the DJ's & Remixers...

made you dance to the beats, but also made sure you got out the most and the best of any track they played or remixed.
It's easy to know what a DJ is supposed to do... But some DJ's does it MORE than others...
A remixer needs to find all those high-lights in a track and build around that, adding extra energy without loosing the quality and the magic of the original.
You'll meet some of the guys who made that happen in this section...

Tom Moulton...

is THE remixer - he's one of guys inventing it all...
My Tom Moulton interview - >>

Frankie Knuckles...

has a career spanning from early 70's 'till now. He was in the middle of the birth of HOUSE music, he's...
The Godfather of House - >>

Larry Levan...

was the DJ and Remixer with a sometimes wicked style who created the GARAGE sound.
The King of Garage - >>

Dan "Pooch" Pucciarelli...

another pioneer DJ who made live remixing an art.
"Pooch" tells it all - >>

Ray "Pinky" Velazquez...

the DJ who became an influential remixer at Vanguard.
"Pinky" shares his view of the Disco era - >>

Robbie Leslie...

the waiter who became a world renown DJ.
Robbie's history in this interview - >>

Bobby Viteritti...

ruled the Trocadero Transfer dance floor.
Bobby reminisces the Troc and more - >>

Sharon White...

one of the few female DJ's of the Disco era.
Sharon's own memories are here - >>

Richie Kaczor...

the legendary DJ of Studio 54 !
Get down to 54 - >>

Joey Negro...

is the DJ/Remixer of today who always manage to give his work an excellent Disco touch. Joey is...
The Master of Disco-House - >>

John Morales...

is the Bronx DJ who became a remixer and together with Sergio Munzibai remixed as M&M.
Get to know John in his own words - >>

Jim Burgess...

was a classical trained Opera singer who turned into Disco, both as a DJ but also as a Remixer surpreme.
Read about his 'Swan Song Farwell' - >>

John Luongo...

was the DJ/Remixer who also got his own label, Pavillion, by CBS.
My interview with 'Bongo Luongo' - >>

John Ceglia...

started out in his native Boston, but ended up playing the hottest NYC clubs, like Studio54 and Palladium.
The Youngest DJ of the Disco era - >>

Ralph "Ralphie Dee" D'Agostino...

was the DJ of Brooklyn's 2001 Odyssey, the club in Saturday Night Fever.
Ralphie's memories on Travolta and more - >>

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Bert Bevans
Bobby Viteritti
Dan "Pooch" Pucciarelli
Denniz PoP
Dimitri from Paris
Emil Hellman
Frankie Knuckles
Freddie Wilson
Jay Negron
Jim Burgess
Joey Negro
John Ceglia
John Luongo
John Morales
Johnny "D" De Mairo
Larry Levan
Lizzz Kritzer
Mike Maurro
Nicky Siano
Pete Denis
Ralphie Dee
Ray Juanes
Ray "Pinky" Velazquez
Richie Kaczor
Robbie Leslie
Sharon White
Tom Moulton
Wendy Hunt

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