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Warner Bros. Records

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Bearsville, Geffen, RFC, Sire & Whitfield

Warner 12inch DISCO single

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8467 Beverly Boulevard
Los Angeles
California 90048
75 East 55th Street
New York
New York 10022

Warner Bros. Records was formed in 1958 and was branched out of the
Warner Bros. famous movie company.
Over the years, hundreds of acts have been recording for the label,
not to mention the uncountable number of acts who have recorded for any of the sub-labels.
The label remains as one of the majors!
This is Warner Bros. Records...

Warner Bros. Records Warner Bros. Records was formed on March 19, 1958 by Jack Warner and the original label was set up at 3701 Warner Boulevard in Burbank, California - right above the film studio's machine shop.
The Warner Record label was created due to the #1 hit song "Young Love", which was a huge success in 1957 for Dot Records and was sung by the Warner Bros. Pictures actor Tab Hunter. When all reporters wanted to talk about the actor's top record instead of Mr. Hunter's latest movie, the company formed the label and, of course, signed Tab Hunter as first act to the new born Warner Bros. Records. But Tab didn't manage to follow up his previous hit and the first years of the label weren't very successful.

Warner Brothers - Harry, Jack, Sam & Albert

Warner Bros. But the Warner Bros. history started way earlier than 1958... Warner Bros. was founded in 1918 by the four Wanskolaser brothers, who were Jewish immigrants from Poland. Wanskolaser wasn't a very easy name and the family took on the name Warner instead. The brothers, Harry (born Hirsz), Albert (born Aaron), Sam (Szmul) and Jack (born Itzhak), started out by showing films around Pennsylvania and Ohio. In 1903 they opened up their first movie theater - the Cascade - in New Castle, Pennsylvania and in 1904 they formed their film distribution company Duquesne Amusement & Supply Company in Pittsburg. The company grew to distribute all across the four-state area and by the time of World War I they were also producing film.
Then in 1918 they formed Warner Brothers Studios on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California and that's when the Warner Bros name first was founded, a name that would be associated with lots of famous movies, artists, cartoons, music and more over the years.
Since the mid 20's the Warner's had also ventured into radio stations, owning stations like KFWB in LA.
The company also pushed the movie business out of the silent movie era when they started producing movies with sound in the middle of the 1920's. After the company's 1928 success Lights of New York, which was the first all-talking movie, the movie industry converted into sound pictures "overnight".
Then in 1929 the Warner's shocked the business again by releasing the first all-color and sound movie, Noah's Ark. The same year they also formed their music publishing company - Warner Bros. Music.
Loony Tunes characters During the early 1930's Warner started releasing cartoons and over the years characters like Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Tweety, Sylvester and Porky Pig became extremely popular and Bugs Bunny remains the official mascot of Warner Bros.
In the late 1930's they hired an actor named
Ronald Reagan, who would later become the 40th President of the United States (1981-1989).
During World War II the company made several box office successes, where Casablanca, starring Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman, is probably the most classic one and is today among the top movies in the list of the greatest films of all times.
The company continued to release movies with various success in the post-war times and into the 50's. But harder times came and in February 1956 the company sold off all the company's pre-1950 films to Associated Artists Productions and in May the same year the brothers put the company on the market, but Jack Warner actually tricked his brothers and had a syndicate buy 90% of the stock and then he bought back his share again - leaving his brothers out of the company and himself as president.
Then in 1958 Warner Bros. Records was founded...

Even prior to forming Warner Bros. Records, the brothers had owned extensive music-publishing holdings. Those were now incorporated into the new Recording company.
But in 1960 the success started for the label as the company signed the first million dollar contract in the music history when the Everly Brothers was offered a deal to come over to Warner Bros. The company had also signed Bob Newhart who released no less than two Grammy Award winning albums in 1960. One of them also won the 'Album of the Year' award.
In 1963 Warner Bros. Records merged with Frank Sinatra's Reprise Records. Mr. Sinatra now owned part of the Warner Bros. Records and his former label became a sub-label under the Warner umbrella, which it still remains.
The merged label wasn't very successful for the first couple of years and it was mainly focusing on soundtracks that accompanied the Warner movie releases, but in the midst of the decade the label became profitable.
But in 1966 Jack Warner sold the Warner Bros. studio and music business to Seven Arts Productions and the company was renamed Warner Bros. - Seven Arts.
Warner - Seven Arts logo In 1967 Warner Brothers - Seven Arts bought Atlantic Records for $17,000,000 in Warner stocks and besides they offered Atlantic owners Ahmet Ertegun, Nesuhi Ertegun and Jerry Wexler high paid jobs at Warner. Warner let Atlantic and its sub-labels continue to run as separate companies with continued success.
But in 1969 Warner Seven Arts was bought by the Kinney National Company and they combined the resources of Warner Bros. Records and Atlantic Records, they also made Atlantic Records Ahmet Ertegun part of a committee handling the Kinney Company's record labels.

First thing the committee advised in the new decade, was to buy Elektra Records. Now the group of Warner-Elektra-Atlantic, usually called just WEA, had its own distribution all over the US and had now grown to be a major like Columbia Records or RCA. The WEA name was also used as a label outside North America.
The labels all kept competing and were still released material under each of their brands.
In 1972, David Geffen's Asylum Records merged with Elektra Records to become Elektra/Asylum Records. Asylum had been started in 1971 when Geffen, who was an artist agent at the time, had failed to get a recording contract for Jackson Browne and that's when he decided to create his own label.
Still in 1972 Kinney National had a financial scandal within its parking operations and decided to change its name to Warner Communications.
Disco Mirror Ball In the mid 70's things started to happened to the music scene, both the Vietnam War and the Oil crisis were over and people became optimistic and started to get out dancing more. Discotheques started to emerge everywhere and in these clubs 'the Hustle' became the popular dance, with it came the four-to-the-floor beat. This steadily bass beat driven music would become known as Disco...

Early Warner 12inch

Like most of the majors, Warner did not see the power and potential of this new music genre. Instead it was small independent labels like Scepter/Wand, Philadelphia International, SalSoul, Red Greg and several others, supporting and nursing the Disco scene.
But Warner never became all Disco, most of their music spanned from Rock and Pop to Disco with a Funky twist.
Like all major labels, Warner had numerous of wholly or partly owned and/or distributed sub-labels, all with their own musical profile, so I won't even try to list them all. But some of the most known Warner Bros. associated labels during the 'Disco era' were;

Bearsville Logo Bearsville Records. The label was founded in 1970 by Albert Grossman and its artist roster included more Rock/Pop oriented acts like Todd Rundgren and Foghat.
But more interesting for Disco lovers are the Funky Soul/Disco work of Tony Wilson and the solo releases by former Chic vocalist Norma Jean Wright, who recorded for Bearsville as just 'Norma Jean'. Actually Chic's Nile Rodgers & Bernard Edwards wrote and produced Norma's two 1978 hit songs; "Saturday" and "Sorcerer" as well as 1979's "High Society".
The label was folded in 1984.

CTW Logo Children's Television Workshop - CTW was founded in March 1968 by Joan Ganz Cooney and Lloyd Morrisett and is a non-profit organization behind the production of several educational children's programs like Sesame Street that have run on public broadcasting all around the world.
Sesame Street Fever In 2000 the company name was changed to Sesame Workshop.
The CTW label is particularly interesting to Disco lovers for its only 12" single release, "C Is For Cookie" by Cookie Monster & the Girls in 1978. Why it's so special to Disco people is because it was the famous DJ and Remixer Larry Levan's first released remix. Larry made the 'Funky Version' and the equally famous DJ Roy Thode made the 'Sweet Version'.
The 12" single was promoting the labels 'Sesame Street Fever' album, which also included vocals by Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees.

Curb Logo Curb Records was started by Mike Curb as Sidewalk Records back in 1963.
The label was merged with MGM Records throughout 1969 to 1973, then Curb became independent again when MGM Records was sold to PolyGram in 1972.
Some famous Curb acts over the years are; Sammy Davis Jr., the Osmond Family, Lou Rawls, Exile, the Righteous Brothers, Roy Orbison, the Sylvers, Gloria Gaynor and the Four Seasons. When the Four Seasons had their comeback in 1975, their song "December 1963 (Oh What A Night)" was the first single to spend more than a year on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart.
Curb Logo The label is still active and has many successful Country and Gospel acts like LeAnn Rimes and four-time Gospel Music Association (GMA) Dove Awards Female Vocalist of the Year winner Natalie Grant along with the five-time GMA winning group Selah.
It seems though that Curb have had more of a production role where a credit like 'Produced by XX for Mike Curb Productions' seems to have been enough for Mike Curb, not sure if there are any '70's releases with only the Curb logo on the label. Instead it seems that a small Curb logo was placed on the label along with the WB logo as on Hemlock's classic "Disco Break".

Examples of sub-label credits

Curtom Logo Curtom Records was a Soul and Disco label started in 1968 by Curtis Mayfield and Eddie Thomas.
The label was named after combining its two founder's names; CURtis and ThOMas.
Curtis & Eddie actually started using the Curtom name already in 1963, but the label wasn't founded until five years later.
Curtis ran his label from the Chicago studio he had acquired from RCA. Through his label he released acts like the Impressions, Leroy Hutson and Staple Singers, but notable to a Disco audience is his own releases like; "Move On Up" and "Super Fly", along with Linda Clifford classics like; "If My Friends Could See Me Now" and "Runaway Love".
Curtis folded the label in 1980.

Curtom Label

Geffen Logo Geffen Records was started by David Geffen in 1980. David had earlier started Asylum Records in the 70's, as mentioned above.
His first signings to his new label were John Lennon & Yoko Ono and Disco's biggest Diva - Donna Summer.
The label's first album release was Donna's Gold selling LP, the Wanderer, followed by Lennon's million-selling Double Fantasy LP. John Lennon was actually murdered just two days after the album hit the charts and never got a chance to enjoy the success of his album and single, or see "(Just Like) Starting Over", reach number ONE in the charts and giving Geffen Records its first #1 listing.
Geffen Logo Geffen continued to sign big acts like Cher, Elton John, Kylie Minogue, Peter Gabriel, Guns N' Roses and Aerosmith.
In 1991 David Geffen sold his label to MCA Records. In the merger between MCA and PolyGram in 1999 the merged company came out as Universal Music Group and in 2003 Universal decided to retire the MCA name and its entire catalog was transferred to Geffen Records, which is still active.
But from a Disco point of view it's the Donna Summer releases that counts; "the Wanderer", "Love Is In Control (Finger On The Trigger)" and "State Of Independence" along with the leftfield Disco classic "Walking On Thin Ice" by Yoko Ono.

Island Logo Island Records was formed in Jamaica by Chris Blackwell and Graeme Goodall already back in 1959. In 1962 Blackwell moved the label to the UK and released mostly Rock and Reggae music.
In 1974 Blackwell started Island Records in the US with a manufacturing and distribution partnership with Warner Bros. Records, which lasted until 1982 when distribution was moved to Atlantic.
Island Logo In 1989 Chris Blackwell sold the label to PolyGram but stayed as chairman for the company until 1997.
Since 1999 the Island brand has been part of the Island Def Jam Music Group.
Opposed to Curb (see above), Blackwell made sure that Island was marketed as the primary label even if another company handled the distribution, manufacturing and marketing.
Island Logo Besides being the label of famous rockers U2 and Pop artist Robert Palmer and many others, the label released reggae classics from for example Bob Marley & the Wailers and Thirld World.
Island also released some great Disco music, sometimes through their Mango sub-label, by artists like Grace Jones, Gibson Brothers, Buggles and Invisible Man's Band.

Qwest Logo Qwest Records was started by Quincy Jones in 1980 as joint venture with Warner Bros. The first Qwest release is said to be George Benson's Give Me The Night album. It's released on a WB label, but it has a small Qwest Records logo as well on the label, apparently because George was still under a Warner contract.
Besides for Quincy releasing a few records by himself and one with Frank Sinatra, his big acts were his Goddaughter Patti Austin, James Ingram and the US licensing for the UK acts New Order and Joy Division along with the Gospel group the Winans.
Qwest Logo The label was folded in 2000 when Warner bought out Quincy and shut Qwest down.
Most 'Disco' of the labels material is (if we can count in the George Benson release) George's "Give Me The Night", James Ingram's "It's Your Night" and "Ya Mo B There" (duet with Michael McDonald), along with Patti's "Rhythm Of The Street" and "It's Gonna Be Special" (both came in a Jellybean remix) and also New Order's "Blue Monday".

Paisley Park Logo Paisley Park Records was created by Prince in 1985 in association with and partly funded by Warner. Might be a little off the 'Disco era', but due to the impact Prince had in the music industry at this time it's listed for reference.
The label was formed after Prince's successful album and movie - Purple Rain. The label shares its name with the name of Prince's recording studio and a song off his 1985 Around The World In A Day album.
Except for his own releases, Prince also released acts like Sheila E, the Time, Mavis Staples, George Clinton and Carmen Electra.
After a feud with Warner in 1994, WB ended its distribution of the Paisley Park label and Prince decided to fold the label and opened up NPG Records.

RFC Logo RFC Records was a label formed in December 1978 when Ray Caviano became the executive director of Warner's Disco division. RFC in the label name is formed by his initials - Raymond Francis Caviano.
RFC is the most Disco oriented of all Warner Bros. sub-labels with exciting acts like Boris Midney's act Caress, Venus Dodson, Gino Soccio and Change.
In 1981 Ray changed his distribution to Atlantic and also got a deal with Quality Records in Canada and RFC continued to release wonderful Disco music until 1983 when the label was folded.

Sire Logo Sire Records was started as Sire Productions by Seymour Stein and Richard Gotteher in 1966. The production company didn't become a record label until 1968.
During the 1970's the label focused on underground music, from progressive Rock, to Punk, Synth and New Wave. The independent label had various distributers over the years, but in 1976 a distribution deal was signed with Warner and Warner later bough Sire in 1978.
Sire left Warner in 1995 and was operated under the Elektra umbrella until 1998 when they broke lose to run by themselves, but still as part of the Warner Music Group.
In 2000 Sire was merged with the US division of London Records and became London-Sire Records. In April 2003 that partnership dissolved and the label became Sire Records again, but still under Warner Bros. Records protection.
Over the years Sire have released material from acts like the Ramones, the Cure, Talking Heads and Pretenders. The label's first big hit was "Couldn't Get It Right" by Climax Blues Band in 1977.
Sire Logo From a more Disco and Club rotation view acts and songs like; Plastic Bertrand's "Ca Plane Pour Moi" and "Tout Petite La Planete", Boney M's "Rasputin", "Pop Muzik" by M, "Kiss Me Again" by Dinosaur, "Tainted Love" by Soft Cell, Yazoo's (aka Yaz) "Don't Go" and "Situation", Laidback's "White Horse" along with "Wordy Rappinghood" and "Genius Of Love" by Tom Tom Club, Break Machine's "Street Dance", "Hot 'Paris Latino'" by Bandolero, some Kid Creole & The Coconuts releases and NV's "It's Alright" all made a stir on dance floors all over the world.
Besides the above, Sire made us move to the US releases of the Depeche Mode material.
BUT, Sire is most known for signing the young Madonna and releasing all her material until the early/mid 1990's.

Tommy Boy Logo Tommy Boy Records was formed by Tom Silverman in 1981 and his label specialized in Hip Hop, Dance and Electronica.
Tom had started out in the music business in September 1978 with his bi-weekly magazine called Disco News which later became Dance Music Report, a publication that would run for a total of 14 years.
In 1985 Warner bought 50% of Tommy Boy and in 1990 they bought the remaining 50% and Tommy Boy became a fully owned sub-label of Warner Bros. Tom Silverman was appointed Vice President of Warner.
In 1995 Silverman bought back 50% of the Tommy Boy label and in 1998 Tommy Boy Gospel, Tommy Boy Black Label (for underground Hip Hop) and Tommy Boy Silver Label (for Dance music) were founded.
In 2001 Tom ventured into the film, TV and DVD business through Tommy Boy Films.
In January 2002 Warner ended its venture with Tommy Boy as the label didn't reach the unit sales the mother company required. Silverman then bought back the remaining 50% of Tommy Boy Records and became independent again. The labels artists and master tapes became the property of Warner, with Silverman owning the trademark which he now license to Warner and Rhino/Atlantic for reissues. The record company he also renamed Tommy Boy Entertainment LLC at this time.
The label have always been mostly associated with Rap/Hip Hop music and acts like Planet Patrol, the Jonzun Crew, G.L.O.B.E. & Whiz Kid and Afrika Bambaataa & the Soul Sonic Force who's "Planet Rock" is one of the most important Electro records ever.
The most 'Disco' of the Tommy Boy releases is the B-side of one of the labels first 12" singles, the Kryptic Krew's version of "Jazzy Sensation" 'Manhattan Version' (Afrika Bambaataa & the Jazzy 5's 'Bronx Version' being the A-side) from 1982. The song is based on Kenton Nix' "Funky Sensation" which was a hit in 1981 for Gwen McCrae.

Warner-Spector Logo Warner-Spector Records was formed on October 12, 1974 by Phil Spector. Most of the releases were reissues of tracks Phil had released in the 1960's on his Philles Records, which he had founded in 1962 and folded in 1967.
The Warner-Spector label was short-lived and folded in 1977, but the only new material Phil released on the label was two 'Disco' songs by the group Calhoon - "(Do You Wanna) Dance Dance Dance" and "Soul Man".

Whitfield Logo Whitfield Records was founded by Norman Whitfield in 1975 and was distributed by Warner Brothers Records.
Norman was a former Motown producer and songwriter, when he left Motown, acts like Rose Royce, Willie Hutch and Undisputed Truth followed him to his new label. All the Whitfield acts had a very Funky sound which worked well with the audience and the dance floors.
Norman had gathered material for the first Rose Royce album he was planning to release when he heard that MCA was looking for an artist/group for the soundtrack to the movie Car Wash. Mr. Whitfield managed to get the band hired for the job and they got three Billboard R&B Top Ten singles out of the soundtrack; "Car Wash", "I Wanna Get Next to You" and "I'm Going Down". "Car Wash" also reached number One in the US Hot 100 charts.
In 1978 the group released the classics "Wishing On A Star" (which has been covered many time by acts like The Cover Girls, Beyoncé, Randy Crawford and En Vogue among others) and "Love Don't Live Here Anymore" (as covered by Madonna, Jimmy Nail and several others), both with better chart success in the UK than in the US. In 1979 Rose Royce had a hit with "Is It Love You're After" which was sampled in by S'Express in their 1988 hit "Theme From S-Express" (one of the first songs using samples).
Whitfield Logo Undisputed Truth had some success with their 1976 song "You + Me = Love", with lead vocals by Chaka Khan's younger sister - Taka Boom. The B-side featured the song "Let's Go Down To The Disco" which also worked on the dance floors and entered the R&B Charts. The bands last release was the great and Funky "Show time" in 1979.
In 1982 the Whitfield label was folded.

Other Warner sub-labels you might see referenced in the Matrix listing of the Warner Bros. promotional 12" singles below, are labels not really related to Disco at all. For example;
Capricorn Records, active between 1969 to 1979 and then reformed in 1991 to be finally folded in 2000.
Chrysalis Records was a UK label founded in 1969. They had their early US distribution via Warner between 1972 and 1976, when they became independent. The label was folded in 2005.
DiscReet, Frank Zappa's label between 1973 to 1979. The name of the label was a pun derived from 'Disc' and the discrete (also known as 'Compatible Discrete 4', 'CD-4' or 'Quadradisc') method of encoding 4-channel Quadraphonic sound into phonograph records. The plan was to record all the labels albums in Quadraphonic sound, but the idea was abandoned after only two releases as the process was expensive and the audience never caught on to this early 4-channels surround sound.
ECM (Editions of Contemporary Music) was started in 1969 and is still active. It's a Jazz and Classical label known for their exceptional sound quality recordings.
Reprise Records (as mentioned above) was Frank Sinatra's label which he formed in the late 50's. He brought on fellow 'rat pack' members Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. Other acts that has been recording for the label are; Jimi Hendrix, Kinks and Neil Young. Today Warner has revived the label and new acts like Green Day, Michael Bublé and Oasis.
Slash Records was a Los Angeles based label specializing in local Punk Rock bands. It was formed in 1978 and was the outcome of the Punk fanzine with the same name. They got a distribution deal with WB in 1982 and kept releasing Punk/Rock music distributed via Warner until 1996. It seems the label folded in the beginning of the new century.

Various Warner Labels

Another thing with the Matrix listing is the strange jump the numbers take around 1982-1983. From starting out in the 600 series in the mid 1970's, the numbers go steadily up to 1099 - then the matrix numbers all of a sudden jumps to 2000 and continues steadily from there. But it always makes you wonder what might have happened that motivated the jump...

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Don't cost you nothing
Ashford & Simpson

Found a cure
Ashford & Simpson

Could you be loved
Bob Marley

Street dance
Break Machine

Run to me
Candi Staton

Candi Staton

When you wake up tomorrow
Candi Staton

Young hearts run free
Candi Staton

I'm every woman
Chaka Khan

A Lovers Holiday

Angel in my pocket

Glow of love

Chic mystic


Your love

What a fool believes
Doobie Brothers

Get up and boogie
Freddie James

Give me the night
George Benson

Gibson Brothers

Oooh, what a life
Gibson Brothers

Que sera mi vida
Gibson Brothers

Gino Soccio

On your knees
Grace Jones

Funky sensation
Gwen McCrae

All night thing
Invisible Man's Band

Caught in the act
Jocelyn Brown

Ego maniac
Jocelyn Brown

Love's gonna get you
Jocelyn Brown

Thunder in my heart
Leo Sayer

Runaway love
Linda Clifford

Here comes that sound again
Love De-Luxe

Pop music

I keep forgettin'
Michael McDonald

Norma Jean

Da ya think I'm sexy
Rod Stewart

Have a cigar


Ain't nobody
Rufus & Chaka Khan

Wear it out

Show time
Undisputed Truth

Night rider
Venus Dodson

Venus Dodson

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Bourgie, Bourgie
John Davis w. the Monster Orch.

Going back to my roots

Club Connection
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Dynamite! - Stacy Lattisaw
Love injection - Trussel
I shoulda loved ya - Narada Michael Walden
Just a touch of love - Slave
Keep the fire burning (UK club remix) - Gwen McCrae
Do it Roger - Roger
You can do it - Five Special
If you really want me - Sister Sledge
On my own - Debra Laws
Baby I'm scared of you - Womack & Womack
Lover undercover (UK club remix) - Fatback Band
Let me show you - Larry Wu
Dancin' in the key of life - Steve Arrington

Club Connection 2
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Try It Out - Gino Soccio
Bad Habits (12” mix) - Jenny Burton
Toda Menina Baiana - Gilberto Gil
Eye To Eye - Chaka Khan
Watching You - Slave
I’m Sick And Tired (UK 12”Remix) - Larry Graham
Intimate Connection - Kleeer
Feels So Real - Patrice Rushen
Mt. Airy Groove - Pieces Of A Dream
Didn’t Know About Love (‘Til I Found You) - Lenny White
The Way You Love Me (12” Hype Remix) - Karyn White
My Magic Man (12” Magic Mix) - Rochelle

Ashford & Simpson - The Warner Bros. Years: Hits, Remixes & Rarities
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Disc 1:
Over and Over [12" Disco Mix]
Have You Ever Tried It
Everybody's Got to Give It Up
One More Try [12" Disco Mix]
Tried, Tested and Found True [12" Disco Mix]
Send It
Top of the Stairs
Don't Cost You Nothing [12" Disco Mix]
It Seems to Hang On [12" Disco Mix]
Found a Cure [12" Disco Mix]
Nobody Knows [12" Disco Mix]
Love Don't Make It Right [12" Disco Mix]
Stay Free
Bourgie Bourgie

Disc 2:
Found a Cure [A Tom Moulton Mix]
It Seems to Hang On [Tommy Musto Re-Touch]
One More Try [Dimitri Re-Edit]
Bourgie Bourgie [Joe Claussell's Classic Remix]
Over and Over [Simphouse M&M Mix]
Stay Free [Dim's the Missing Mix]
Love Don't Make It Right [Joey Negro Mix]
Tried, Tested and Found True [Simphouse/M&M Soulful Mix]
Stay Free [Dim's Club Mix]

Candi Staton - Young hearts run free - Best of CD
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Here I Am Again
As Long As He Takes Care Of Home
Six Nights And A Day
He's Making Love To You
Young Hearts Run Free
One More Chance On Love
A Dreamer Of A Dream
Run To Me
Honest I Do Love You
When You Wake Up Tomorrow
I Ain't Got Nowhere To Go
Halfway To Heaven
Take My Hand, Precious Lord

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So, what about Warner Bros. Records, did they have any 'Disco acts'? The answer is 'Yes, of course!' OK, WB was not a pure Disco label, but they got several acts who made (at least some) Disco or Funk songs.
The most 'Disco' acts were Ashford & Simpson, Candi Staton, Madleen Kane, Chaka Khan and Deodato, while Funkadelic and Prince delivered Funk and George Benson, Lamont Dozier, Roxy Music and Michael McDonald stood for a more Soulful Disco-Funk sound.

Ashford and Simpson Nickolas Ashford & Valerie Simpson started working together in 1964, after having met at Harlem's White Rock Baptist Church earlier that year.
In 1966 they wrote their first hit song - "Let's Go Get Stoned" as recorded by Ray Charles. The same year they became in-house writers/producers at Motown working mostly with Marvin Gaye and Diana Ross. For Motown they wrote classics like "Ain't No Mountain High Enough", "Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing" and "Reach Out and Touch (Somebody's Hand)". The couple left Motown in 1973.
In 1974 they got married and also resumed their career as a duo, now with Warner Bros. for which they recorded hits like "Don't Cost You Nothin'" , "It Seems To Hang On", "Is It Still Good To Ya", "Found A Cure".
Some other of the duo's more underground Disco hits from the duo's WB era are "Over And Over" and the instrumental classic "Bourgie Bourgie" out of their 1977 Send It album. The later was re-recorded with vocals first by John Davis with the Monster Orchestra in 1979 and then Glady's Knight & the Pips in 1980.
They also wrote Chaka Khan's first solo hit "I'm Every Woman" from 1978.
The duo left Warner in 1981.

Candi Staton Candi Staton started her solo career in 1968 and soon got dubbed - First Lady of Southern Soul.
She joined Warner in 1974 and scored hits like "Run To Me", "Victim", the Patrick Adams penned "When You Wake Up Tomorrow" where the 12" single was flipped by a Ashford & Simpson written song called "Rough Times".
But her biggest hit and anthem is the classic "Young Hearts Run Free".
Candi left Warner in 1980 to join Sugarhill Records.
For the full story on Candi, check out the Discoguy interview!

Madleen Kane Madleen Kane is a Swedish fashion model who turned into a singer. She had a couple of hits during the late 70's through the mid 80's.
Madleen recorded an album called Rough Diamond for CBS France in 1978, the US release of the album started a bidding war which Warner ended up winning. WB released the title track "Rough Diamond" as a 12" single in a Jim Burgess remix, with the (soon to become) morning music classic "Touch My Heart" as the B-side.
The success was followed up with "Forbidden Fruit", another Jim Burgess remix, and the 12" was flipped by the ballad "You and I", which remain a wedding day classic in Canada even to this date.
In 1980 Madleen left Warner for the Charlet label, for which she released her last top hits, with the Giorgio Moroder and Pete Bellotte written and produced "You Can, being a number one dance hit.

Chaka Khan Carole Yvette Marie Stevens is the multiple Grammy Award winner who is more known under the African name she adopted while working on the Black Panthers' breakfast program - Chaka Khan. Her sister is the dance music artist Taka Boom and her brother is Mark Stevens of Aurra.
Chaka grew up in Chicago and formed her first group at the age of 11. In 1973 she was lead singer of the Funk group Rufus, a band she enjoyed great success with until going solo with Warner in 1978.
Her first release for the label was "I'm Every Woman", a song written especially for her by Ashford & Simpson (see above). She followed up with songs like; "Life Is A Dance", "Clouds", "Papillon (aka Hot Butterfly)", "What Cha' Gonna Do For Me", "This Is My Night", "(Krush Groove) Can't Stop The Street", "Love Of A Lifetime", "It's My Party", "Love You All My Lifetime"" and her biggest solo hit - "I Feel For You", which was written by Prince and included rap by Grandmaster Melle Mel and harmonica playing by Stevie Wonder.
Even though she was recording as a solo artist she also made some recordings with Rufus like "Any Love", "Do You Love What You Feel" and "I Know You, I Live You" for MCA and later "Ain't Nobody" in 1983 for WB.

Eumir Deodato Eumir Deodato is a musician born by Italian and Portuguese parents in Brazil where he also grew up playing in the Rio bossa nova scene.
During the Brazilian military dictatorship he fled to New York. He was working mostly with Jazz but his recordings included lots of Pop elements and later even R&B/Funk along with some Disco.
Eumir Deodato He joined Warner Bros. Records in 1978 and scored a hit with his "Whistle Bump" followed by "Night Cruiser" and "Happy Hour". His biggest hit "SOS, Fire In The Sky" could be heard all over the world during winter 1984-85 and was followed by "Are You For Real", his last hit for Warner.
He has made himself a name as producer and was working with Kool & the Gang between 1979-82 and has produced hit records for Björk among others.

Funkadelic logo Funkadelic was formed by George Clinton in 1964.
Funkadelic the band It was a collective of musicians and some of them did also play with Clinton's Parliament, an act signed to Casablanca Records.
Funkadelic left Westbound in 1976 and signed with Warner, but the situation with the members being part of both Funkadelic and Parliament made it hard from a contractual point of view and the contract was dropped in 1981.
But during their time at WB the group had scored hits with "One Nation Under A Groove" and "(Not Just) Knee Deep".

Prince Prince Rogers Nelson or Prince for short, is a multi-talented musician/artist who joined Warner in 1978. Already in his first album release Prince played all instruments himself and one could read the now legendary credits; 'Produced, Arranged, Composed and Performed by Prince.'
Prince He was very productive and would score a long list of hits over his around 15 years with the label, including his Paisley Park Records releases. Hits like; "I Wanna Be Your Lover", "Uptown", "Controversy", "1999", "Little Red Corvette", "When Doves Cry", "Let's Go Crazy", "Purple Rain" (the last three tracks from the movie Purple Rain), "Raspberry Beret", "Pop Life", "Kiss", "Sign 'O' The Times", "Batdance" (from the Batman movie soundtrack) and "Gett Off" to name a few.
Prince left Warner in 1994.

George Benson George Benson started out as a Jazz guitarist in the mid 60's.
Benson signed with Warner in 1976 and it was now he also really became a singer as well as an excellent guitar player. Things started out great for him at Warner, he won a Grammy Award for Record of the Year for his 1976 song "This Masquerade" and two years later he won another one for "On Broadway".
Other hits include; "Breezin'", "Love X Love", "Turn Your Love Around" and "20/20".
But he will always be most remembered for his wonderful Club hit - "Give Me the Night", a track produced by Quincy Jones for Qwest (see above).
Benson stayed with Warner Bros. Records until the mid 1990's, he's still busy recording and performing but these days it's mainly Jazz.

Lamont Dozier is an American songwriter and record producer born in Detroit, Michigan.
Lamont Dozier Dozier was part of the extremely successful partnership known as Holland-Dozier-Holland, a writer and producer team responsible for most of the Motown hits and sound, as they wrote the top hits for artists such as Martha & the Vandellas, The Supremes, Four Tops and Isley Brothers.
The team left Motown in 1967 to start their own Invictus and Hot Wax labels.
Dozier left the team and labels to pursue a solo career at Warner between 1976-79.
For the label he had hits with "Boogie Business" and the original version of "Going Back To My Roots", a track that later would become a huge hit for the UK group Odyssey.

Roxy Music Roxy Music was an English group formed by Bryan Ferry in the early 1970's.
They had earlier success before they joined WB in 1982 and released their successful album Avalon. The album included the hits "More Than This" and the title track "Avalon".
The band followed up in 1983 with a mini album called The High Road (sometimes also referred to as Musique Roxy) which featured the classic "Jealous Guy". This was actually Roxy Music's last release as the members went on into own solo projects.

Michael McDonald Michael McDonald is an R&B/soul singer and songwriter. He is sometimes labeled as a 'blue-eyed soul' singer and was a member of Steely Dan and the Doobie Brothers prior to coming to the Warner roster as a solo artist in 1982.
With the Doobie's he sung on their 1978 hit "What A Fool Believes".
His first solo hit was the very soulful "I Keep Forgettin'", a song that became even more popular after being sampled by Warren G in his Hip Hop tune "Regulate" in 1994.
Michael was also featured in the MCA Records soundtrack for the movie Running Scared in which he sung "Sweet Freedom". His next LP was released on Warner though, and did include "Sweet Freedom".
In 1983 he sung a duet with James Ingram in the hit "Yah Mo B There" and in 1986 he did a duet with Patti LaBelle called "On My Own" for her MCA label.
Michael was moved to the Reprise label around 1990 and then left the Warner family in 1992.

Warner Bros. Records

Other Disco releases from the label include songs like; Rosebud's Disco covers of Pink Floyd's "Have A Cigar" and "Money". In 1979 Freddie James wanted us to "Get Up And Boogie", Stargard told us to "Wear It Out" and Love De-Luxe claimed "Here Comes That Sound Again". Zapp Funked things up with "More Bounce To The Ounce" in 1980 and their 1983 hit "I Can Make You Dance".
Prince brought in two sexy and hot female one hit wonder groups; Appolonia 6 with "Sex Shooter" and Vanity 6's "Nasty Girl".
Post-Disco, another of the era's most heard voices, the lovely Jocelyn Brown, had a brief solo career with WB from 1985 to 1987 and scoring hits like "Love's Gonna Get You" (which was later sampled in Snap's "The Power"), "Ego Maniac" and "Caught In The Act".
Another mega-Disco act - Chic - signed with Warner for their 1992 comeback album Chic-ism which spawn the hits "Chic Mystic" and "Your Love".

There were also other Warner acts who were not Disco 'per se', but who still made some Disco attempts and/or got some dance floor rotation. For example Rod Stewart's "Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?" got a Jim Burgess remix and became a number One Disco hit, also Rod's song "Passion" got its amount of Club play in 1980.
Pop act Leo Sayer went Disco in 1977 with his "Thunder In My Heart" and Pop/Rock band Fleetwood Mac got some rotation with their odd track "Tusk" in 1979. The Rock band Van Halen screamed "Jump" in 1984 and got people jumping onto the dance floor every time when played.
Another act with another style was the New Wave group Devo whose song "Whip It" made people go crazy in 1980.

But for a giant label with a roster like Warner's, the list of acts who (at some point in their career) has been connected to the label or its sub-labels is 'endless', but these are a few; A-ha, Atlantic Starr, The B-52's, Bee Gees, Bootsy's Rubber Band, Peter Cetera, Ray Charles, Cher, Chicago, Alice Cooper, Randy Crawford, Deep Purple, Dire Straits, George Duke, Earth, Wind & Fire, Erasure, Larry Graham, Gwen Guthrie, George Harrison, Herbie Hancock, Ice-T, Jungle Brothers, Kraftwerk, Bette Midler, Van Morrison, Sheila E., Sylvester, Thompson Twins, Ike & Tina Turner, Dionne Warwick, The Who, Womack & Womack and ZZ Top.

Loony Tunes characters

Let's continue the label's story after this escapade into the Disco era acts, labels and music.
Throughout the 1970s and 1980s Warner Communications branched out into other business when buying video game company Atari and later the Six Flags theme parks.
In 1989 Warner Communications merged with Time Inc. to form Time Warner. Time Inc. is a publishing company, most know for its magazines Time, Sports Illustrated, Fortune, People, Entertainment Weekly and many others.
In 1991 Time Warner renamed WEA, and it became Warner Music.
Time Warner started the new millennium with a merger with Internet provider AOL in 2000, creating AOL Time Warner. But in the backlash of the 'dot-com' collapse, the company choose to drop the previously so high-profile AOL part of the name to simply become Time Warner again in 2002.
In March 2004, Edgar Bronfman Jr. and a group of private investors bought the Warner Music Group from Time Warner. Warner Bros. Records is still one of the world's biggest labels and the Warner Music Group holds a royalty-free license from Time Warner for the use of the Warner Bros. trademarks.
Lately the Warner Music Group has made much of the YouTube community upset as they make sure videos of their artists are removed or in some cases the users who post Warner material are suspended or banned from YouTube. But in some cases it has been reported that the Warner Music Group has also taken down material that does not belong to them, which has infected the situation even more.

Warner Brothers - Harry, Albert, Jack & Sam

It's no understatement to say that the four Wanskolaser brothers really made a name for themselves when creating the Warner Bros. company.
It's fascinating to see that the name and brand is still as influential in both movies and music as it has been in the past.
The legacy lives on even though it's not a Warner running the ship these days.
Hopefully the name will live on for decades to come...
Warner Bros.

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The Warner Bros. Catalog
U.S. Promo releases
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Matrix #ArtistTitleYear
PRO 601
CALHOON"(Do You Wanna) Dance Dance Dance"1975
PRO 603VARIOUSI Didn't Know They Still Made Records Like This [2 X LP]1977
PRO 604VARIOUSBurbank's Finest - 100% All Meat [2 X LP]1977
PRO 605VARIOUSPeaches, Volume 2 [2 X LP]1977
PRO 608
VARIOUSI Didn't Know They Still Made Records Like This [2 X LP]1977
PRO 610VARIOUSThe Works [2 X LP]1977
PRO 611VARIOUSThe Force (Scholastic Magazine promo LP)1977
PRO 614DIONNE WARWICK"Track Of The Cat" / "Once You Hit The Road" [7" 33 1/3 RPM]1975
PRO 616ROD McKUENThe Essential Rod McKuen1977
PRO 620
ROY HARPERAn Introduction To Roy Harper [LP]1976
PRO 627
CALHOON"Soul Man" / (Part II)1976
PRO 628
LEE GARRETT"How Can I Be A Man"1976
PRO 629FIRST CHOICE"First Choice Theme" / "Ain't He Bad" / "Are You Ready For Me"1976
PRO 630VARIOUSSupergroup [2 X LP]1977
PRO 631HARRY T. BOOKER"Bicentennial (4th Day Of July) Part II"1976
PRO 632MIROSLAV VITOUS"New York City"1976
PRO 634ASHFORD & SIMPSON"One More Try" / "Caretaker"1976
PRO 635MR. FATHEAD DAVID NEWMANDavid Newman EP "Groovin' To The Music" / "Ebo Man" / "Shiki" / "I Love Music"1976
PRO 636
METERS"Disco Is The Thing Today" / Same1976
PRO 638
UNDISPUTED TRUTH"You + Me = Love" / Same1976
PRO 639GRAHAM CENTRAL STATION"Entrow" (Stereo) / (Mono)1976
PRO 640LITTLE FEAT"All That You Dream" (Stereo) / (Mono)1976
PRO 641QUICKEST WAY OUT"Who Am I" / I Don't Want To Lose Your Love"1976
PRO 642CALIFORNIA"Music, Music, Music" / Same1976
PRO 643CANDI STATON"Run To Me" / Same1976
PRO 645VARIOUSThe People's Record [2 X LP]1977
PRO 646
DOBIE GRAY"Find 'Em, Fool 'Em, And Forget 'Em" / Same1976
PRO 647
PRATT & McCLAIN"Whachersign" / Same1976
PRO 648ASHFORD & SIMPSON"Tried, Tested And Found True" / Same1976
PRO 649
Dark Horse
PRO 650STUFF"Foots" / "(Do You) Want Some Of This"1976
PRO 651
UNDISPUTED TRUTH"Let's Go Down To The Disco" / "You + Me = Love"1976
PRO 652FLEETWOOD MAC"Go Your Own Way" / "Silver Springs" / (Mono) / (Mono)1976
PRO 656VARIOUSNew Music That Stays New [2 X LP]1977
PRO 657FUNKADELICHardcore Jollies Promo E.P. "Comin' Round The Mountain" / "Cosmic Slop" / "If You Got Funk, You Got Style"1976
PRO 658
MYSTIQUE"Keep On Playing The Music" / "If You're In Need" / "What Would The World Be Without Music"1977
PRO 659
PHILHARMONICSPiano Concerto - "For Elise" / Same1977
PRO 660VARIOUSCook Book [2 X LP]1977
PRO 661GEORGE BENSON"The World Is A Ghetto" / Same1977
PRO 662
CALHOON"Soul Man"1977
PRO 663HUES CORPORATION"I Caught Your Act" / Same1977
PRO 665LAMONT DOZIER"Going Back To My Roots" (Short) / (Long)1977
PRO 666WAYNE NEWTON"1-2-3"1977
PRO 669PAUL KELLY"Stand On The Positive Side Of Life" / Same1977
PRO 670CANDI STATON"A Dreamer Of A Dream" / Same1977
PRO 672
PERCY SLEDGE"When She's Touching Me" / Same1977
PRO 673GRAHAM CENTRAL STATION"Now Do-U-Wanta Dance" / Same1977
PRO 674
FRANK SINATRA"Night And Day" / "Everybody Ought to Be in Love"1977
PRO 675DEAF SCHOOL2nd Honeymoon "What A Way To End It All" [2 x 7" 33 1/3 RPM]1977
PRO 676ASHFORD & SIMPSON"Over & Over" / Same1977
PRO 680ROD STEWART"The Killing Of Georgie (Part I And II)" / Same [Blue vinyl]1977
PRO 684AL JARREAU"Rainbow In Your Eyes" / "Loving You" / "Take Five" / "We Got By"1977
PRO 685WATERS"Party, Party" / Same1977
PRO 686PAUL KELLY"To The Bone, Get It On" / Same1977
PRO 688NEW BIRTH"Deeper" (Vocal) / (Instrumental)1977
PRO 689
BARBARA MASON & BUNNY SIGLER"Love Song" / "Locked In This Position"1977
PRO 691VARIOUSLimo [2 X LP]1977
PRO 695
ROSE ROYCE"Do Your Dance" / "Wishing On A Star" / "It Makes You Feel Like Dancin'" / "Ooh Boy"1977
PRO 696
VARIOUSNew Wave Rock'n'Roll: Get Behind It Before It Gets Past You [2 X 7"]1977
PRO 697HUES CORPORATION"Telegram Of Love" / "Dancing Together Again"1977
PRO 698
UNDISPUTED TRUTH"Let's Go Down To The Disco" / Same1977
PRO 699LEO SAYER"Thunder In My Heart" / Same1977
PRO 700
LINDA CLIFFORD"From Now On" / "You Can Do It"1977
PRO 703GARY WRIGHT"Touch And Gone" / Same1977
PRO 705VAN HALENLooney Tunes Merrie Melodies - "Runnin' With The Devil" / "Eruption" / "Ice Cream Man" / "You Really Got Me" / "Jamie's Cryin" [Red vinyl]1977
PRO 706ASHFORD & SIMPSON"Don't Cost You Nothing" / Same1977
PRO-A-708VAN HALEN"You Really Got Me" / Same1977
LINDA CLIFFORD"If My Friends Could See Me Now" / "Gypsy Lady"1978
PRO-A-711JOE FARRELL"Promise Me Your Love"1977
PRO-A-713GEORGE BENSON"On Broadway" (Stereo) / (Mono)1978
PRO-A-714GARY WRIGHT"Something Very Special"1977
PRO-A-715RAY SIMPSON"My Love Is Understandin'" / "Tiger Love"1978
PRO-A-716MARC JORDAN"Survival" / Same1978
PRO-A-718EUMIR DEODATO"Whistle Bump" / "Piña Colada"1978
PRO-A-719RONNIE MONTROSE"Town Without Pity" / "No Beginning - No End"1978
PRO-A-721MADLEEN KANE"Rough Diamond" / "Touch My Heart"1978
PRO-A-722SEALS & CROFTS"You're The Love" (Stereo) / (Mono)1978
PRO-A-723RUTLES"I Must Be In Love" / "Doubleback Alley" / "With A Girl Like You" / "Another Day" / "Let's Be Natural" [Yellow vinyl]1978
FOGHAT"Stone blue" (Long) / (Short) [Blue vinyl]1978
PRO-A-726VARIOUSCollectus Interruptus: 26 New and Astounding Exposés of Erotic Earfuls [2 X LP]1978
PRO-A-727STEVE MARTIN"Kig Tut"1978
PRO-A-728MICHAEL FRANKS"Popsicle Toes" / "When The Cookie Jar Is Empty"1978
PLASTIC BERTRAND"Ca Plane Pour Moi (This Life's For Me)" / Same1977
PRO-A-730BAND"Out Of The Blue" / "Theme From The Last Waltz"1978
LINDA CLIFFORD"Runaway Love" / Same1978
BONEY M"Rivers Of Babylon" (Long) / (Short)1978
PRO-A-733SCARLET RIVERA"Scarlet Fever" (Long) / (Short)1978
NORMA JEAN"Saturday" / "This Is The Love" [Red vinyl]1978
PRO-A-737VARIOUSThe Last Waltz Promo [2 X LP]1978
LIARSet the World on Fire [Picture Disc LP]1978
PRO-A-739GORDON LIGHTFOOT"Daylight Katy" / "Handog Hotel Room"1978
PRO-A-741PRINCE"Just As Long As We're Together" / "Soft And Wet"1978
CURTIS MAYFIELD"No Goodbyes" / Same1978
NORMA JEAN"Saturday" (Long) / (Short)1978
COOKIE MONSTER"C Is For Cookie" (Funky) / (Street)1978
PRO-A-748ASHFORD & SIMPSON"It Seems To Hang On" / Same1978
PRO-A-749CANDI STATON"Victim" / Same1978
GENTLE PERSUASION"Litterbug" / Same1978
VARIOUSECM Sampler1978
PRO-A-754THIN LIZZY"Cowboy Song" / "The Boys Are Back In Town" / "Rosalie"1978
PRO-A-755VAN MORRISON"Wavelength" (Short) / (Long)1978
RAMONESRoad To Ruin - "Questioningry" / "Don't Come Close" / "Needles & Pins" / "I Just Want To Have Something To Do" / "I Wanna Be Sedated"1978
PRO-A-760DANNY O'KEEFEThe O'Keefe File [LP]1978
PRO-A-761JOE FARRELL"Night Dancing" / Same1978
PRO-A-762CHAKA KHAN"I'm Every Woman" / Same1978
GRACE JONES"Fame" / "Am I Ever Gonna Fall In Love In NYC"1978
BONEY M"Rasputin" (Long) / (Short)1978
PRO-A-766FUNKADELIC"One Nation Under A Groove" / (Intrumental)1978
NORMA JEAN"Having A Party" / "Sorcerer"1978
PRO-A-768KEITH JARRETT"Country" / "My Song"1978
PRO-A-769CRACKIN'"Double Love" / "I Could Be Anything"1978
GENTLE PERSUASION"Litterbug" (Edit) / (Disco Mix)1978
DINOSAUR"Kiss Me Again" (Long) / (Short) [Red vinyl]1978
PRO-A-772CANDI STATON"Honest I Do Love You" / Same1978
PRO-A-773VARIOUSPumping Vinyl [2 X LP]1978
PRO-A-775VARIOUSThe Warner Brothers Records 20th Anniversary Album in Sound and Picture [6 X LP - Only 3000 copies]1978
WILLIE HUTCH"Come On And Dance With Me" / Same1978
STUDIO 88"Misirlou" / Same1978
PRO-A-778STEVE MARTINA Wild & Crazy Guy [LP]1978
PRO-A-779MATRIX"Spring" / "King Weasel Stomp" / "Brown Boy (A Bermudian Street Scene)"1978
PRO-A-781NICOLETTE LARSON"Lotta Love" / "You Send Me"1978
PRO-A-783DIRE STRAITS"Sultans Of Swing" (Long) / (Short) / "Eastbound Train"1978
DINOSAUR"Kiss Me Again" (Short) / (Long)1978
PRO-A-786HEMLOCK"Disco Break" / Same1978
PRO-A-787CHAKA KHAN"Life Is A Dance" / "Some Love"1978
TODD RUNDGRENBack to the Bars - Radio Sampler / A Conversation with Patti Smith1979
PRO-A-789ALICE COOPERRadio Special for 'From The Inside' [2 X LP]1979
TONY WILSON"Try Love" / Same1979
PRO-A-794VARIOUSA La Carte [2 X LP]1979
VARIOUSECM Sampler Vol. 21979
PRO-A-796VARIOUSMonsters [2 X LP]1979
PRO-A-797GEORGE BENSON"Love Ballad" / Same1979
DUNCAN BROWNE"Wild Places" (Long) / (Short)1979
PAT METHENY"New Chautauqua" / Same1979
PRO-A-800NICOLETTE LARSON"Rhumba Girl"1978
PRO-A-803ASHFORD & SIMPSON"Flashback"1978
RAMONESRock'n'Roll High School 3-track sampler1979
PRO-A-806TIN HUEY"I'm A Believer" / "Hump Day"1978
PRO-A-807CLIMAX BLUES BAND"Fat city" / "Summer Rain" / "Children Of The Nightime"1978
GIBSON BROTHERS"Cuba" / Instrumental1978
PAT METHENYAn Hour With Pat Metheny (Radio Special)1979
PRO-A-812COUCHOS"Do It In The Darkness"1979
PRO-A-816MARSHALL TUCKER"Last Of The Singing Cowboys" / "Running Like The Wind"1979
VENUS DODSON"Shining" / "He Said, She Said"1979
PRO-A-818LARRY GRAHAM with GRAHAM CENTRAL STATION"Star Walk" (Long) / (Short)1979
ROBERT PALMERSecrets [Picture Disc LP]1979
CARESS"Catch The Rhythm" / Same1979
GIBSON BROTHERS"Oooh, What A Life..." / "Better Do It Salsa!"1979
ROSE ROYCE"Is It Love You're After" / "You Can't Run From Yourself"1979
PRO-A-827CANDI STATON"Chance" / "Rock"1979
PRO-A-828VARIOUSEclipse [2 X LP]1979
PRO-A-829FUNKADELIC"(Not Just) Knee Deep" (Part I) / (Part I+II)1979
PRO-A-830SLY & THE FAMILY STONE"Remember Who You Are" (Stereo) / (Mono)1979
PRO-A-831FLEETWOOD MAC"Tusk" / "Never Make Me Cry"1979
PRO-A-832PRINCE"I Wanna Be Your Lover" (Extended) / (Radio)1979
PRO-A-833FREDDIE JAMES"Hollywood" / "Dance Little Boy Blue"1979
PRO-A-834EUMIR DEODATO"Shazam" / "Space Dust - Sherlock"1979
MIGHTY POPE"Sway" / "New Orleans"1979
B-52's"Rock Lobster" / "Dance This Mess Around" / "Planet Claire"1979
PRO-A-837ASHFORD & SIMPSON"Nobody Knows" / Same1979
CARESS"You Got It Too Uptight/Love Spell"1979
NORMA JEAN" High Society" / Same1979
JIMI HENDRIX"Medley: The Little Drummer Boy / Silent Night / Auld Lang Syne" / Same1979
PRO-A-841VARIOUSGold Medal Stamper [2 X LP]1979
M"Moonlight And Muzak" / "Woman Make Man"1979
PRO-A-843PEARL HARBOUR & THE EXPLOSIONS"You Got It" / "Drivin'" / "Busy Little B"1979
PRO-A-844FREDDIE JAMES"Crazy Disco Music"1979
PRO-A-845FLEETWOOD MAC"Sara" / Same1979
TALKING HEADS"I Zimbra" / "Air" / "Life During Wartime"1979
PRO-A-847STARGARD"Runnin' From The Law" / "Footstompin' Music"1979
PRO-A-848PRINCE""Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad?" / "Bambi"1979
VARIOUSMusic With 58 Musicians Volume One [LP]1980
M"That's The Way The Money Goes" (Part I) / (Part II) / "Cowboys And Indians"1979
PRO-A-852MADNESS"One Step Beyond..." / "My Girl" / "Madness"1979
PRO-A-853FLEETWOOD MAC"Think About Me" / "Save Me A Place"1980
CHANGE"A Lover's Holiday"1980
PRETENDERS"Brass In Pocket (I'm Special)" / "Mystery Achievement" / "Precious"1980
VARIOUSTroublemakers [2 X LP]1980
BUGGLES"Clean Clean" / "Living In The Plastic Age"1980
PRO-A-860RANDY NEWMAN"Political Science (Let's Drop The Big One)"1980
PRO-A-861VARIOUSRoadie O.S.T. [LP]1980
PRO-A-862CHAKA KHAN"Clouds" / "What You Did"1980
PRO-A-863MARSHALL TUCKER BAND"It Takes Time" / "Sing My Blues" / "Cattle Drive"1980
PRO-A-864ALICE COOPER"(We're All) Clones" / "Model Citizen"1980
FRANK SINATRA"Theme From New York, New York" / Same1980
PRO-A-866FLEETWOOD MAC6 Songs from 'Tusk' - "What Makes You Think You're the One" / "That's All For Everyone" / "Think About Me" / "I Know I'm Not Wrong" / "Honey Hi" / "Sisters of the Moon"1980
PRO-A-867CANDI STATON"Looking For Love" / Same1980
PRO-A-868RANDY CRAWFORD"Same old story (same old song)" / "Tender Falls The Rain"1980
PRO-A-870PRINCE"Still Waiting" / "Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad?" / "Sexy Dancer"1980
PRO-A-871WATSON BEASLEY"Don't let your chance go by" / "What's On My Mind"1980
PRO-A-872ROADIERadio Special "Ring Of Fire"1980
SILICON TEENS"Judy In Disguise" / "Memphis Tennessee" / "Chip 'N' Roll"1980
ENGLISH BEAT"Tears Of A Clown" / "Hands Off" / "Twist & Crawl"1980
PRO-A-877ZZ TOP"Cheap Sunglasses" (Live) / (Short)1980
GINO SOCCIO"S-Beat" / "I Wanna Take You There Now"1980
GRACE JONES"Warm Leatherette" / "Love Is The Drug" / "The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game" / "Bullshit"1980
GINO SOCCIO"Steady Operator" / "Running In Circles" / "S-Beat"1980
PRO-A-881DEVO"Gates Of Steel" / "Mr. B's Ballroom" / "Whip It"1980
PRO-A-882GEORGE BENSON"Give me the night" / "Dinorah Dinorah"1980
PRO-A-883CHAKA KHAN"Papillon (aka Hot Butterfly)" / "Too Much Love"1980
PRO-A-884ASHFORD & SIMPSON"Love don't make it right" (Long) / (Short)1980
PRO-A-885VARIOUSRoadie O.S.T. [2nd LP]1980
CHANGE"Searching" / "Angel In My Pocket"1980
TELEX"Euro-Vision" / "Dance To The Music" / "Twist A Saint-Tropez"1980
PRO-A-888LARSEN-FEITEN BAND"Who'll Be The Fool Tonight" / "Further Notice"1980
PRO-A-889PAUL SIMON"Late In The Evening" / "How The Heart Approaches What It Yearns"1980
PRO-A-890B-52's"Private Idaho" / "Party Out Of Bounds" (Instrumental)1980
PRO-A-891WATSON BEASLEY"Breakaway" / Same1980
GRACE JONES"The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game"1980
GINO SOCCIO"Heartbreaker" / "Rhythm Of The World"1980
PRO-A-897ZAPP"More Bounce To The Ounce" (Short) / (Long)1980
PRO-A-898EUMIR DEODATO"Night Cruiser" / "Groovitation"1980
PRO-A-899CODE BLUE"Whisper-Touch" / "Face To Face" / "Hurt" / "The Need" [Blue vinyl]1980
PRO-A-900CRAIG MIRIJANIAN"After Hours" (Long) / (Short)1980
NEIL YOUNG"Hawks & Doves" / "Union Man" [Blue vinyl]1980
BOB MARLEY & THE WAILERS"Could You Be Loved"1980
TALKING HEADS"Crosseyed And Painless" (Long) / (Short)1980
PRO-A-904PRINCE"Uptown" (Edit) / (Long)1980
PRO-A-905GEORGE BENSON"Love X Love" / " Dinorah Dinorah"1980
ROBERT PALMER"Johnny And Mary"1980
PRO-A-907STEPHEN BISHOPRed Cab To Manhattan - "The Big House" / "Let Her Go" / "The Story Of A Boy In Love" / "Sex Littens Go To College"1980
TODD RUNDGRENDeface The Music - "I Just Want to Touch" / "That's Not Right" / "Take It Home" / "Feel It Good" / "Everybody Else Is Wrong"1980
PRO-A-909CHAKA KHAN"Get Ready, Get Set" (Stereo) / (Mono)1980
DONNA SUMMER"The Wanderer" (Mono) / (Stereo)1980
PRO-A-911VAN MORRISON"Summertime In England" / "Haunts Of Ancient Peace"1980
SHAUN CASSIDY"Rebel Rebel" / "Shake Me, Wake Me"1980
CHANGE"The Glow Of Love" (Long) / (Short)1980
PRO-A-915PRINCE"Head" / "Sister" / "Partyup"1980
PRO-A-916PRINCE"When You Were Mine" / "Gotta Broken Heart Again" / "Uptown"1980
JOHN LENNON & YOKO ONO"(Just Like) Starting Over" / "Kiss Kiss Kiss"1980
GRACE JONES"Breakdown" (Long) / (Short) / "Warm Leatherette"1980
PRO-A-921ROD STEWART"Passion" (Long) / (Short)1980
ROBERT PALMER"Looking For Clues" / Same1980
BRIAN BRIGGSAeo - "Aeo" (Part I) / (Part II) / "Psyclone" / "Nervous Breakdown" / "Spy Vs. Spy"1980
DONNA SUMMER"Cold Love" / "Looking Up" / "Who Do You Think You're Foolin'"1980
PRO-A-926DIRE STRAITS"Skateaway" / "Tunnel Of Love" (Part I + II)1980
PRO-A-927B-52's"Give Me Back My Man" / "Strobe Light"1980
PRO-A-928DEVOLive "Freedom Of Choice Theme Song" / "Whip It" / "Gates Of Steel" / "Be Stiff"1980
PRO-A-929PRINCE"Dirty Mind" (Long) / (Short)1980
TALKING HEADS"Once In A Lifetime" (Long) / "Born Under Punches (The Heat Goes On)" / "Houses In Motion" / (Short)1980
YOKO ONOWalking On Thin Ice - "For John"1981
PRO-A-932FLEETWOOD MAC"Fireflies" (Long) / (Short)1981
PRO-A-933AL JARREAU"One Good Turn" / "Alonzo" / "Love Is Real" / "(If I Could Only) Change Your Mind"1981
YOKO ONO"Walking On Thin Ice" / "It Happened" / "Hard Times Are Over"1981
GRACE JONES"Pull Up To The Bumper" (Short) / (Long)1981
PRO-A-937PRINCE"Gotta Stop (Messin' About)" / "Partyup" / "Head" / "When You Were Mine" / "Uptown"1980
PRO-A-938THE WHO"You Better You Bet" (Long) / (Short)1981
PRO-A-939DAVID SANBORN"Let's Just Say Goodbye" / "All I Need Is You" / "Wake Me When It's Over"1981
STEVE WINWOOD / U2"Night Train" / "I Will Follow"1981
PRETENDERS"Talk of the Town" / "Message of Love" [7"]1981
PRO-A-943RY COODERLive EP - "Crazy 'bout An Automobile" / "If Walls Could Talk" / "The Very Thing That Makes You Rich" / "Look"1981
PRO-A-944THE WHOFilling In The Gaps [2 X LP]1981
SADANE / MAMMATAPEE"Sit Up" / "Monster Fun"1981
T.G. SHEPPARDThe Best Of T.G. Sheppard1981
ELTON JOHN"Nobody Wins" / (French)1981
PRO-A-949GEORGE HARRISON"All Those Years Ago" / Same1981
PRO-A-950MARSHALL TUCKER BAND"This Time I Believe" / "Tell The Blues To Take Off The Night"1981
PRO-A-951KRAFTWERK"Pocket Calculator" / "Dentaku"1981
STARGARD /O'CONNER"High On The Boogie" / "Come Alive"1981
BRIAN ENO & DAVID BYRNE"The Jezebel Spirit" / "America Is Waiting" / "Help Me Somebody"1981
PLASTICS"Diamond Head" / "Robot" / "Top Secret Man" / "Peace"1981
MATERIAL with NONA HENDRYX"Busting Out" / (Heavy Metal Mix)1981
PAT METHENY & LYLE MAYS"It's For You" / "As Fall Wichita, So Falls Wichita Falls" [7" 33 1/3 RPM]1981
WAS (NOT WAS)"Out Come The Freaks" / Dub1981
PRO-A-965JACO PASTORIUSJohn & Mary [LP]1981
RAMONES"We Want The Airwaves" / "It's Not My Place (In The 9 To 5 World)" / "She's A Sensation" / "This Business Is Killing Me"1981
PATTI AUSTIN"Do You Love Me?" (Long) / (Short)1981
PRO-A-968SUE ANN"Let Me Let You Rock Me" (Long) / (Short)1981
KID CREOLE & THE COCONUTS"Going Places" / "In The Jungle" / "Table Manners"1981
PRO-A-970TIME"Get It Up"1981
PRO-A-973KRAFTWERK"Numbers/Computer • World.. 2" / "Computer Love"1981
PRO-A-974ROGER"I Heard It Through The Grapevine" / "So Ruff, So Tuff"1981
YOKO ONO"No, No, No"1981
PRO-A-976SHOCK TREATMENT"Shock Treatment" / "Overture"1981
PRO-A-977RICKIE LEE JONES"We Belong Together" / "A Lonely Guy" / "Woody & Dutch On The Show Train To Peking"1981
PRO-A-980PRINCE"Controversy" (Short) / (Long)1981
PRO-A-981VARIOUS"US Marine Corps" / "Toys For Tots" [7"]1981
PRO-A-984LITTLE FEATHoy-Hoy! - "Gringo" / "Over The Edge" / "Teenage Nervous Breakdown" / "Rock And Roll Doctor"1981
GRACE JONES"Feel Up" / "Walking In The Rain"1981
ROSE ROYCE"R.R. Express" (Long) / (Short)1981
PRO-A-987QUARTERFLASH"Harden My Heart"1981
ENGLISH BEAT"Too Nice To Talk To" / "Mirror In The Bathroom" / "Walk Away"1981
PRO-A-989ROD STEWART"Young Turks" (Short) / (Long)1981
PRO-A-991SUE SAAD"Looker" / Same1981
PRO-A-992VARIOUSAppetizers [LP]1981
PRO-A-993DEVONew Traditionalists - "Jerkin' Back 'N' Forth" / "Going Under" / "Through Being Cool"1981
PRO-A-994TIME"Cool" (Long) / (Short)1981
ERNIE WATTS"Chariots Of Fire" (Long) / (Short)1981
TOM TOM CLUB"Genius Of Love" / "Lorelei" (Instrumental)1981
PRO-A-997ROGER TROUTMAN"Do It Roger" / "Blue (A Tribute To The Blues)"1981
PRO-A-998STEVE MARTINPennies From Heaven Radio Special1981
DEPECHE MODE"Just Can't Get Enough" / "New Life"1981
WAS (NOT WAS)"Tell Me That I'm Dreaming" / (Souped-Up Version)1981
SAMMY HAGAR"I'll Fall In Love Again" (Short) / (Long)1981
PRO-A-1004PRINCE"Let's Work" (Long) / (Short)1981
PRO-A-1005KING CRIMSON"Elephant Talk" / "Thela Hun Ginjeet" / "Matte Kudasai (Please Wait For Me)"1981
PRO-A-1006VAN HALEN"Pretty Woman" / "Happy Trails"1982
QUARTERFLASH"Find Another Fool" (Short) / (Long)1982
PRO-A-1010RIGGS"Ready Or Not" / "Take It Off" / "Over & Over" / "One Night Affairs"1982
ERNIE WATTS"Hold On" / "Gigolo"1982
NEIL YOUNG"Opera Star" / "Surfer Joe And Moe The Sleaze"1982
PRO-A-1016B-52's"Mesopotamia" / "Deep Sleep" / "Cake"1982
VARIOUSECM Sampler 111982
PRO-A-1018ELTON JOHN"Empty Garden (Hey Hey Johnny)" (Long) / (Short)1982
PRO-A-1019BOOTSY COLLINS"Take A Lickin' And Keep On Kickin'" (Long) / (Short)1982
LESTER BOWIE"Rios Negroes" / "The Great Pretender"1982
SOFT CELL"Sex Dwarf" / "Entertain Me" / "Seedy Films"1981
PRO-A-1022ATKINS"Feel It, Don't Fight It" (Long) / (Short)1982
DREAMGIRLS"And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going" / "When I First Saw You" / "Hard To Say Goodbye, My Love"1982
PRO-A-1024AMBROSIA"For Openers (Welcome Home)" / "Kid No More" / "How Can You Love Me" / "Ice Age"1982
DEPECHE MODESpeak & Spell - "Big Muff" / "Photographic" / "Nodisco" / "Boys Say Go!"1981
KID CREOLE & THE COCONUTS"I'm A Wonderful Thing, Baby" (Long) / (Short)1982
PAT METHENY GROUP"Are You Going With Me?" / "Eighteen" / "James"1982
PRO-A-1030BONNIE RAITT"Me and the Boys" / Same1982
QUARTER FLASH"Find Another Fool" (Live) / "Right Kind Of Love"1982
PRO-A-1032EUMIR DEODATO"Happy Hour" (Long) / (Short)1982
TALKING HEADSThe Name Of This Band Is Talking Heads - "Psycho Killer" / "Life During Wartime" / "Take Me To The River" / "Houses In Motion"1982
PRO-A-1034PATTY WEAVER"Shot In The Dark" / Same1982
PRO-A-1035PRINCE"Do Me, Baby" / "Private Joy"1982
PRO-A-1036MARC SADANE"One Minute From Love" / Same1982
SOFT CELL"What" / "Insecure...Me?"1982
PRO-A-1038RICHARD PRYORLive On The Sunset Strip - "Burnin' Up" / "Prison" / "Africa"1982
PRO-A-1040FLEETWOOD MAC"Hold Me" / Same1982
DONNA SUMMER"Love Is In Control (Finger On The Trigger)" (Short) / (Long)1982
ASIA"Only Time Will Tell" / "Here Comes The Feeling"1982
PRO-A-1043ZAPP"Dance Floor" (Long) / (Short)1982
PRO-A-1045KING CRIMSON"Heartbeat" / "Neal and Jack and Me" / "Sartori In Tangier"1982
DONNA SUMMER"State Of Independence" / "Protection"1982
PRO-A-1049MARC SADANE"Exciting" / Same1982
PRO-A-1050GANG OF FOUR"I Love A Man In A Uniform" (Long) / Call Me Up / (Short)1982
STEVE WINWOOD"Still In The Game" / Same1982
GREG COPELAND"Used" / "Full Cleveland" / "Starting Place" / "At The Warfield"1982
PRO-A-1056ROXY MUSIC"Take A Chance With Me" (Short) / (Long) / "More Than This" / "Avalon"1982
PRO-A-1057MICHAEL McDONALD"I Keep Forgettin'" / "Losin' End"1982
PRO-A-1059ALICE COOPER"I Like Girls" / Same1982
PRO-A-1061VANITY 6"Nasty Girl" (Long) / (Short)1982
PETER GABRIEL"Shock The Monkey" / "I Have The Touch" / "Kiss Of Life"1982
ASSOCIATES"Love Hangover" / "18 Carat Love Affair"1982
KID CREOLE & THE COCONUTS"Stool Pigeon" / "Annie, I'm Not Your Daddy" / "I'm Corrupt"1982
PRO-A-1065THE WHO"Athena" / Same1982
PRO-A-1066TIME"777-9311" /Short) / "Grace" / (Long)1982
PRO-A-1070PRINCE"1999" (Long) / (Short)1982
PRO-A-1071DONALD FAGEN"I.G.Y. (What's A Beautiful World)" (Long) / (Short)1982
YAZ / SUNFIRE"Don't Go" / "Bring Your Love Down (Didn't I)" / "Bad Connection" / "Shake Your Body" (Long) / (Short)1982
PRO-A-1073DEODATO"Keep On Movin'" / "Keep It In The Family"1982
PRO-A-1074ZAPP"Doo Wa Ditty"1982
Dark Horse
GEORGE HARRISON"Wake Up My Love" / Same1982
FOGHAT"Slipped Tripped Fell In Love"1982
PRO-A-1077MARC SADANE"Baby Won't Cha"1982
JOHN LENNON"Happy Xmas (War Is Over)" / "Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)"1982
PRO-A-1080TIME"The Walk" (Long) / "I Don't Wanna Leave You" / (Short)1982
JONI MITCHELL"(You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care" / "Man To Man" / "Wild Things Run Fast" / "Underneath The Street Light"1982
PRO-A-1082PRINCE"Let's Pretend We're Married" / "D.M.S.R." / "Automatic"1982
PETER GABRIEL / YAZ / MADONNA / DEVO / THE THE / MODERN ENGLISHBest Of The New - "Shock The Monkey" / "Don't Go" / "Everybody" / "Peek-A-Boo" / "Uncertain Smile" / "I Melt With You"1982
DEPECHE MODEA Broken Frame - "Leave In Silence" / "A Photograph Of You" / "My Secret Garden" / "Further Excerpts From: My Secret Garden"1982
PRETENDERS"Back On The Chain Gang" / "My City Was Gone"1982
SAMMY HAGAR"Your Love IS Driving Me Crazy" / "I Don't Need Love"1982
PRO-A-1087THE WHO"Eminence Front" (Short) / (Long)1982
KEITH JARRETT"Heartland" / "Mon Coeur Est Rouge" (Short) / (Long)1982
PRO-A-1092DONALD FAGEN"New Frontier" / "The Goodbye Look"1982
PRO-A-1093RUFUS"Take It To The Top" (Long) / (Short)1983
PRO-A-1094CHRISTOPHER CROSS"All Right" / Same1983
THE THE"Uncertain Smile" (Long) / (Short)1983
SOFT CELL"Loving You, Hating Me" (Long) / "Heat" / (Short)1983
PRO-A-1097RANDY NEWMAN"I Love L.A." / "Take Me Back" / "The Blues" / "My Life Is Good"1983
PRO-A-1098MARCUS MILLER"Lovin' You" (Long) / (Short)1983
PRO-A-1099DEVO"That's Good" / " Speed Racer" / "Big Mess"1983
PRO-A-2001PRINCE"Little Red Corvette" (LP) / (Dance Mix)1982
RIC OCASEK"Prove / Connect Up To Me1982
BERLIN"Sex (I'm A...)" / (Instrumental)1982
KID CREOLE & THE COCONUTS"Annie, I'm Not Your Daddy" / "I'm A Wonderful Thing, Baby"1982
PRO-A-2006DEVO"That's Good" / "Speed Racer"1983
DEBRA HURD"Hug Me, Squeeze Me" / Same1983
PRO-A-2011ZZ TOP"Gimme All Your Lovin" / "Got Me Under Pressure"1983
JOAN RIVERSExcerpts From What Becomes A Semi Legend Most1983
OXO"Whirly Girl" / "My Ride"1983
BLASTERS"Barefoot Rock" / "Fool's Paradise" / "Long White Cadillac"1983
PLANET P"Why Me?" / (Instrumental Dubb)1983
ELTON JOHN"I'm Still Standing" / Same1983
PRO-A-2026GEORGE BENSON"Inside Love (So Personal)" (LP) / (Instrumental) / (Edit)1983
PRO-A-2028JERREAU"Boogie Down" (Long) / (LP)1983
JR TUCKER"Bad Girls" (Single) / (LP)1983
PRO-A-2030FOGHAT"That's What Love Can Do" / Same1983
PRO-A-2031MARCUS MILLER"Lovin' You" (LP) / (Edit)1983
PRO-A-2032ROD STEWART"Baby Jane" / Same1983
PRO-A-2033ROXY MUSIC"More Than This" / "Avalon"1982
QUARTERFLASH"Take Me To Heart"1983
MODERN ENGLISH"Someone's Calling" / "Carry Me Down"1983
PRO-A-2036MARSHALL CRENSHAW"Whenever You're On My Mind" / Same1983
PRO-A-2037DICK SMITH"Tobacco Road" / "Sunny"1983
PRO-A-2041JULUKA"Scatterlings Of Africa" (LP) / (Edit)1983
PRO-A-2042PRINCE"1999" / "Free" / "Automatic"1982
PRO-A-2043LARRY CARLTON"Tequila" (Edit) / (LP)1983
PETER GABRIEL"I Go Swimming" / "No Self Control" / "D.I.Y." / "I Don't Remember"1983
PRO-A-2045B-52's"Legal Tender" / "Whammy Kiss" / "Song for a Future Generation"1983
TALKING HEADS"Burning Down The House" / "Pull Up The Roots" / "Slippery People (Cassette Version)"1983
JACK DeJOHNETTE"Inflation Blues" / "Ebony"1983
PRO-A-2048SHRIEKBACK"My Spine (Is The Bassline)" / "Accretions" / "Clear Trails"1983
ASIA"Don't Cry" / Same1983
PRO-A-2052ZZ TOP"Sharp Dressed Man" / "Legs"1983
PRO-A-2054RUFUS & CHAKA KHAN"Ain't Nobody" (Live) / "Stay"1983
PRO-A-2055LINDSEY BUCKINGHAM"Holiday Road" / Same1983
PRO-A-2056ZAPP"I Can Make You Dance" (Long) / (Short)1983
TALKING HEADS"Burning Down The House" / "Pull Up The Roots" / "Slippery People (Cassette Version)"1983
LESTER BOWIE"For Louie"1983
PRO-A-2061VARIOUSDance Rhythm 'N' Rock - New Music Seminar Mixer1983
PRO-A-2063ROD STEWART"Dancin' Alone" / "Ghetto Blaster" / "What Am I Gonna Do"1983
PRO-A-2065LARRY GRAHAM"I'm Sick And Tired" / Same1983
ELTON JOHN"Kiss The Bride" (Long) / (Short)1983
MADONNA"Lucky Star" / "Holiday"1983
TIM SCOTT"Swear" (LP) / (Single)1983
JAMES INGRAM"Party Animal" / (Instrumental)1983
DECO"Fresh Idea" (Long) / (Single)1983
PATTI AUSTIN"It's Gonna Be Special" (Dance Remix) / (Single)1984
QUARTERFLASH"Take Another Picture" / "It Don't Move Me"1983
WAS (NOT WAS)"Knocked Down, Made Small (Treated Like A Rubber Ball)" / "Bow Wow Wow Wow" / "Smile" / "Shake Your Head (Let's Go To Bed)"1983
PRO-A-2080PRINCE"Delirious" (LP) / (Single)1982
PRO-A-2081GANG OF FOURHard - "Is It Love" (Long) / "A Man With A Good Car" / "Is It Love" (Short)1982
PRO-A-2083ZAPP"Heartbreaker" / "Heartbreaker"1983
MONTE VIDEO"Shoop-Shoop, Diddy-Wop, Cumma-Cumma, Wang-Dang" (Dance) / (Single)1983
PRO-A-2087SERGE PONSAR"I Want Money" (LP) / (Short)1983
PRO-A-2090JOHN ANDERSON"Haunted House" / "Black Sheep"1983
PRO-A-2092HANK WILLIAMS JR.Interview with...1983
PRO-A-2093VARIOUSIf The Shoe Fits... Hear It1983
PRO-A-2094ZZ TOP"TV Dinners" / Same1983
TOM TOM CLUB"Pleasure Of Love" (LP) / (Instrumental)1983
DEPECHE MODE"Everything Counts" (Short) / (Long)1983
JOHN HIATT"Say It With Flowers" / "I Don't Even Try" / "Riding With The King"1983
PREVIEW"Red Lights" / "All Night"1983
PRO-A-2100PAUL SIMON"Allergies" (LP) / (Single)1983
TALKING HEADS"This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)" (Edit) / (LP)1983
PRO-A-2102BLACK SABBATH"Thrashed" / "Zero The Hero"1983
JENNIFER HOLLIDAY"Just Let Me Wait" (Edit) / (Long)1983
PRO-A-2105VAN HALEN"Jump" / Same1983
PRETENDERS"Middle Of The Road" / "2000 Miles"1983
PRO-A-2107RUFUS & CHAKA KHAN"One Million Kisses"1983
WANG CHUNG"Don't Let Go" / "Wait" / "Dance Hall Days"1983
IRENE CARA"The Dream (Hold On To Your Dream)" (Dance) / (Single)1983
PRO-A-2111CHRISTINE McVIE"Got A Hold On Me" / Same1984
HUMAN BODYMake You Shake It - "As We Lay" / "Make You Shake It" / "Keep Your Head Up" [3x12"]1984
PRO-A-2113PAT WILSON"Bop Girl" (Short) / (Long)1983
SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES"Dear Prudence" / "Dazzle"1983
XTCMummer - "Great Fire" / "Love On a Farmboy's Wages" / "Wonderland" / "Funk Pop a Roll"1983
SPECIMEN"Returning (From A Journey)" / "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang"1983
MADONNA"Borderline" (New Mix) / (Instrumental)1983
BERLINLove Life - "Touch" / "Now It's My Turn" / "In My Dreams" / "No More Words"1984
MADNESS"The Sun And The Rain" / "Wings Of A Dove (A Celebratory Song)" / "Keep Moving"1984
PRO-A-2123LAURIE ANDERSON"Sharkey's Day" / "Sharkey's Night" / "Excellent Birds"1984
PRO-A-2124ZZ TOP"Legs" / Same1984
PRO-A-2126VAN HALEN"I'll Wait" / "Drop Dead Legs"1983
STEVE TIBBETTS"Test" / "Vision"1984
PRETENDERS"Show Me" / "Time the Avenger"1984
PRO-A-2129CHRISTINE McVIE"Love Will Show Us How" (Edit) / (LP)1984
STYLE COUNCIL"My Ever Changing Moods" / "You're The Best Thing" / "A Solid Bond In Your Heart"1984
PRO-A-2131KING CRIMSON"Sleepless" (Single) / (LP)1984
IRENE CARA"Breakdance" / (Dubb)1984
CARLA BLEY"Talking Hearts" / "Heavy Hearts"1984
Full Moon
CHICAGO"Stay The Night" / Same1984
SMITHS"What Difference Does It Make?" / "This Charming Man" / "Reel Around The Fountain"1984
PRO-A-2137RPM"Man Overboard" / Same1984
AUSTRALIAN CRAWL"Things Don't Seem" / "The Boys Light Up"1984
PRO-A-2139PRINCE"When Doves Cry" (Long) / (Short)1984
PRO-A-2140J.D. SOUTHER"Bad News Travels Fast" / "Home By Dawn" / "Go Ahead And Rain"1984
HSAS"Whiter Sade Of Pale"1984
HUMAN BODY"Make You Shake It" (LP) / (Edit)1984
PATTI AUSTIN"Rhythm Of The Street" (LP) / (Single)1984
PRO-A-2145SHEILA E."The Glamorous Life" (Edit) / (Album)1984
PRO-A-2146ZZ TOP"Legs" (Dance Mix) / Same1984
BERLIN"Now It's My Turn" (Edit Remix) / (LP)1984
PRO-A-2148ROD STEWART"Infatuation" (LP) / (Edit)1984
PRO-A-2149DIRE STRAITSAlchemy - "Solid Rock" / "Expresso Love" / "Sultans Of Swing"1984
MODERN ENGLISH"Rainbow's End" / "Chapter 12" / "Machines"1984
PRO-A-2151ROGER"In The Mix" (LP) / (Single)1984
WANG CHUNG"Wait" (LP) / (Edit)1984
CARLA BLEYCarla Bley Audio - "Heavy Hearts"1984
PRETENDERS"Thin Line Between Love And Hate" / "Thumbelina"1984
WHITESNAKE"Slow An' Easy" (LP) / (Edit)1984
SAMMY HAGAR"Two Sides Of Love" / Same1984
PRO-A-2157COMBONATION"Girls Like You" / "Babble On"1984
PRO-A-2158KING CRIMSON"Three of a Perfect Pair" / "Man With an Open Heart"1984
PRO-A-2159TIME"Ice Cream Castles" (LP) / (Edit)1984
ELTON JOHN"Sad Songs (Say So Much)" / Same1984
PRO-A-2161VARIOUSSurvival Sampler1984
PRO-A-2162VAN HALEN"Panama" / Same1984
ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN"Seven Seas" / "Silver"1984
PRO-A-2166DIO"The Last In Line" (LP) / (Edit)1984
PRO-A-2167SHEILA E."The Glamorous Life" (Album Edit) / (Single)1984
PRO-A-2168DAVID SANDBORN"Believer" (Dance Mix) / (Edit)1984
BLUEBELLS"I'm Falling" (7") / "H.O.L.L.A.N.D" / "I'm Falling" (LP)1984
PRO-A-2170ROGER"Midnight Hour" / (Part 1)1984
MADONNA"Like A Virgin" / Same1984
PRO-A-2173PRINCE & THE REVOLUTION"Let's Go Crazy" (Edit) / (Album)1984
SAMMY HAGAR"I Can't Drive 55" / Same1984
BLACK 'N BLUE"Hold On To 18" / Same1984
ELTON JOHNSasson Presents - "Sad Songs (Say So Much)" / "Nobody Wins" / "Blue Eyes" / "I Guess Why They Call It The Blues"1984
PRO-A-2177VAN HALEN"Hot For Teacher" (LP) / (Edit)1984
WHITESNAKE"Love Ain't No Stranger" (LP) / (Edit)1984
BLANCMANGE"Don't Tell Me" / (Edit)1984
DONNA SUMMER"There Goes My Baby" / Same1984
PRO-A-2182PRINCE & THE REVOLUTION"Let's Go Crazy" (Dance Mix) / (Album)1984
PRO-A-2184ROD STEWART"Some Guys Have All The Luck" / "Bad For You"1984
PRO-A-2186KEITH JARRETT"Flying" / "Prism"1984
ELTON JOHN"Who Wears These Shoes?" / Same1984
PAT METHENY GROUP"The First Circle" / "End Of The Game"1984
PRO-A-2190APOLLONIA 6"Sex Shooter" (Edit) / (LP)1984
PRO-A-2191RICKIE LEE JONES"Real End" (Edit) / (LP)1984
PRO-A-2192PRINCE & THE REVOLUTION"Purple Rain" (Edit) / (LP) [Purple Vinyl]1984
PRO-A-2194TIME"Jungle Love" (LP) / (Edit)1984
PRO-A-2195MARC ANTHONY THOMPSON"So Fine" (Edit) / (LP)1984
PRO-A-2196JULUKA"Fever" / Same1984
PRO-A-2197CHURCH"Constant In Opal" / "Shadow Cabinet"1984
PRO-A-2198DIO"Mystery" / Same1984
PAT METHENY"End Of The Game"1984
PRO-A-2201SHEILA E."The Belle Of St. Mark" (Edit) / (LP)1984
PRO-A-2202HONEYMOON SUITE"Burning In Love" / Same1984
PRO-A-2203CARMEL"More, More, More" / "Bad Day"1984
PRO-A-2204JULUKA"Fever" (Long) / (Short)1984
WANG CHUNG"Don't Be My Enemy" (LP) / (Edit)1984
AZTEC CAMERA"All I Need Is Everything" (Edit) / (LP) / "Jump"1984
TALKING HEADS"Once In A Lifetime" (Edit) / (LP)1984
PRO-A-2208DEODATO"S.O.S., Fire In The Sky" (LP) / (Edit)1984
TOM ROBINSON"War Baby" / "Atmospherics (Listen To The Radio)" / "Rikki Don't Lose That Number"1984
JACK DeJOHNETTE'S SPECIAL EDITION"New Orleans Strut" (Edit) / (Long) / "Zoot Suite"1984
DON HENLEY"The Boys Of Summer" (Edit) / (LP)1984
XTC"All You Pretty Girls" / "Wake Up" / "Shake You Donkey Up"1984
FRANK SINATRA"Mack The Knife" / Same1984
PRO-A-2217DEVO"Are You Experienced?" / "Please Please"1984
PRO-A-2218RICKIE LEE JONES"It Must Be Love" / "Juke Box Fury"1984
RAMONES"Howling At The Moon" / "Chasing The Night"1984
PRO-A-2220DIO"We Rock" / "Breathless"1984
DEPECHE MODE"Master And Servant" (LP) / (Black & Blue Vers.)1984
BLANCMANGE"That's Love Tat It Is"1984
MADONNA"Like A Virgin" / Same1984
PRO-A-2224FRED SCHNEIDER & THE SHAKE SOCIETY"Monster" / "Boonga (The New Jersey Caveman)"1984
LOS LOBOS"Don't Worry Baby" / "Will The Wolf Survive?"1984
VARIOUSECM Presents...1984
PRO-A-2229LAURIE ANDERSONSelections From United States Live1984
dB's"A Spy In The House Of Love" (Extended) / (LP) / "Amplifier"1984
PRO-A-2231GEORGE BENSON"20/20" / Same1984
PRO-A-2233PRINCE & THE REVOLUTION"I Would Die 4 U" / Same1984
PRO-A-2234JOHN FOGERTY"The Old Man Down The Road" / Same1984
PRO-A-2235DAVID LEE ROTH"California Girls" / Same1985
A DROP IN THE GRAY"All The Same" / "Fall And Cry"1984
COTTON CLUB"I'll Wind" / "Minnie The Moocher"1985
JOURNEY"Only The Young" / Same1985
PRO-A-2242TIME"The Bird" (Long) / (Edit) / "My Drawers"1985
DON HENLEY"Sunset Grill" / Same1984
JOHN HIATT"Zero House"1985
PRO-A-2247NARADA MICHAEL WALDEN"Gimme,Gimme,Gimme" (LP) / (Edit)1985
PRO-A-2248ERIC CLAPTON"Forever Man" / Same1985
PRO-A-2250LINDA THOMPSON"Can't Stop The Girl" / "One Clear Moment"1985
PRO-A-2251GEORGE BENSON"20/20" (Extended) / Same1985
LOS LOBOS"Will The Wolf Survive?" (Remix) / (LP)1985
DON HENLEY"All She Wants To Do is Dance"1984
PRO-A-2256CHICAGO"Along Comes A Woman" / Same1985
MADONNA"Material Girl" (Dance Remix)/ Same1984
PRO-A-2258DEODATO"Are You For Real" / "Motion"1984
BLASTERS"Colored Lights" / "Dark Night"1985
DIO"Hungry For Heaven"1985
DON HENLEY"Drivin' With Your Eyes Closed" / Same1984
PRO-A-2263PRINCE & THE REVOLUTION"Take Me With U" / Same1984
JACK WAGNER"Premonition" / Same1984
PRO-A-2265CHRIS ISAAK"Dancin'" / "Gone Ridin'"1985
PRO-A-2266ROUGH CUTT"Never Gonna Die"1985
PRO-A-2267JOHN FOGERTY"Rock And Roll Girls" / "Centerfield"1985
PRO-A-2269AL JERREAU"Raging Waters" (LP) / (Edit)1985
PRO-A-2270MARC ANTHONY THOMPSON"Love Cools Down" / "Lullabye Drive"1984
DEPECHE MODE"Blasphemous Rumours" / "Something To Do" / "(Set Me Free) Remotivate Me"1985
JOHN HIATT"Living A Little Laughing A Little"1985
LONE JUSTICE"Ways To Be Wicked" / Same1985
VITAMIN Z"Burning Flame" / Same1985
PRO-A-2277DAVID LEE ROTH"Just A Gigolo/I Ain't Got Nobody (Medley)" (LP) / (Edit)1985
VAN ZANT"I'm A Fighter" / Same1985
PRO-A-2279MICHAEL RUFF"Let Her Stay"1985
WHOOPI GOLDBERG"Fontain" / "Surfer Chick"1985
DON HENLEY"All She Wants To Do is Dance" (Extended) / (Dub)1984
SAMMY HAGAR"Swept Away" / Same1985
DAVID ROSTAMO"Culture Vulture" / "Dead Poets"1985
PRO-A-2286DIRE STRAITS"Walk Of Life" / "Far Away"1984
JOHN HIATTRiot With Hiatt - Live Bootleg1985
DON HENLEY"Not Enough Love In The World" / "A Month Of Sundays"1985
PRO-A-2291a-ha"Take On Me" (Long) / (Single)1985
MADONNA"Angel" (Short) / (Dance Mix)1985
PRO-A-2293CHICAGO"Along Comes A Woman" / Same1984
PRO-A-2296MARC ANTHONY THOMPSON"Love Cools Down" (LP) / (Edit)1984
SHOOTING STAR"Summer Sun" / Same1985

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