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Disco Discharge CDs

In 2009 four double CD's were released by Harmless Records in a new series called Disco Discharge. These releases were really something else and a great start for what was more to come... And in early 2010 we got 4 new double CD's in the series...
Each release includes around 20 quality Disco tracks and each CD is focusing on a specific genre or style. They all include a mix or more and lesser known Disco gems, but doesn't include all the tracks you find on most other Disco compilations - something that makes the Disco Discharge releases attractive to both aficionados and general Disco lovers.
They're all compiled by the mysterious MrPinks, but I managed to get an interview with the man and in the interview he shares his vision and thoughts of the compilations and reveals some of what we can expect in the future...

So tell us - Who is 'MrPinks'?
"MrPinks is my disco alter ego. My true identity is top secret... not really my real name is Dave Akerman and I work for Demon Music Group which is the home of Disco Discharge, Harmless Records and many other labels. No one would know my real name so I thought it would be fun to have a ‘disco’ name."
Alba, Ferrara and Charlie Callelo Orch covers How come you've got such great interest in Disco Music? When did it start and how did it grow?
"Well I was a kid in the mid 70’s so was exposed to disco from the start. I wasn’t old enough to go to clubs and hear it but I spent all my pocket money on 7” singles which I played on an old mono record player that my parents had. It wasn’t until the late 70’s when I started earning money that I was able to start buying 12” singles and albums so I had a lot of catching up to do. I literally spent all my money on records and to be honest I still spend a huge amount on music so nothing changes!
As a kid the other great thing at the time were the K Tel disco compilations. I always got those for birthdays or Christmas. I know they only featured the single versions (and sometimes cut down further) but they were good enough for me at the time. Great sleeves as well."

What's your background? DJ, Label, interest or other?
"My background is based in the music industry. I started working in record shops in the 1980’s and then moved into sales for Rough Trade Distribution. That was right at the start of the house/rave era so I worked on great records like ‘Loaded’ by Primal Scream, ‘What Time Is Love’ by The KLF and ‘Pro-gen (Move Any Mountain)’ by The Shamen. That was a great time.
From there I moved to Big Life Records working on artists like The Orb and Blue Pearl and after that at Creation Records which was a change for me as it was all indie/rock bands. Saying that it was a great experience.
From there I moved to Demon and I have been here ever since. I have never been a DJ but my partner Steve has been DJ-ing since the late 70’s so I’ve always been immersed in dance music."

Who came up with the idea of creating the Disco Discharge series?
"The concept is mine. I had been pushing the idea at Demon for a couple of years before they agreed to go ahead with the first four albums. I can’t claim to have given them the unique range name of ‘Disco Discharge’ though. That came from two colleagues Gavin Fraser, who was the Harmless label manager at the time, and Johnny Chandler, who was head of special markets at Demon. Both have now left the company. But everything else was down to me."
Have you been involved in other Disco compilations prior to Disco Discharge?
"No, these are my first compilations."
What has your vision been with the Disco Discharge series?
"To create a series of albums that are of the highest quality and will appeal to both the disco aficionados as well as the younger crowd who are discovering disco for the first time. It was important that we only use the full 12” or long album versions and that the packaging be striking and stand out from the rest."
Who took the initiative for the series, you or Harmless?
"Disco Discharge is released on the Harmless label. So I have been working closely with the legendary Ian Dewhirst who is the label manager."
How come Harmless has become so important when it comes to retro music? Earlier this year they also released the BackBeats series with different releases focusing on different genres. Do you feel like you compete with BackBeats?
"Harmless was set up many years ago to reissue lost Soul, Funk and Disco. The label is 15 years old this year so has been a great success and I think Disco Discharge is perfectly suited to the label. Ian’s BackBeats releases have been very well received but they are very different to Disco Discharge so there is no competition."

La Bionda album cover Carte Blanche - Get Up, Get On Your Feet

The Disco Discharge collections are great and I especially enjoy that they're so far from the "traditional" Disco compilations, which just gives you the same Disco hits over again. I guess that was just what you wanted to avoid with the Disco Discharge series?! I figure you're aiming for the Disco collectors and connoisseurs, even though the general Disco lover will also like what they hear...
"Thank you. That’s exactly right. There would have been no point in putting out albums featuring the same old tracks that are on every other compilation. Disco is so much more than just ‘YMCA’ and ‘Yes Sir I Can Boogie.’ Although I have to admit I love both of those records so that is not meant to sound like musical snobbery!
It’s just that they have been included on so many albums and I wanted to move in another direction. The same can be said for the packaging. When I first proposed the albums I already had the idea of using classy black and white photos for the covers. Even though none of the images are directly related to ‘disco’ they all have a ‘disco’ feel to them."

You started out with 4 double CD releases and now you release 4 new double CD Disco Discharge releases and the quality is as high as in the first four. Can we expect more Disco Discharge releases in the future?
"Thanks. It is important that I can keep up the quality both in track selection as well as the masters used. We don’t have a huge budget but we do try and source the best quality masters available to us. There have been a few instances when we’ve had to use vinyl to master from but thankfully it has only been a few times and our mastering house has done a great job in making them sound fresh again. And yes I am in the process of compiling the next four albums for release in January 2011.
So keep checking the Disco Discharge Facebook page for progress. I’m thinking it might be interesting to keep fans updated as we go through the licensing process so they get a feel for how the albums are put together in real time."

Frantique, Deodato and Vin Zee covers

I really like how you have grouped the tracks into one release, like the 'European Connection' or 'Euro Disco' releases, which both just focus on European Disco releases. Can you share with the readers your thoughts with each CD?

Classic Disco:
Like the title says Classic Disco from both the US and Europe. As this was the first album released I wanted to make sure it gave people a taste of what Disco Discharge was all about. As well as including really serious groves like Idris Muhammed, Companion and Bombers, I wanted to make sure that all bases were covered so included some great Euro disco like Peter Jacques Band, Cerrone and Don Ray. Absolutely no musical snobbery, just great tunes that make people happy and want to dance.

Disco Ladies:
Again I made the concept loose enough so I could include tracks from all over the world. So you get great US tracks from Cheryl Lynn, Fern Kinney, Melba Moore and Sister Sledge as well as Euro classics like Amanda Lear, Sylvia Love and Sheila & B. Devotion.
The only limit on the album was that all the artists were female. There are a few real favourites of mine on this album. ‘Bring On The Love (Why Can’t We Be Friends Again)' by Gloria Jones, ‘Blood And Honey’ by Amanda Lear and ‘Instant Love’ by Sylvia Love come to mind. We had the original ¼ inch tapes on both Amanda Lear and Sylvia Love to use as masters. Both of the tapes had to be baked in an oven to remove moisture from them prior to being used as masters. It’s amazing to think these tapes have been in storage for 30 years and with a little TLC they can still sound so amazing.

Euro Disco:
Gaz Nevada - Special Agent Man My favourite genre of disco. Because disco didn’t die in Europe after 1979 I wanted to show that on the CD’s. That’s why you get one CD from the 70’s and one from the 80’s. I think it works well.
Favourites on this album include ‘Garden Of Love’ by Don Ray, ‘Margherita’ by Massara (really rare on CD, we got the master directly from the producer Pino Massara) ‘Extraterrestrial Lover’ by Sylvia Love (first time on CD and from the original master tape), ‘I.C. Love Affair’ by Gaz Nevada and ‘P Machinery’ by Propaganda. I could go on forever about Euro disco, Ha Ha!

Gay Disco & Hi NRG:
I was clubbing a lot in the 80’s and Hi NRG and Italo was what I heard all the time. At the time in the UK it was only played in Gay clubs but in Europe it was played everywhere. As such a lot of great tracks were never heard on the UK straight scene so I thought it would be good to compile an album that would bring great memories back to the Gay crowd and at the same time expose the straight scene to some truly great music that they would have missed first time around.
I’m really pleased that we were able to license the full version of ‘Cruisin’ The Streets’ by the Boys Town Gang. It never fails to get a reaction. I don’t think anyone would make such a sexually explicit record these days. It has such a good groove as well. Other highlights for me are ‘American Love’ by Rose Laurens, ‘Take Off (Satisfaction Guaranteed)’ by Harlow, ‘Make It On My Own’ by Free Enterprise (one of Bobby O’s lesser known tracks), I’m A Man’ by Macho and ‘I’m A Model’ by Valerie Claire. We actually had to contact Harold Faltermeyer personally to license that track. I think he was pretty surprised that we wanted to include the record but he was very pleased as well.

Diggin’ Deeper:
This is really ‘Classic Disco volume 2’ but I didn’t want to keep releasing albums with the same name. With Diggin’ Deeper’ I kept the ‘Classic Disco’ vibe and decided to go for more underground tracks. There are still a couple of more well known tracks like Dan Hartman and The John Davis Orchestra but everything else is a bit more underground.
Again there is a mix of US and European tracks and also I wanted to include some more down tempo funkier tracks because not all Disco was 125bpm!
I was really happy to be able to include ‘Quiet Village’ by The Ritchie Family as I’ve never seen it on CD in its full length version. The same applies to ‘The Voice of Q’ by Q. In the case of Dan Hartman I didn’t want to go for ‘Instant Replay’ or ‘Relight My Fire’ and am really pleased that I could use ‘Countdown/This Is It’ in its full length 12” mix. We had a problem with the first master we received on that one. Luckily I had a replacement I could use.

European Connection:
Again I kept to the same formula as ‘Euro Disco’ but dug a bit deeper to get some really outstanding tracks. This was the most difficult album to license and it lead to many sleepless nights waiting for labels to confirm we could use their tracks. I am absolutely thrilled to have been able to include the full album version of ‘The Hills Of Katmandu’ by Tantra. It is my favourite disco record of all time and has been out of print for so long. Vinyl copies cost a lot and none ever sounded that hot. I have a copy of the original album and it is a prized possession but when I got the master that’s included on ‘European Connection’ I was blown away. It must have sounded amazing when they were in the studio. The problem being that vinyl just couldn’t reproduce the full soundscape. Just amazing!
Taffy - I Love My Radio ‘Sandstorm’ by La Bionda is another key track on this album and is included in its full length album version and sounds really fresh. One of my favourites Euro disco acts is Voyage so I am very happy to include one of their best tracks ‘From East To West.’ Highlights on CD 2 include the classic Italo disco tracks ‘You And Me’ by The Funny Twins, ‘I Can Hear Your Voice’ by Hot Cold and ‘Americano’ by Vivien Vee which I think is its first release on CD. Also the US Remix of ‘I Love My Radio (Midnight Radio)' by Taffy, the full length 12” of ‘Walking In The Neon’ (including the often omitted intro) by Peter Richard and ‘In Spirit’ by Dilemma. You might have guessed that I love this album!

Disco Boogie:
A new concept to the Disco Discharge range. Mixing up Soul, Jazz, Funk, Disco and Boogie and mostly taken from the 80’s with a few choice tracks from the 70’s. I’m really pleased with how it’s turned out. Average White Band really opens the album nicely and I’m happy to have been able to include Sharon Redd's ‘Love How You Feel’ and The Nick Straker Band’s ‘Straight Ahead as well.
Benelux and Nancy Dee - Switch There are quite a few rarities on this album. ‘Autumn Leaves’ by The Illusion Orchestra (Swain & Jolley), Terri Wells ‘You Make It Heaven’, Feel ‘I’d Like To’ and Benelux And Nancy Dee’s instrumental version of ‘Switch’ which is a completely different record to the A side. I think Freeze must have listened to that record before making ‘Southern Freeze.’ ‘Georgy Porgy’ by Toto feat Cheryl Lynn is another standout. Oh too many to mention. I really hope this one works as there are so many more tracks that need re-releasing.

Pink Pounders:
More gay disco and Hi NRG! I’m amazed that so much of this hasn’t been exploited in the past. There’s such a rich history of music made exclusively for the gay dance floor and I wanted to show just how good it was so a second volume wasn’t a problem. It sure beats the hell out of the music played in gay clubs these days! Again tracks have been culled from all over the world to give an international appeal.
From the USA we have the legendary Patrick Cowley with ‘Lift Off’ and The Flirt’s ‘Danger’. From Canada, Tapps ‘My Forbidden Lover’, Barbara Doust’s ‘If You Love Somebody’ (both from the Power Records stable) and the kitsch classic ‘From New York To LA’ by Patsy Gallant. Europe wise we have ‘Black Jack’ by Tom Cat and ‘Only You’ by Virgin.
Rarities on this album include ‘Leave That Boy Alone’ by Poussez and ‘Yes With My Body’ by Les Models, both of which make their debut on CD on this album."

Freddie James, Les Models, Constellation Orch, Alisha and Donna McGhee covers

I guess you must have gone through thousands of tracks before nailing the one you wanted to put on each collection. Then just licensing the ones you wanted must have been lots of work. How much time would you say have been put down in every release?
"Yes it’s taken a lot of work to make the final track listings. Most of it was done at weekends and in the evening but I’m not complaining as it was a privilege and also great fun.
Each album is approx. 20 tracks so what I did was draw up a short list of approx. 40 tracks per album and then send them to our licensing department. You always need to apply for more tracks than you actually need to take into account denials and situations where you can’t locate the licensor or a suitable master."

I figure it's a hard job trying to license much of the Disco stuff, as a lot of releases were made by small independent labels. Am I right? Or how do you do it?
"Yes you’re right. A lot of disco, especially euro and italo seem to be lost forever which is a great shame. There were so many small labels releasing these tracks and they went out of business and were never heard of again. Luckily companies like ZYX in Germany have brought up italo catalogues so a lot have been saved.
There’s a Japanese company called Avex who brought the rights to all the italo disco tracks from the Time label. So that’s all available to license.
But it’s not only the small independent labels. The majors have difficulty locating paperwork on some tracks and that means they are unable to license them to you. It can be very frustrating as you can imagine. But then there are times when you get in touch with a label, producer or artist and it all goes well and they have an original master so it all works out in the end."

In the 'Diggin' Deeper' collection you really have dug deep in order to find these gems, so how do you go about finding all these tracks? Is it a collaboration, or is it your sole work?
"The track listings are put together by me but with input from Steve. I have to give him credit because without him I would never have been exposed to a lot of these great tracks. He really knows his disco and Hi NRG so his input is always valued.
I must also thank Vince Degiorgio who has suggested some tracks that I’ve ended up using and on the Disco Boogie album my colleague Michael Neidus who put forward a number of tracks for that album."

Mick Jackson, Maxine Singleton, Poussez, the Ring, Q and Patrick Cowley covers

Have you got a personal favourite out of the 8 releases?
"I do genuinely love them all but if I had to choose I’d say European Connection."
Which is your favourite track out of all the tracks released on any of the Disco Discharge CD's so far?
"Oh that’s a difficult one. So many but I’m going to go for Tantra - ‘The Hills Of Katmandu.’ The absolute pinnacle of Euro Disco and a record like no other."
Any tracks you want to put on the collection which you haven't been able to get on there (yet)?
"Yes, plenty. Marc Harris – ‘Airport’, Technique – ‘Can We Try Again’, Grand Tour – ‘Grand Tour’, Witch Queen – ‘All Right Now’. I already have track listings ready for the next four albums!"
Which tracks and why haven't they made it to any of the collections?
"I wanted to include some tracks from the UK Hi NRG label Electricity. We were all set to go but unfortunately the licensor did not have useable masters. ‘Magnifique’ by Magnifique was denied so I will try again next time."
Any track you're particularly happy with that you managed to license to the collections?
Passengers – ‘Hot Leather.’ That took some serious digging to find that one."

Have you got a personal "Disco Top 10", and the tracks don’t need to have been on any off the Disco Discharge releases?
"OK, in no particular order they are:"

MrPinks favourites - Voyage, Tantra, Passengers and Sticky Fingers covers

Alec R. Costandinos‘Romeo & Juliet’
Tantra‘The Hills Of Katmandu’
Passengers‘Hot Leather’
Donna Summer‘Now I Need You/Working The Midnight Shift’
Amant‘If There’s Love’
Giorgio Moroder‘From Here To Eternity’
Voyage‘Souvenirs/From East To West’
Beautiful Bend‘That’s The Meaning/Boogie Motion’
Dr Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band‘Cherchez La Femme/Se Si Bon’
Sticky Fingers‘Party Song’

Anything else you'd like to share about these releases or Disco in general?
"I’d just like to say thank you to everyone who has supported and bought the first four albums. It’s been amazing to see such a positive reaction and I hope you enjoy the new releases just as much. And Disco Discharge will be back January 2011."
THANK YOU for your time!
"You’re welcome. It has been a pleasure."

Disco Discharge. Mondo Disco Disco Discharge. Disco Fever USA Disco Discharge. Euro Beats Disco Discharge. Cruising the Beats

In the beginning of 2011 the next four releases in the series was released - Mondo Disco, Disco Fever USA, Euro Beats and Cruising the Beats.
4 new double CD's filled to their full extent with wonderful Disco, Funk and Hi-Nrg beats, all the CD's include some 20+ songs, most come in their full lenght 12" versions. They also have fascinating linernotes by Alan Jones.
Also - Hat off to Dave 'MrPinks' Akerman for mentioning me in his Thanks of each release... THANK YOU Dave - for continue to give us these wonderful compilations!

Keep yourself updated on future releases on the Disco Discharge Facebook page.
I also recommend you to stop by Harmless Records web-site for other compilations.
Looking forward to MANY more releases of
Disco Discharge

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Disco Discharge. American Hot
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Disco Discharge. American Hot
[Harmless HURTCD114]
One just have to LOVE these Disco Discharge CD's as they're packed with remastered Disco classics of the kind you'll never find in your average Disco collection. This is the real deal!
"Are You Ready For This" is the title of the Brothers track, sure hope you are as you'll get great Disco all the way...
Personal favorites are for example Sylvester feat. Patrick Cowley's wonderful "I Need Somebody To Love Tonight", Dennis Parker's "New York By Night" and "Think It Over" by Thelma Houston (among others).
Tony Orlando, Slick, Saturday Night Band, Ultimate take up as much space as divas like Aretha Franklin, Claudja Barry, Randy Crawford and Andrea True (together with her Connection).
The males are there as well; Luther Vandross, Tony Orlando, Herbie Mann and Donaly Byrd.
Another GREAT release in the series, so "Don't Let Go"...

Disc 1
Claudja Barry - Love For The Sake Of Love (Tom Moulton Mix)
The Brothers - Are You Ready For This (Original 7" Mix)
Randy Crawford - Last Night In Danceland (Original Album Version)
Herbie Mann - Superman (Original 12" Mix)
Tony Orlando - Don-t Let Go (Original 12" Mix)
The Ritchie Family - American Generation (Original 12" Mix)
Slick - Sexy Cream (Original 12" Version)
Ultimate - Love Is The Ultimate Medley (Original 12" Mix)
Cissy Houston - Think It Over (Original 12" Mix)
Delores Hall - Snapshot (Original 12" Mix)
Disc 2
Sylvester feat. Patrick Cowley - I Need Somebody To Love Tonight (Original 12" Mix)
Andrea True Connection - Fill Me Up Heart To Heart (Tom Moulton Mix)
Saturday Night Band - Touch Me On My Hot Spot (Original Album Version)
Dennis Parker - New York By Night (Original Album Version)
Erotic Drum Band - Love Disco Style (12" Remix)
Aretha Franklin - What A Fool Believes (Original Album Version)
Luther Vandross - Sugar And Spice (Original Album Version)
Donald Byrd - Love Has Come Around (Original 12" Version)
Elbow Bones & The Racketeers - A Night In New York (Original 12" Version)

Disco Discharge. Classic Disco
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Disco Discharge. Classic Disco
[Harmless HURTCD084]
This is not your avarage Disco compilation - far from... You won't find the same tracks as you do in most other compilations, but still Harmless have been able to create a perfect mix of both hit tracks and great Disco afficionado gems.
These are tracks that everyone will enjoy, no matter if you're a hardcore "Discoholic" or just enjoy great Disco music.
It's the first double CD in a series of Disco Discharge releases, each with it's own style and liner notes by Alan Jones, co-writer/author of the book Saturday Night Forever: The Story Of Disco. This release is labeled Classic Disco and that's just what it is all about...
You just need to take a quick look at the track list to see names like Cheryl Lynn, Cerrone, Gary's Gang, Bombers, Players Association and Change, names that grants for excellent Disco pleasure.
Those are probably the most known acts of this compilation but every track is a gem and you will get your Disco cravings satisfied with over two hours of Disco delight. Not a dull track on here...
You will for sure "Turn The Music Up!" and "Keep On Dancin'".

Disc 1
Dr Buzzards Original Savannah Band - Cherchez La Femme (5.48)
Double Discovery - Thanks For Loving Me (8.47)
Cheryl Lynn - Got To Be Real (5.06)
Rose Royce - Do Your Dance (9.18)
Constellation Orchestra - Funk Encounter (6.39)
Idris Muhammed - Could Heaven Ever Be Like This (8.35)
John Davis & The Monster Orchestra - Love Magic (7.44)
Gary's Gang - Keep On Dancing (7.12)
Esther Phillips - What A Difference A Day Makes (4.30)
Johnny Mathis - Gone Gone Gone (6.30)
Peter Jaques Band - Counting On Love "1,2,3" (6.10)
Disc 2
Glitter Band – Makes You Blind (Re–edit) (5.57)
The Players Association – Turn The Music Up (6.54)
Bombers – Everybody Get Dancin' (9.30)
Change – It Burns Me Up (5.06)
Grey & Hanks – Dancin' (7.06)
Glen Adams Affair – Just A Groove (6.23)
Cerrone – Look For Love (10.18)
Companion – Living Up To Love (9.09)
Don Ray – Got To Have Loving (8.21)
Manhattan Transfer – Twilight Zone/Twilight Tone (6.07)

Disco Discharge. Cruising the Beats
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Disco Discharge. Cruising the Beats
[Harmless HURTCD108]
What's better to start a 'Crusing' compilation with than the Boys Town Gang's "Can't Take My Eyes Off You"?
This is pure Boys Town music all the way through. The BPM is high and the style is moving between Disco and High Energy.
Most DISCO is the fabulous "Vertigo/Relight My Fire" by the late Dan Hartman along with Patrick Juvet's "the Gay Paris/French Pillow Talk (medley)", while Hi-NRG Guru Bobby O is featured with some of his works.
We get other pumpin' music from Voyage, Night Force, Lifeforce, Raquel Welch, Technique (among others).
As Noel sings; "Dancing Is Dangerous", and this CD can be as it will keep you shaking for more that two hours.
So come on to this "Golden Eldorado" and "DANCE".

Disc 1
Boys Town Gang - Can't Take My Eyes Of You
Dan Hartman - Vertigo/Relight My Fire
Voyage - Golden Eldorado
Who's Who - Palace Palace
Night Force - Dance
Noel - Dancing Is Dangerous
Lifeforce - What A Way To Go
Norma Lewis - Maybe This Time
Sleeping Lions - Sound Of My Heart (Slightly Baroque)
Claudja Barry & Ronnie Jones - The Two Of Us
Disc 2
Janet D'Eon - Anything Like You
Ellie Warren - Satellites
Jackie Rawe - I Believe In Dreams
Raquel Welch - This Girl's Back In Town
Waterfront Home - Take A Chance (On Me)
People Like Us - Midnight Lover
Bobby O - Suspicious Minds
Fantastique - Mama Told Me
Area Code (212) - Manhattan Shuffle
Technique - Can We Try Again
Patrick Juvet - The "Gay Paris" / French Pillow Talk

Disco Discharge. Diggin' Deeper
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Disco Discharge. Diggin' Deeper
[Harmless HURTCD093]
Diggin' Deeper into the vinyl crates is really what Harmless' Mr. Pink has done when selecting music for this release, and he found these 20 Disco jewels...
There are a few "hits" from acts like John Davis, Dan Hartman, Freddie James and the instrumental big band classic "Sing Sing Sing" by Charlie Callelo Orchestra.
Beside those we get underground classics from Q, Ferrara and the Ring along with classy stuff from Poussez, Avenue B Boogie Band, Constellation Orchestra, 2wice and Frantique among others.
Another great find is the cool instrumental version of the Mick Jackson classic "Weekend".
So, come on "Get Up And Boogie" to this CD...

Disc 1
Sticky Fingers - Party Song
The Trammps - Soul Searchin' Time
Mick Jackson - Weekend (Original 12" Instrumental Mix)
The Ritchie Family - Quiet Village
Poussez - Never Gonna Say Goodbye
Constellation Orchestra - Dancing Angel
USA European Connection - There's A Way Into My Heart
Wayne St. John - Something's Up (Love Me Like The First Time)
Carol Hahn - Do Your Best
Q - The Voice Of Q
Disc 2
Touch Of Class - I'm In Heaven
Avenue B Boogie Band - Bumper To Bumper
2wice - You Set Me On Fire (Larry Levan 12" Mix)
Frantique - Getting Serious
Freddie James - Get Up And Boogie
Dan Hartman - Countdown/This Is It
John Davis And The Monster Orchestra - Ain't That Enough For You
Charlie Calello Orchestra - Sing Sing Sing
Ferrara - Love Attack
The Ring - Savage Lover

Disco Discharge. Disco Boogie
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Disco Discharge. Disco Boogie
[Harmless HURTCD095]
The Disco Boogie release in the Disco Discharge series focuses on just the Boogie end of Disco music.
How great it is to hear tracks like "Georgy Porgy" by Toto feat. Cheryl Lynn, "Hard Times" by Al McCall and Sybil Thomas' "Rescue Me" again.
We'll also get other Boogie classics from Skyy, Donna McGhee, Alisha and the Francois Kevorkian remix of D Train's "Keep On".
As always we get all the tracks in the LONG 12-inch or album versions for our maximal listening pleasure.
I can only quote Conquest's title - "Give It To Me"!!!

Disc 1
Average White Band - Let's Go Round Again
Feel - I'd Like To
Vin Zee - Funky Bee Bop
Sybil Thomas - Rescue Me
Cashmere - Inner Feelings
Al McCall - Hard Times
Sharon Redd - Love How You Feel
Carte Blanche - Do You Like It Like That
Benelux And Nancy Dee - Switch
Donna McGhee - Do As I Do
Disc 2
Toto Featuring Cheryl Lynn - Georgy Porgy (Special Disco Mix)
Terri Wells - You Make It Heaven
Illusion Orchestra - Autumn Leaves
Deodato - Night Cruiser
Skyy - Call Me
Maxine Singleton - You Can't Run From Love
Conquest - Give It To Me (If You Don't Mind)
D Train - Keep On (Francois Kevorkian 12" Remix)
Nick Straker Band - Straight Ahead
Alisha - Baby Talk (Special 12" Remix By Shep Pettibone)

Disco Discharge. Disco Exotica
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Disco Discharge. Disco Exotica
[Harmless HURTCD115]
The guy behind Disco Discharge does it over and over again, provide us with high-class Disco tunes in their full-lenght versions - just as we want to hear them!
First track set the tone as it turns you into a "Dancin' Machine", and you'll love it!
Accept no "Substitute" for UK's finest Liquid Gold nor Sylvia Love or the "Dirty Talk from Klein & MBO.
Always excellent
Gino Soccio turns it up in "Dance To Dance" before giving the scene to high-pitched males like Patrick Juvet and Theo Vaness.
You'll also enjoy other gems from acts like Hot RS, Disco Circus, Chaplin Band, Boney M, Azoto and Patrick Hernandez.
Buy this and get ready to "Dancin' The Night Away".

Disc 1
Who's Who - Dancin' Machine (Original Album Version)
The Chaplin Band - Madman's Discotheque (part 1 & 2)
Pussyfoot - Lay Your Love On The Line (Original 12" Mix)
Disco Circus - In A Gadda Da Vida/Garden Of Eden (Original Album Version)
Liquid Gold - Substitute (Original 12" Mix)
Patrick Hernandez - Born To Be Alive (Original 12" Mix)
HOT RS - The House Of The Rising Sun (Original Album Version)
Sylvia Love - Extraterrestrial Lover (Instrumental 12" Mix)
Klein & MBO - Dirty Talk (European Connection)
Toni Basil - You Gotta Problem (Original Album Version)
Disc 2
Voggue - Dancin' The Night Away (Original 12" Mix)
Bette Midler - Hurricane (Original Album Version)
Jeanette - Don't Say Goodnight To A Lady Of Spain (Original 7" Mix)
Gino Soccio - Dance To Dance (Original 12" Mix)
Azoto - Soft Emotion (Original Album Version)
Passengers - I'll Be Standing Beside You (Original Album Version)
Patrick Juvet - Swiss Kiss (Original 12" Mix)
Boney M - My Cherie Amour (Original 12" Mix)
The Chaplin Band - Il Veleiro (Original 12" Mix)
Theo Vaness - Sentimentally It's You (Original 12" Mix)

Disco Discharge. Disco Fever USA
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Disco Discharge. Disco Fever USA
[Harmless HURTCD106]
First CD starts out with a Funky little number from Fern Kinney, followed by three top favorites of mine; Dennis Parker's morning classic "Like An Eagle", "Sunshine Hotel" by Richard T. Bear and "Two Hot For Love" by THP Orchestra.
A trio of Disco Diva's follow; Claudja Barry, Cissy Houston and Marlena Shaw, then we get the fantastic intrumental version of Earth, Wind & Fire's "Boogie Wonderland" followed by "Holler" and "Space Bass" and another all-time fave - "Cisselin' Hot" by Chuck Cissel.
A Stevie Wonder cover is the first track out on the second CD, which also includes fine gems from Teddy Pendergrass, Celi Bee, Paradise Express and Linda Clifford. We also get two tracks from the rare Nocturna soundtrack by Gloria Gaynor and Vicki Sue Robinson.
You gotta "Dance", 'cause this is "Cisselin' Hot"!

Disc 1
Fern Kinney - Baby Let Me Kiss You
Dennis Parker - Like An Eagle
Richard T Bear - Sunshine Hotel
THP Orchestra - Two Hot For Love
Claudja Barry - Why Must A Girl Like Me
Cissy Houston - You're The Fire
Marlena Shaw - Love Dancing
Earth Wind & Fire - Boogie Wonderland
John Davis & The Monster Orchestra - Holler
Slick - Space Bass
Chuck Cissel - Cisselin' Hot
Disc 2
Boys Town Gang - Yester-Me, Yester-You, Yesterday
Teddy Pendergrass - Life Is A Song Worth Singing
Double Discovery - Step On Out
Celi Bee & The Buzzy Bunch - One Love
Johnny Mathis - Begin The Beguine
Area Code (212) - Duke's Train
Ultimate - Ritmo De Brazil
Paradise Express - Dance
Gloria Gaynor - Love Is Just A Heartbeat Away (Nocturna'a Theme)
Linda Clifford - If My Friends Could See Me Now
Vicki Sue Robinson - Nighttime Fantasy

Disco Discharge. Disco Ladies
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Disco Discharge. Disco Ladies
[Harmless HURTCD085]
This is the second Disco Discharge release, this time they bring out the Disco Ladies (or as the sticker of the seal wrapping says; Disco sisters are doing it for themselves).
Once again lots of gems and classics in a prefect mix, among them two tracks from favorite Disco writers; Nile & Bernard of Chic and their songs are here performed by Sister Sledge and Sheila & B. Devotion.
You'll also find the John Luongo LP remix of A Taste Of Honey's "Boogie Oogie Oogie" along with top tunes from Cheryl Lynn, Vicky D, Poussez, Stacy Lattisaw and Melba Moore (among others).
Over two hours of Disco Diva magic, music that will get you moaning like Andrea True for...
"More, More, More"!

Disc 1
Fern Kinney – Groove Me (8.55)
Andrea True Connection – More More More (6.19)
Sister Sledge – You Fooled Around (4.29)
Kim Hart – Love At First Night (3.24)
Gloria Jones – Bring On The Love "Why Can't We Be Friends Again" (7.02)
Stacey Lattisaw – Jump To The Beat (5.20)
A Taste Of Honey – Boogie Oogie Oogie (John Luongo LP remix) (7.31)
Lucy Hawkins – Gotta Get Outta Here (5.50)
Suzy Q – Get On Up And Do It Again (5.58)
Cheryl Lynn – Shake It Up Tonight (5.43)
Vicky D – The Beat Is Mine (5.58)
Nona Hendryx – Keep It Confidential (5.50)
Disc 2
Silver Convention – Get On Up And Boogie "That's Right" (7.53)
Amanda Lear – Blood And Honey (8.58)
Poussez – Come On And Do It (9.55)
Sheila & B. Devotion – Spacer (5.55)
Janis Ian – Fly To High (6.53)
Suzy Lane – Harmony (7.01)
Sylvia Love – Instant Love (4.45)
Melba Moore – Pick Me Up, I'll Dance (7.01)
The Ritchie Family – Give Me A Break (6.29)
Phyllis Nelson – I Like You (Shep Pettibone Remix) (7.20)

Disco Discharge. Euro Beats
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Disco Discharge. Euro Beats
[Harmless HURTCD107]
Euro Beats is a journey into the best Euro dance (or Italo-Disco) of the 80's featuring famous Euro acts like Ryan Paris, the Twins, Modern Talking, Taffy, Fun Fun, Sabrina, Kano, Doctors Cat, Crusin' Gang among others...
But there are also other high-lights from not as famous acts like; "Activate My Heart" by Meccano, Deborah, Gypsy & Queen, "Love Taker" by Stefano Pulga, Raffaella Carra and Digital Emotion.
Enjoy the 'Sweet Life' of these Euro Beats, as this is
la "Dolce Vita"!

Disc 1
Ryan Paris - Dolce Vita
The Twins - Desert Place
Modern Talking - Atlantis Is Calling (S.O.S. For Love)
Meccano - Activate My Heart
Taffy - Walk Into The Daylight
Fun Fun - Baila Bolero
Cruisin' Gang - Chinatown
Sabrina - Boys
Deborah - Danger For Love
Green Olives - Jive Into The Night
Gipsy & Queen - Gipsy Queen
Disc 2
Moon Ray (Raggio Di Luna) - Comanchero
Kano - Can't Hold Back
Stefano Pulga - Love Taker
Passengers - He's Speedy Like Gonzalez
Raffaella Carra - 1,2,3,4 Dancing
Digital Emotion - Get Up Action
L-Vira - Talkin' About Rambo
The 'V' Project featuring Vanelle - First Hand Experience In Second Hand Love
Doctors Cat - Feel The Drive
Cruisin' Gang - America Medley With Machinery
DJ Proffesor Feat Zappalla - We Gotta Do It

Disco Discharge. Euro Disco
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Disco Discharge. Euro Disco
[Harmless HURTCD085]
The third Disco Discharge release brings us to Disco scene of Europe, the Euro Disco compilation takes us on a tour to Italy, Germany, UK and France where most of the successful European Disco were produced.
No Euro Disco compilation would be complete without material by the father of electronic dance music; Giorgio Moroder, who is both featured with his classic "From Here To Eternity" and Sparks' "The Number One Song In Heaven", which he also helped write and produce.
Another wonderful compilation from Harmless and some of the most famous Euro acts are on here, even if it might not be with their most known song, but still fantastic Disco tracks you can hear over and over again, just because they're not the weared out ones. What about acts like; Change, Silver Convention, Kano, Space, Laura Branigan, Advance and Fun Fun...
So, Let's "Live It Up" and "Take Me To The Top".

Disc 1
Don Ray – Garden Of Love (4.42)
Change – Angel In My Pocket (6.09)
Silver Convention – Love In A Sleeper (5.33)
Beautiful Bend – That's The Meaning/Boogie Motion (13.20)
Massara – Margharita (7.52)
Space – Magic Fly (4.22)
Giorgio Moroder – From Here To Eternity (5.52)
Sylvia Love – Extraterrestrial Lover (6.57)
Sparks – The Number One Song In Heaven (7.26)
Easy Going – Fear (7.53)
Disc 2
Gaz Nevada – I.C. Love Affair (6.28)
Advance – Take Me To The Top (6.17)
Change – Change Of Heart (7.05)
Kano – I'm Ready (7.17)
Laura Branigan – Self Control (5.00)
Eighth Wonder – I'm Not Scared (Disco Mix) (7.58)
Propaganda – P Machinery (Polish) (9.24)
Mike Mareen – Dancing In The Dark (5.34)
Fun Fun – Happy Station (Scratch Mix) (5.55)
Time Bandits – Live It Up (7.27)
Yvonne Kay – Rise Up "For My Love" (7.52)

Disco Discharge. Europa
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Disco Discharge. Europa
[Harmless HURTCD116]
This release focus on the European produced Disco music, from "Oh Mama" by Swedish blondes Lili & Sussie, tap dancing by Taco, to lots of other Italo-Disco classics.
Acts like Rose Laurens, Fun Fun, Lee Marrow, Silver Pozzoli, Jock Hattle and Fancy really made names for themselves during the 80's European Dance scene.
Many of you will recall Baltimora's "Tarzan Boy", while you'll find new favorites from artists like Jago, Digital Emotion, Brian Ice and others...
"Get Ready" to explore the Euro-Disco territory.

Disc 1
Taco - Puttin On The Ritz (Original 12" Mix)
Radiorama - Hey Hey (Original 12" Mix)
Lian Ross - Say You ll Never(Original 12" Mix)
Loco Loco - Hey Mr DJ (Original 12" Mix)
Rose Laurens - Africa (Voodoo Master) (Original 12" Mix)
Silver Pozzoli - Around My Dream (Original 12" Mix)
Baltimora - Tarzan Boy (Original 12" Mix)
Diviacchi - Waiting For Heaven (Original 12" Mix)
Jock Hattle - Band To Be Or Not To Be (Original 12" Mix)
Aleph - Fly To Me (RMX)
Digital Emotion - Go Go Yellow Screen (Original 12" Mix)
Disc 2
Jago - I m Gonna Go (Original 12" Mix)
Cleo - Go Go Dynamo (Original 12" Mix)
Swan - Don't Talk About It (Original 12" Mix)
Lee Marrow - Mr Fantasy (Original 12" Mix)
Fancy - Bolero (Hold Me In Your Arms Tonight) (Original 12" Mix)
Brian Ice - Talking To The Night (Original 12" Mix)
Lili & Sussie - Oh Mama (Original 12" Mix)
Fun Fun - Living In Japan (Original 12" Mix)
Alan Barry - Tell Me The Reason (Original 12" Mix)
Sweet Connection - Need Your Passion (Original 12" Mix)
Vanessa - Upside Down (Dizzy Does It Make Me)(Original 12" Mix)
Dr Groove - Freak It Out Mr DJ (Original 12" Mix)
X Ray Connection - Get Ready (Original 12" Mix)

Disco Discharge. European Connection
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Disco Discharge. European Connection
[Harmless HURTCD094]
In this release Harmless gives us more pumping beats from Europe in this second European music concentrated Disco Discharge release.
Besides finding well-known Euro acts like Giorgio Moroder and Gino Soccio, we get great tracks from the Cerrone protege Don Ray and the French act Space.
Other high-lights are Tantra's "The Hills Of Katmandu", Gibson Brothers' "Ooh! What A Life" and "From East To West" by Voyage.
We also get the Boris Midney act Caress, along with the cute French girls in Les Models, arabic beats from Italian La Bionda and other Italo-Disco tunes from Hypnosis, Taffy and Funny Twins.
Let this collection "Carry On, Turn Me On".

Disc 1
Space - Carry On, Turn Me On
Voyage - From East To West
Caress - Love Spell
The Gibson Brothers - Ooh! What A Life
Don Ray - Midnight Madness
Giorgio Moroder - If You Weren't Afraid
Sylvia Love - Instant Dub (Original 12" B Side Dub Mix)
Les Models - Don't Ever
La Bionda - Sandstorm
Tantra - The Hills Of Katmandu
Disc 2
Gaz Nevada - Special Agent Man (Female Version)
Funny Twins - You And Me
Hot Cold - I Can Hear Your Voice
Taffy - I Love My Radio (Midnight Radio)
Vivien Vee - Americano
Hypnosis - Droid
Gino Soccio - Remember
Peter Richard - Walking In The Neon
Dilemma - In Spirit (12" Techno Mix)
Alba - Only Music Survives

Disco Discharge. Gay Disco & Hi NRG
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Disco Discharge. Gay Disco & Hi NRG
[Harmless HURTCD086]
Time for the fourth release in Disco Discharge series, this time Harmless let's us enter the gay and uptempo scene of dance music with their Gay Disco & Hi NRG CD.
The beat is pumpin' and the sexual undertones are more explicit, but you just can't sit still to this uplifting and sweaty genre of Dance music history. Becuase it IS what it's called - High Energy.
The King of Hi NRG was undoubtedly Bobby O who is represented here through his acts; the Flirts, Oh Romeo and Free Enterprise.
Another of the gay scene's signature acts, Boys Town Gang is featured twice while Liza Minelli claims she's "Losing My mind" and Macho is chanting out "I'm A Man" (like someone would doubt that when hearing those butch male vocals).
Regardless if you're gay or not, you'll enjoy the tracks of this CD, which brings you back to the late 70's and up to the mid 80's (and beyond) through acts as; Fun Fun, Deodato, Ken Laszlo, Kano, Laura Branigan and others.
It's Boys Town music at its best!
You have to "Feel It" as it "Color My Love".

Disc 1
The Boys Town Gang – Disco Kicks (Remix) (8.38)
Kano – It's A War (6.55)
Macho – I'm A Man (Full Length Album Version) (17.39)
Free Enterprise – Make It On My Own ( Ben Liebrand Remix) (6.27)
Fun Fun – Color My Love (7.42)
Deodato – S.O.S. Fire In The Sky (6.48)
Astaire – Love Trap (8.59)
Tapps – Don't Pretend To Know (7.22)
Liza Minelli – Losing My Mind (7.04)
Disc 2
Rose Laurens – American Love (6.43)
Valerie Claire – I'm A Model (6.08)
The Flirts – Passion (Remix) (9.03)
The Boys Town Gang – Crusin' The Streets "Crusin', Rejected, The Pick Up, Busted, Reprise" (13.12)
Ken Laszlo – Hey Hey Guy (7.37)
Samantha Gilles – Feel It (7.38)
Eria Fachin – Saving Myself (6.54)
Laura Branigan – Gloria (4.52)
Oh Romeo – Savin' Myself "For The One That I Love" (6.18)
Harlow – Take Off (10.14)

Disco Discharge. Midnight Shift
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Disco Discharge. Midnight Shift
[Harmless HURTCD117]
Bette Midler starts out by singing "I was just a pilgrim, in a hot persuit for love. Wandering from Disco to Disco..." in her fantastic "My Knight In Black Leather". Wander no more - you'll definitely get all the Disco you need in this double CD set.
Following Bette is Patrick Juvet who's out on a "Lady Night". I wonder if he met Diva, who here gives us her fantastic "Double Trouble".
Other Diva's in this CD includes; Suzi Q, Lisa Lougheed, Roni Griffith, Lili & Sussie and Kim Carnes singing her hypnotically thumping "Voyeur".
Ever great Lime sings "Wake Dream", while Fancy shouts "Slice Me Nice". The CD goes out in best possible style with Boystown Gang's "Dance Trance Medley", which features numerous of Top Disco tunes and a medley that will have you keep dancing even after its 14+ minutes are out.
Come on - "Dancer Dance" - Get it NOW!

Disc 1
Bette Midler - My Knight In Black Leather (Original 12" Mix)
Patrick Juvet - Lady Night (Original 12" Mix)
Lipstique - At The Discotheque (Original Album Version)
Love Twins - Miami Heatwave (Original 12" Mix)
The Flirtations - Earthquake (Original 12" Mix)
Astaire - The Power Of Love (Original 12" Mix)
Suzy Q - Can't Live Without Your Love (Airwave Mix)
Pussyfoot - Dancer Dance (Original 12" Mix)
Kim Carnes - Voyeur (Original 12" Mix)
Lisa Lougheed - Run With Us (Original 7" Mix)
Disc 2
Lili & Sussie - Candy Love (Original 12" Mix)
Roni Griffith - Love Is The Drug (Original 12" Mix)
Fancy - Slice Me Nice (Original 12" Mix)
Lian Ross - Fantasy (RMX)
Lime - Wake Dream (Remix)
Diva - Double Trouble (Original 12" Mix)
Tapps - Burning With Fire (Original 12" Mix)
People Like Us - Deliverance (Original 12" Mix)
Quartzlock - No Regrets (Muscular Mix)
Boystown Gang - Dance Trance Medley (Original Album Version)

Disco Discharge. Mondo Disco
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Disco Discharge. Mondo Disco
[Harmless HURTCD105]
As always - LOTS of classy Disco on this release... it's a mix of hit tunes and other groovy tracks!
"Got A Feeling" by Patrick Juvet start things out, followed by 5000 Volts (with vocals by Tina "I Love To Love" Charles) in "Doctor Kiss Kiss", and tracks by Supermax, Boney M, Space and Claudja Barry.
The second CD takes you to "San Salvador" while the Gibson Brothers claims "Que Sera Mi Vida" along with tracks by Liquid Gold, Technique, Eruption, Disco Circus, La Bionda and others...
Other personal favorites off this double CD are tracks by; Gepy & Gepy, Azoto, Voyage, Cerrone and the wonderful vocal version of Ashford & Simpson's "Bourgie Bourgie" as performed by John Davis & the Monster Orchestra.
Another collection that will get you "Trippin' On The Moon"!

Disc 1
Patrick Juvet - Got A Feeling
5000 Volts - Doctor Kiss Kiss
Gepy & Gepy - Body To Body
Who's Who - Hypnodance
Boney M - He Was A Steppenwolf
Supermax - African Blood
John Davis & The Monster Orchestra - Bourgie Bourgie
Grand Tour - Flight From Versailles
Space - Prison
Voyage - Lady America
Cerrone - Call Me Tonight
Claudja Barry - Trippin' On The Moon
Disc 2
Technique - (Looking For Someone To Love) Tonight
Passengers - The Last Romantic
Liquid Gold - My Baby's Baby
Adrian Baker - Don't Take The Night Away
Eruption - I Can't Stand The Rain
Voyage - Souvenirs
Azoto - San Salvador
The Gibson Brothers - Que Sera Mi Vida
Andy Williams - Love Story
Disco Circus - Over And Over
La Bionda - Deserts of Mars

Disco Discharge. Pink Pounders
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Disco Discharge. Pink Pounders
[Harmless HURTCD096]
The Pink Pounders takes you back to the Gay and Hi-NRG clubs of the late 70's to mid 80's.
You'll get music from famous Hi-NRG icons as Bobby O through acts like the Flirts and Divine, but also from Patrick Cowley, Lime and Poussez.
Other personal faves are Les Models' "Yes With My Body" and the Duncan Sisters.
Lots of the hottest music of the scene including a track by Jermaine Jackson.
Let's say; "Boys Will Be Boys", but this collection will make you feel like;
"I've Got The Music In Me"!

Disc 1
Patrick Cowley - Lift Off
Passengers - Hot Leather
Les Models - Yes With My Body
The Flirts - Danger
The Duncan Sisters - Boys Will Be Boys
Julius Brown - Party
Yvonne Kay - I've Got The Music In Me
Fantasy - He's No I
Caren Cole - I Need A Lover Tonight
Jermaine Jackson & Pia Zadora - When The Rain Begins To Fall
Disc 2
Poussez - Leave That Boy Alone
The Immortals - The Ultimate Warlord
Divine - Shake It Up
Tapps - My Forbidden Lover
Barbara Doust - If You Love Somebody (The Munich Mix)
Lime - I Don't Want To Lose You
Peggi Blu - Girls It Ain't Easy
Crystal In The Pink - Back To You
Tom Cat - Black Jack
Virgin - Only You

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