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Columbia 12inch DISCO single

One of THE DISCO labels...

Columbia Records is the oldest label in the recording industry and was started already in 1888.
The label originally sold and distributed Edison phonographs and phonograph cylinders in the DC area, it was from 'Disctrict of Columbia' the name Columbia Records were taken. They produced their own cylinder recordings and from 1893 they only sold and distributed their own produced equipment and releases.
Columbia Records Magic Notes In 1901 the company started releasing their recordings on discs and they also manufactured the phonographs to play these new discs on. And just seven years later, in 1908, Columbia started producing double sided discs which gave the possibilities of giving the listeners double the listening pleasure.
In 1912 they decided to completely abandon any new cylinder releases, but yet they kept selling and press cylinders out of their back catalogue for a few more years.

Columbia 78rpm label

In 1931 Electric & Musical Industries Ltd. (EMI) was formed by the merge of the English Columbia Gramophone Company and the Gramophone Company. Because of anti-trust reasons EMI had to sell the American Columbia operations to the Grigsby-Grunow company. In 1934 Columbia was sold to ARC [American Record Corporation] when Grigsby-Grunow went into bankruptcy.
Then in 1938 ARC, with all it's sub-labels (incl. Columbia), was sold to Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) [a company originally co-founded by Columbia Records]. From about the time Columbia had been sold by EMI until the time CBS took over, the Columbia label had become less and less important as those previous owners had other labels they prioritized. But with the CBS ownership the label saw a revival and CBS also invested new money in the label to make it successful.
In 1948 the label was responsible for introducing a new record format, a soon to become recording standard, the 33 rpm Long Playing microgroove record - the LP was born. The new format is said to have been created because one of the labels executives wanted to be able to listen to the full movement of a symphony on one side of a record, without having to turn the record halfway through. In 1950 the other major US labels wanted to cash in on the success Columbia scored with the LP format and from that time on all labels were releasing LP records.

Epic logo

Epic logo

The 1950's was a successful decade for the label and in 1953 CBS started a sister label to Columbia, a label which was named - Epic Records.
Columbia Records Walking Eye logo Here in the mid 50's the label's 'Walking Eye' logo was invented. The 'legs' should describe a stylus on a record (the 'eye') and is making a pass to the mother-company's classic logo with its eye.
Then in 1957 Columbia started recording in stereophonic [stereo] sound, which was a great improvement in the sound experience. And again, as for the inventing of the LP, this was driven by the classical music with its full orchestrations.
On came the 60's and in 1961 CBS formed CBS Records, their international organization for releasing and controlling the CBS owned labels outside of the US.
In 1963 Barbra Streisand released her first solo album on the label and the label started to hook on to the rapidly growing Rock scene of the 60's and it soon became more of a Rock and Pop label.
The success of the label followed into the 70's and for a while Columbia experimented with quadraphonic (four-channel) sound, as several other labels. But as the labels used different encoding methods for the process, no 'standard' could be set for the four-channel sound and in a few years all the labels abandoned the quadraphonic sound.

Columbia seventies logo

In the mid 70's the Disco movement started, but surprisingly Columbia (as many other major labels), was late trying to cash in on the Disco craze. There was a few Disco 12-inch singles released during 1976-1977, must notable are probably hits like Emotions' "I Don't Wanna Lose Your Love" [#4 in the Billboard National Disco Action Top 30], Tina Charles' "I Love To Love", Willie Bobo's "Always There", "Gonna Fly Now (Theme From Rocky)" by Maynard Ferguson [#37], "Pipeline" by Bruce Johnson and the stage show singer/actress Linda Hopkins' "It's In Your Blood" [#19].
SAM Productions stamp on Columbia Records 12-inch In 1977-78 Sam Weiss' SAM Records had some commercial paydirt and closed a licensing deal with Columbia Records. So during 1978-1979 Columbia released several very successful 12" Disco versions of SAM acts, including the international and Billboard number 1 smash hit - "Keep On Dancin'" by Gary's Gang. All the Columbia releases of SAM artists came with a 'SAM Production' credit including the SAM logo on the standard Columbia label.
It was mainly two SAM acts that scored lots of hits and success for Columbia. John Davis & the Monster Orchestra sung "Ain't That Enough For You" as well as "Love Magic", "Bourgie bourgie" (a vocal cover of the Ashford & Simpson instrumental classic) and "Baby I've Got It", while Gary's Gang gave us "Let's Lovedance Tonight" and "Do Ya Wanna Go Dancin'" besides the already mentioned "Keep On Dancin'".
Except for these 'SAM releases', not very many Columbia 12" Disco singles was released in 1978, but we all remember "Got To Be Real" and "Star Love" as sung by Cheryl Lynn. She would later also sing with another Columbia act, Toto, in their '79 classic "Georgy Porgy". But on the sister label, Epic Records, we could hear Melba Moore's Bee Gees penned "You Stepped Into My Life" and the Jacksons' "Shake Your Body" and "Blame It On The Boogie" [which was NOT written by the Jacksons but by the UK artist Mick Jackson].
As said above, apart from the co-operation with SAM, it wasn't until 1979 Columbia really started pushing out Disco 12" releases. And when Columbia got on the train they were un-stoppable and only in 1979 they gave us Disco hits and classics like; "Born To Be Alive" by Patrick Hernandez, "Boogie Wonderland" by Earth, Wind & Fire, Chicago's "Street Player", Janis Ian's "Fly Too High" and Jackie Moore's "This Time Baby", just to mention a few...
Epic helped out in adding to the good figures by releasing Michael Jackson's Off the Wall LP from which both "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough" and "Rock With You" became worldwide hits while Patti LaBelle had a Top 10 hit with "Music Is My Way Of Life" for example.
Even other sub labels added to the 1979 success, ARC gave us Deniece Williams' "I've Got The Next Dance" and "I Found Love", while Blue Sky reached to #1 with "Relight My Fire" by Dan Hartman.
Philadelphia International stated "Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now" as sung by McFadden & Whitehead and "Strutt Your Funky Stuff" - Frantique.
A personal favorite, "High Steppin' Hip Dressin' Fella" by Love Unlimited, was released on Unlimited Gold.

In the early eighties 'Disco Died', or at least it was this 'Disco backlash' with records burning and similar. We all know that Disco never really died, it only took new shapes, or in theory only new names, but 1980-81 didn't give us much 12" Disco from Columbia. But their friends at Epic had the Jacksons' with "Can You Feel It" and Billy Ocean singing "Nights" and "Stay The Night".
Notable about Epic is that in the UK the label was responsible for releasing Swedish super-group ABBA, but they never had the rights for the material in the US, those rights were owned by Atlantic Records.
In 1982 "It's Raining Men" for the Weather Girls, Eddie Murphy wanted to "Boogie In Your Butt" and Earth, Wind & Fire screamed "Fall In Love With Me". So Columbia was doing OK, but Epic would be doing GREAT... Because in 1982 they released the Thriller album by Michael Jackson, the biggest-selling album ever, including hits like "Billie Jean", "P.Y.T", "Beat It", "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'", "The Girl Is Mine" [duet with Paul McCartney] and the title track - "Thriller".
Peter Brown - SNAP album Next couple of years saw some great releases and specially I'd like to push a little for the wonderful 1984 album Snap by Peter Brown that included the three 12" singles; "They Only Come Out At Night", "Love Is Just The Game" and "Zie Zie Won't Dance", where the first two both were remixed on the 12"s by Jellybean. It's really a great album that is well worth checking out...
The label has continued to release great music, but as it has not really been 'Disco' per say, I have chosen not to get into it further here. But some acts to mention from the Columbia roaster during the late 80's and throughout the 90's are; George Michael, Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, Ricky Martin, C+C Music Factory and Jessica Simpson.

Columbia and Epic are most likely the only CBS sub labels from the Disco days which are still active, but over the years (focusing, but not limiting to the Disco years), the following labels have at some point been related to the Columbia/CBS group;
ARC Records logo >> ARC [The American Record Company (ARC) was formed in 1929. Another longlived label which gained new success during the Disco era. Their greatest act was Deniece Williams, but also the Emotions were on the label.]
BANG Records logo >> Bang [Started by Bert Berns in 1965 together with Ahmet Ertegun, Nesuhi Ertegun and Jerry (Gerald) Wexler. The first letters of their names forms the label name: BANG. Van Morrison, Brick and Peabo Bryson were their most known acts.]
Believe In A Dream Records logo >> Believe In A Dream [Small 80's label most known for Tyron Brunson's "the Smurf" but also Bobby "O" released his female act the Flirts' 1986 hit "Miss You" on the lable along with the Reddings, which was Otis Redding's sons; Dexter Redding and Otis Redding II together with their cousin Mark Locket. Look out for their brilliant "the Awakening".]
Blue Sky Records logo >> Blue Sky [Someone once told me this was Dan Hartman's own label, not sure if that's true but Dan was THE artist of the label. "Vertigo/Relight My Fire", "Instant Replay", "This Is It"... They were all released on the label.]
Bobcat Records logo >> Bobcat [Label by Hi-NRG guru Bobby "O". Bobby had LOTS of different labels, but it was through Bobcat he released the very first (and the more Hi-NGR) version of Pet Shop Boys' "West End Girls".]
Coast To Coast Records logo >> Coast To Coast [Don't know much about this label except for that they released Kelly Marie's "Feels Like I'm In Love" and also some B.T. Express tracks.]
DefJam Records logo >> Def Jam [Hip-Hop label founded in 1984 by Russell Simmons and Rick Rubin. The label is still active and their most known acts are Jay-Z, Nas, Public Enemy, Beastie Boys, EPMD and LL Cool J.]
Epic Records original logo >> Epic [Originally founded by CBS in 1953 as a Jazz and Classical label. But over the years the label turned more into Pop, Rock and Disco/Dance with huge success. Epic's biggest acts include names like; Michael Jackson, Jacksons, Sade, George Michael, Wham!, Gloria Estefan, Miami Sound Machine, George Duke and Luther Vandross.]
Handshake Records logo >> Handshake [New York Disco label most known for acts like Johnny Bristol and his hit "Love No Longer Has A Hold On Me", Revelation, Ronnie Jones & Claudja Barry, Amii Stewart, Karin Jones and Aneka's "Japanese Boy".]
Invictus Records logo >> Invictus [Label created by Eddie Holland, Lamont Dozier and Brian Holland (of Holland-Dozier-Holland fame) in 1968. Most know acts were Freda Payne, Chairmen of the Board and New York Port Authority (NYPA).]
Jet Records logo >> Jet [A small record label set up by Don Arden in the early 70's. Most know acts were Electric Light Orchestra (ELO), Roy Wood and Ozzy Osbourne. They also released the soundtrack to the movie Xanadu with songs by ELO and Olivia Newton-John.]
Mosaic Records logo >> Mosaic [This mid 80's label even had CBS Associated Records in big letters on the vinyl label. There's also a Jazz label called Mosaic that started in the early 80's, but I think that label has no connection to this one. Michael Zager did a few recordings for Mosaic.]
Pavillion Records logo >> Pavillion [A label given to legendary Disco DJ and Remixer John Luongo by CBS. John got the name from a book called 'Far Pavilions', he then added another 'L' for Luongo and it became Pavillion. The label had a #1 hit with "You're Too Late" by Fantasy.]
Philadelphia International Records logo >> Philadelphia International [This Philly Soul label was founded by Kenneth Gamble and Leon Huff in 1971 and had a distribution deal with CBS until 1984. Gamble & Huff have, both separately and together, written and produced over 170 Gold & Platinum records. Acts of the label include MFSB, Three Degrees, O'Jays, People's Choice, McFadden & Whitehead and several others.]
Portrait Records logo >> Portrait [The label started out in 1976 to be shut down in 1979 and then revived again in 1982 to once again be folded in 1986. In 1988 it came back as a Jazz label, but was folded again in 1990. It was then revived both in 1992 and 1999 before finally disappear in 2002. Most famous act was Cyndi Lauper.]
Private I Records logo >> Private I [The label had no really big hits but their most known acts were Bonnie Pointer (formerly of the Pointer Sisters), Staple Singers, Matthew Wilder and Michael Jackson's sister - LaToya Jackson.
Cheryl Lynn, Evelyn "Champagne" King, Chi-Lites, Alphonse Mouzon and the Dells were acts who all briefly recorded for the label.]
Rock'n'Roll Records logo >> Rock'n'Roll [Label started in the early 1980's. The label seems to have been focusing on and was probably owned by "Weird Al" Yankovic with hits like: "Like A Surgeon", "Eat It", "I Lost On Jeopardy" and similar.]
Ruffhouse Records logo >> Ruffhouse [A Hip-Hop label started in the early 1990's by Joe "The Butcher" Nicolo. Ruffhouse was the label behind many major Hip-Hop acts like; Cypress Hill, Fugees, Lauryn Hill, Wyclef Jean, Schooly D and Kriss Kross.]
Scotti Brothers logo >> Scotti Brothers [An Independent label that has also been associated/distributed via other major labels like Atlantic. In the early to mid 80's Scotti Bros. worked with CBS/Columbia and released hit music from the Rocky movies, tracks like Survivor's "Eye Of The Tiger" and James Brown's "Living In America".]
T-Neck Records logo >> T-Neck [This was Isley Brothers own label. It was originally founded in 1964 and they only released one single on the label before they got signed to Motown. They revived the label in 1969 when the Isley's had left Motown. T-Neck was originally distributed via Buddah Records, to later be moved to Columbia where they released several records and 12" singles including the hit "It's A Disco Night (Rock Don't Stop)"]
Tabu Records logo >> Tabu [This R&B/Funk label was founded by Clarence Avant in 1976. Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis of The Time wrote many of the labels biggest hits and its most known acts were S.O.S Band, Cherelle, Alexander O'Neal and Brainstorm.]
Unlimited Gold Records logo >> Unlimited Gold [Disco label founded by Barry White in 1976 which was folded in 1983-4. The label released material by Barry himself and his acts Love Unlimited and the Love Unlimited Orchestra.]
WMOT Records logo >> WMOT [Funky Philly label where WMOT stood for 'We Men Of Talent'. It was owned by Steve Bernstein, Alan Rubens and David Chacker, who later sold the label to Michael Goldberg, Allen Cohen, and Jeff and Mark Salvarian. Later Larry Lavin joined the label as a partner and he used the label to laundry money, this brought the company down and it was folded in 1984. The label is most known for Frankie Smith, Fat Larry's Band and "I Really Love You" by Heaven & Earth as well as for Mel Brooks' "It's Good To Be The King".]

In 1988 CBS Records and all its sub labels was acquired by Sony, to become part of the Sony Music Entertainment group and in 2004 Sony merged the music division with Bertelsmann to create Sony BMG Music Entertainment. The Columbia label, as well as Epic, still remains active but under the Sony BMG umbrella.
It's nice to see that the worlds oldest label is still in business and the list of famous acts that has been recording for the label is LONG, including top artists like; Louis Armstrong, Benny Goodman, Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd, Leonard Bernstein, Barbra Streisand, Carlos Santana, Toto, Earth Wind & Fire, Bruce Springsteen, Bangles, Mariah Carey, George Michael, Celine Dion, Lauren Hill & Fugees and the list goes on and on and on...

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Give up the Funk
B.T. Express

Got to give in to love
Bonnie Boyer

Push push

Street Player

Got to be real
Cheryl Lynn

Star love
Cheryl Lynn

Instant Replay
Dan Hartman

Relight my fire
Dan Hartman

I found love
Deniece Williams

I've got the next dance
Deniece Williams

Boogie wonderland
Earth, Wind & Fire

You're too late

Strutt your funky stuff

Let's lovedance tonight
Gary's Gang

Keep on dancin'
Gary's Gang

It's a Disco night (Rock don't stop)
Isley Brothers

This time baby
Jackie Moore

Blame it on the boogie

Shake you body (down to the ground)

Ain't that enough for you
John Davis & Monster Orchestra

Bourgie, Bourgie
John Davis with the Monster Orchestra

Touch me in the morning
Marlena Shaw

Ain't no stoppin' us now
McFadden & Whitehead

You stepped into my life
Melba Moore

Don't stop 'til you get enough
Michael Jackson

I don't want to work today
New York Port Authority

Born to be alive
Patrick Hernandez

Music is my way of life
Patti LaBelle

Love is just (the Game)
Peter Brown

They only come out at night
Peter Brown

I love to love
Tina Charles

Georgy Porgy

High steppin', hip dressin' fella
Love Unlimited

CLICK to hear some related songs...

Dancing queen

Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!

Lay all you love on me


Blame it on the boogie
Mick Jackson

Columbia Records was not among the first ones to hook up on Disco, but when they finally did... they sure released some good stuff.
Even if Columbia never wanted, or intended, to be a 'Disco label', it still became one of the most important, especially when you adding up with all the Sub labels sharing the same matrix series.
But again, for a label that was started in 1888 and a label that invented the LP, I guess you can't be first all the time. But let's hope Sony BMG keeps running Columbia to see its 150th anniversary.
I think Columbia Records deserves and was;

"Born To Be Alive"!

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The Columbia Catalog
Promo releases
(incl. some sub-label releases)
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Matrix #ArtistTitle / SongYear
ASD 208
TEMPREES"I Found Love On A Disco Floor"1976
AS 213MAYNARD FERGUSON"Pagliacci" / "Primal Scream"1976
AS 217BARBRA STREISAND"Shake Me, Wake Me (When It's Over)"1975
ASD 218
HEYWOOD CASH"Give It Up"1976
ASD 219
BIDDU ORCHESTRA"Rainforest"1976
ASD 220
DOC SEVERINSEN"I Wanna Be With You"1976
ASD 223
YOUNG SENATORS"Boogie Music"1976
AS 226VENUS"Madison '76 (Part II)"1976
ASD 228
UPP"Never Gonna Turn My Back On You"1976
AS 233B.T. EXPRESS"Can't Stop Groovin' Now"1976
ASD 239
WILLOW BAND"Willowman"1976
ASD 240
WEBSTER LEWIS"Do It With Style"1976
AS 241VARIOUS - Willie Nelson / Lynn Anderson / Harlan Sanders / George Jones & Tammy Wynette / Troy Seals / John Austin Paycheck / Barbara Fairchild / Rusty Weir / Joe Stampley / George Jones / Marty Robbins / Connie Smith / Moe Bandy / Johnny Gimble / Sonny James / Chip Taylor / Tammy WynetteTHIS IS YOUR COUNTRY - "The Troublemaker" / "What A Man My Man Is" / "Honky Tonker" / "Golden Ring" / "Tall Texas Woman" / "11 Months & 29 Days" / "Mississippi" / "I Think It's Time (I Learned How To Let Her Go)" / "There She Goes Again" / George Jones "Her Name Is..." / Marty Robbins "El Paso City" / Connie Smith "I Don't Wanna Talk It Over Anymore" / Moe Bandy "Here I Am Drunk Again" / Johnny Gimble "Under The 'X' In Texas" / Sonny James "Come On In, Shylo-Ol' Man River" / Chip Taylor "Nothin' Like You Girl" / Tammy Wynette "You And Me" [LP]1976
AS 243EARTH, WIND & FIRE"Getaway"1976
ASZ 246
Blue Sky
Who is DAN HARTMAN? [incl. work with Johnny Winter, Edgar Winter & Rick Derringer]"Free Ride" / "Easy Street" / "Rollin' Cross The Country" / "River's Risin'" / "Diamond Eyes" / "Hangin' Around" / "Tell Me In A Whsiper" / "People Music" / "Can't You Feel It" / "One Day Tomorrow" [Sampler]1976
ASD 248
O'JAYS"Message In Our Music"1976
AS 251B.T. EXPRESS"Energy To Burn"1976
AS 252GATEWAY"Can't Accept The Fact"1976
ASD 259
YOUNG SENATORS"Ride The Tide"1976
AS 260LEON HAYWOOD"The Streets Will Love You To Death"1976
ASD 261
WEBSTER LEWIS"Do It With Style" (Remix)1976
AS 262VARIOUS - LEON HAYWOOD / HUBERT LAWS / KEITH BARROW / BILL WITHERSDANCE TO OUR MUSIC - "The Streets Will Love You To Death" / "Romeo & Juliet" / "A World Of Lovely People" / "Close To Me"1976
AS 263MANHATTANS"Kiss And Say Goodbye (X-Rated Version)" / "I Kinda Miss You (X-Rated Version)" [7"]1976
ASD 266
FINAL TOUCH"I'm Ready To Give Up My Love"1976
ASD 269
DON COVAY"Travelin' In Heavy Traffic"1976
AS 272HERBIE HANCOCK / WAH WAH WATSON"Doin' It" / "Together (Whatever)"1976
ASD 274
ODIA COATES & PAUL ANKA"Make It Up To Me In Love"1976
AS 276KOKOMO"Use Your Imagination"1975
AS 278TINA CHARLES"You Set My Heart On Fire" / "Dance Little Lady Dance"1976
ASD 281
INSTANT FUNK"Philly Jump"1976
ASD 290
ARCHIE BELL & THE DRELLS"The Soul City Walk"1975
ASD 292
LAURA GREENE"You Take My Heart Away" (From The United Artists Motion Picture 'Rocky')1976
ASD 294
MINNIE RIPERTON"Stick Together"1977
AS 295MAYNARD FERGUSON"Gonna Fly Now (Theme From 'Rocky')" / "Theme From Star Trek"1977
ASD 297
JIMMY RUFFIN"Fallin' In Love With You"1977
AS 301BILL WITHERS"Close To Me"1976
ASF 306RETURN TO FOREVER"Musicmagic"1977
AS 307JOHNNIE TAYLOR"Love Is Better In The A.M."1977
ASF 311
JACKSON HAWKE"Into The Mystic"1976
ASD 313
PEOPLE'S CHOICE"If You Gonna Do It (Put Your Mind To It) (Parts I & II)"1977
ASD 315
DEXTER WANSEL"Disco Lights"1977
AS 317MARLENA SHAW"Yu-Ma" / "Go Away Little Boy"1977
ASD 319
HEATWAVE"Boogie Nights"1976
ASF 321
RAM JAM"Black Betty"1977
ASF 327
GEORGE DUKE"You And Me" / "'Scuse Me Miss"1977
ASD 333
AS 339GEORGE FISCHOFF"Piano Dancing"1977
ASD 340
ASD 348
BIDDU ORCHESTRA"Funky Tropical"1977
ASD 356
POWERFUL PEOPLE"(Little Girl) Say Yes"1977
ASF 358JAMES TAYLOR"Handy Man" (Stereo) / (Mono)1977
ASD 359
ISLEY BROTHERS"Livin' In The Life" / "Go For Your Guns"1977
ASD 365
RENEE HARRIS"Doctor Music"1977
AS 366B.T. EXPRESS"Funky Music"1977
ASD 373
KING MUSKER BAND"Ain't No Smoke Without Fire"1976
ASD 375
ARCHIE BELL & THE DRELLS"Glad You Could Make It" / "There's No Other Like You"1977
ASD 378
MOTHER'S FINEST"Dis Go Dis Way, Dis Go Dat Way"1977
AS 380BOZ SCAGGS"Hard Times"1977
ASD 382
MEAT LOAF"Bat Out Of Hell"1977
ASD 386
PATTI LaBELLE"Joy To Have Your Love" / "Dan Swit Me"1977
ASD 387
HOLLIES"Draggin' My Heels"1977
AS 393
GEORGE DUKE"Reach For It"1977
AS 398BILLY COBHAM"Puffnstuff" / "AC/DC"1977
AS 403B.T. EXPRESS"Shout It Out"1977
AS 404STEVE KHAN"Darlin' Darlin' Baby (Sweet, Tender, Love)"1977
AS 406
MEAT LOAFLive [LP]1978
AS 411MAYNARD FERGUSON"Maria" / "Scheherazade"1977
AS 413SHARON REDD, ULA HEDWIG & CHARLOTTE CROSSLEY formerly of the HARLETTES"Can't Dance (Dance, Dance, Dance)" / "Now (Sweet Lover Man)"1977
AS 415
MEAT LOAF"Bat Out Of Hell" / "You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth (Hot Summer Night)" / "Paradise By The Dashboard Light"1977
AS 416EARTH, WIND & FIRE"Serpentine Fire"1977
AS 426BOZ SCAGGS"Hollywood"1977
AS 431
WILD CHERRY"I Love My Music"1978
AS 433
BRAINSTORM"We're On Our Way Home"1978
AS 435JOHNNIE TAYLOR"Keep On Dancing"1978
AS 437TYRONE DAVIS"Get On Up (Disco)"1978
AS 438BOBBY WOMACK"Trust Your Heart"1978
AS 443
B-side Capitol
ELVIS COSTELLO / NICK LOWE / MINK DE VILLE"Radio, Radio" / "(You Gotta Be) Cruel To Be Kind" / "Soul Twist" [Orange Translucent Vinyl]1978
AS 444TOWER OF POWER"Lovin' You Is Gonna See Me Thru"1978
AS 453BENNY GOLSON"I'm Always Dancin' To The Music"1978
AS 457EARTH, WIND & FIREEarth, Wind & Fire's Greatest Hits [LP]1978
AS 459MANHATTANS"Everybody Has A Dream"1978
ASD 460
AS 461WALTER EGAN"Magnet And Steel"1978
ASD 462
SILVER BLUE"Jambalaya" / "Land Of A Thousand Dances"1978
ASD 463
SILVER BLUE"Light My Fire" / "Alexander's Ragtime Band"1978
ASD 464
SILVER BLUE"So Rare" / "Yellow Rose Of Texas"1978
ASD 465
SILVER BLUE"Tennessee Waltz" / "Good Vibrations"1978
ASD 469
MFSB"Use Ta Be My Guy"1978
ASD 471
PEOPLE'S CHOICE"Turn Me Loose"1978
ASD 472HERBIE HANCOCK"I Thought It Was You" / "Sunlight"1978
ASD 474
ASD 475D.J. ROGERS"Love Brought Me Back"1978
AS 477
MEAT LOAF"Paradise By The Dashboard Light"1977
AS 478JUSTIN HAYWARD"Forever Autumn"1978
ASD 483POCKETS"Take It On Up"1978
AS 489
DRAGON"April Sun In Cuba"1977
AS 491
BOSTON"Don't Look Back" / "The Journey"1978
ASD 492
Tappan Zee
WILBERT LONGMIRE"Black Is The Color"1978
AS 496MARILYN McCOO & BILLY DAVIS JR."Shine On Silver Moon"1978
ASD 497
HEART"Straight On"1978
AS 498
HEART"Straight On"1978
AS 499
EUCLID BEACH BAND"There's No Surf In Cleveland"1978
ASD 501
SACCOTheme From "People"1978
AS 502
CONTRABAND"That's Your Way" / "Dreamer"1977
AS 503CHERYL LYNN"Got To Be Real"1978
ASD 510
LAMONT JOHNSON"Sister Fine"1978
AS 511TOTO"Hold The Line"1978
ASD 515
WEATHER REPORT"River People" / "The Pursuit Of The Woman With The Feathered Hat"1978
AS 517SANTANA"Well All Right" (Long) / (Short)1978
ASD 520
Blue Sky
DAN HARTMAN"This Is It/Countdown" / "Instant Replay"1978
ASD 522MARILYN McCOO & BILL DAVIS"Shine On Silver Moon"1978
ASD 523
JACKSONS"Blame It On The Boogie"1978
AS 531WILLIE NELSON"Whiskey River" / "Whiskey River/The Only Daddy That'll Walk The Line"1978
AS 532WILLIE BOBO"Always There"1978
AS 538SANTANA"Stormy"1978
AS 539CHICAGO"No Tell Lover" (Short) / (Long)1978
AS 545ANDY WILLIAMS"Love Story (Where Do I Begin)"1979
AS 547
RENA MASON"Do It" (Long) / (Short) [Gold Vinyl]1979
AS 549
Tappan Zee
BOB JAMES"Theme From 'Taxi' (Angela)" / "Touchdown" / "Sun Runner"1978
AS 551
JACKSONS"Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground)" / "Things I Do For You"1978
ASD 554
Blue Sky
DAN HARTMAN"This Is It" / "Countdown"1978
AS 557
BEACH BOYS"Here Comes The Night" [Blue Vinyl]1979
AS 559
GEORGE DUKE"I Am For Real (May The Funk Be With You)" / "Say That You Will"1978
AS 560TYRONE DAVIS"In The Mood" [Blue Vinyl]1979
AS 561VARIOUSTAPPAN ZEE - The Artists' Label [4-track sampler]1979
AS 562CHERYL LYNN"Star Love"1979
AS 574
CHOCOLATE JAM CO."A Chocolate Jam"1979
AS 576
PATTI LaBELLE"It's Alright With Me"1979
AS 578
LOUISE MANDRELL"Everlasting Love"1979
AS 582HERBIE HANCOCK"Ready Or Not"1979
AS 585SANTANA"One Chain (Don't Make No Prison)"1978
AS 592BILLY JOEL"Honesty"1978
AS 594TOTO"Georgy Porgy"1978
AS 595
GEORGE DUKE"Straight From The Heart" / "Pluck"1979
AS 602
GARY'S GANG"Let's Lovedance Tonight" / "Showtime"1979
AS 619
IAN DURY & THE BLOCKHEADS"Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick"1979
AS 624DISCO CIRCUS"Over and Over" / "In A Gadda Da Vida"1978
AS 625BARBRA STREISAND"The Main Event" / "Fight"1979
AS 631RONNIE DYSON"If The Shoe Fits (Dance In It)" / "Familiar Strangers"1979
AS 632TOWER OF POWER"Rock Baby" (Long) / (Short)1979
AS 633
McFADDEN & WHITEHEAD"Do You Want To Dance" / "Mr. Music"1979
AS 635WRITERS"Share Your Love" / "What's Come Over Me"1979
AS 637TOTO"Georgy Porgy (Special Disco Remix)"1978
AS 644
MICHAEL JACKSON"Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough"1979
AS 646
REAL THING"Can You Feel The Force"1979
AS 649CISSY HOUSTON"Warning - Danger (This Love Affair May Be Hazardous To You)"1978
AS 651CHERYL LYNN"You Saved My Day"1978
AS 652
WET WILLIE"Weekend"1979
AS 654
MICHAEL JACKSON"Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough"1979
AS 658SPLENDOR"Special Lady" / "Take Me To Your Disco"1979
AS 659BILLY COBHAM"What Is Your Fantasy"1979
AS 660
MELBA MOORE"Miss Thing"1979
AS 667
EDDY GRANT"Walking On Sunshine"1978
AS 669
DENIECE WILLIAMS"I Found Love" / "Are You Thinking?"1979
AS 673PATRICK HERNANDEZ"Disco Queen" / "Show Me The Way You Kiss"1979
AS 674
WEBSTER LEWIS"You Deserve To Dance"1979
AS 675
SLY STONE"Dance To The Music" / "Sing A Simple Song"1979
AS 676
MIKE BERRY"I'm A Rocker"1979
AS 677
FREE LIFE"Dance Fantasy"1979
AS 678MARLENA SHAW"Touch Me In The Morning"1979
AS 681
GEORGE DUKE"I Want You For Myself" / "Party Down"1979
AS 682
Blue Sky
DAN HARTMAN"Vertigo/Relight My Fire" / "Relight My Fire"1979
AS 684HERBIE HANCOCK"Knee Deep" / "Doin' It"1979
AS 686GARY'S GANG"Do Ya Wanna Go Dancin'" / "Round & Round & Round"1979
AS 687
MICHAEL JACKSON"Rock With You"1979
AS 688SINCEROS"Take Me To Your Leader"1979
AS 693
BILLY OCEAN"American Hearts" / "My Love"1979
AS 695JOHN DAVIS & THE MONSTER ORCHESTRA"Baby I've Got It" / "That's What I Get"1979
AS 696MUTINY"Lump"1979
AS 703
DAN FOGELBERG"Face The Fire" / "Phoenix" / "Longer"1979
AS 707
SLY STONETen Years Too Soon "Dance To The Music" / "Sing A Simple Song" [3 x 12" Box Set]1979
AS 708
SLY STONETen Years Too Soon "Everyday People" / "Stand" [3 x 12" Box Set]1979
AS 709
SLY STONETen Years Too Soon "You Can Make It If You Try" / "I Get High On You" [3 x 12" Box Set]1979
AS 713
WEATHER REPORT"Birdland" / "Brown Street"1978
AS 718
FABULOUS POODLES"Pink City Twist" / "Bionic Man"1979
AS 729
NEW MUSIK"Straight Lines" / "On Islands"1979
AS 730
EDDY GRANT"Living On The Frontline"1978
AS 731
Blue Sky
DAN HARTMAN"Free Ride" / "Vertigo/Relight My Fire" (Progressive Intrumental)1979
AS 734
Unlimited Gold
LOVE UNLIMITED"I'm So Glad That I'm A Woman" / "Gotta Be Where You Are"1979
AS 735
JEAN CARN"Was That All It Was" / "What's On Your Mind"1979
AS 742
ANGEL CITY"Take A Long Line" / "Marseilles" / "Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again" / "Comin' Down"1979
AS 743
TOURISTS"I Only Want To Be With You" / "Blind Among The Flowers" / "Nothing To Do"1979
AS 746BOOMTOWN RATS"I Don't Like Mondays" (Live) / "Someone's Looking At You" / "Do the Rat"1980
AS 748HEATH BROTHERS"For The Public"1980
AS 749
CLASH"Train In Vain (Stand By Me)" [10"]1979
AS 750HERBIE HANCOCK"It All Comes Round"1980
AS 754B.T. EXPRESS"Give Up The Funk"1980
AS 755RODNEY FRANKLIN"The Groove"1980
AS 756HERBIE HANCOCK"Stars In Your Eyes" (Long) / (Short)1980
AS 764FRANK MARINO & MAHOGANY RUSH"Rock 'N' Roll Hall Of Fame" / "You Got Livin'"1980
AS 767CHERYL LYNN"Keep It Hot"1979
AS 768RICHARD TEE"First Love"1979
AS 769
LENE LOVICH10" Live: "Monkey Talk" / "The Night" / "Too Tender (To Touch)" / "Angels" / "Lucky Number" / "Home" [10"]1980
AS 771
DJ ROGERS"Love cycles"1980
AS 772
Unlimited Gold
BARRY WHITE"Sheet Music" (Vocal) / (Instrumental)1980
AS 773CISSY HOUSTON"You're The Fire" / "Gonna take the easy way out"1980
AS 775PAUL McCARTNEY & WINGS"Coming Up"1980
AS 777PINK FLOYD"Run Like Hell"1980
AS 778
EDDY GRANT"My Turn To Love You"1980
AS 779
STANLEY CLARKE"We Supply" / "You/Me Together"1980
AS 783PINK FLOYD"Another Brick In The Wall (Part II)" / "Run Like Hell"1979
AS 786BOZ SCAGGS"Jojo"1980
AS 787MICHAEL ZAGER BAND"Don't Sneak On Me"1980
AS 791AL JOHNSON"I've got my Second Wind"1980
AS 797
CHARLIE DANIELS BAND"In America" / "Reflections"1980
AS 803GLADY'S KNIGHT & THE PIPS"Taste Of Bitter Love" / "Bourgie Bourgie"1980
AS 804
JIMMY MAELEN"I'm Gonna Getcha" / "Sympathy For The Devil" / "Two Good Reasons"1980
AS 805
TEDDY PENDERGRASS"This Gift Of Life" / "Can't We Try"1980
AS 814HERBIE HANCOCK"Saturday Night" / "Making Love"1980
AS 817B.T. EXPRESS"Does It Feel Good"1980
AS 827
LEON HUFF"Tight Money"1980
AS 830
BRICK"Push Push"1980
AS 831
JONES GIRLS"Dance Turned To A Romance"1980
AS 832
McFADDEN & WHITEHEAD"I Heard It In A Love Song"1980
AS 849HUBERT LAWS"Family"1980
AS 855
Believe In
A Dream
REDDINGS"Remote Control" (Long) / (Short)1980
AS 858
JACKSONS"Lovely One" (Long) / (Short)1980
AS 859RODNEY FRANKLIN"In The Center"1980
AS 861
AS 862
STYLISTICS"Hurry Up This Way Again"1980
AS 864
Unlimited Gold
BARRY WHITE"I Believe In Love" (Long) / (Short)1980
AS 868
HEATWAVE"Gangsters Of The Groove"1980
AS 871
Unlimited Gold
LOVE UNLIMITED ORCHESTRA"I Wanna Boogie And Woogie With You" (LP Version) / (Single)1980
AS 876B.T. EXPRESS"Stretch"1980
AS 878
MTUME"So You Wanna Be A Star"1980
AS 879PSYCHEDELIC FURS"Sister Europe" / "We Love You"1980
AS 885CHARLES EARLAND"Coming To You Love"1980
AS 887
REVELATION"Feel It" / "When I Fall In Love"1980
AS 893ISLEY BROTHERS"Who Said?"1980
AS 894
JACKSONS"Heartbreak Hotel"1980
AS 896BOZ SCAGGS"Miss Sun"1980
AS 897
TEDDY PENDERGRASS"Take Me In Your Arms Tonight"1980
AS 898JUNIE MORRISON"Seaman First Class (Jock Rock)" / "Funky Parts" / "Love Has Taken Me Over (Be My Baby)"1981
AS 907LOVERBOY"Turn Me Loose"1980
AS 918
DEE DEE SHARP GAMBLE"Breaking And Entering" / "Let's Get This Party Started"1980
AS 920BOOMTOWN RATS"Up All Night" / "Mood Mambo" / "Banana Republic"1980
AS 924
EARTH, WIND & FIRE"And Love Goes On"1980
AS 926JAMES TAYLOR & J.D. SOUTHER"Her Town Too" / "Stand And Fight" / "Hour That The Morning Comes"1981
AS 929LAMONT DOZIER"Cool Me Out"1981
AS 930
BETTY WRIGHT"What Are You Going To Do With It"1981
AS 933JUNIE"Rappin About Rappin (Uh-Uh-Uh)" / "Victim Of Love"1980
AS 934
EARTH, WIND & FIRE"Back On The Road" / "Win Or Lose" / "In Time" / "Sailaway"1980
AS 935JUDAS PRIEST"Heading Out To The Highway" / "Hot Rockin'" / "Turning Circles"1981
AS 936
JACKSONS"Can You Feel It"1980
AS 943
Tappan Zee
BOB JAMES"Stompin' At The Savoy" / "Farandole (L'Arlesienne Suite #2)" / "Westchester Lady" / "Kari"1981
AS 944
WEBSTER LEWIS"Let Me Be The One"1981
AS 947
ISLEY BROTHERS"Hurry Up And Wait" (Short) / (Long Instrumental)1981
AS 948
HEAVEN & EARTH"I Really Love You"1981
AS 959
FANTASY"(Hey Who's Gotta) Funky Song" / "You Can't Lose What You Never Had" / "Too Much Too Soon" / "Love Explosion"1980
AS 962
GARLAND JEFFREYS"Modern Lovers" / "R.O.C.K." / "Ghost Of A Change"1981
AS 963
GEORGE WALLACE"Back At Seventeen" / "Stand Up" (Short) / (Long)1981
AS 967
JIM STEINMAN"Rock And Roll Dreams Come Through" / "Love And Death And An American Guitar" / "Stark Raving Love"1981
AS 968
WEBSTER LEWIS"Kemo-Kimo" (long) / (short)1980
AS 972
Blue Sky
DAVID JOHANSEN"Here Comes The Night" / "You Fool You" / "She Loves Strangers" / "Party Tonight"1981
AS 987THIRD WORLD"Dancing On The Floor (Hooked On Love)"1981
AS 988HEATH BROTHERS"Dreamin'" / "Use It (Don't Abuse It)"1981
AS 991
Believe In
A Dream
REDDINGS"You're The Only One"1981
AS 992
EMOTIONS / AFTERBACH"Turn It Out" / "It's You"1981
AS 997
NEW MUSIC"While You Wait" / "They All Run After The Carving Knife"1981
AS 1240JAMES TAYLOR"Hard Times" / "Summer's Here"1981
AS 1244
JACKSONS"Walk Right Now"1980
AS 1247
O.M.D."Enola Gay" / "Messages"1980
AS 1251HERBIE HANCOCK"Everybody's Broke"1981
AS 1252
E.L.O."Hold On Tight"1980
AS 1262HERBIE HANCOCK"Magic Number" / "Everybody's Broke"1981
AS 1265
LUTHER VANDROSS"Never Too Much"1981
AS 1274MILES DAVIS"Shout"1981
AS 1288
Tappan Zee
BOB JAMES"Sign Of The Times"1981
AS 1295CHERYL LYNN"In The Night"1981
AS 1302
ISLEY BROTHERS"Inside You"1981
AS 1304
EARTH, WIND & FIRE"Let's Groove"1981
AS 1307GLADYS KNIGHT & THE PIPS"I Will Fight" / "God Is"1981
AS 1308
SNEAKER"Don't Let Me In" / "Get Up, Get Out" / "No More Lonely Days"1981
AS 1310
S.O.S BAND"There Is No Limit" / "You"1981
AS 1311
PATTI LaBELLE"The Spirit's In It"1981
AS 1315
FRANKIE SMITH"Teeny-Bopper Lady" / "Slang Thang (Slizang Thizang)"1981
AS 1316MANHATTANS"Let Your Love Come Down"1981
AS 1321
JEAN CARN"Love Don't Love Nobody"1981
AS 1323
Tappan Zee
BOB JAMES"Enchanted Forest" / "Unicorn"1981
AS 1325
BRICK"Wide Open" / "Sure Feels Good"1981
AS 1329BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN"Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town"1981
AS 1333HERBIE HANCOCK w. SYLVESTER"Magic Number" (Disco Mix)1981
AS 1334PINK FLOYD"Money"1981
AS 1340
BRANDI WELLS"Watch Out" (Long) / (Short)1981
AS 1342
EARTH, WIND & FIRE"Let's Groove" (Remix)1981
AS 1344
ALTERED IMAGES"Happy Birthday"1981
AS 1351
JACKSONS"Heartbreak Hotel" / "She's Out Of My Life" / "I Want You Back/ABC/Love You Save (Medley)" / "Things I Do For You" (All Live versions)1981
AS 1364AL DI MEOLA"Crusin'" / "Black Cat Shuffle"1981
AS 1370PAUL COLLINS' BEAT"On The Highway" / "Crying Won't Help"1982
AS 1378
GEORGE DUKE"Shine On" / "Positive Energy"1982
AS 1379CHARLES EARLAND"The Only One" / "Animal"1982
AS 1387
JACKSONS"Working Day And Night" / "Things I Do For You"
AS 1390
PHILIP GLASS"Rubric" (Short) / (Long)1982
AS 1398THIRLD WORLD"Try Jah Love"1982
AS 1402
FAT LARRY'S BAND"Act Like You Know"1982
AS 1403
O.M.D."Georgia" / "Souvenir" / "She's Leaving" / "Joan Of Arc (Maid Of Orleans)"1981
AS 1410
PHILIP GLASSAn Interview With Philip Glass1982
AS 1413HERBIE HANCOCK"Lite Me Up"1982
AS 1417
ALTERED IMAGES"I Could Be Happy" / "Happy Birthday"1982
AS 1419
AMII STEWART"Digital Love"1982
AS 1421
DEBRA DEJEAN"Strange Love"1982
AS 1430
ROSE ROYCE"Best Love" / "Dance With Me"1982
AS 1431
BRANDI WELLS"Fantasy" / "What Goes Around Comes Around"1982
AS 1443
RENEE GEYER"I Can Feel The Fire"1982
AS 1445MEN AT WORK"Who Can It Be Now?"1981
AS 1447
RONNIE JONES & CLAUDJA BARRY / DEBRA DEJEAN / AMII STEWART / JOHNNY BRISTOL"The Two Of Us" / "You've Really Got A Hold On Me" / "Calling For Your Love" / "Sweet And Deep"1982
AS 1455
Scotti Bros
SURVIVOR"Eye Of The Tiger"1982
AS 1456
PETER BAUMANN"Repeat Repeat" / "M.A.N. Series Two" / "Daytime Logic (Baby Won't You Marry Me?)"1982
AS 1457NINA HAGEN"Cosma Shiva" / "Smack Jack"1982
AS 1466
KIM LARSEN"Time Bomb" / "Rock N Roll City"1982
AS 1469
QUICK"One Light In A Blackout" / "To Prove My Love"1982
AS 1472WALDO"When It Comes To You"1982
AS 1491
ISLEY BROTHERS"The Real Deal"1982
AS 1492
GENERAL CAINE"The Girls" / "Baseball"1982
AS 1494
Coast to
B.T. EXPRESS"Keep It Up" (Long) / (Short)1982
AS 1496
ROSE ROYCE"Still In Love" / "Fire The Funk"1982
AS 1498TRANSLATOR"When I Am With You" / "Everywhere That I'm Not" / "Sleeping Snakes"1982
AS 1504HERBIE HANCOCK"Gettin' To The Good Part" / "The Fun Tracks"1982
AS 1507BILLY GRIFFIN"Hold Me Tighter In The Rain"1982
AS 1509
Unlimited Gold
BARRY WHITE"Change" (Long) / (Short)1980
AS 1510ELVIS COSTELLO"Man Out Of Time" / "Beyond Belief"1982
AS 1515MEN AT WORK"Who Can It Be Now?"1982
AS 1539KHEMISTRY"I Got A Feeling"1982
AS 1547
LUTHER VANDROSS"Bad Boy" / "Having A Party"1982
AS 1548CHARLES EARLAND"Earland's Jam"1982
AS 1550BILLY JOEL"Pressure" (Long) / (Short)1982
AS 1552
415 Records
ROMEO VOID"Undercover Kept" / "Wrap It Up" / "Never Say Never" / "Chinatown"1982
AS 1557RODNEY FRANKLIN"Enuff Is Enuff" (Long) / (Short)1982
AS 1563VARIOUSColumbia Fall '82 New Artists Sampler [LP]1982
AS 1566MARVIN GAYE"Sexual Healing"1982
AS 1570EARTH, WIND & FIRE"Fall In Love With Me"1982
AS 1572
I LEVEL"Give Me"1982
AS 1577MEN AT WORK"Who Can It Be Now?" / "Down Under"1982
AS 1584KHEMISTRY"I Can't Lose With The Stuff I Use"1982
AS 1587MARVIN GAYE"Sexual Healing" (Instrumental Version) / "Midnight Lady"1982
AS 1596
MICHAEL JACKSON"Billie Jean"1982
AS 1599JOURNEY"Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)" (LP Version) / (Single Version)1983
AS 1605
TONI BASIL"Shoppin' From A To Z"1983
AS 1608MEN AT WORK"Be Good Johnny"1981
AS 1609CHARLES EARLAND"Be My Lady (Tonight)"1983
AS 1613
LUTHER VANDROSS"You're The Sweetest One" / "Since I Lost My Baby"1982
AS 1615
TONI BASIL"Nobody" / "Rock On"1982
AS 1617EARTH, WIND & FIRE"Fall In Love With Me"1983
AS 1620
SAGA"Wind Him Up"1981
AS 1623
BILLY IDOL"White Wedding"1982
AS 1624
AS 1627KARAVAN"The Funk Is Gonna Get You Yet" / "Never Alone"1983
AS 1630
SPANDAU BALLET"Lifeline"1983
AS 1634MEN AT WORK"Overkill"1983
AS 1635PINK FLOYD"Your Impossible Pasts" / "The Final Cut"1983
AS 1636PINK FLOYDThe Final Cut [LP]1983
AS 1640SCANDAL / PSYCHEDELIC FURS"Love's Got A Line On You" / "Run And Run"1983
AS 1642
CULTURE CLUB"Time (Clock Of The Heart)" / "Romance Beyond The Alphabet" (Instrumental)1983
AS 1645TOTOToto IV Sampler - "Africa" / "Rosanna" / "I Won't Hold You Back" /" Waiting For Your Love"1982
AS 1648EARTH, WIND & FIRE"Side By Side"1983
AS 1658
O.M.D."Telegraph" / "Radio Waves"1983
AS 1662
ULTRAVOX"Hymn" / "Reap The Wild Wind"1983
AS 1674
MAJOR THINKERS"Humanesque" / "Bonus Beats (Can't Stop Moving My Feet)"1983
AS 1678
AFTER THE FIRE"One Rule For You" / "Dancing In The Shadows"1983
AS 1688LOVERBOY"Hot Girls In Love"1982
AS 1689
DIVINYLS"Only Lonely" / "Science Fiction"1982
AS 1696SCANDAL"Win Some, Lose Some"1982
AS 1699
BILLY IDOL"White Wedding" (Live)1982
AS 1703
TEENROCK"Spy Dance" / "I Wanna Rock"1983
AS 1704
BIGALOWS"Dance, Dance, Dance (Werr Gunna)" (Long) / (Short)1983
AS 1705
EDDY GRANT"I Don't Wanna Dance" / "Killer On The Rampage"1982
AS 1711
WEATHER GIRLS"I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Outa My Hair"1983
AS 1716
FRANKIE AVALON"Your The Miracle"1983
AS 1718BILLY JOEL"Tell Her About It"1983
AS 1724
Jet / Pasha
E.L.O. / Quiet Riot"Rock'n'Roll Is King" / "Cum On Feel the Noize"1983
AS 1730ELLISON CHASE"Welcome To Tomorrow"1983
AS 1731
CHEAP TRICK"Dancing The Night Away" / "I Can't Take It"1983
AS 1732RED ROCKERS"'Til It All Falls Down" / "Home Is Where The War Is" / "'Til It All Falls Down"1983
AS 1737BILLY GRIFFIN"Respect"1983
AS 1738BILLY JOEL"Tell Her About It"1983
AS 1745
PAT BENATAR"Love Is A Battlefield"1983
AS 1746MIDNIGHT OIL"Power And The Passion" / "Read About It" / "US Forces"1983
AS 1748
NATALIE COLE"Keep It On The Outside" / "I Won't Deny You"1983
AS 1751
OH ROMEO"Try It (I'm In Love With A Married Man)" / "Lookin' Out"1983
AS 1752
CULTURE CLUB"Church Of The Poisoned Mind"1983
AS 1753CHERYL LYNN"Preppie"1983
AS 1754LOVERBOY"Passion Pit"1983
AS 1760
AS 1761
BILLY IDOL"Rebel Yell"1983
AS 1764WHAM!"Wham! U.K. Mega Mix"1983
AS 1778
HUEY LEWIS & THE NEWS"I Want A New Drug"1983
AS 1782
Believe In
A Dream
LEW KIRTON"Don't Give Up Your Dream (Hang On In There)"1983
AS 1786PHILIP BAILEY"Trapped"1983
AS 1790
WEATHER GIRLS"Dear Santa (Bring Me A Man This Christmas)"1983
AS 1798
PAUL YOUNG"Come Back And Stay"1983
AS 1801
SAGA"Catwalk" / "Social Orphan"1983
AS 1803
ISLEY BROTHERS"Let's Make Love Tonight"1983
AS 1805
AS 1807BILLY GRIFFIN"Serious"1983
AS 1808
STANLEY CLARKE & GEORGE DUKE"The Good Times" / "Trip You In Love"1983
AS 1809JIMMY CLIFF"We All Are One"1983
AS 1810KENNY LOGGINS"Footloose" (LP Version) / (Single Version)1984
AS 1818
HUEY LEWIS & THE NEWS"I Want A New Drug" (Dance Mix)1983
AS 1823
FACE TO FACE"10-9-8" / "Out Of My Hands"1984
AS 1825
HUEY LEWIS & THE NEWS"The Heart Of Rock & Roll" / "Walking On A Thin Line"1983
AS 1826RODNEY FRANKLIN"Stay On In The Groove"1984
AS 1838DENIECE WILLIAMS"Let's Hear It For The Boy"1984
AS 1839PSYCHEDELIC FURS"The Ghost In You"1983
AS 1840
ULTRAVOX"One Small Day"1984
AS 1841STEVE PERRY"Oh Sherrie"1983
AS 1842EARTH, WIND & FIRE"Moonwalk" / "We're Living In Our Own Time"1983
AS 1843CHERYL LYNN"This Time" / "Change The Channel"1983
AS 1847WIRE TRAIN"I'll Do You"1984
AS 1850BILLY GRIFFIN"So Many Ways"1983
AS 1853
EDDY GRANT"Romancing The Stone"1984
AS 1855KENNY LOGGINS"I'm Free (Heaven Helps The Man)"1983
AS 1856
BILLY IDOL"Eyes Without A Face"1984
AS 1862BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN"Dancing In The Dark"1984
AS 1863
SHAKIN' STEVENS"I Cry Just A Little Bit"1983
AS 1867JOHNNY MATHIS"Simple"1984
AS 1878LOVERBOY / FOREIGNER / TOTO"Nothingís Gonna Stop You Now" / "Street Thunder" / "Moodido"1984
AS 1879
ULTRAVOX"Dancing With Tears In My Eyes"1984
AS 1883BANGLES"Hero Takes A Fall"1984
AS 1884
HUEY LEWIS & THE NEWSSports - "If This Is It" / "Bad Is Bad" / "Walking On A Thin Line" / "Finally Found A Home" / "If This Is It" / "You Crack Me Up" / "Honky Tonk Blues" [Sampler]1984
AS 1886
415 Records
ROMEO VOID"A Girl In Trouble (Is A Temporary Thing)"1984
AS 1887
"WEIRD AL" YANKOVIC"I Lost On Jeopardy" / "Mr Popeil"1984
AS 1888
BLOODSTONE"Instant Love"1984
AS 1895BONNIE TYLER / JON ANDERSON"Here She Comes" / "Cage Of Freedom"1984
AS 1896
LOU RAWLS"All Time Lover"1984
AS 1897EL CHICANO"I'm In Love With..."1984
AS 1899FICTION FACTORY"(Feels Like) Heaven"1984
AS 1901
BILLY IDOL"Flesh For Fantasy"1984
AS 1903CHUCK MANGIONE"Diana 'D'" / "Love Wears No Disguise"1984
AS 1908PSYCHEDELIC FURS"Here Come Cowboys"1984
AS 1910
AS 1923SKOOL BOYZ"Nothing Like A Slow Dance"1984
AS 1924
PAT BENATAR"We Belong"1984
AS 1927
MTUME"You, Me And He" / "It's Non-Functional"1984
AS 1929BARBRA STREISAND"Left In The Dark"1984
AS 1937
GIORGIO MORODER & PHILIP OAKEY"Together In Electric Dreams"1984
AS 1941DENIECE WILLIAMS"Black Butterfly" / "Blind Dating"1984
AS 1943JULIO IGLESIAS"Moonlight Lady"1984
AS 1944WYNTON MARSALIS"I'm Confessin' (That I Love You)" / "Lazy Afternoon"1984
AS 1945
Private I
MATTHEW WILDER"Bouncin' Off The Walls"1984
AS 1954
AS 1956
BILLY IDOL"Catch My Fall"1984
AS 1961
CYNDI LAUPER"Money Changes Everything"1984
AS 1964
KRYSTOL"Same Place, Same Time" / "Don't Change Your Ways"1984
AS 1965
Private I
BONNIE POINTER / CHERYL LYNN / SPARKS / DWIGHT TWILLEY / TUBESHeavenly Bodies Soundtrack - "The Beast In Me" + "Heaven" / "At Last You're Mine" / "Breaking Out Of Prison" / "Keep On Working" / "Out Of Control" [Sampler]1984
AS 1978
415 Records
ROMEO VOID"Say No"1984
AS 1980WHAM! feat. GEORGE MICHAEL"Careless Whisper"1984
AS 1983
GO WEST"We Close Our Eyes"1985
AS 1991MICK JAGGER"Just Another Night"1984
AS 1993EUROGLIDERS"Another Day In The Big World"1983
AS 1994SCANDAL feat. PATTY SMYTH"Beat Of A Heart"1984
AS 1996
PAT BENATAR"Ooh Ooh Song"1984
AS 1998SANTANA"Say It Again"1985
AS 2000REBBIE JACKSON"A Fork In The Road" / "Eternal Love"1985
AS 2010
'TIL TUESDAY"Voices Carry" (Long) / (Short)1985
AS 2013
SADE"Smooth Operator"1985
AS 2017ROY AYERS"Poo Poo La La"1984
Public releases
12C4-4187MARTIN STEVENS"Love Is In The Air"1978
12C4-8185BIDDU ORCHESTRA"Funky Tropical"1977
12C4-8229SAILOR"Down By The Docks" / "Put Your Mouth Where The Money Is"1977
12C4-8259STICKY JONES GANG"Tunisian Ride" / "Frankfort"1977
12C4-8266TINA CHARLES"Fire Down Below" / "With My Head In The Clouds"1978
12C4-8309CHERYL LYNN"Got To Be Real" / "Star Love"1978
12C4-8470EARTH, WIND & FIRE"Let's Groove" / "Fantasy"1981
23-10506MANHATTANS"Kiss And Say Goodbye"1976
23-10507TINA CHARLES"I Love To Love" / "Dance Little Lady Dance"1976
23-10508JOHNNY TAYLOR"Disco Lady"1976
23-10512EARTH, WIND & FIRE"Saturday Nite"1976
23-10513DENIECE WILLIAMS"Free"1976
23-10514EMOTIONS"I Don't Wanna Lose Your Love"1977
23-10515MIRACLES"Spy For The Brotherhood"1977
23-10540TYRONE DAVIS"All You Got"1977
23-10546MAYNARD FERGUSON"Gonna Fly Now (Theme From Rocky)"1977
23-10567BRUCE JOHNSON"Pipeline"1977
23-10615LINDA HOPKINS"It's In Your Blood"1977
23-10782TINA CHARLES"I'll Go Where Your Music Takes Me"1977
23-10786EARTH, WIND & FIRE"Got To Get You Into My Life"1977
23-10869CHERYL LYNN"Got To Be Real"1978
23-10875MARILYN McCOO & BILL DAVIS"Shine On Silver Moon"1978
23-10882LONNIE LISTON SMITH"Space Princess"1978
23-10885GARY'S GANG"Keep On Dancin'"1978
23-10887JOHN DAVIS & THE MONSTER ORCHESTRA"Ain't That Enough For You"1978
23-10895KEITH BARROW"Turn Me Up"1978
23-10906HERBIE HANCOCK"ou Bet Your Love"1979
Tappan Zee
MONGO SANTAMARIA"Watermelon Man"1979
Tappan Zee
WILBERT LONGMIRE"Love's Holiday" / "Black Is The Color"1979
23-10924HILARY"Do It"1979
23-10932RAMSEY LEWIS"Aquarius"1979
23-10940WINGS"Good Night Tonight"1979
23-10946SPLENDOR"All Night Long"1979
23-10947RONNIE FOSTER"Midnight Plane"1979
23-10948BILL WITHERS"You Got The Stuff"1979
EARTH, WIND & FIRE"Boogie Wonderland"1979
23-10953ANDY WILLIAMS"Love Story (Where Do I Begin)"1979
23-10955POCKETS"How Do You Think It Feels"1979
23-10957SANTANA"One Chain"1979
23-10962WRITERS"Share Your Love"1979
DJ ROGERS"Trust Me"1979
23-10966KEITH BARROW"Physical Attraction"1979
23-10967RONNIE DYSON"Couples Only"1979
23-10987PATRICK HERNANDEZ"Born To Be Alive"1979
DENIECE WILLIAMS"I've Got The Next Dance"1979
23-10994JACKIE MOORE"This Time Baby"1979
23-10996GLADY'S KNIGHT"You Bring Out The Best In Me"1979
23-11002JOHNNY MATIS"Gone, Gone, Gone"1979
43-02044JUNIE"Rappin About Rappin" / "Victim Of Love"1981
43-02103CHERYL LYNN"Shake It Up Tonight"1981
43-10955POCKETS"Catch Me"1979
43-11019HERBIE HANCOCK"Tell Everybody"1979
43-11025MARLENA SHAW"Love Dancin'"1979
43-11026BONNIE BOYER"Got To Give In To Love"1979
43-11040TOTO w. CHERYL LYNN"Georgy Porgy"1979
43-11073MICHAEL ZAGER BAND"You Don't Know A Good Thing"1979
43-11075RON WOODS"Everybody Get Up"1979
43-11113DIVA GRAY & OYSTER"St. Tropez"1979
43-11123JANIS IAN"Fly To High"1979
43-11136JACKIE MOORE"How Is Your Love Life Baby"1979
43-11138CHICAGO"Street Player"1979
43-11141DENIECE WILLIAMS"I Found Love"1979
43-11142BILLY COBHAM"What Is In Your Fantasy"1979
43-11148WAR OF THE WORLDS"Eve Of The War"1979
43-11261CHERYL LYNN"Keep It Hot"1979
43-11293JACKIE MOORE"Helpless" / w or wo "With Your Love"1979
43-11294GOOGIE & TOM COPPOLA"Missing Love"1980
43-11300RODNEY FRANKLIN"The Groove"1980
43-11310HERBIE HANCOCK"Go For It" / "Stars In Your Eyes"1980
43-11350BOZ SCAGGS"Jojo"1980
43-60518B.T. EXPRESS"Let Me Be The One"1980
44-02461HERBIE HANCOCK"Everybody's Broke"1981
44-02477EMOTIONS"When You Gonna Wake Up" / "Turn It Out"1981
44-02746WALDO"You Bring Out The Freak In Me"1982
44-02762BUCKNER & GARCIA"Pac-Man Fever"1982
44-02765CHARLES EARLAND"The Only One"1982
44-02800ALTON EDWARDS"I Just Wanna (Spend Some Time With You)"1982
44-02829TIME BANDITS"Live It Up"1982
44-02848BONNIE FORMAN"All Night"1982
44-02914CHERYL LYNN"Instant Love"1982
44-02978FINESSE"Feel It"1982
44-02989LEISURE PROCESS"Love Cascade"1982
44-03012EDDIE MURPHY"Boogie In Your Butt"1982
44-03081ENCHANTMENT"I Know Your Hot Spot"1982
44-03181WEATHER GIRLS"It's Raining Men"1982
44-03197PSYCHEDELIC FURS"Love My Way"1982
44-03206PATRICK BOOTHE"Never Knew Love Like This Before"1982
44-03227PHILOSOPHER KINGS"Charm"1982
44-03480JONNY CHINGAS"Phone Home"1982
44-03851KARAVAN"The Funk Is Gonna Get You Yet"1983
44-03859VENUS"Donít Leave Home Without It"1983
44-03888NEW HORIZONS"Your Thing Is Your Thing"1983
44-03924JONNY CHINGAS"Gandhi"1983
44-03928WAVO"Real Life"1983
44-03933WHAM!"Bad Boys"1983
44-03969GLADY'S KNIGHT & THE PIPS"Save The Overtime (For Me)"1983
44-03977MAN AT WORK"It's A Mistake" / "Who Can It Be Now?" / "F19"1983
44-03978HERBIE HANCOCK"Rockit"1983
44-03989ELLISON CHASE"Welcome To Tomorrow"1983
44-04008EARTH, WIND & FIRE"Spread Your Love"1983
44-04014CHAMPAIGN"Let Your Body Rock"1983
44-04024WEATHER GIRLS"I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Outa My Hair" / "Ladies Hot Line"1983
44-04065ANDRE CYMONE"Make Me Wanna Dance"1983
44-04090NEW HORIZONS"Something New"1983
44-04115ELVIS COSTELLO"Everyday I Write The Book" / "Heathen Town" / "Night Time"1983
44-04171ENCHANTMENT"Here's Your Chance"1983
44-04194THIRLD WORLD"Lagos Jump" / "Swing Low"1983
44-04200HERBIE HANCOCK"Autodrive" / "Chameleon"1983
44-04211EARTH, WIND & FIRE"Magnetic"1983
44-04257CHERYL LYNN"Encore"1983
44-04265NINA HAGEN"New York New York" / "Zarah"1983
44-04637HERBIE HANCOCK"Metal Beat" / "Karabali "1984
44-04945AL DiMEOLA"Sequencer"1984
44-04946DENIECE WILLIAMS"Heaven In Your Eyes"1984
44-04948DAMARIS"What About My Love?"1984
44-04949SHALAMAR"Dancing In The Sheets"1984
44-04957PETER BROWN"They Only Come Out At Night"1984
44-04958ANDRE CYMONE"Survivin' In The 80's"1984
44-04960HERBIE HANCOCK"Megamix" / "TFS" / "Earth Beat"1984
44-04964YELLOWMAN"Strong Me Strong" / "Disco Reggae"1984
44-04965GLADY'S KNIGHT & THE PIPS"When You're Far Away"1984
44-04976MIDNIGHT OIL"Power And The Passion" / "Glitch Baby Glitch" / "Wedding Cake Island"1984
44-04984PSYCHEDELIC FURS"Heartbeat" / "Ghost In You"1984
44-04988DENIECE WILLIAMS"Let's Hear It For The Boy"1984
44-04997EL CHICANO"Let Me Dance With You"1984
44-05005CATCH"Get On Freak"1984
44-05010NINA HAGEN"Zarah"1984
44-05014SKOOL BOYZ"Slip Away"1984
44-05027HERBIE HANCOCK"Hardrock"1984
44-05028BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN"Dancing In The Dark"1984
44-05035JACKIE MOORE"This Time Baby"1984
44-05037BOBBY GLOVER"What Kind Of Lady"1984
44-05043DENIECE WILLIAMS"Next Love"1984
44-05047REBBIE JACKSON"Centipede"1984
44-05049WHAM!"Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go"1984
44-05083MR. T"Mr. T's Commandment"1984
44-05086IAM SIAM"Talk To Me (I Can Hear You Now)"1984
44-05087BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN"Cover Me"1984
44-05090CHAMPAIGN"Off And On Love"1984
44-05098FREDDIE MERCURY"Love Kills" / "Rotwang's Party"1984
44-05102PETER BROWN"(Love Is Just) The Game"1984
44-05104NEW HORIZONS"Get Ready, Let's Party"1984
44-05115ROY AYERS"In The Dark" / "Love Is In The Feel"1984
44-05132NICK MUNDY"Ain't It All Right"1984
44-05157BAND AID"Do They Know It's Christmas?" / "Feed The World"1984
44-05160PHILIP BAILEY"Easy Lover" / "Woman"1984
44-05161GLADY'S KNIGHT & THE PIPS"My Time"1985
44-05163ALISON MOYET"Invisible" / "Hitch Hike"1985
44-05170WHAM!"Careless Whisper"1984
44-05175PETER BROWN"Zie Zie Won't Dance"1984
44-05180WHAM!"Everything She Wants" / "Like A Baby"1984
44-05181MICK JAGGER"Just Another Night"1985
44-05192REBBIE JACKSON"Play Me (I'm A Jukebox)"1984
44-05196PAUL YOUNG"Every Time You Go Away" / "This Means Anything"1985
44-05197FREDDIE MERCURY"I Was Born To Love You" / "Stop All The Fighting"1985

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