In this section you'll find my little Tributes to people I think have ment much to DISCO or persons I feel have done something extra in the music business...

Tom Moulton

"A Tom Moulton Mix" is a trademark to be seen in over some 4000 records.
Tom is THE remixer - he's one of the pioneers who really started it all - he's the inventor of the 12" Disco single and the extended version, the Disco Mix.
Tom has got a lot to say in my interview with this legend...
A Tom Moulton Mix - >>


Probably THE group of the Disco era...
Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards created some of the best songs ever. Classics already in their own time and now even more. Tracks like "Le Freak", "Dance, Dance, Dance" and "Good Times" have inspired people all over the world to get dancing and have a great time.
Nile & Bernard had "Good Times" with Chic between 1977 and 1985 and then they returned again in 1992.
But learn more about these guys here...
These are the Good Times - >>


A true legend in his field, but not very known by the broad masses, Herbie is THE Master of Mastering.
If you ever have had a closer look in the run-out groove of some classic Disco 12" single, chances are you would see the inscription Herbie and a smiling face. Maybe even a small message to the artist, remixer or writer... Or a greeting of love to his wife!
Herbie made the bass pump without loosing the crisp hights.
Meet Herbie "Pump" Jr. - >>


The writer and producer behind classic Disco tracks like Inner Life's "I'm caught up..." and Musique's pumping "Keep on Dancing" and "(Push push) In the bush" among MANY others...
More in my interview...
Get "Caught up" by Patrick - >>

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