonight"!

February 4, 2006 - March 2, 2006

SONG: Let no man put asunder
ARTIST: First Choice
LABEL: SalSoul SG 397
YEAR: 1983

WRITER: B.Gray & B.Hawes
PRODUCER: Baker-Harris-Young
REMIXER: Shep Pettibone
COMMENTS: This is the classic
track with the famous
"It's not over..." vocals
that has been sampled over and over.
The track was originally recorded back in 1977
but was not released on 12" single until 1983.
Shep Pettibone remixed it in March 24, 1983
and it became a huge hit for
SalSoul Records.
The 12" also include a acappella version
(hence the heavy sampling)
and also a great Frankie Knuckles remix on the flip.

December 31, 2005 - February 3, 2006

SONG: Get down Saturday night
ARTIST: Oliver Cheatham
YEAR: 1983

WRITER: O.Cheatham & K.McCord
REMIXER: Not available
COMMENTS: It's New Years eve
(when putting this track on here)
it's also Saturday...
Couldn't think of a better track to put
"On the Turntable"...
New Years and Saturday - time to "Get down..."
It's a wonderful track
which was also sampled by Room 5
in their "Make Luv" some years back.
Have yourself a great new...
2006 !

December 3, 2005 - December 30, 2005

SONG: Abracadabra
ARTIST: Steve Miller Band
LABEL: Capitol 8537
YEAR: 1982

WRITER: Steve Miller
PRODUCER: Steve Miller & Gary Mallaber
REMIXER: Not available
COMMENTS: Maybe this track
can help to a little X-mas feeling...
(Abracadabra = Magic = X-mas)
Anyhow, this is the B-side track of
the Larry Levan and Paradise Garage classic
"Macho City".
Else Steve Miller is probably most known
for his song - "the Joker"
which was used in a Levi's jeans commercial.
Have yourself a Magic X-mas !

November 14, 2005 - December 3, 2005

SONG: Get up get on your feet
ARTIST: Carte Blanche
LABEL: Durium DEX 13005
YEAR: 1979

WRITER: Peter Yellowstone & Steve Voice
PRODUCER: P.Yellowstone, S.Voice & G.Calver
REMIXER: Not available
COMMENTS: Nice Disco track.
Another unknown track and act.
The 12" is plessed on white vinyl
and the picture cover show
2 naked girls rollerskating.
I hope you'll enjoy the track...
"Get Up - Get On Your Feet" !!!

October 10, 2005 - November 13, 2005

SONG: River Drive
ARTIST: Jupiter Beyond
YEAR: 1979

WRITER: P. Lightfoot
PRODUCER: P. Lightfoot
REMIXER: Not available
COMMENTS: Another excellent track
that Joey Negro turned me into.
He also used it as the base for his
"Love Fantasy" track.
The song is also released on a more common
UK 12" single on PYE Records.
Else I don't know nothing about this group,
anyone who knows something ?

August 14, 2005 - October 9, 2005

SONG: Take me to the top
ARTIST: Advance
LABEL: Polydor 811 539-1
YEAR: 1983

WRITER: Raimondi,Abacab,Spagna,Wesley,Patterson
PRODUCER: D.Raimondi & A.Ugolini
REMIXER: Not available
COMMENTS: Originally a recording
on the Italian Energy label,
this is the US release of this 1983 classic.
Don't know much about this act
but the track stayed
6 weeks in the Billboard Dance charts.
It's also featured in the CD's
Masterpiece vol.1 and Funky Collector vol.2.
It sure "Take me to the top"
hope it does the same for you !!!

July 4, 2005 - August 13, 2005

SONG: the Glow of love
ARTIST: Change feat. Luther Vandross
LABEL: Warner / RFC
YEAR: 1980

WRITER: D.Roman, W.Garfield & M.Malavasi
PRODUCER: Jacques Fred Petrus
REMIXER: Not available
COMMENTS: the Title track
from the first Change album
with wonderful vocals by the just passed
Luther Vandross
(April 20, 1951 - July 1, 2005)
This track has been sampled many times
among others by
Janet Jackson in her "All for you".
Luther also sang "Searching" in the LP.
Also Jocelyn Brown
were singing with Change
and Jim Burgess remixed the track
"A lover's holiday"

June 4, 2005 - July 3, 2005

SONG: Let them dance
LABEL: Pyramid PD 1005
YEAR: 1978

REMIXER: Not available
COMMENTS: D.C. LaRue was born
David Charles [D.C.] L'Heureux.
This track and his earlier hit
are both on the Quality Records'
Pyramid imprint.
He was later to be found on
L.A.'s Casablanca Records.
This is some 9+ minutes
that's really made to...
"Let them dance" !

May 1, 2005 - June 3, 2005

SONG: San Salvador
LABEL: Vedette MX 61
YEAR: 1979

WRITER: Celso Valli & Julie Scott
PRODUCER: Celso Valli
REMIXER: Not available
COMMENTS: Great Italian track
with lot of Latin feel.
This is the original Italian Vedette release,
the track was later more widely released through
the Dutch Rams Horn label.
"San Salvador" was also included in Joey Negro's
Disco Spectrum CD compilation.
During Summer 2004, the track was a big hit again
around the Mediterranian Sea
when it was sampled and released as
Moonlight vs Azoto.
ENJOY this Italo gem !!

April 10, 2005 - April 30, 2005

SONG: Goin' up in smoke
ARTIST: Eddie Kendricks
LABEL: Motown M 00003D1
YEAR: 1976

WRITER: Allan Felder & Norman Harris
PRODUCER: Norman Harris
REMIXER: Not available
COMMENTS: Wonderful track
from former Temptations vocalist.
In 1971 Eddie desided to go solo
and this is probably his best track.
With his characteristic falsetto voice
and the Funky-Disco beat
this was a hit for Motown.
Sadly Eddie's not with us any more,
he died in Oct. 5, 1992 of lung cancer.
This track is also featured by Joey Negro
in his Disco Spectrum 3 CD.
One thing's for sure... This track will never be
'Goin up in smoke'!

March 11, 2005 - April 10, 2005

SONG: It's ecstacy when you lay down next to me
ARTIST: Barry White
LABEL: 20th Century
YEAR: 1977

WRITER: N.Pigford & E.Paris
PRODUCER: Barry White
REMIXER: Not available
COMMENTS: Great track from the late
"Voice of Soul"
Barry White.
Barry's backing girls in
Love Unlimited have been
featured here before !
Wonderful bass in this track
which Robbie Williams sampled in his
"Rock DJ" some years ago.
My friend Bert Bevans
opened up a gig in Stockholm with this track!
A sure killer - Check it out !

February 5, 2005 - March 10, 2005

SONG: Risky changes
ARTIST: Bionic Boogie
LABEL: Polydor PRO 036
YEAR: 1977

WRITER: Gregg Diamond
PRODUCER: Gregg Diamond
REMIXER: Jim Burgess
COMMENTS: one of the legendary DJ/Remixer
Jim Burgess' first remixes.
(Ripple's - "the Beat goes on" was the first)
Gregg Diamond was the mastermind behind this group,
he both wrote and produced the songs.
This 12"single is a hard-to-find
Polydor white label promo only.
Bionic Boogie later returned with the classics;
"Chains", "Cream" and "Hot Butterfly".
Gregg also wrote "More, more, more"
for Andrea True Connection.
He also wrote for the Gloria Gaynor album - Glorious,
as well as for George McCrae's - Diamond Touch LP.
In 1979 he recorded as
Greg Diamond's Starcruiser for T.K.
Enjoy the Risky Changes...

January 9, 2005 - February 4, 2005

SONG: Rap-O Clap-O
ARTIST: Joe Bataan
LABEL: SalSoul SG 315
YEAR: 1979

WRITER: Joe Bataan
PRODUCER: Joe Bataan
REMIXER: Not available
COMMENTS: One of the first Rap hits
and released on the Cayre brothers legendary
SalSoul Records.
Joe was born Peter Nitollano.
Joe's first album for the Cayre's
was actually called just - SalSoul !
His biggest hit was "the Bottle",
but he also sung "Sadie (She smokes)"
which included additional vocals by
the lovely Jocelyn Brown.
I [Discoguy] used the "Rap-O Clap-O" instrumental
as base for my first own Rap lyrics
"Clabbe Rap".

NoDecember 8, 2004 - January 8, 2005

SONG: Happiness
ARTIST: Pointer Sisters
LABEL: Planet AS-11407
YEAR: 1978

WRITER: Allen Toussaint
PRODUCER: Richard Perry
REMIXER: Not available
COMMENTS: An uplifting Pointer Sisters track
on clear yellow vinyl
which Joey Negro once recommended me.
Another great song from the sisters,
but not as widely known as their "anthem"
"I'm so excited"
Flip side is a cover of
Bruce Springsteen's - "Fire".

With this track I wish You
through out the X-Mas
and New Years !

November 8, 2004 - December 7, 2004

SONG: Doin' the dog
ARTIST: Creme D'Cocoa
LABEL: Venture VD-5006
YEAR: 1979

WRITER: Tony Camillo & Cecile Barker
PRODUCER: Tony Camillo & Cecile Barker
REMIXER: Not available
COMMENTS: This great track
is another request from some of you...
It was also available on the bands
Nasty Street LP.
The album also include the great track
"Doggin' it".
The group was signed to the small
Hollywood based Venture Records label.
Venture is probably most known for
Cheri's "Murphy's law" and
Shades of Love's "Keep in touch...".
Start doin' the dog...

October 4, 2004 - November 7, 2004

SONG: Mellow lovin'
ARTIST: Judy Cheeks
LABEL: SalSoul SG 2063TM (DJ)
YEAR: 1978

WRITER: T.Monn, J.Cheeks & R.Williams
PRODUCER: Anthony Monn
REMIXER: Tom Moulton
COMMENTS: Another wonderful track
from New York's SalSoul Records.
This white label promo comes in...
A Tom Moulton Mix
This is THE 12" version, times in at 7:35,
there was another 12" version released,
surprisingly on the same matrix # SG 2063
but it's not mixed by Tom and is "only" 5:14 long.
Written and Produced by Anthony Monn,
who was also behind the group O.R.S.
"Give me some..."

September 10, 2004 - October 3, 2004

SONG: Don't make me wait
ARTIST: Peech Boys
LABEL: WestEnd WES 22140
YEAR: 1982

WRITER: Peech Boys & R. Bernard Fowler
PRODUCER: Larry Levan & Michael de Benedictus
REMIXER: Larry Levan
COMMENTS: Another classic track
remixed by Paradise Garage's Larry Levan.
A very requested song by this group
which later had to change name to
n.y.c. Peech Boys
as the Beach Boys had strong objections...
In this release the band was still on WestEnd Records,
but later this Levan & de Benedictus group scored hits like;
"Dance Sister", "Life is something special" and
"On a journey" for Island.
"Don't make me wait" - click above to listen !!

August 16, 2004 - September 9, 2004

SONG: Dance and shake your tambourine
ARTIST: Universal Robot Band
LABEL: Red Greg RG-209/210
YEAR: 1976

WRITER: Patrick Adams
PRODUCER: Patrick Adams & Greg Carmichael
REMIXER: Not available
COMMENTS: Legendary track
by Patrick Adams and Greg Carmichael.
One of the finest moments of their work together.
Funny is that each side of the 12" single
has got it's own matrix # 209 / 210.
Follow the Universal Robot Band's suggestion...
Dance and shake your tambourine !

July 2, 2004 - August 15, 2004

SONG: Romeo & Juliet
ARTIST: Alec R. Costandinos
LABEL: Casablanca NBD 20111 DJ
YEAR: 1978

WRITER: Alec R. Costandinos
PRODUCER: Alec R. Costandinos
REMIXER: Don Ray (Arranger)
COMMENTS: There are 2 differnt 12"s of this song.
This is the long 13:45 minutes version,
but there's also a short 4:13 12" version
on Casablanca NBD 20115 DJ.
The shorter version is available on the
the Casablanca Records Story box.
Alec was also behind the group Love & Kisses
and worked with Cerrone on "Love in C minor".
Enjoy this classic lovers theme !

June 10, 2004 - July 1, 2004

SONG: Don't turn you back on me
ARTIST: Frontline Orchestra
LABEL: Quality/RFC QRFC-012
YEAR: 1982

WRITER: T.Edmunds
PRODUCER: Tony Edmunds
REMIXER: Larry Levan
COMMENTS: Yet another Levan classic...
As all Larry Levan remixed records
he used to spin and test them at
the Paradise Garage.
Another wonderful remix and a great track.
A hard-to-find 12" classic that's featured on
the Joey Negro Disco Spectrum CD.
"Don't turn your back on THIS" !

May 10, 2004 - June 9, 2004

SONG: Can't shake your love
ARTIST: Syreeta
LABEL: Motown PR-94
YEAR: 1981

WRITER: N.Helms, M.Bottler, Hal Davis
REMIXER: Not available
COMMENTS: Wonderful track
from former Mrs. Stevie Wonder.
This is a legendary Larry Levan favorite,
heavily played in the Paradise Garage.
It's also a Joey Negro fave
and he featured it in his
Disco Spectrum 3 compilation.
This - for sure - CAN "shake my love"!

April 7, 2004 - May 9, 2004

SONG: Down to love town
ARTIST: Originals
LABEL: Motown M-00001D1
YEAR: 1976

WRITER: D.Daniels, B.Sutton & K.Wakefield
PRODUCER: Frank Wilson & Michael Sutton
REMIXER: Not available
COMMENTS: A VERY popular track
among the legendary NYC Disco DJ's,
this track got heavy rotation by
Larry Levan @ the Paradise Garage
and other DJ's have still got it on their favorites list;
DJ's like Bert Bevans and Lizzz Kritzer.
This is another
of Motowns 2 sided 12" singles,
different acts on each side.
This one has got
Jermain Jackson's "Let's be young tonight"
on the flip - but it doesn't come close to this track.
Come on, let's get down to love town !

March 8, 2004 - April 6, 2004

SONG: Cisselin' hot
ARTIST: Chuck Cissel
LABEL: Arista CP-708
YEAR: 1979

WRITER: C. Cissel
PRODUCER: S. Scarborough & D.N. Crawford
REMIXER: Not available
COMMENTS: A not very known track
which my friend Joey Negro
recommended me.
Unfortunately I don't know anything
more about Chuck, except that it's
a great, uplifting disco track
with a Funky touch,
which makes you wanna party !
Disco-on !!!

February 10, 2004 - March 7, 2004

SONG: Tee's happy
ARTIST: Northend
LABEL: Emergency EMDS-6520
YEAR: 1981

WRITER: Arthur Baker
PRODUCER: Arthur Baker
REMIXER: Tee Scott
COMMENTS: "Tee's happy"
is the B-side track of Northend's
"Happy Days".
Why it's called "Tee's happy"
is because it was remixed
in a instrumental, dub kind of way
by no other than the legend - Tee Scott.
Another legend - Herbie :-),
was doing the mastering
and left a message on the vinyl...
"Looking good Angie"

January 6, 2004 - February 9, 2004

SONG: Keep in touch (body to body)
ARTIST: Shades of Love
LABEL: Venture VD-5021
YEAR: 1982

WRITER: Adams & Johnson
PRODUCER: Patrick Adams
REMIXER: Not available
COMMENTS: Another classic track
written and produced by one of my favorite Disco people:
Patrick Adams.
This is also one of the legendary NYC DJ
Nicky Siano's favorite songs.
It's a masterpiece and to top it off,
it's mastered by THE master...
Herbie :-),
to give it a wonderful distinct and pumping sound.
"Keep in touch..."

December 5, 2003 - January 5, 2004

SONG: Don't stop me I like it
ARTIST: David Christie
LABEL: Tom'N'Jerry / SalSoul TG 701(DJ)
YEAR: 1978

WRITER: J.Bolden, K.Robinson & J.Robinson
PRODUCER: David Christie
REMIXER: Tom Moulton
COMMENTS: This track was written by
David himself - since he's also James Bolden.
Under his David name he had a hit in 1982
with the song "Saddle up".
He also wrote Frantique's
"Strutt your funky stuff"
as featured earlier "On the Turntable".
The song was released on Tom Moulton's own
Tom'N'Jerry label,
when it was still on SalSoul.
(It was later moved to Casablanca)
Of course the track comes in
"A Tom Moulton Mix".
The record is mastered by Tom and Jose Redriguez.
"Don't stop this - I like it"

November 3, 2003 - December 4, 2003

SONG: I'm caught up (in a one nigth love affair)
ARTIST: Inner Life
LABEL: TCT TD-201 / Prelude PRL D 519
YEAR: 1979

WRITER: Patrick Adams & Terri Gonzalez
PRODUCER: P.Adams, G.Carmichael & D.Hayes
REMIXER: John Morales
COMMENTS: This is the track
Disco writer and producer Patrick Adams
concider as one of his best works.
With strong and wonderful vocals by
Jocelyn Brown,
a 9:17 minutes Disco mix by
John Morales,
this could be nothing but a hit!
The track was originally released on the TCT label,
but soon a bidding war broke out
and Prelude won it,
after paying $17,500 for the rights to the single.
Still a wonderful track !

October 6, 2003 - November 2, 2003

SONG: Can't fake the feeling
ARTIST: Geraldine Hunt
LABEL: Prism PDS 405
YEAR: 1980

WRITER: Geraldine Hunt & K.Dyson
PRODUCER: Mike Pabon Austin
REMIXER: Not available
COMMENTS: Geraldine's major hit,
an excellent track that's just as good today
as it was way back in 1980.
Except for writing this track
Geraldine's kids also followed her footsteps
and became artists... They're known as:
Cheri - "Murphy's law" and
Freddie James - "Get up and boogie".
Read more in my Geraldine Hunt interview!
Can't fake this feeling!

September 1, 2003 - October 5, 2003

SONG: Standing in the rain
LABEL: Polydor PRO 079
YEAR: 1978

PRODUCER: Cerrone & Don Ray
REMIXER: Not available
COMMENTS: Another fabulous Don Ray 12" single
from his Garden of Love album.
Previously I have featured Don's wonderful
Got to have loving
here - On the Turntable.
This is produced by Disco guru - Cerrone
and you can hear his classic synth riffs.
Wonderful track and a Loft classic.
Available in the Disco Spectrum 2 CD.

July 4, 2003 - August 31, 2003

SONG: Your song
ARTIST: Billy Paul
LABEL: Philadelphia S PIR 5391 [UK 12"]
YEAR: 1977

WRITER: E.John & B.Taupin
PRODUCER: Gamble & Huff
REMIXER: Not available
COMMENTS: This is Billy's cover of
Elton John's classic track.
This one is far better and different from the original.
This track originate from the album
'360 degrees of Billy Paul'.
This has been a huge hit in Sweden during last year
since - Fritidsresor (a travel agency),
has used the track in their commercials!
Enjoy the summer !!!

June 3, 2003 - July 3, 2003

SONG: I got a thing
ARTIST: Silver, Platinum & Gold
LABEL: Farr FR-014
YEAR: 1976

WRITER: Richard Jones & Andrae Moore
PRODUCER: Hubert Heard & Dee Ervin
REMIXER: Not available
COMMENTS: This is a B-side track !!!
The A side - marked "Plug Side" on the lable - is
"Just friends"
That's a good track - but not as good as "I got a thing" !
Don't know much about this band - info is welcome !!!
Dimitri from Paris featured this track in his
Disco Forever CD.
Joey Negro recently made a cover of this track
as "Gotta Thing" under his alter ego
Foreal People feat. Taana.
This Taana is the famous - Taana Gardner.

May 2, 2003 - June 2, 2003

SONG: Turn me loose
ARTIST: Roy Ayers
LABEL: Polydor POSPX 427
YEAR: 1982

WRITER: Roy Ayers
REMIXER: Not available
COMMENTS: World famous Vibraphone player,
Roy Ayers in one of his lesser known tracks.
I would think is 1985 hit - "Hot"
is probably his most known track.
"Turn me loose" is a UK 12" release
and the song is originally found on
Roy's Feeling good album.
This is yet another track which my friend
Dave Lee (Joey Negro) intruduced me to.

April 2, 2003 - May 1, 2003

SONG: Out of my hands (Love's taken over)
ARTIST: Omni feat. Connee Draper
LABEL: Fountain FRD-81-1
YEAR: 1981

WRITER: R.G.Massey & Lawrence Hanks
PRODUCER: R.G.Massey & Lawrence Hanks
REMIXER: Not available
COMMENTS: This is the shorter version (4:50)
I think this one more is more right down to it
than the longer (6:18) version.
Another of those great tracks
but where you don't know more of the people behind it.

March 3, 2003 - April 1, 2003

SONG: Bourgie, Bourgie
ARTIST: John Davis with the Monster Orchestra
LABEL: Columbia AS 664
YEAR: 1979

WRITER: Ashford & Simpson
PRODUCER: John Davis
REMIXER: Not available
COMMENTS: Classic track
written by Ashford & Simpson.
Glady's Knight & the Pips
did a cover of this as well in 1980.
This is also the first track out on
the Dave Lee (Joey Negro) compilation CD:
Disco Spectrum 1.

January 31, 2003 - March 2, 2003

SONG: I'll be your pleasure
ARTIST: Esther Williams
YEAR: 1981

WRITER: Rodney Brown & Willie Lester
PRODUCER: Joe Bana & Bob Currington
REMIXER: Larry Levan
COMMENTS: Another great Larry Levan remixed track,
this time written by Brown & Lester,
who also responsible for most of
Sharon Redd and Bobby Thurston's hits.
This is one of Larry's less known remixes,
and just like my friend Joey Negro
I think this is one of Larry's best pieces of work.

December 20, 2002 - January 30, 2003

SONG: Funky New Year
ARTIST: Eagles
LABEL: Asylum AS-11402
YEAR: 1978

WRITER: Don Henley & Glenn Fry
PRODUCER: Bill Szymczyk
REMIXER: Not available
COMMENTS: Funky New Years song
from this band who are most known for their
"Hotel California".
This is a 2-track White Label Promo only,
an this is actually the second track.
First track is a (bad) X-mas song called
"Please come home for Christmas".
I wish you all
A Merry Christmas
A Funky New Year !

November 27, 2002 - December 19, 2002

SONG: Heat of the beat
ARTIST: Roy Ayers & Wayne Henderson
LABEL: Polydor PRO 071
YEAR: 1978

WRITER: W.Henderson & R.Flowers
PRODUCER: Roy Ayers & Wayne Henderson
REMIXER: Not available
COMMENTS: Classic track from Mr. Ayers,
with vocals by Wayne Henderson.
This was one of those tracks I was looking for
for a long time before I even know what it was...
"OH-OH" Disco !!!

October 7, 2002 - November 26, 2002

SONG: Can't live without your love
ARTIST: Tamiko Jones
LABEL: Polydor PD D 513
YEAR: 1979

WRITER: Randy Muller
PRODUCER: Tamiko Jones
REMIXER: Not available
COMMENTS: Classic track from Jazz vocalist
Tamiko Jones who worked with Randy Muller
(of Brass Construction and New York Skyy fame)
and created a spaced out syndrum Disco smash,
which became a favorite of
Larry Levan @ Paradise Garage.
This track is also one of Joey Negro's favorites.
The track was recorded and mixed at
Cloud Born Productions in Grosse Pointe, MI
back in 1979 by Ken Sands.

August 22, 2002 - October 6, 2002

SONG: I want you for myself + Party down
ARTIST: George Duke
LABEL: Epic AS 681
YEAR: 1979

WRITER: G.Duke + G.Duke & B.Champlin
PRODUCER: G.Duke + G.Duke
REMIXER: Not available
COMMENTS: Double feature this time,
(and for the first time)
by George Duke.
Both these classic Disco tracks
are amazingly featured on this 12" single.
George later recorded other great songs like;
"Reach out", "Shine on" & "Celebrate".
The "I want you for myself" track
feature the vocals of Lynn Davis.

May 4, 2002 - August 21, 2002

SONG: Beyond the clouds
ARTIST: Quartz
LABEL: T.K. Disco 109
YEAR: 1978

WRITER: C.Quartz & M.Gazzola
REMIXER: Not available
COMMENTS: Another classic from Florida's
legendary T.K.Disco label.
The album was released on T.K. sub-label - Marlin.
Don't know much about this act,
but it seems to be a Frensh act
probably licenced to T.K.
I do know that this track was bootlegged,
along with Dan Hartman's - "Relight my fire",
in High Voltage's - "Let's get Horny"
on Began Cekic's One Way Records.
This is another very requested track.

April 30, 2002 - May 3, 2002

SONG: This beat is mine
ARTIST: Vicky "D"
LABEL: SAM S-12343
YEAR: 1981

WRITER: Andre Booth
PRODUCER: Gary R. Turnier & Andre Booth
REMIXER: Not available
COMMENTS: Another classic track
from the legendary SAM label,
which is most know for releasing
Gary's Gang's "Keep on Dancing"
and the John Davis stuff.
Don't know nothing about Vicky "D"...
Have you got any info on her - let me know!
What I do know is that this 12" single
was mastered by no less than Herbie :-)
who put the inscription "IT'S HOT" in the run-out groove!
This track have been requested
to be placed here several times
and now it's finally here!

April 2, 2002 - April 29, 2002

SONG: New York by Night
ARTIST: Dennis Parker
LABEL: Casablanca NBD 20153
YEAR: 1979

WRITER: J.Morali, H.Belolo & S.Gaines
PRODUCER: J.Morali, H.Belolo & S.Gaines
REMIXER: Not available
COMMENTS: This one-sided 2 track 12" single
include Dennis' biggest hit "Like an Eagle" and this song.
Dennis was originally a Porno actor
who Jacques Morali & Henri Belolo turned into a Disco star.
Unfortunately he was diagnosed with AIDS in 1984
and comitted suicide in 1985.
But the phrase in this song:
"At Studio 54, they're waiting at the door,
can't get in, just can't win."

is a classic of it's own
- just as this track -
which is also one of Henri's favorite tracks!

February 18, 2002 - April 1, 2002

SONG: Found a cure
ARTIST: Ashford & Simpson
LABEL: Warner DWBS 8874
YEAR: 1979

WRITER: Nickolas Ashford & Valerie Simpson
PRODUCER: Nickolas Ashford & Valerie Simpson
REMIXER: Jimmy Simpson
COMMENTS: Another fantastic track
by this great song-writing duo,
who mostly have written hits for others...
Like; Diana Ross' alltime classic
"Ain't no mountain high enough".
"Found a cure" is one of my favorite tracks by A&S,
who later in 1984 ruled the charts with
the classic "Solid".
It was also a favorite track of DJ legend
Larry Levan
who used to play it at
the Paradise Garage.
This track was also featured in the 54 soundtrack.

January 7, 2002 - February 17, 2002

SONG: Monkey chop
LABEL: Island 12 WIP 6520
YEAR: 1979

WRITER: S.E.Lewinson
REMIXER: "A Buggles Mix"
COMMENTS: Don't know much about this one...
Except that it's a great track
and was quite popular here in 1979.
This 12" inch single is a 4-track release.
The cover is a painted one with
Dan I & Monkey Chop written in bananas over 3 apes.

December 6, 2001 - January 6, 2002

SONG: Dancing in the moonlight
ARTIST: Platypus
LABEL: Casablanca NBD 20179 DJ
YEAR: 1979

WRITER: L.Hines & A.Stokes
PRODUCER: Platypus
REMIXER: Not available
COMMENTS: Great dance track
from this group.
The track is written by two of the group members;
Larry Hines and Arthur Stokes.
The album of which this 12" single is cut from,
is dedicated to Larry Hines
who sadly died before the album was completed.
This track caught my attention again
when I found it in the French Disco Collector 2 CD.
It sure makes me...
"Dancing in the Moonlight".

October 30, 2001 - December 5, 2001

SONG: Stayin' alive
ARTIST: Bee Gees
YEAR: 1977

WRITER: Barry, Robin & Maurice Gibb
PRODUCER: Bee Gees, K.Richardson & A.Galuten
REMIXER: Not available
COMMENTS: This classic track
might be one of the most known Disco songs,
as featured in Saturday Night Fever.
But I'd like you all to hear the 12" promo only version.
It's both extended and has got additional sounds in the breaks.
The 12" promo also include the Bee Gees' songs;
"Night Fever", "You should be dancing" & "More than a woman".
It also include Yvonne Elliman's "If I can't have you",
which is not found on any other 12" single.
Probably you've never heard this version before,
so I hope you'll enjoy it !

August 15, 2001 - October 29, 2001
Due to service provider problems - this song was up longer.

SONG: Tailgate
ARTIST: 21st Creation
LABEL: Motown M00006D1
YEAR: 1977

WRITER: A.Phillis, M.Davis & M.T.Jackson
PRODUCER: Mark Davis
REMIXER: Not available
COMMENTS: Top track
which caught my attention on the Frensh Disco Collector 2 CD.
I found me a 12" copy of this tune
and it's one of Motown's classic 12" singles
- with different artists on each side of the record.
So this 12" is flipped by
Eddie Kendricks' "Born again".
Else I (unfortunately) don't know much about this group or track...
Except that it's KICKIN'.

July 2, 2001 - August 14, 2001

SONG: You can't have your cake and eat it too
ARTIST: B.T. (Brenda Taylor)
LABEL: West End WES 22149
YEAR: 1982

WRITER: R.Cobb, C.Dyson & S.Sanford
PRODUCER: C.Dyson & D.Clayton
REMIXER: Nick Martinelli & David Todd
COMMENTS: Another classic
West End Records release.
This is also a Paradise Garage classic,
since it got heavy rotation by maestro -
Larry Levan.

June 4, 2001 - July 1, 2001

SONG: Feel it
ARTIST: Revelation
LABEL: Handshake 4W8 5309
YEAR: 1980

WRITER: Benny Diggs & Joseph Joubert
PRODUCER: Jimmy Simpson
REMIXER: Jimmy Simpson
COMMENTS: A track from the small
New York Handshake label.
A label that probably is most known for this release or
the 1981 Johnny Bristol release:
"Love no longer has a hold on me"
A great release which actually include guitar playing by
Nile Rodgers of Chic.
The 12" single is hard to find,
but it's included on the Disco Spectrum CD.
It's also produced and mixed by Jimmy Simpson
who also mixed last months "On the Turntable" track.

May 2, 2001 - June 3, 2001

SONG: Groovin' you
ARTIST: Harvey Mason
LABEL: Arista CP-704
YEAR: 1979

WRITER: K.Mason & S.Mason
PRODUCER: Harvey Mason
REMIXER: Jimmy Simpson
COMMENTS: A classic Disco track
from this Jazz & Fusion drummer.
This track was from Harvey's fourth album.
The flip side track - "the Race"
is an Earth, Wind & Fire kind of ballad.
"Groovin' you" got it's big break in the mid 90's
when Gusto sampled it in his -
"Disco's revenge".

April 2, 2001 - May 1, 2001

SONG: Can't play around
LABEL: RFC / Atlantic 0-89927
YEAR: 1982

WRITER: R.Tyson & E.(Lamb Chop)Curry
PRODUCER: J.Bana & R.Tyson
REMIXER: Larry Levan
COMMENTS: Yet another great remix from
Larry Levan.
Of course this was also heavily played at
the Paradise Garage.
The instrumental flip side
is another of Larry's "wicked" Dub-style versions.
Else I don't know much about this group,
except that it was an all girls group.

March 1, 2001 - April 1, 2001

SONG: Dr. Love
ARTIST: First Choice
LABEL: Gold Mind / SalSoul 12G-4004
YEAR: 1977

WRITER: N.Harris, A.Felder & R.Tyson
PRODUCER: Norman Harris
REMIXER: Tom Moulton
COMMENTS: This is a GREAT song
and it is remixed by the KING himself...
Tom Moulton
. This remix was done in March of 1977
and when remixing this track
Tom had a mild heart attack.
But that didn't stop him from complete the mix
before getting to the hospital.
See more in my interview...
This is the classic remix,
there's also a 1983 Shep Pettibone remix
which I feel is not as good.

February 5, 2001 - February 28, 2001

SONG: Angel in my pocket
ARTIST: Change
LABEL: RFC / Warner PRO-A-886
YEAR: 1980

WRITER: P. Gianolio & T. Willoughby
PRODUCER: Jacques Fred Petrus
REMIXER: Not available
COMMENTS: This is the B-side track
of Change's classic "Searching" 12" promo.
This was a studio project by Italian producer Jacques Fred Petrus
and writer Mario Malavasi.
The vocals of this tune is sung by no other than
Jocelyn Brown.
She sang all the 3 tunes of the A side of the album
- the Glow of Love.
The B side of the album include the vocals of Luther Vandross
in the title song of the album and "Searching".
A GREAT 12"single!

January 2, 2001 - February 4, 2001

SONG: I know you will
LABEL: SalSoul SG 351
YEAR: 1981

WRITER: L.Burgess, J.Calloway, S.Davenport & W.Powell
PRODUCER: Greg Carmichael & Leroy Burgess
REMIXER: Larry Levan
COMMENTS: As always when
Leroy Burgess have been involved,
it's just - GREAT!!!
To top that, the remix is done by no other than
Larry Levan
which made sure that this song became a
Paradise Garage classic!

December 3, 2000 - January 1, 2001

SONG: Wear it out
ARTIST: Stargard
LABEL: Warner DWBS 8891
YEAR: 1979

WRITER: R.Wright, C.Fearing & R.Runnells
PRODUCER: Verdine White, Mark Davis & Robert Wright
REMIXER: Not available
from this classic Disco-Funk girls group.
The members were;
Rochelle Runnells, Debra Anderson and Janice Williams.
This track got a slight touch of Disco-Rock sometimes.
It has been sampled several times and
Joey Negro has re-worked this once!

November 3, 2000 - December 2, 2000

SONG: Casanova
ARTIST: Coffee
LABEL: De-Lite MERX 38
YEAR: 1980

WRITER: J.Armstead & M.Middlebrook
PRODUCER: Clarence Johnson & Riccardo Williams
REMIXER: Not available
COMMENTS: Great song by this all-girls group.
The girls of this group were all school-mates of
Geraldine Hunt and Minnie Riperton,
in Hyde Park High School - Chicago.
Don't know much more about this act,
except that it's a great song and that it is a
Joey Negro favorite!

October 1, 2000 - November 2, 2000

SONG: Get another love
ARTIST: Chantal Curtis
YEAR: 1979

WRITER: Ernest Donable
PRODUCER: Pierre Jaubert
REMIXER: A Glen Black Mix
COMMENTS: No one seems to know
anything about this act,
except for this top Disco tune
with it's beautiful string arrangements
from the independent N.Y. based KEY label.
This was a Larry Levan favorite
which got lots of play at Paradise Garage.
If YOU know more about this act...
PLEASE let me know!

Finally in Dec. 2002
I got the following info from Yaki:
Chantal Curtis was a french and american disco project
using Michele's lead singer.
i think you know1977's disco hits;
"Can't you feel it" and "Disco dance" from WestEnd.
Both "Get another love" and "Can't you feel it"
were written by Ernest Donable!

September 3, 2000 - October 1, 2000

SONG: Ain't no mountain high enough
ARTIST: Inner Life
LABEL: SalSoul SG 350
YEAR: 1981

WRITER: N.Ashford & V.Simpson
PRODUCER: Patrick Adams & Greg Carmichael
REMIXER: Larry Levan
COMMENTS: This is the long "Garage Version"
which Larry Levan mixed to work out the crowd
at his legendary Paradise Garage.
The tune is produced by the legends
Patrick Adams & Greg Carmichael.
Lead vocalist is, the always great,
Jocelyn Brown.
This song has also been sung by other artists,
like for example - Diana Ross.

August 3, 2000 - September 2, 2000

SONG: Don't drop my love
ARTIST: Anita Ward
LABEL: T.K. Disco TKD-420
YEAR: 1979

WRITER: Frederick Knight
PRODUCER: Frederick Knight
REMIXER: Not available
COMMENTS: This is the follow up
to Anita's classic...
"Ring my bell".
Anita said the following about this song
in the interview I did with her lately;
"The problem with "Don't drop my love" is that it was too high.
[Frederick] had my range much much too high.
It should have been brought down some."

Even if it's a high range - it's a GREAT song!

July 3, 2000 - August 2, 2000

SONG: Dance with you
ARTIST: Carrie Lucas
LABEL: Solar YD-11483
YEAR: 1979

WRITER: K. Gardner
PRODUCER: Dick Griffey
REMIXER: Not available
COMMENTS: A classic
SOLAR Records track
that was sampled by
Armand van Helden.
This is one of the most requested
tunes ever to be
"On the Turntable"...
So here it is...

June 1, 2000 - July 2, 2000

SONG: Plato's retreat
ARTIST: Joe Thomas
LABEL: T.K. Disco TKD-94
YEAR: 1978

WRITER: Tillie, Quinn, Baker, Hill & Grody
PRODUCER: Sonny Lester
REMIXER: Not available
COMMENTS: This song...
I didn't know about, until I heard it a few weeks ago.
But it has really become one of my personal favorites right now!
Don't know more about it, so...
I'll let the music talk!

April 15, 2000 - May 31, 2000

SONG: Mainline
ARTIST: Black Ivory
LABEL: Buddah DSC 132
YEAR: 1979

WRITER: Leroy Burgess
PRODUCER: Black Ivory
REMIXER: Michael Gomes
one of the BEST Disco songs EVER !!!
Both the group Black Ivory and singer/writer Leroy Burgess
were discovered by Disco guru Patrick Adams.
I'm not gonna say more - just sit back and...

March 15, 2000 - April 14, 2000

SONG: Love sensation
ARTIST: Loleatta Holloway
LABEL: Salsoul / Gold Mind GG 505
YEAR: 1980

WRITER: Dan Hartman
PRODUCER: Dan Hartman
REMIXER: Tom Moulton
COMMENTS: The late Dan Hartman
wroter this song to his friend - Loleatta
as a Thank you for her vocals in his own hit
"Relight my fire".
This is one of the most known sampled songs ever.
This has been sampled by both
Black Box in their "Ride on time" and
Marky Mark in his "Good vibrations".
This classic tune comes in
"A Tom Moulton Mix"

February 7, 2000 - March 14, 2000

SONG: Don't hold back
ARTIST: Chanson
LABEL: Ariola AR 9006
YEAR: 1979

WRITER: David Williams & James Jamerson Jr.
PRODUCER: David Williams & James Jamerson Jr.
REMIXER: Jim Burgess
COMMENTS: This is yet another
B-Side track - that's better than the A-side.
This soulful Disco-Funk track
was the flip side to a track called
"I can tell".
The A-side is a traditional Disco track,
but it was this B-side which got most play.
Jim Burgess made this excellent (but too short) mix!

January 17, 2000 - February 6, 2000

SONG: I like (What you're doing to me)
ARTIST: Young & Company
LABEL: Brunswick D 213
YEAR: 1980

WRITER: B.Young, B.Hank & Mike Young
PRODUCER: Young & Young
REMIXER: Lyonel Sampeur & Tommy Weber
COMMENTS: This song really...
"Send chills up and down my spine".
This is a real classic
from the small Brunswick label...
A label most know for the classic
Vaughan Mason & Crew's
"Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll".
Also notable is that Tom Moulton's
Mastering guy - Jose Rodriquez
is mentioned on the label.

December 8, 1999 - January 16, 2000

SONG: Lovin' is really my game
ARTIST: Brainstorm
LABEL: Tabu QD-10963
YEAR: 1977

WRITER: Belita Woods & Tranita Womack
PRODUCER: Jerry Peters
REMIXER: Not available
COMMENTS: This is the song about me... (?!)
Listen out for "DISCOGUY" in the text.
This is a true classic and it's also concidered as a
both Paradise Garage and Studio 54 classic.
It's featured in the "54" Soundtrack
and it's one of those floorfillers that are worth
dancing out this millennium
"On the Turntable".
Disco-on and see you in the next millennium !

November 9, 1999 - December 7, 1999

SONG: Saturday
ARTIST: Norma Jean
LABEL: Bearsville BSSD 0327
YEAR: 1978

WRITER: Nile Rodgers & Bernard Edwards + Bobby Carter
PRODUCER: Nile Rodgers & Bernard Edwards
REMIXER: Not available
COMMENTS: Norma Jean was one of the original vocalists
of Nile & Bernards super Disco group - Chic.
In Chic she was known as Norma Jean Wright.
Nile & Bernard wrote both her singles on Bearsville;
"High society" and this... "Saturday".
Both songs is available on Norma Jean's self-titled album.
This song was also covered by the group
East 57'th Street in 1997.

October 6, 1999 - November 8, 1999

SONG: Lay all your love on me
LABEL: Disconet MWDN401
YEAR: 1980

WRITER: B.Andersson & B.Ulveaus
PRODUCER: S.Andersson
REMIXER: "A Raul Dance Mix"
COMMENTS: This is the VERY sought for
DISCONET mix service remix of this ABBA classic.
This song is a little "forgotten" classic,
but it's another of ABBA's brilliant tracks.
In the run-out groove it's printed
"HI RAPHAEL" (???)

September 6, 1999 - October 5, 1999

SONG: You gave me love
ARTIST: Crown Heights Affair
LABEL: De-Lite
YEAR: 1980

WRITER: Ida Reid
PRODUCER: Bert Decoteaux
REMIXER: Not available
COMMENTS: This is the classic track with these memorable;
Oh-oh-oh Oh-oh-oh ! Oh-oh-oh Oh-oh-oh !
Just listen for yourself...
The flip side is also a great track, called:
"Use your body & soul".
Both songs is included on the "Sure Shot" album.

August 16, 1999 - September 5, 1999

SONG: Serious, Sirius, space party
ARTIST: Ednah Holt
LABEL: West End WES-22138
YEAR: 1981

WRITER: Kenton Nix
PRODUCER: Kenton Nix & Henry Batts
REMIXER: Larry Levan
COMMENTS: Another great Kenton Nix penned song
on the legendary West End Label.
"As always" with Kenny's songs - it comes in a Larry Levan remix !
Actually Kenton tells the following on the new West End CD;
"Larry Levan's classic West End Records remixes..."
"Larry and I were Trekkis and Star Wars freaks. Larry said to me;
"Why don't you write a song about a party in outer space and talk about
the characters like they are at the Garage and the Garage is in space
and everyone has a membership..." - So I did it."

In Larry's DJ booth at the Paradise Garage
he had a Top Ten list and on that list "Serious" was # 1 !
Larry Levan's Classic West End Remixes - CD

July 5, 1999 - August 15, 1999

SONG: I'm OK, you're OK
ARTIST: American Gypsy
LABEL: Importe/12
YEAR: 1980

WRITER: Janschen & Janschens
PRODUCER: Hans van Hemert
REMIXER: Piet Souer (Arranger)
COMMENTS: Another great Disco track.
Just how it starts out is brutal !!!
The shorter (5:20) version hits off right away,
while the long (10:49) version builds to a complete Disco orgy.
There are several remarks written in the run-out groove;
"We love American Gypsy... What a trip",
"Hi Laurie" and "I'm OK, you're OK".

June 2, 1999 - July 4, 1999

SONG: Got to have loving
LABEL: Polydor (WLP) PRO 048
YEAR: 1978

WRITER: Don Ray & Cerrone
PRODUCER: Cerrone & Don Ray
REMIXER: Not available
COMMENTS: GREAT song and also
a Paradise Garage classic.
This is a White Label Promo only,
I don't think there was any commercial 12" release of it.
This song is included in the album - Garden of Love.
You'll also find this song in the Soundtrack to
the Studio 54 movie...
"the Last Days of Disco".

May 3, 1999 - June 1, 1999

SONG: Heartbeat (Party version - 6:30)
ARTIST: Taana Gardner
LABEL: West End WES-22132
YEAR: 1981

WRITER: Kenton Nix
PRODUCER: Kenton Nix & Henry Batts
REMIXER: Larry Levan
COMMENTS: This version is the shorter Party version,
on the flip side there is the 9:34 minutes - Club version,
also remixed by the late Larry Levan.
This song is today West End's biggest selling hit,
after all the sampling by Ini Kamoze in his
"Here Comes the Hotstepper".

April 7, 1999 - May 2, 1999

SONG: Shoe shine
ARTIST: Jim Capaldi
YEAR: 1979

WRITER: J.Capaldi & P.Bonas
PRODUCER: Jimmy Miller
REMIXER: Rick Gianatos
COMMENTS: This is one of my
favorite Disco tunes.
I really love this song !
I think Jim was a true "One Hit Wonder",
but no matter what - this is a great song !
This song was included in the LP;
"Electric Nights".

March 2, 1999 - April 6, 1999

SONG: Poyson
ARTIST: Gwen McCrae
LABEL: Atlantic DMD 303
YEAR: 1981

WRITER: Kenton Nix
PRODUCER: Kenton Nix
REMIXER: not available
COMMENTS: GREAT song written & produced by
Kenton Nix.
Kenton also wrote "Funky sensation" for Gwen PLUS
Taana Gardner's hits on West End Records.
The 12" is mastered by Herbie with a greeting;
"Hi Kenny" in the Run-out groove.
This is a Joey Negro favorite...

February 1, 1999 - March 1, 1999

SONG: All night thing
ARTIST: Invisible Man's Band
LABEL: Mango MLPS-7782
YEAR: 1979

WRITER: Clarence Burke
PRODUCER: Clarence Burke & Alex Masucci
REMIXER: not available
COMMENTS: This is really a family project
by the Burke Family.
Many of the Burke's work on this record.
This record was released on the small
Mango label - a sub-label to Island,
also hosting Gibson Brothers !
In the LP following up this 12"
there's a special thanks to
John 'Jellybean' Benitez
who was among the first to plug this great tune !

January 5, 1999 - January 31, 1999

SONG: Move on up
ARTIST: Destination
LABEL: Butterfly/Chrysalis CHS 12/2409
YEAR: 1979

WRITER: Curtis Mayfield
PRODUCER: Elton Farokh Ahi
REMIXER: not available
COMMENTS: This is a GREAT cover of
Curtis Mayfield's classic track !
This was a Studio 54 classic
and is also included in the soundtrack
for the '54' movie !
This is GREAT !!!

November 30, 1998 - January 4, 1999

SONG: Hooked on your love
ARTIST: Fantastic Aleems (feat. Calebur)
LABEL: Panorama JD-12025
YEAR: 1980

WRITER: T.Z.Aleem & T.Aleem
PRODUCER: T.Aleem, L.Burgess & T.Z.Aleem
REMIXER: Rick Gianatos
COMMENTS: This is a great song by
the Aleem twins and featuring Calebur.
Calebur is actually an alias for Leroy Burgess.
This song was first released on the Aleem's own
NIA Records,
but it was then picked up by Panorama.
This is another song recommended to me by
Joey Negro !

November 2, 1998 - November 29, 1998

SONG: High feeling
ARTIST: Trinita
LABEL: Carrere 8.038
YEAR: 1979

WRITER: M.Farlane / P.Racer
PRODUCER: not available
REMIXER: not available
COMMENTS: This was NOT a French Trio
as I have thought all the time...
They were actually Americans AND
they're also known as B.Devotion...
The band that backed French star Sheila
in hits like "Spacer" & "Singing in the rain".
As Trinita the Trio also recorded "Do the rock" and
as B.Devotion they released "Better know".
The B-side has another nice song called "Miss Thing".
This song was VERY popular and hard-to-find
here in Stockholm, Sweden.
It was so sought for that the store Record Hunter
licenced it and re-released it on T.S.O.S Records in 1984,
The Sound Of Stockholm Records !
A Label name inspired by T.S.O.P !

Thanks to Patrick Despierres for additional info !

September 30, 1998 - November 1, 1998

SONG: Sure Shot
ARTIST: Tracy Weber
LABEL: Quality QRFC 005
YEAR: 1981

WRITER: Nicky Braddy & Richard Bassoff
PRODUCER: Eric Mathew & Gary Turnier
REMIXER: Larry Levan
COMMENTS: Another classic DISCO track...
Remixed by the GREAT but unfortunatly LATE
Larry Levan !!!
The B-side is a 7:18 "Instumental" version
also mixed by Larry...
That remix is a more "Garage-ish" mix !
Long intro and more rhythm parts...
Funny is that it's just in some pressings
of this classic it says the B-side
is a "instrumental"...

September 2, 1998 - September 29, 1998

SONG: Till you surrender
ARTIST: Rainbow Brown
LABEL: Vanguard SPV 43
YEAR: 1981

WRITER: Patrick Adams
PRODUCER: Patrick Adams
REMIXER: Mark Berry & Danny Weiss
from one of my favorite writers / producers
Patrick Adams.
The vocals belong to
Fonda Rae.
There were also a longer 12" version released
in a remix by Ray 'Pinky' Velazquez.
Joey Negro made a cover of this song as
Rainbow Connection
and called the song just
a couple of years back.

August 4, 1998 - September 1, 1998

SONG: Strutt your funky stuff
ARTIST: Frantique
LABEL: Philadelphia Int'l 2Z8-3697
YEAR: 1979

WRITER: J.Bolden, V.S.Robinson & J.Robinson
PRODUCER: J.Bolden, V.S.Robinson & J.Robinson
REMIXER: Not available
COMMENTS: Another uptempo Disco classics.
This is my favorite kind of Disco music !
Recommend me more songs like this !!!
Frantique recorded this song in France
and remixed it in London - UK.
Unfortunatly there's no remixer information.
The song is written by James Bolden,
who is also known as David Christie,
who released "Saddle up".
This song is one of the best to come out of
(The Sound Of Philadelphia)
You'll find the song on the groups
self-titled album -
The song is also available on a
12" Old Gold release,
together with other great songs by
Rodney Franklin, Bobby Thurston and Musique.

Thanks to Patrick Despierres for additional info !

June 29, 1998 - August 3, 1998

SONG: Body to body boogie
LABEL: Salsoul SG 303
YEAR: 1978

WRITER: A.Monn & R.Pietsch
PRODUCER: Anthony Monn
REMIXER: Bobby "DJ" Guttadaro
COMMENTS: Another one of my
VERY Favorite tunes !!!
"O.R.S" stands for
Orlando Riva Sound !
This song is from the LP
"Body to body boogie".
The B-side track on this 12"single is...
"Moon boots",
another classic tune mixed by
Tom Moulton !

May 25, 1998 - June 28, 1998

SONG: I don't want you back
ARTIST: Ramona Brooks
LABEL: Q Records Q2001
YEAR: 1980

WRITER: Herman Berry & Steve Feldschneider
PRODUCER: M.Craft, J.Shepard, S.Feld & J.Brown
REMIXER: Morty Craft (Arranger)
COMMENTS: This was the first
(and only ???)
release on the Q Records label.
Because of the small independent label,
this 12"single is quite hard to find.
It's a very good song
and it's yet another one recommended by
Joey Negro !

April 27, 1998 - May 24, 1998

SONG: High steppin', Hip dressin' fella
ARTIST: Love Unlimited
LABEL: Unlimited Gold 4Z8-1410
YEAR: 1979

WRITER: B.White, F.Wilson & P.Politi
PRODUCER: Barry White
REMIXER: Barry White (Arranger)
COMMENTS: This is again one of
my absolute personal favorites !
It's a GREAT song,
but it's rare and very hard-to-find !
The three girls of Love Unlimited,
started out as background band/singers to
- the man with the voice -
Barry White.
This song can also be found on their LP
"Love's Back".

March 16, 1998 - April 26, 1998

SONG: I don't want to work today
ARTIST: New York Port Authority
LABEL: Invictus 2Z8-1284
YEAR: 1977

WRITER: R.A.Brown, S.Floyd & R.J.Brown
PRODUCER: Brian Holland
REMIXER: Not available
COMMENTS: This Disco 12-inch
is released on the small Invictus label,
a sub-label to Columbia.
The group is usually just called "NYPA".
This song originates from their LP
"Three thousand miles from home".
The LP version starts with the band members having a long
conversation wether they should call in sick or not !
The song is produced by Brian Holland,
for Holland-Dozier-Holland.
This song had its own special hand-clap rutine...
"Can't do it" CLAP
"Don't wanna work..."
"I don't want to work today" CLAP-CLAP-CLAP-CLAP-CLAP
(You start clapping on "WORK" !)

February 21, 1998 - March 16, 1998

SONG: Let's get horny
ARTIST: Hi Voltage
LABEL: One Way Records OW-004
YEAR: 1979

WRITER: Began Cekic
PRODUCER: Began Cekic & Fred Zarr
REMIXER: Tee Scott
COMMENTS: This is again...
an Instrumental Disco track.
This is the more "wicked" B-side mix to
the A-sides more "traditional", but still instrumental, version.
The A-side track is called "Somewhere beyond",
so I guess you could say that the B-side is more Nasty !!!
This is a very rare 12" single
and it's Mastered by the Mastering King himself...
Herbie :-) Powers Jr.
He has put a greeting on the Run-out groove:
"Hi Kevin, Gene & Ben".

January 29, 1998 - February 20, 1998

SONG: Undercover lover
ARTIST: Debbie Jacobs
LABEL: MCA Records L33-1823
YEAR: 1979

WRITER: Paul Sabu
REMIXER: Paul Sabu (Arranger)
This song is from Debbie's first album,
"Undercover lover".
The B-side track to this 12" single is
"Don't you want my love"
and that's another real Disco stomper !
If you like "Undercover lover"
then you should check out Debbie's follow up 12" single
"High on your love" with B-side "Hot hot (Give it all you got)".

December 30, 1997 - January 28, 1998

SONG: Deja vu
ARTIST: Paulinho da Costa
LABEL: Pablo Today D312-102
YEAR: 1979

WRITER: J.Barnes & V.Cameron
PRODUCER: Paulinho da Costa
REMIXER: "A Talking Fish Mix"
COMMENTS: This is good Disco from
the small independent Pablo Today label.
Actually the 12"single is a 10 minutes "mix" of
"Deja vu"/"Love till the end of time".
Paulinho is a wellknown percussionist,
and have for example played on Jellybean's records.
And... This is yet another Joey Negro favorite !!!

November 24,1997 - December 29, 1997

SONG: Delirium
ARTIST: Francine McGee
LABEL: RCA/Victor KPNI-0246
YEAR: 1977

WRITER: Francine McGee
PRODUCER: Claude Chaput (Arranger)
REMIXER: Robert Quimet
COMMENTS: This is another instrumental song...
but it's sure a groovy danceble Disco stomper !
This track is the B-side to the embarrasing vocal A-side track;
"Feel'in Good".
The vocals in it is most "Aaaahh" and "Feel'in Good"
and is trying to repeat the "sexiness" of Donna Summer's
"Love to love you baby" !
"Delirium" is one of Joey Negro's favorites !

October 28,1997 - November 23,1997

SONG: Nice and soft
ARTIST: Wish featuring La-Rita Gaskin
LABEL: Perspective P-101-D
YEAR: 1981

WRITER: R. Williams
PRODUCER: Greg Carmichael
REMIXER: John Morales
COMMENTS: This is another song recommended to me by Joey Negro !
This track is produced & arranged by Greg Carmichael,
another one of the DISCO guru's !
The sound of the record is great -
as always when it's mastered by Herbie Powers !
Herbie has put his "mark" in the run-out groove !!!

September 29,1997 - October 27,1997

SONG: You've got me dancing in my sleep
ARTIST: Frisky
LABEL: Vanguard SPV-30
YEAR: 1979

WRITER: Moses Dillard & Jesse Boyce
PRODUCER: Moses Dillard & Jesse Boyce
REMIXER: Danny Weiss, Mark Berry & Ray 'Pinky' Velazques
COMMENTS: This is my favorite kind of DISCO.
Anyone that can recommend me DISCO of this kind... Please DO it NOW !
This is the B-side track to "Burn me up (with your love)",
but this B-side track is the far out grooviest track !
It's written & produced by Moses Dillard (R.I.P) and Jesse Boyce,
these where the guys behind the Prelude labels Constellation Orchestra !
This song was recommended to me by Joey Negro
who used samples of this song in his brilliant remix of
Nikita Warrens "I need you" !

September 1,1997 - September 28,1997

SONG: Odyssey (pt. 2)
ARTIST: Johnny Harris
LABEL: T.K.Disco TDK-4216 & Sunshine SSD-4216
YEAR: 1980

WRITER: Johnny Harris
PRODUCER: J. Harris & R. Finch
REMIXER: not available
COMMENTS: This is a GREAT track.
It's all instrumental and it's funky & groovy.
The song was used in the sience-fiction TV-serie
"Buck Rogers in the 25'th Century",
in the episode - Space Rockers !
This episode was originally aired Feb. 21, 1980 !

Thanks to Robert J. Dix for the Buck Rogers info !

August 4,1997 - August 31,1997

SONG: Slow blow
LABEL: S.O.S Records - SOSLP 026
YEAR: 1977

WRITER: Kevin Kruger
PRODUCER: Kevin Kruger
REMIXER: not available
COMMENTS: This is a awesome track.
Just listen to the intro and you'll know what I mean.
This song was played in every Swedish fashion show during 1977.
It was only released as a DJ promo mini-LP here in Sweden,
but I know of both French and Brazilian pressings.
The 12"single/mini-LP is called "House of the rising sun"
and does include a version of that classic song.
The Band name is actually an abbreviation of that title;
HOT (House Of The) R.S. (Rising Sun)

July 3,1997 - August 3,1997

SONG: Vertigo/Relight My Fire
ARTIST: Dan Hartman
LABEL: Blue Sky - 4Z8-2790
YEAR: 1979

WRITER: Dan Hartman
PRODUCER: Dan Hartman
REMIXER: John Luongo & Michael Barbiero
COMMENTS: Dan started his career as a pop/rock musician,
he was also a session musician and played with artists like
Ian Hunter, Todd Rundgren and Stevie Wonder.
"Vertigo" is the great instrumental intro to "Relight my fire"
and is included in Dans 2'nd DISCO album - "Relight my fire".
Dan wrote many DISCO hits like Loleatta Holloway's "Love sensation"
(which was later sampled in "Ride on time" by BlackBox.)
Dan retreated to the studio, producing James Brown among others.
Dan Hartman was preparing a new album at the time of his death in march 1994.
The world misses a great writer and producer !

June 11,1997 - July 2,1997

SONG: Jazz Carnival
ARTIST: Azymuth
LABEL: Milestone - MRC 101
YEAR: 1979

WRITER: Bertrami, Conte & Malheiros
REMIXER: not available
COMMENTS: A Brazilian jazz trio,
that has been active for over 2 decades.
They mix Brazilian rhythms with jazz-funk.
The song is included in their album
"Light as a feather".
This Great song was recommended to me by Joey Negro.

May 12, 1997 - June 10,1997

SONG: Feed the flame
ARTIST: Lorraine Johnson
LABEL: Prelude - PRL D 156
YEAR: 1978

WRITER: J. Boyce
PRODUCER: M. Dillard & J. Boyce
REMIXER: Francois K.
COMMENTS: Lorraine came from Memphis, Tennessee.
This is a One-sided 12" single,
the B-side has only a "white label".
This is one of the best Prelude songs.
The song is from her second Prelude album
"Learning To Dance All Over Again".
"Feed the flame" was recommended to me by Joey Negro.

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