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Casablanca Records & Filmworks
8255 Sunset Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA

Casablanca Records was formed in 1973 and was run by Neil Bogart.
Casablanca's first big signing was KISS.
Casablanca Records became the most successful Disco label when signing artists like
Donna Summer, Village People, Brooklyn Dreams, Cher, Love & Kisses
and great P-Funk act Parliament.
Neil Bogart sold Casablanca to Polygram in 1980.
In May 8, 1982 Neil Bogart died of cancer.

Neil Bogart Neil Bogart was born in Brooklyn, New York in February 3, 1941.
Neil was actually born Bogartz, but he changed his name to Bogart after his childhood movie idol - Humphrey Bogart, who were the hero in the classic movie - Casablanca!
He started out as a singer in the early 1960's and was recording under the name - Neil Scott. He released some singles like "Bobby"/"I haven't found it with another", "Ghost of a chance with you!/"Let me think it over" as well as "Tomboy"/"Run to me".
According to his friend Stuart they were both also regular dancers on the Alan Freed Big Beat TV Show and they dated a pair of twin sisters during that period.
In the mid 60's he was working in MGM Records' promotions department when he was brought into Cameo/Parkway Records. In 1967 Cameo/Parkway was sold and Neil became the General Manager of Buddah Records.
In 1973 Neil formed Casablanca Records with money Warner Brothers put up. Originally the he wanted to call the label Emerald City after the Wizard of Oz, but since Warner owned the rights to the movie Casablanca, it was easier to get the rights to use that name and it was also much better for promotions.
Neil's first big signing was the rock group KISS.

But Neil's label would also become one of the most successful and influential Disco labels when signing artists like Donna Summer, Village People, Brooklyn Dreams, Cher, Love & Kisses and great P-Funk act Parliament.

Casablanca Logo

Warner and Neil didn't get along very well since Neil wanted more freedom to release records whenever he wanted and not according to a timetable which was the major labels, like Warner's, way. Neil and Warner came to an agreement that Neil on a monthly basis would pay back the money Warner had put into the company, which he did.
After the split with Warner the Casablanca office were moved to Sunset Boulevard and the whole office interior were inspired by the Casablanca movie, with Neil's office like a complete replica of Rick's American Café from the movie.
The employees used to refer to the office as "the Casbah".
This was in the mid 70's and it was now the Disco scene really took off...

Donna Summer - Love to love you baby Donna Summer, Giorgio Moroder and Pete Bellotte had been working together for some years when Donna in 1975 came up with the idea of doing "Love to love you baby". She had been inspired by the old Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg song "Je t'aime... moi non plus", a song that later was released as a bonus 12" with the Thank God it's Friday soundtrack. She said to Pete and Giorgio that she wanted and could do a song like that. Giorgio produced it and made a 3 minutes single out of the song. The single didn't hit and Donna was actually quite satisfied since she thought it was maybe a little too sexy and she had never intended it to be a hit. But... Neil Bogart got hold of the single and he just loved it.
He played it at a party he held at his house and all his friends just begged him to play it over and over again. Neil immediately called Giorgio and told him to make it much longer to any cost - and the result is an almost 17 minutes long Disco orgy.

The team (Giorgio, Pete and Donna) was VERY productive and released almost 2 albums a year on Casablanca.
A Love trilogy was released in 1976 and later the same year they released Four seasons of love. In the summer of 1977 I remember yesterday was available in the stores. This was a "theme" album were each song represented a different decade... For example the title song, "I remember yesterday", is a 20's "Charleston" type of song. But the huge hit from the album was the song that should represent the future - it became the first real Disco hit - "I feel love".
This was a groundbreaking tune in which they founded the famous "galloping bassline", which today has become a kind "standard". This was a new and fresh sound which got copied immediately with various results. The original version is still as fresh and good as back then... And it's absolutely one of the most important Disco songs ever and it definitely helped Casablanca Records and the Disco scene to become as huge as it was during the late 70's and early 80's.

In around 1977 Neil Bogart also took Casablanca into the movies with Casablanca Filmworks, scoring successes with the Deep, the brilliant Midnight Express and Thank God it's Friday. Both the movies and soundtracks were doing great but Neil still decided to sell the movie company off.

MECO - Star Wars album 1977 also meant the big break for the recording artist Meco. The first Star Wars movie hit the silver screen this year and everything related to the movie was hot, specially the music in Meco's Disco version. With his Star Wars and other Galactic Funk album he sold platinum and scored his record labels', Millennium Records (one of Casablanca Records' sub-labels), first Number 1 hit. Through Meco's version of the Star Wars score music you could visualize the movie much better than in the John Williams original soundtrack, and it did sell much better than the Williams' version.
According to Billboard Magazine, the single - "STAR WARS" by MECO is still the biggest-selling instrumental single of the last 50 years, as it reached platinum status in 1977 in the United States - an official 2 million records sold according to the RIAA and another 2 million sold around the world!
Meco actually tributed his label, Millennium Records, in the song "Meco's theme/3 W. 57". 3 West 57th Street was the New York address where the label had its office.
Rare Gems Odyssey - album

Rare Gems Odyssey was another signing for Casablanca in 1977 and the same year they released their first album simply entitled Rare Gems Odyssey. The album includes the Funky Club hits "What Is Funk" and "We Are... the Rare Gems Odyssey"
This album is today really a "rare gem" and is worth looking out for.

D.C. LaRue In 1976 a young lad named D.C. LaRue had a huge hit with his song "Cathedrals" for the small Pyramid label, which was distributed via Roulette Records. But for reasons mentioned in my interview with D.C., Neil Bogart acquired the U.S. rights to D.C.'s upcoming releases in late 1977. Neil actually managed to bring D.C. onboard just in time for the Thank God It's Friday release and two D.C. songs were in the movie, and "Do You Want The Real Thing" was also featured in the soundtrack.
Casablanca released D.C.'s third album - Confessions - and got themselves a huge worldwide hit with the song "Let Them Dance". Two more albums and a couple of singles were released, but none of them manged to match to the success of that top hit.

Donna Summer and D.C. LaRue

Donna Summer was the one who discovered a group called Brooklyn Dreams and helped them to get a deal with Casablanca Records. They released their self-titled album Brooklyn Dreams in 1977, the album contained the hit - "Music, Harmony and Rhythm". In 1979 they released their second album Sleepless nights. The album includes their 1978 hit "Streetman" BUT most of all it has a version of Donna's "Heaven knows". This album track has made this LP a rare collector's item for Giorgio Moroder and Donna Summer fans all over the world.

Donna Summer - Bad Girls When Donna Summer released the Bad Girls album in 1979, it became the real breakthrough for her. She topped charts all over the world with the songs "Hot stuff" and "Bad girls". Other notable songs from the album are "Dim all the lights", "Our love" and "Sunset people".
She was voted Number One in the US in the following categories; Top Female vocalist/Pop album, Top Female vocalist/Pop single, Top Black Contemporary Female crossover/Pop album, Top Black Contemporary Female crossover/Pop single, Top Female Disco crossover/Pop album, Top Female Disco crossover/Pop single and Top Female vocalist/Black Contemporary album.

But there were other great stuff except for Donna and KISS to come from the label...
In my interview with Henri Belolo, he tells me about how the Village People were "created" and why the first Village People album where signed to Neil Bogart's Casablanca; "Because he [Neil] was already famous with KISS and Donna Summer and he was really a music man. So he understood immediately where we wanted to go."
I asked Henri; Where you somehow close connected to Casablanca? Because most of your acts were actually released on Casablanca Records. (Village People, Patrick Juvet, "later" Ritchie Family work and Dennis Parker)
"Yes, but there is an amazing story. I am born in Casablanca. So I was always attracted about that idea of having someone in America establishing a record company called Casablanca. Nile Bogart already had a reputation of being a talent scout and a music man - someone that will fast understand an idea."
Village People with Henri Belolo and Jacques Morali in 1978 Henri continues; "We did that first album and to write the songs of the first album we thought of all the places in America where they had a gay life. So, Hollywood, San Francisco, Key West and Fire Island. This is why we wrote the songs around these towns or cities or islands.
I called Neil Bogart and I told him that I had an idea. Jacques and I flew to Los Angeles and the day before we had a meeting with him, we went to a club and we convinced the DJ to play our acetate. He was kind enough to do it, because we already had a reputation with the Ritchie Family. I remember he played San Francisco. It was a big Studio, 4-5000 people and I was scared to death. Because he played the 'San Francisco' at the peak hour around 2 AM. The first 30 seconds the floor got empty! I said to myself 'My God, it's a failure!' And when the chorus came 'San Francisco' a miracle - 5000 people were screaming back on the dancefloor and everyone kissing us, congratulating us. I said 'Jacques, we got an idea there, there is something!'
So the day after at the meeting with Casablanca we pretty much stronger in our belief. You know, we tested it in a club. But I have to say that Casablanca Records and Neil Bogart immediately recognized a potential winner and we signed a deal in an hour."

Which of his tunes is Henri's own favorite? Henri goes on; "Definitely "Y.M.C.A". That was really a big song. And I have to say also it became a big song because the arranger, Horace Ott, created that arrangement that started with the horns. That famous 'Ta-ta-ta...' And the Village People created the choreography with the 'Y', 'M', 'C' and 'A'.
So, in life you discover that an invention is not always one man or two men. It's a combination of people putting their love together. And I said love because you can not create a song that out pass the years, because "Y.M.C.A" became a standard that will stay forever."

Dennis Parker Jacques and Henri also wrote and produced 2 huge hits in 1979 for Dennis Parker - "Like an Eagle" and "New York by night", both actually featured in the same Casablanca 12" single.
Dennis Parker was born in New York, USA in October 28, 1955, but he was also known as Wade Nichols - the porn star actor, who Jacques and Henri turned into a Disco star.
Sadly he was diagnosed with AIDS in 1984 and committed suicide in 1985.

In 1979 Neil Bogart helped the two owners of famous Studio 54, Ian Schrager and Steve Rubell, to release a double LP called A night at Studio 54. (Of course) the album is jam packed with classic Casablanca songs like "Y.M.C.A" (Village People), "Take me home" (Cher), "Last dance" (Donna Summer) and "I love America" (Patrick Juvet).
But it also include hits like "Le Freak" (Chic), "I love the nightlife (Disco round)" (Alicia Bridges), "Let's all chant" (Michael Zager Band), "Instant Replay" (Dan Hartman) and "(Push, push) In the bush" (Musique).
Neil Bogart was even once in negotiations with Steve Rubell and Ian Schrager about buying Studio 54, but that never happened.

Tom n Jerry logo Legendary mixer Tom Moulton also owned his own Disco label called Tom n'Jerry Records. It was originally distributed through SalSoul Records, but he later moved the company to Casablanca and artists included People's Choice among others.
And yes... There was a Jerry as well, Jerry Moulton - Tom's younger brother, who was the labels promotions man.
In 1979 Tom released an own 12" single as T.J.M on the Casablanca label. The song was called "I don't need no music"
When I interviewed Tom I asked him; Have you done any others 12"s by your own name, or is that the only one?
"That was part of my deal with Casablanca, that I had to come out with something with my name on it. And I love that "I don't need no music" and what was the other side... Oh, I loved that one too. That was..."
"Put yourself in my place".
Yes, both sides are really good on that 12". Was that the only one you released?
Is it you singing? Or is it someone else singing?
"Oh No, no, no, no, no - It's not me. Actually it's... the guy who's singing that is, his name is Ron Tyson - who is the guy in the Temptations."

My good friend D.L.Chandell has updated me with the following information on Casablanca's sub-labels.
The sub-labels included;
* CHOCOLATE CITY, which was founded by former fellow Buddah Records co-worker Cecil Holmes in 1975, and whose artists included Cameo, Brenda & The Tabulations and Randy Brown.
* PARACHUTE, which were just down the block from Casablanca and founded by Russ Regan in 1976/1977. Artists included Liquid Gold, Morris Jefferson and David Castle.
* MILLENNIUM was founded by Jimmy Ienner Sr. in 1976 approximately; changed distribution from Casablanca to RCA in 1979 before the PolyGram sale; most famous artist: Meco.
* OASIS was a sub-label started by Casablanca in 1975 and ended just shortly before 1977; Artists included Donna Summer, fellow producer Giorgio Moroder and Roberta Kelly - who all moved to Casablanca straight.
There were also short-lived imprints like EARMARC (founded by Marc Paul Simon) and AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL RECORDS (owned by the motion picture company of the same name).

Neil Bogart sold Casablanca to Polygram in 1980 and in May 8, 1982 Neil Bogart died of cancer.
In around 1983, PolyGram folded the 20th Century Fox record catalog and artist contracts into the Casablanca label name, especially since 20th Century Fox Records shut down.

VH1 When the music channel - VH1 - broadcasted their 100 Greatest Dance Songs of the 20th Century, in October 2000, several Casablanca classics were on the list...
At # 6 we find Donna Summer's "Last dance", "Y.M.C.A" held the number 7 spot followed by Donna's "Love to love you baby" at # 63, # 64 "Funkytown" by Lipps Inc, # 67 "Flashdance... What a feeling" by Irene Cara, # 76 Donna Summer and "I feel love", # 89 Donna again with "MacArthur Park" and at # 94 Parliament's - "Flashlight".

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Romeo & Juliet
Alec R. Costandinos

Take me home

Let them dance
D.C. LaRue

Like an Eagle
Dennis Parker

New York by night
Dennis Parker

Bad girls
Donna Summer

Hot stuff
Donna Summer

I feel love
Donna Summer

Last dance
Donna Summer

Love to love you baby
Donna Summer

MacArthur Park Suite
Donna Summer

Rumour has it
Donna Summer

No more tears (Enough is enough)
Donna Summer & Barbra Streisand

Boys will be boys
Duncan Sisters

Giorgio Moroder

I was made for loving you

Funky town
Lipps Inc.

All night man
Loose Change

Thank God it's Friday
Love and Kisses

I love America
Patrick Juvet

Lady night
Patrick Juvet

Dancing in the moonlight

Give me a break
Ritchie Family

Take it to the zoo

I don't need no music

Can't stop the music
Village People

Go West
Village People

In the Navy
Village People

Macho Man
Village People

San Francisco
Village People

Village People

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Disc 1:
Love To Love You Baby - Donna Summer
Funkytown - Lipps, Inc.
Tear The Roof Off The Sucker - Parliament
Take Me Home - Cher
I Feel Love - Donna Summer
Romeo And Juliet - Alec R. Costandinos
Ain't Nothin' Gonna Keep Me From You - Teri Desario
In The Navy - Village People
My Baby's Baby - Liquid Gold
Find My Way - Cameo
I Found Love (Now That I Found You) - Love And Kisses
Disc 2:
Thank God It's Friday - Love And Kisses
Macarthur Park Suite - Donna Summer
Music, Harmony And Rhythm - Brooklyn Dreams
San Francisco (You've Got Me) - Village People
In Hollywood (Everybody Is A Star) - Village People
Let's Go All The Way (Down) - Brenda & The Tabulations
Let Them Dance - D.C. LaRue
Put Your Feet To The Beat - Ritchie Family
Pleasure Island - Paul Jabara
Like An Eagle - Dennis Parker
Disc 3:
Flashlight - Parliament
I Just Want To Be - Cameo
I Just Wanna Dance With You - Starpoint
Hot Stuff - Donna Summer
Bad Girls - Donna Summer
Chase - Giorgio Moroder
Walk The Night - Skatt Bros.
Don't Stop Get Off - The Sylvers
You Ought To Be Dancing - People's Choice
Medicine Song - Stephanie Mills
Dance, Freak And Boogie - Nitelife Unlimited
Macho Man - Village People
Pleasure Principle - Parlet
Disc 4:
When She Was My Girl - Four Tops
Just As Long As We're Together - Gloria Scott
YMCA - Village People
Star Wars Theme / Cantina Band - Meco
Maniac - Michael Sembello
Touch Me Baby / Love Is The Ultimate - Ultimate
Do That To Me One More Time - Captain & Tennille
Yes, I'm Ready - Teri Desario with K.C.
After Dark - Pattie Brooks
Flashdance (What A Feeling) - Irene Cara
Last Dance - Donna Summer

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During 2001 it was told that Gene Simons of KISS, was to be producing a movie about Neil Bogart and Casablanca. Apparently he wanted Mike Myers or Kevin Spacey to play the part as Neil. I have not heard any other news about this, so I don't know if this still is something that might happen or not. Let's hope it will!

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The Casablanca Catalog
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Matrix #ArtistTitle / SongYear
NBD 100DONNA SUMMER"Winter Melody"1976
NBD 101HEART & SOUL ORCHESTRA"Love In 'C' Minor"1975
NBD 20102JIMMY JAMES & VAGABONDS"Life" / "I'll go where the music Takes Me"1975
NBD 20103PARLIAMENT"P-Funk" (4-track sampler)1976
NBD 20104DONNA SUMMER"I Feel Love" / "The Deep"1977
NBD 20105DONNA SUMMER"Je T'aime Moi Non Plus"1977
NBD 20109DONNA SUMMERSelected Cuts - Once Upon A Time "Rumour Has It" / "I Love You"1977
NBD 20110DONNA SUMMERSelected Cuts - Once Upon A Time1977
NBD 20111ALEC R. COSTANDINOS"Romeo & Juliet" (13:45)1978
NBD 20112DONNA SUMMER"Rumour Has It" / "I Love You"1978
NBD 20113PARLIAMENT"Flash Light"1977
NBD 20114Various ArtistsReturn To Casablanca Vol. 11978
NBD 20115ALEC R. COSTANDINOS"Romeo & Juliet" (4:13)1978
NBD 20116PATTIE BROOKS"After Dark"1978
NBD 20117DONNA SUMMER"With Your Love"1978
NBD 20119SUNSHINE"Take It To The Zoo"1978
NBD 20120MARATHON"I Wanna Dance"1978
NBD 20121LOVE & KISSES"You're The Most Precious Thing In My Life"1978
NBD 20122DONNA SUMMER"Last Dance"19787
NBD 20123LOVE & KISSES"Thank's God It's Friday"1978
NBD 20124D.C. LARUE"Do You Want The Real Thing"1978
NBD 20125Various ArtistsThank God It's Friday sampler1978
NBD 20127ANGEL"Radio Concert"1978
NBD 20128KISS"Taste Of Platinum"1978
NBD 20129PAUL JABARA"Disco Queen"1978
NBD 20130SUMERIA"Golden Tears Medley"1978
NBD 20131Various ArtistsReturn Of Casablance Vol. 21978
NBD 20133PATRICK JUVET"Got A Feeling"1978
NBD 20134PATRICK JUVET"I Love America"1978
NBD 20135Various ArtistsReturn To Casablanca Vol. 31978
NBD 20136D.C. LARUE"Let Them Dance"1978
NBD 20137KISSLP Cuts For The Radio1978
NBD 20138SYLVERS"Don't Stop Get Off"1978
NBD 20139SPACE"Deliverance"1978
NBD 20140LEROY GOMEZ"Gypsy Woman"1978
NBD 20141PAUL JABARA"Pleasure Island"1978
NBD 20142PATTIE BROOKS"Heartbreaker In Disguise"1978
NBD 20143ALEC R. COSTANDINOS"The Hunchback Of Notre Dame"1978
NBD 20144VILLAGE PEOPLE"Y.M.C.A." / "Macho Man"1978
NBD 20145HALLELUJAH 2000"Hallelujah 2000"1978
NBD 20147PARLIAMENT"Aqua Boogie"1978
NBD 20148DONNA SUMMER"Mac Arthur Park Suite"1978
NBD 20149MECO"Theme From Superman"1978
NBD 20150CHER"Take Me Home"1979
NBD 20151ULTIMATE"Love Is The Ultimate - Medley"1979
NBD 20152TONY ORLANDO"They're Playing Our Song"1978
NBD 20153DENNIS PARKER"Like An Eagle" / "New York By Night"1979
NBD 20155VILLAGE PEOPLE"In The Navy" / "Manhattan Woman"1979
NBD 20156SPACE"My Love Is Music"1979
NBD 20157TERRI DESARIO"Ain't Nothing Gonna Keep Me From You"1979
NBD 20158ALMA FAYE"It's Over"1979
NBD 20159DONNA SUMMER"Hot Stuff"1979
NBD 20160PATRICK JUVET"Lady Night" / "Swiss Kiss"1979
NBD 20161PARLET"Ridin' High"1979
NBD 20162PAUL JABARA"Disco Wedding"1979
NBD 20164CINDY & ROY"Can You Feel It?"1979
NBD 20165VILLAGE PEOPLE"In The Navy" / "Go West"1979
NBD 20166VILLAGE PEOPLE"Go West" / "Citizens Of The World"1979
NBD 20167DONNA SUMMER"Hot Stuff" / "Bad Girls"1979
NBD 20168CHER"Take Me Home" / "Wasn't It Good"1979
NBD 20169KISS"I Was Made For Lovin' You"1979
NBD 20170ALMA FAYE"Don't Fall In Love" / "It's Over"1979
NBD 20171HARVEY SCALES"Rock Your Body" / "Let's Rock"1979
NBD 20172MECO"Moondancer"1979
NBD 20173JOEL DIAMOND"Music Machine"1979
NBD 20174LOVE & KISSES"You Must Be Love"1979
NBD 20175ROBIN WILLIAMS44 Lines Sampler1979
NBD 20176KICKIN'"Dancin' On Wheels"1979
NBD 20178SPACE"Save You Love For Me"1979
NBD 20179PLATYPUS"Dancing In The Moonlight" / "Body & Soul"1979
NBD 20182JOE TRAVOLTA"I Can't Forget You" / "What Did Love Ever Do For You?"1979
NBD 20183D.C. LARUE"Hot Jungle drums And Voodoo Rhythm"1979
NBD 20186LIPPS INC."Rock It"1979
NBD 20187CINDY & ROY"Can You Feel It?" (Party Remix)1979
NBD 20188PATTIE BROOKS"Got To Go Disco"1979
NBD 20189CHER"Hell On Wheels"1979
NBD 20191ALEC R. COSTANDINOS"Synergy"1979
NBD 20192RITCHIE FAMILY"Put Your Feet To The Beat" / "Bad Reputation"1979
NBD 20193DONNA SUMMER"Dim All The Lights"1979
NBD 20194VILLAGE PEOPLE"Sleazy" / "Save Me"1979
NBD 20195T.J.M."I Don't Need No Music" / "Put Yourself In My Place"1979
NBD 20196MECO"Devil Delight"1979
NBD 20197MICHAEL J REED"Reach Out For Love"1979
NBD 20198LOOSE CHANGE"Straight From The Heart"1979
NBD 20199DONNA SUMMER & BARBRA STERISAND"No More Tears - Enough Is Enough"1979
NBD 20200JOEL DIAMOND EXPERIENCE"Tall In The Saddle"1979
NBD 20201TONY RALLO & THE MIDNITE BAND"Burnin' Alive"1979
NBD 20202PLATYPUS"Love The Way You Funk"1979
NBD 20203VILLAGE PEOPLE"Ready For The 80s"1979
NBD 20204NIGHTLIFE UNLIMITED"Love Is In You" / "Dance, Freak & Boogie"1979
NBD 20205LIGHTNING"Disco Symphony"1979
NBD 20206CINDY & ROY"I Wanna Testify" / "Changing Jobs"1979
NBD 20207LIPPS INC."Funkytown"1979
NBD 20208PARLIAMENT"Theme From The Black Hole"1979
NBD 20209SKATT BROTHERS"Walk The Night"1979
NBD 20210PLATYPUS"Street Babies"1979
NBD 20211JOHN SIMMS & ARTHUR"That Thang Of Yours"1980
NBD 20212Various ArtistsFoxes sampler1980
NBD 20213RITCHIE FAMILY"Give Me A Break"1980
NBD 20215DAVID LONDON"Samantha"1980
NBD 20216JOHN & ARTHUR SIMMS"That Thang Of Yours"1980
NBD 202177TH WONDER"I Enjoy Ya"1980
NBD 20218TONY JOE WHITE"I Get Off On It"1980
NBD 20219RODNEY DANGERFIELDNo Respect Sampler1980
NBD 20220PARLET"Wolf Tickets"1980
NBD 20221VILLAGE PEOPLE"Can't Stop The Music" / "Liberation"1980
NBD 20222BOB MCGILPIN"Chain Reaction" / "Down To the Wire"1980
NBD 20223EDMUND SYLVERS"That Burning Love"1980
NBD 20224VILLAGE PEOPLE"Magic Night" / "I Love You To Death"1980
NBD 20225LIPPS INC."How Long"1980
NBD 20226DONNA SUMMER"Walk Away"1980
NBD 20227EDMUND SYLVERS"Have You Heard The News" / "You Can Talk About Leaving"1980
NBD 20228PEOPLE'S CHOICE"My Feet Won't Move" / "You Ought To Be Dancin'"1980
NBD 20229D.C. LARUE"So Much For L.A."1980
NBD 20230LIPPS INC."How Long" / "The Gossip Song"1980
NBD 20231DR. HOOK"Girls Can Get It"1980
NBD 20232PARLIAMENT"Agony Of Defeat"1981
NBD 20234MANTRA"Doin' It To The Bone"1981
NBD 20235PARLIAMENT"Body Language" / "Crush It"1981
NBD 20236MANTRA"Action"1981
NBD 20238LIPPS INC."Hold Me Down"1981
NBD 20239FOUR TOPS"Let Me Set You Free"1981
NBD 20240LIPPS INC."Designer Music"1981
NBD 20241DR. HOOK"Baby Makes Here Blue Jeans"1982
NBD 20243SANTA ESMERALDA"You Are My Everything"1982
NBD 20244STEPHANIE MILLS"Last Night"1982
NBD 20245DUSTY SPRINGFIELD"Donnez-Moi" / "I Am Curious"1982
NBD 20247RAGS & RICHES"El Watus - La Bamba Medley"1982
NBD 20248IRENE CARA"Flashdance... (What A Feeling)"1982
CCD 20005
CAMEO"Rigor Mortis" / "Find My Way"1977
CCD 20006
BRENDA & TABULATIONS"Super Star" / "Everybody's Fool"1977
CCD 20007
CAMEO"Post Mortem" / "Good Times"1977
CCD 20013
CAMEO"It's Serious"1977
CCD 20014
CAMEO"Find My Way"1978
CCD 20015
VERNON BURCH"Brighter Days" / w or wo "Love-A-Thon"1978
CCD 20016
CAMEO"I Just Want To Be" / "Find My Way" (New Version)1979
CCD 20017
VERNON BURCH"Never Can Find A Way"1979
CCD 20018
CCD 20019
RANDY BROWN"We Ought To Be Doin' It" / "You're So Good"1980
CCD 20020
CAMEO"We're Goin' Out Tonight"1980
CCD 20021
STARPOINT"I Just Wanna Dance With You"1980
CCD 20022
CAMEO"Shake Your Pants"1980
CCD 20023
7TH WONDER"I Enjoy Ya"1980
CCD 20024
7TH WONDER"The Tilt" / "I Enjoy Ya"1980
CCD 20025
STARPOINT"Get Ready, Get Down"1980
CCD 20026
VERNON BURCH"Fun City"1980
CCD 20027
STARPOINT"Gonna Lift You Up"1980
CCD 20028
CAMEO"Keep It Hot"1980
CCD 20029
STARPOINT"Keep On It"1980
EMD 21001
DUNCAN SISTERS"Boys Will Be Boys" / "Rock Along Slowly"1979
EMD 21002
CAROL LLOYD"Score" / w either "Dream Dancer" or "Shake Me Wake Me"1979
EMD 21003
DUNCAN SISTERS"Sadness In My Eyes" / "Outside Love"1979
MND 20600
BRUCE FOSTER"Born To Break My Heart"1977
MND 20603
REGAL DEWY"Love Music"1977
MND 20604
MECO"Theme From Star Wars"1977
MND 20605
MECO"Music Inspired by Star Wars"1977
MND 20607
CHERYL BARNES"Save And Spend"1978
MND 20608
MECO"Theme From Close Encounters" / "Meco's Theme"1977
MND 20610
BROOKLYN DREAMS"Music, Harmony & Rhythm"1977
MND 20613
MND 20614
JAY BLACK"Love Is In The Air"1978
MND 20620
BROOKLYN DREAMS"Street Man" (Disco Remix)1978
MND 20621
MECO"Wizard Of Oz" (Long Version)1978
MND 20622
MECO"Wizard Of Oz" (Sort Version)1978
RRD 20501
DAVID CASTLE"Ten To Eight"1977
RRD 20502
VISION"Watcha Doin' With Your Love"1977
RRD 20503
LALOMIE WASHBURN"Double Funkin'"1977
RRD 20504
MORRIS JEFFERSON"Spank Your Blank Blank"1977
RRD 20505
DAVID CASTLE"Loneliest Man On The Moon"1977
RRD 20506
RANDY BROWN"I'd Rather Hurt Myself"1977
RRD 20507
STONEBOLT"Queen Of The Night"1977
RRD 20508
LALOMIE WASHBURN"Man Power" / "My Love Is Hot"1978
RRD 20509
DAVID CASTLE"All I Ever Wanna Be Is Yours"1978
RRD 20510
7th WONDER"Words Don't Say Enough"1978
RRD 20511
MORRIS JEFFERSON"To Spank With Love"1978
RRD 20512
STONEBOLT"Stay In Line"1978
RRD 20513
WEST SIDE STRUTTERS"Dealin' With The Boogie"1978
RRD 20514
7th WONDER"My Love Ain't Never Been This Strong"1978
RRD 20515
SIDNEY BARNES"Get On Up And Dance To The Boogie"1978
RRD 20517
RANDY BROWN"I Wanna Make Love To You"1978
RRD 20519
7TH WONDER"So In Love"1978
RRD 20522
STONEBOLT"Love Struck"1979
RRD 20523
LIQUID GOLD"My Baby's Baby"1979
RRD 20525
7th WONDER"Do It With Your Body"1979
RRD 20526
PAT HODGES"Fly By Night" / "Love Theme"1979
RRD 20527
LIQUID GOLD"Dance Yourself Dizzy"1979

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