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Atlantic Records was formed in 1947 and have made a journey from Jazz and Rhythm'n'Blues, over Pop and Rock to Disco, Boogie and Soul, and anything between.
Lots have happened over these 60 years the label has been in business and it's still going strong...
This is Atlantic Records...

Atlantic Records was formed in 1947 by Ahmet Ertegun and Herb Abramson.
Ahmet Ertegun Ahmet was the son of the Turkish Ambassador in the United States and the Ertegun family moved to the US in 1934 when his father got his US assignment. Ahmet had just turned 11 and he and his older brother, Nesuhi, both fell in love with the emerging jazz and blues music scene. A love that made them avid 78s collectors, but also led to the brothers arranging concerts in Washington with various Jazz legends. The love for music would eventually lead to Ahmet's creation of Atlantic Records together with Herb some years later.
Herb was born and raised in the Brooklyn and just as the Ertegun brothers he was a records collector and a jazz concert promoter. He had also worked as a record producer for National Records and had produced a few hits for the label before deciding to start his own Jubilee label in 1946. I was about this time he also became friends with Ahmet. Herb had a partner in Jubilee, Jerry Blaine, and when Ahmet and Herb had decided to form their mutual label, he had Jerry buy him out of Jubilee and used the money to start the new company...
So, in October of 1947 they formed Atlantic Records with some financial backing from the Ertegun family's Turkish dentist, Dr. Vahdi Sabit.
Herb Abramson became the President and Ahmet Ertegun the Vice President of their new company.

Herb Abramson - Jerry Wexler - Ahmet Ertegun

Atlantic started out as an independent Rhythm & Blues and Jazz label. They quickly became one of America's most influential labels and actually shook up major labels like Columbia, Decca and RCA a bit.
Atlantic Logo in color They were also early adapters of new techniques and formats, they were among the first labels to see the advantages of the 33 1/3 rpm long play record (the LP) and issued their first LP in 1949. These first LP's were actually pressed on 10" discs and it wasn't until 1951 their first 12" LP was released.
The label became specially popular with the performers as they didn't cheat the artists, like many other independent labels did at the time. Instead Atlantic paid royalties of up to 3 to 5 percent, while others paid less than 2 percent to nothing. This made many of the best musicians sign up with the label with long term contracts, which in return paved the way for the label's success.
The label even got a special sound named after it - the "Atlantic Sound". It was a blend of traditional Jazz mixed with their own boogie-based, saxophone led version of New Orleans blues.
During the 50's the label also comprised genres like Country & Western, Gospel and Rock'n'Roll.

So far Herb and Ahmet had been running the label with the help of Herb's wife Miriam, who handled the accounts and bills. But in 1953 Herb was drafted into the Army and with a steadily growing business, Ahmet and Herb knew the needed to get someone else involved in the business. So, in 1953 the label got a new partner in Jerry Wexler, who was an excellent producer and in the mid 50's Ahmet's brother Nesuhi joined the label as both share holder and to head the company's jazz division.
Atlantic also made a $30,000 offer to Colonel Tom Parker for the young Rock'n'Roll star Elvis Presley's contract, but lost it to their rival RCA Records. Jerry has later said that he had no idea of how Atlantic should have been able to come up with that kind of money IF they had won the bidding...
In the mid 50's Atlantic slowly started to widen their production into new genres like Pop and Rock'n'Roll, something that soon would show itself to be very lucrative.
During this time the business was blooming for the guys and new labels were started like Cat and Atlas Records, the later which would become Atco [from ATlantic COmpany] as there already was a registered Atlas label.
Herb was just back from 2 years in the Army and with Jerry's success within Atlantic and Herb's crashing marriage to Miriam, it was decided he would run the new ATCO label. But the lost position at Atlantic had led to differences between the former friends, Herb and Ahmet, and it made the partners decide to buy Herb out for $300,000 in December of '58. Dr. Sabit and Miriam Bienstock's (Herb's ex-wife) were also bought out by Ahmet, Ertegun & Jerry about this time.
Atlantic was also among the first independent labels to release stereo albums in the end of that decade.

Jerry Wexler - Nesuhi Ertegun -  Ahmet Ertegun

In the 60's the label moved from being a smaller independent, but yet very successful, label - to become one of the major players. They also moved with the trends of the time, away from jazz and R'n'B, towards mainstream Pop and Rock, but they would actually become known as one of the greatest Soul labels of the 60's.
Cotillion Original Logo In 1964 the owners sold off their publishing company, Progressive Music, and instead they started Cotillion as their new publishing company, a name they would later use for one of their most successful sub-labels.
Atlantic signed contracts with many of the greatest acts of the sixties, artists like; Wilson Pickett, Cream, Yes, the Bee Gees, Led Zeppelin, Sonny & Cher and the "Queen of Soul" - Aretha Franklin. All yielding hits for the company. Wilson Picket had hits like; "In the Midnight Hour" and "Mustang Sally", while Sonny & Cher screamed "I Got You Babe" and Aretha cried for "Respect" and wanted you to "Think".
Warner - Seven Arts logo In 1967 Warner Brothers - Seven Arts bought Atlantic for $17,000,000 in Warner stocks and besides they offered Ahmet, Nesuhi and Jerry high paid jobs at Warner. The new owner let Atlantic and its sub-labels to continue to run as separate companies with continued success. But in 1969 Warner Seven Arts was bought by the Kinney National Company and they combined the resources of Warner Brothers Records and Atlantic Records, they also made Ahmet part of a committee handling the Kinney Company's record labels.

First thing the committee advised in the new decade, was to buy Elektra Records. Now the group of Warner-Elektra-Atlantic, usually called just WEA, had its own distribution all over the US and had now grown to be a major like Columbia Records or RCA. The WEA name was also used as a label outside North America.
The labels all kept competing and were still released material under each of their brands.
Rolling Stones Logo In 1971 Ahmet closed a deal with the Rolling Stones which gave them their own Rolling Stones Records, the label was distributed by Atlantic in the US and by WEA in the UK. The 'Stones' would release their own material through their label, but they also released famous Reggae/Rasta legend - Peter Tosh. A signing that might seem a bit off for a Rock band, but Mick Jagger also sung with Peter in the track "(You Got To Walk And) Don't Look Back".
In 1972, David Geffen's Asylum Records merged with Elektra Records to become Elektra/Asylum Records. Asylum had been started in 1971 when Geffen, who was an artist agent at the time, had failed to get a recording contract for Jackson Browne and that's when he decided to create his own label.
Still in 1972 Kinney National had a financial scandal within its parking operations and decided to change its name to Warner Communications.
Atlantic continued to release successful acts in the seventies. You find bands like Average White Band, the Manhattan Transfer, the Jimmy Castor Bunch and AC/DC, along with artists like Roberta Flack and Ray Charles in its roaster.
Disco Mirror Ball In the mid 70's things started to happened to the music scene, both the Vietnam War and the Oil crisis was over and people were optimistic and started to get out dancing more. Discotheques started to emerge everywhere and in these clubs 'the Hustle' became the popular dance, with it came the four-to-the-floor beat. This steadily bass beat driven music would become known as Disco...

Like most of the majors, Atlantic did not see the power and potential of this new music genre. Instead it was small independent labels like Scepter/Wand, Philadelphia International, SalSoul, Red Greg and several others, supporting and nursing the Disco scene.
ABBA But Atlantic slowly started opening up its eyes for Disco acts and some of their early signings were Penny McLean (singer of Silver Convention) with her hit "Lady Bump", Boney M with "Daddy Cool", the Trammps who sung "That's Where The Happy People Go", the Patrick Adams act Ace Spectrum, the Spinners and Swedish super group ABBA.
Famous remixer and inventor of the 12" Disco mix, Tom Moulton told me the following regarding ABBA in my interview with him;
"See... You know what kills me? It's that I had the chance to mix 'Dancing queen'. And you know what I told them - Atlantic? I said; 'That record doesn't need me!' And I'm so sorry I ever said that, because I would have loved to made a long version of 'Dancing queen'. I mean, I just love that song. But really, I thought it was flawless. I wish I could have been able to work on some of their stuff 'cause I'm just a big fan of them. Their music is beautiful."
So the Atlantic label had their, if even small, share of early Disco hits. But in 1977 the friends Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards formed their group - Chic and they recorded a demo of their song "Dance, Dance, Dance (Yowsah, Yowsah, Yowsah)". They were unable to get any label interested in it. Finally they got Buddah Records to release the 12" single and the success made Atlantic sign them later that year. Atlantic re-released the single, which sold a million copies in its first month. This was the first song with so called sub-bass. Before "Dance, dance, dance" all bass below 60 Hz had been removed in the mastering process, but in this song Nile and Bernard decided to keep all of it. So this was the first song in which you could hear and feel the speakers in a club rumble with every bass-beat. This was really something completely new and avant-garde at the time...
Later the same year Atlantic also released Chic's follow up hit - "Everybody Dance".
Still in 1977 the Trammps also had a huge hit with the song "Disco Inferno". The song was also included in the movie and on the soundtrack that would sky-rocket the Disco music production worldwide - Saturday Night Fever.

Cotillion Logo It was not until after the movie's premier in December of 1977, Atlantic (and many other labels), really realized what was going on and started to pump out Disco releases. So from 1978 and onwards you can see an extreme increase of the number of Disco releases Atlantic and its sub-label Cotillion put out.
In 1978 the Atlantic labels scored hits with; Phreek's "Weekend", "He's the Greatest Dancer" & "We Are Family" by Sister Sledge along with Chic's "I Want Your Love" and their mega-hit "Le Freak", which was originally a hate song of Studio 54.
In 1979 ABBA was back with "Voulez-Vous" and the Manhattan Transfer had their only Disco hit with "Twilight Zone", while Chic released the album 'Risque' which included the hit singles "My Forbidden Lover" and the classic "Good Times", with the famous bass-line that have been copied and sampled numerous of times and which was also the base for Sugarhill Gang's "Rappers Delight".
On Cotillion Sister Sledge "Got To Love Somebody" and Slave had "Just A Touch of Love".
Hilltak Logo In 1978-79 the small Atlantic sub-label Hilltak also released a few 12"s, mainly by the act Broadway. Probably most famous for their cover of the Exile's 1978 hit "Kiss You All Over".
Scotti Brothers Logo There were also several Atlantic distributed labels releasing Disco tracks under the Atlantic matrix, among them Scotti Brothers who had released John Paul Young's "Love Is In the Air" and Leif Garrett's "I Was Made For Dancin'" in 1978 and had Addrisi Brothers sing about a "Ghost dancer" in 1979.
Westbound Logo The Detroit-based Westbound Records had moved their distribution to Atlantic in 1977 and was very active in releasing more Funky tracks by acts like Fantastic Four, C.J. & Co, King Errisson, Detroit Emeralds, the Mike Theodore Orchestra and others. But the Atlantic distribution of Westbound stopped in 1979.

The early Atlantic 12" single releases, including their sub- and distributed labels, were Promos only. The DSKO xx matrix was used for all the labels promo's, while the public 12" single releases had a DK 4xxx matrix number.
For some reason the promo matrix series was changed in 1980 and the 'DSKO' matrix was replaced by the DMD xxx matrix for the promo releases and at the same time the 'DK' matrix was changed to DM 4xxx for the public 12"s. But the numbering seems to have just continued and for example DSKO 227 was released in 1979, while DMD 228 was a 1979 produced track but most likely released in 1980.
Since then the DMD promo matrix seems to have been kept over the years, even though it took a leap from DMD 399 up to DMD 600 in between 1982 and 1983. But the 'DMD' was kept and you can find releases from the year 2000 in the DMD-series. For example the DMD 2574 is by former Disco diva Donna Summer and her track "The Power Of One" and DMD 2575 is DJ Spiller's "Groovejet".
The first public 12-inch single were released in late 1977 or early 1978, it was Chic's "Dance, Dance, Dance (Yowsah, Yowsah, Yowsah)" on DK 4600. In 1979 the 'DK' matrix serie all of a sudden took a jump, from DK 4624, it continued at DK 4700 and, still in 1979, it took another jump from DK 4731 to continue at DK 4800.
Then something strange happens... the 'DK' matrix continues up to DK 4809 in 1979, then the 'DM' matrix starts with DM 4810, which is also a 1979 produced release. Next up is Sheila B. Devotion with her Nile Rodgers & Bernard Edwards written and produced hit "Spacer" on DM 4811. That track was produced in 1979, but was a US hit right before summer in 1980. The next release comes in running order on DM 4812, BUT... and this is the strange thing... this release is from 1981! So it seems there was a gap for about one year when either no public 12-inch singles were released, or they were released on some unknown matrix number?!
See the Matrix listing of Atlantic 12" releases up to 1983.

The new decade had started and Atlantic kept releasing Disco tracks like the young Stacy Lattisaw's "Dynamite!" which was the US 12", while Stacy's bigger hit "Jump To The Beat" was released on 12" single in the UK and surprisingly never in the US... Stacy's writer and producer Narada Michael Walden sung "I Want You", while Sister Sledge told everyone they were "All American Girls" and ABBA scored their biggest US Club hit when they required "Lay All Your Love On Me".
The Backlash of Disco which was said to have started in Caminski Park in Chicago the year before didn't seem to decrease the number of Disco releases, the only difference it seems to have done was to give the Disco music other names - like Dance music or High Energy. But still it was the same uplifting danceable beats as in the late 1970's.
Mirage Logo Under Atlantic distribution, new labels like the Jerry & Bob Greenberg owned Mirage was started. A label that would score hits with acts like Kano, Chic, Carly Simon, the System, Shannon and Break Machine over the next couple of years.
Atlantic themselves released two great Gwen McCrae 12"s in 1981 - "Funky Sensation" and "Poyson", both all-time favorites of mine and written and produced by Kenton Nix, who had used to write hits for Taana Gardner before. They also released stuff from Gino Soccio, Suzy Q, Kleeer and ABBA.
1982 gave us more from Gino Soccio, Chic and Kleeer, but also "the Very Best In You" by Change along with Laura Branigan's "Gloria", Lace's Larry Levan remixed "Can't Play Around" and Gwen's "Keep The Fire Burning".

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Dancing Queen

Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!

Lay all you love on me


Ghost dancer
Addrisi Brothers

Daddy Cool
Boney M

Ma Baker
Boney M

Carly Simon

Dance, dance, dance

Everybody dance

Good times

Le Freak

My feet keep dancing

My forbidden lover

Real people

Devil's gun
C.J. & Co.

Disco extravaganza
G.B. Experience

Funky sensation
Gwen McCrae

Keep the fire burning
Gwen McCrae

Gwen McCrae

Herbie Mann

Tonight's the night (Feel good)

Can't play around

Blame it on the boogie
Mick Jackson

Mick Jackson

Tonight I'm alright
Narada Michael Walden

Lady bump
Penny McLean


He's the greatest dancer
Sister Sledge

We are family
Sister Sledge

Just a touch of love

Working my way back to you

Jump to the beat
Stacy Lattisaw

Shoot me (with your love)
Tasha Thomas

Disco Inferno

Club Connection
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Dynamite! - Stacy Lattisaw
Love injection - Trussel
I shoulda loved ya - Narada Michael Walden
Just a touch of love - Slave
Keep the fire burning (UK club remix) - Gwen McCrae
Do it Roger - Roger
You can do it - Five Special
If you really want me - Sister Sledge
On my own - Debra Laws
Baby I'm scared of you - Womack & Womack
Lover undercover (UK club remix) - Fatback Band
Let me show you - Larry Wu
Dancin' in the key of life - Steve Arrington

Club Connection 2
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Try It Out - Gino Soccio
Bad Habits (12” mix) - Jenny Burton
Toda Menina Baiana - Gilberto Gil
Eye To Eye - Chaka Khan
Watching You - Slave
I’m Sick And Tired (UK 12”Remix) - Larry Graham
Intimate Connection - Kleeer
Feels So Real - Patrice Rushen
Mt. Airy Groove - Pieces Of A Dream
Didn’t Know About Love (‘Til I Found You) - Lenny White
The Way You Love Me (12” Hype Remix) - Karyn White
My Magic Man (12” Magic Mix) - Rochelle

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Atlantic Black and White Logo

From 1983 more Electro and Break dance music were started to be released along with the Dance music, but I will not cover all of that within these pages since most of these are kind of post-Disco. It's still interesting to see that Atlantic managed to keep up with the trends of time and have remained so 'till this day.
In the mid 80's, Jerry Wexler sold his shares in the company and "retired" to Florida, even though he kept producing some records for various artists throughout the 80's and 90's.
Ahmet Ertegun was also influential in founding the Rock'n'Roll Hall Of Fame, which had its first inductees in 1986, and in 1987 both Ahmet and Jerry Wexler were inducted in the Non-Performer category for their achievements in the music business. Four years later, in 1991, two years after his death [July 15, 1989], Nesuhi Ertegun was inducted into the Hall of Fame in the Lifetime Achievement category for all his work for the Jazz genre over the years.
At the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame induction dinner in 1995, it was announced that the main exhibition hall of the Rock'n'Roll museum would be named after Ahmet Ertegun.
In 1987, at the age of 70, Nesuhi retired from the record business were his last job had been as the head of Warner Records international Division.
On May 14, 1988 - Atlantic held a 12-hours 40th Anniversary concert which was broadcasted on HBO and artists from the 50's up to that day performed on the stage at Madison Square Garden, New York. Some acts which just reunited for this occasion; Led Zeppelin, Crosby, Stills & Nash, the Rascals and Vanilla Fudge. Others that performed live were Bee Gees (this was their first live performance since 1979), the Spinners, Yes, Peabo Bryson, Genesis, Foreigner, Wilson Pickett, Ben E. King, Roberta Flack, the Coasters, Dan Aykroyd, Debbie Gibson and others...
In 1987, Warner Communications and Time Inc. announced they would merge and the merger was closed in 1989, after that the company name was changed to Time Warner.
Then in 2000 America On-Line [AOL] bought Time Warner for over $150 billion and the new company was called AOL Time Warner. But in 2002 AOL had a huge financial loss and the company decided to drop the "AOL" from the name.
Atlantic New Logo Early in the new millennium the Atlantic Records logo was changed to a new and 'up-to-date' round logo.
Ahmet Ertegun remained as 'Founding Chairman' of Atlantic Records until his death on December 14, 2006 at the age of 83.
Atlantic Records is still part of the Warner Music Group and continues to be successful...

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The Atlantic Catalog
Promo releases
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Matrix #ArtistTitleYear
DSKO 50BARRABAS"Mad Love" / same [7" @ 33rpm]1974
DSKO 51HOT CHOCOLATE"Disco Queen" / same [7" @ 33rpm]1974
DSKO 52ORIGINAL CAST from THE WIZ"Tornado" / same [7" @ 33rpm]1975
DSKO 53MANHATTAN TRANSFER"Clap Your Hands" / same [7" @ 33rpm]1975
Win or Lose
CONSUMER RAPPORT"Ease On Down The Road" / same [7" @ 33rpm]1975
DSKO 56BARRABAS"Mellow Blow" / same1975
DSKO 58HERBIE MANN"Waterbed" / same1975
DSKO 59TRAMMPS"Hooked For Life"1975
DSKO 60ACE SPECTRUM"Keep Holding On" / same1975
DSKO 61BLUE MAGIC"Magic Of The Blue" / "We're OK"1975
Win or Lose
DSKO 63TRAMMPS"That's Where The Happy People Go"1975
DSKO 64SPINNERS"Love Or Leave"1975
DSKO 65PENNY McLEAN"Lady Bump" / same1975
DSKO 67BETTE MIDLER"Strangers In The Night" / same1975
DSKO 69GENE PAGE"Wild Cherry" / same1976
Rolling Stones
ROLLING STONES"Hot Stuff" / "Crazy Mama"1976
LUTHER"It's Good For The Soul" / same1976
DSKO 73BARRABAS"Desperately" / "Broadway Star"1976
DSKO 74IMPACT"Give A Broken Heart A Break"1976
DSKO 75LTG EXCHANGE"Huddle" / same1976
DSKO 76SPINNERS"the Rubberband Man" / same1976
DSKO 77ACE SPECTRUM"Live And Learn" / same1976
DSKO 78LUTHER VANDROSS"At Christmas Time"1976
MASS PRODUCTION"Welcome To Our World (Of Merry Music)" / "Wine-Flow Disco"1976
DSKO 81ABBA"Dancing Queen" / same1976
FAT LARRY'S BAND"Fascination" / "Center City"1976
DSKO 83JIMMY CASTOR BUNCH"Space Age" / "Dracula Pt.II"1976
DSKO 84BONEY M"Daddy Cool" / same1976
DSKO 85IMPRESSIONS"You'll Never Find" / same1977
DSKO 86CERRONE"Love In C Minor"1977
DSKO 87THE WING AND A PRAYER FIFE & DRUMS CORP"I'm Popeye the Sailor Man"1977
DSKO 88HERBIE MANN"Bird In A Silver Cage"1977
DSKO 89C.J. & CO"Devil's Gun"1977
DSKO 90DETROIT EMERALDS"Feel the Need"1977
DSKO 91 1977
DSKO 92MASS PRODUCTION"I Believe In Music" / "People Get Up"1977
DSKO 93RINGO STARR"Drowning In the Sea Of Love"1977
DSKO 94DENNIS COFFEY"Wings Of Fire"1977
DSKO 95BONEY M"Ma Baker"1977
FANTASTIC FOUR"I Got To Have Your Love"1977
C.J. & CO"We Got Our Own Thing"1977
DSKO 99BEN E. KING"With the Avea Star In the Ghetto"1977
DSKO 100
DSKO 101CHIC"Dance, Dance, Dance"1977
DSKO 102TRAMMPS"the Night the Lights Went Out"1977
DSKO 103
DSKO 104MONTANA"A Dance Fantasy" / "Warp Fact"1978
DSKO 105
KING ERRISSON"Manhattan Love Song" / "L.A. Bound"1978
DSKO 106
DETROIT EMERALDS"I Just Don't Know About This Girl Of Mine" / "Turn On Lady"1978
DSKO 107
FUZZY HASKINS"I Think I Got My Thang Together"1978
DSKO 108BELLE EPOQUE"Miss Broadway"1978
DSKO 109CHIC"Everybody Dance" / "You Can Get By"
DSKO 110SIMBORA ORCHESTRA"Brazuca" / "Simbora"1978
DSKO 111
C.J. & CO"Big City Sidewalk"1978
DSKO 112
CAESAR FRAZIER"Child Of The Wind"1978
DSKO 113SOWETO"African Warrior"1978
DSKO 114CHIC"I Want Your Love"1978
DSKO 115TRAMMPS"Disco Inferno"1978
DSKO 116PASSPORT"Loco-Motive"1978
DSKO 117
DENNIS COFFEY"Calling Planet Earth"1978
DSKO 118AVERAGE WHITE BAND"Big City Lights"1978
DSKO 119
Rolling Stones
ROLLING STONES"Miss You" / same1978
DSKO 120
SLAVE"Stellar Fungk" / same1978
DSKO 121BACK IN TIME"El Condor Pasa (If I Could)" / "All I Wanna Love Is Love"1978
DSKO 122GOODY GOODY"#1 Dee Jay" / instrumental1978
DSKO 123PHREEK"Weekend" / "Have A Good Day"1978
DSKO 124
C.J. & CO"Deadeye Dick" / "Burning Drum"1978
DSKO 125SPINNERS"If You Wanna Do A Dance"1978
DSKO 126JOHN PAUL YOUNG"Love Is In The Air"1978
DSKO 127MIDNIGHT RHYTHM"Workin' & Slavin'" / "I Need Love"1978
DSKO 128WILSON PICKETT"Funky Situation" / "She's So Tight"1978
DSKO 129BRIDES OF FUNKENSTEIN"Disco To Go" / "When You're"1978
DSKO 130
Rolling Stones
PETER TOSH & MICK JAGGER"(You Got To Walk) And Don't Look Back" / instrumental1978
DSKO 131CHIC"Le Freak" / "Savoir Faire"1978
DSKO 132
Scotti Brothers
JOHN PAUL YOUNG"Lost In Your Love" / "the Day My Heart Caught Fire"1978
DSKO 133
Scotti Brothers
LEIF GARRETT"I Was Made For Dancin'"1978
DSKO 134
BROADWAY"Kiss You All Over" / "Love Bandit"1978
DSKO 135G.B. EXPERIENCE"Disco Extravaganza"1978
DSKO 136
FANTASTIC FOUR"Sexy Lady" / same1978
DSKO 137TASHA THOMAS"Shoot Me (With Your Love)"1978
DSKO 138NARADA MICHAEL WALDEN"I Don't Want Nobody Else (To Dance With You)" / "Will You Ever Know"1978
DSKO 139TRAMMPS"Soul Bones" / "Love Magnet"1978
DSKO 140
MASS PRODUCTION"Groove Me" / "Slow Bump"1978
DSKO 141MICK JACKSON"Weekend" / instrumental1978
DSKO 142HERBIE MANN"Superman" / "Etagui"1978
DSKO 143RAY BARRETTO"Stargazer" / instrumental1978
DSKO 144
SISTER SLEDGE"He's the Greatest Dancer"1978
DSKO 145
ADC BAND"Fire Up" / "More And More Disco"1978
DSKO 146CHIC"I Want Your Love" / "(Funny) Bone"1978
DSKO 147JOY FLEMING"the Final Thing" / same1978
DSKO 148KLEEER"Keeep Your Body Workin'"1978
DSKO 149MONTANA"I Love Music" / "You Know How Good It Is"1978
DSKO 150GOODY GOODY"It Looks Like Love" / "Super Jock"1978
DSKO 151
DSKO 152
FANTASTIC FOUR"B.Y.O.F. (Bring Your Own Funk)"1978
DSKO 153
CROWD PLEASERS"Freaky People"1979
DSKO 154
MASS PRODUCTION"Can't You See I'm Fired Up"1979
DSKO 155
CARLIS MUNRO"Boogie Up, Rock Down....Ride A Funky Starship"1979
DSKO 156
BROADWAY"This Funk Is Made For Dancing"1979
DSKO 157RARE ESSENCE"Disco Fever" / "Huff & Puff"1979
DSKO 158WONDER BAND"Whole Lotta Love" / same1979
DSKO 159MIDNIGHT RHYTHM"Climb" / "Rushing To Meet You"1979
DSKO 160
DSKO 161
MIKE THEODORE ORCHESTRA"High On Mad Mountain" / same1979
DSKO 162TASHA THOMAS"Street Fever" / same1979
DSKO 163SPINNERS"Are You Ready For Love" / "Once You Fall In Love"1979
DSKO 164
Scotti Brothers
LEIF GARRETT"Feel the Need" / "New York City"1979
DSKO 166
DALTON & DUBARRI"I (You) Can Dance All By My (Your) Self" / short1979
DSKO 167
DEE EDWARDS"Don't Sit Down" / same1979
DSKO 168
STACY LATTISAW"When You're Young and In Love"1979
DSKO 169
ERAMUS HALL"Do The Rock" / "Beat Your Feet"1979
DSKO 170TRAMMPS"Love Insurance Policy" / "Teaser"1979
DSKO 171
DSKO 172HERBIE MANN"Jisco Dazz" / "Body Oil"1979
DSKO 173TRAMMPS"the Night the Lights Went Out"1979
DSKO 174ROLLING STONES"Miss You" / "Hot Stuff"1979
DSKO 175BARRABAS"Desperately" / "Mellow Blow"1979
DSKO 176BONEY M"Daddy Cool" / "Ma Baker"1979
DSKO 177C.J. & CO"Devil's Gun" / "We Got Our Own Thing"1979
DSKO 178CHIC"Le Freak" / "You Can Get By"1979
DSKO 179CHIC"Everybody Dance" / "Dance, Dance, Dance"1979
DSKO 180TRAMMPS"Disco Inferno" / "That's Where the Happy People Go"1979
DSKO 181CERRONE"Love In C Minor" / "Cerrone's Paradise"1979
DSKO 182CERRONE"Love In C Minor" / "Give Me Love"1979
DSKO 183
JIMMY CASTOR BUNCH"Don't Do That" / same1979
DSKO 184
DSKO 185REVANCHE"You Get High In N.Y.C." / "Music Man"1979
DSKO 186
BROADWAY"Magic Man" / short1979
DSKO 187BETTE MIDLER"Married Men" / short1979
DSKO 188
MASS PRODUCTION"Firecracker"1979
DSKO 189
DSKO 190KLEEER"Tonight's the Night (Good Time)"1979
DSKO 191AVERAGE WHITE BAND"Feel No Fret" / "Fire Burning"1979
DSKO 192CHIC"Good Times"1979
DSKO 193
Rolling Stones
PETER TOSH"Buk-In-Hamm Palace" / same1979
DSKO 194CERRONE"Rock Me"1979
DSKO 195
Scotti Brothers
ADDRISI BROTHERS"Ghost Dancer" / same1979
DSKO 196TASHA THOMAS"Hot Buttered Boogie" / short1979
DSKO 197
MIKE THEODORE ORCHESTRA"Dragons of Midnight" / "Disco People"1979
DSKO 198ROXY MUSIC"Angel Eyes"1979
DSKO 199VIKKI HOLLOWAY"Lady-Fire" / same1979
DSKO 200
Virgin America
NOEL"Dancing Is Dangerous" / "the Night They Invented Love"1979
DSKO 201BETTE MIDLER"Hang On In There Baby" / "My Knight In Black Leather"1979
DSKO 202ABBA"Voulez-Vous" / same1979
DSKO 203 1979
DSKO 204
RONN MATLOCK"Let Me Dance"1979
DSKO 205SPINNERS"Body Language"1979
DSKO 206
JIMMY CASTOR BUNCH"Party People" / same1979
DSKO 207CHIC"My Forbidden Lover" / "What About Me"1979
DSKO 208MICHAEL MCGLOIRY"Love Every Inch Of Me" / "My Heart Says Yes"1979
DSKO 209
DSKO 210
MASS PRODUCTION"Love You" / "Strollin'"1979
DSKO 211
SLAVE"Just A Touch Of Love "1979
DSKO 212
SISTER SLEDGE"Got To Love Somebody"1979
DSKO 213
SHEILA & B DEVOTION"Spacer" / "Dont' Go"1979
DSKO 214CERRONE"Call Me Tonight" / "Give Me Love"1979
DSKO 215
She Records
FAZE-O"Breakin' the Funk" / same1979
DSKO 216
Scotti Brothers
ADDRISI BROTHERS"As Long As The Music Keeps Playing"1979
DSKO 217
Virgin America
FLYING LIZARDS"Money" / "Summertime Blues"1979
DSKO 218BETTE MIDLER"Big Noise From Winnetka"1979
DSKO 219
DSKO 220CHIC"My Feet Keep Dancing" / same1979
DSKO 221SPINNERS"Medley - Working My Way Back To You" / same1979
DSKO 222T.H.P."Two Hearts, One Love" / same1979
DSKO 223
MASS PRODUCTION"Forever" / same1979
DSKO 224TRAMMPS"Hard Rock and Disco"1979
DSKO 225BEN E. KING"Music Trance" / same1979
DSKO 226MANHATTAN TRANSFER"Twilight Zone" / same1979
DSKO 227KLEEER"Winners" / same1979
DMD 228
WEE GEE"Hold On (To Your Dreams)" / "Ain't Nothin' Missin' (But the music)"1980
DMD 229
SISTER SLEDGE"Reach Your Peak"1980
DMD 230
ADC BAND"In The Moonlight"1980
DMD 231PASSPORT"Rub-A-Dub"1980
DMD 232ROBERTA FLACK & DONNY HATHAWAY"Back Together Again" / "Only Heaven Can Wait"1980
DMD 233
STACY LATTISAW"Dynamite!"1980
DMD 234BROADWAY"Kiss You All Over"1980
DMD 235GARY NUMAN"Are 'Friends' Electric?1980
DMD 236
DMD 237SPINNERS"Cupid - I've Loved You For A Long Time" / same1980
DMD 238TRAMMPS"Music Freek"1980
DMD 239
DMD 240BEN E. KING"Touched By Your Love"1980
DMD 241CHIC"Rebels Are We"1980
DMD 242
DMD 243
DMD 244
DMD 245
SHEILA & B. DEVOTION"King Of The World" / "Your Love"1980
DMD 246
DMD 247CHIC"Real Love" / same1980
DMD 248
DMD 249
DMD 250
DEE EDWARDS"Put Your Love On the Line"1980
DMD 251TRAMMPS"Looking For You" / "Mellow Out"1980
DMD 252
T.S. MONK"Bon Bon Vie (Gimme The Good Life)"1980
DMD 253
Rolling Stones
ROLLING STONES"If I Was A Dancer (Dance Pt.2)" / "Dance" (Instrumental)1980
DMD 254
SLAVE"Watching You" / instrumental1980
DMD 256
SISTER SLEDGE"All American Girls" / same1980
DMD 257 1980
DMD 258
T.S. MONK"Candidate For Love"1980
DMD 259ABBA"Lay All Your Love On Me" / "On And On And On"1980
DMD 260KLEEER"Get In Touch"1980
DMD 261
DMD 262ULLANDA McCULLOUGH"Bad Company" / "Warm And Gentle Explosion"1981
DMD 263
MASS PRODUCTION"I Can't Believe You're Going"1981
DMD 264SPINNERS"Medley: Yesterday Once More / Nothing Remains The Same"1981
DMD 265LAURA BRANIGAN"Looking Out For Number One"1981
DMD 266BEN E. KING"Street Tough"1981
DMD 267CHANGE"Paradise"1981
DMD 268STARS ON 45#Stars On 45"1981
DMD 269GINO SOCCIO"Try It Out"1981
DMD 270SPINNERS"Long Live Soul Music"1981
DMD 271
DMD 272LONNIE YOUNGBLOOD"The Best Way To Break A Heart"1981
DMD 273
SLAVE"Feel MY Love"1981
DMD 275KLEER"Running Back To You"1981
DMD 276MANHATTAN TRANSFER"Boy From New York City"1981
DMD 277
SISTER SLEDGE"He's Just A Runaway"1981
DMD 278SUZY Q"Get On Up And Do It Again"1981
DMD 279CHANGE"Hold Tight"1981
DMD 280VOGGUE"Dancin' The Night Away"1981
DMD 281GINO SOCCIO"What You Feel Is Real - Hold Tight"1981
DMD 282M-ZEE BAND"Dr. Rhythm"1981
DMD 283BOBBETTES"Love Rhythm"1981
DMD 284
DMD 285
DMD 286GWEN McCRAE"Funky Sensation" / short1981
DMD 287BABY BROTHER"You Make My Warm Spot Hot"1981
DMD 288JUMBO"Take It Light (Get That Mojo Working Day And Night)"1981
DMD 289
SLAVE"Snap Shot"1981
DMD 290STARS ON 45"STARS ON 45 Volume 2"1981
DMD 291BOB MARLEY"Reggae On Broadway"1981
DMD 292CHANGE"Miracles"1981
DMD 293MODERN ROMANCE"Can You Move"1981
DMD 294YVONNE GAGE"Garden Of Eve"1981
DMD 295
STACY LATTISAW"Feel My Love Tonight"1981
DMD 297
DMD 298
DMD 299
KANO"Can't Hold Back (Your Loving)"1981
DMD 300STEVIE WOODS"Wanna Be Close To You"1981
DMD 301SUZY Q"Get On Up Do It Again"1981
DMD 302
T.S. MONK"Too Much Too Soon"1981
DMD 303GWEN McCRAE"Poyson"1981
DMD 304
DMD 305
SLAVE"Wait For Me"1981
DMD 306CHIC"Stage Fright"1981
DMD 307
DMD 308ABBA"The Visitors" / "When All Is Said And Done"1981
DMD 310SUZY Q"I Can't Give You More" / "With Your Love"1981
DMD 311
KANO"Don't Try To Stop Me"1981
DMD 312
DMD 313
M-ZEE BAND"Bop Box"1981
DMD 314VOGGUE"Love Buzz"1981
DMD 315STEVIE NICK"Edge Of Seventeen"1981
DMD 316MODERN ROMANCE"Everybody Salsa" / "Bring On The Funkateers"1981
DMD 320KLEEER"Taste The Music"1982
DMD 324CHANGE"The Very Best In You" / short1982
DMD 331LEARNER'S PERMIT"Sugar, Sugar"1982
DMD 333KAREN YOUNG"Deetour"1982
DMD 334KLEEER"De Ting Continues"1982
DMD 336
CLAUDJA BARRY"If I Do It To You"1982
DMD 340
CARLY SIMON / CHICWHY? / instrumental1982
DMD 341GINO SOCCIO"It's Alright"1982
DMD 346
SYSTEM"It's Passion"1982
DMD 357GINO SOCCIO"Remember"1982
DMD 360VOYAGE"I Surrender"1982
DMD 363REG MUNDY BAND"Finger Pop"1982
DMD 364GINO SOCCIO"You Move Me" / short1982
DMD 370J. GAYLE GAYMON"Study"1982
DMD 371CHIC"Hangin'"1982
DMD 376LACE"Can't Play Around"1982
DMD 378CYNTHIA MANLEY"Back In My Arms Again"1982
DMD 383KLEIN & MBO"Wonderful"1982
DMD 384
SYSTEM"You Are In My System"1982
DMD 387GWEN McCRAE"Keep the Fire Burning"1982
DMD 394QUADRANT SIX"Body Mechanic"1982
DMD 398
BLUE MAGIC"Magic #"1982
DMD 399
INGRAM"D.J.'s Delight"1982
Public releases
DK 4600CHIC"Dance, Dance, Dance (Yowsah, Yowsah, Yowsah)"1977
DK 4601
KING ERRISSON"Manhattan Love Song" / "L.A. Bound"1977
DK 4602
DK 4603MONTANA"A Dance Fantasy" / "Warp Factor II"1978
DK 4604
FUZZY HASKINS"I Think I've Got My Thang Together"1978
DK 4605SIMBORA ORCHESTRA"Brazuca" / "Simbora"1978
DK 4606
DK 4607
DK 4608SOWETO"African Warrior"1978
DK 4609ROLLING STONES"Miss You" / "Far Away Eyes"1978
DK 4610
Scotti Brothers
JOHN PAUL YOUNG"Love Is In The Air"1978
DK 4611
DK 4612
DK 4613
DK 4614
DK 4615TRAMMPS"the Night the Lights Went Out"1978
DK 4616ROLLING STONES"Miss You" / "Hot Stuff"1978
DK 4617BARRABAS"Desperately" / "Mellow Blow"1978
DK 4618BONEY M"Ma Baker" / "Daddy Cool"1978
DK 4619
C.J. & CO"Devil's Gun" / "We Got Our Own Thing"1978
DK 4620CHIC"Le Freak" / "You Can Get By If You Try"1978
DK 4621CHIC"Dance, Dance, Dance" / "Everybody Dance"1978
DK 4622TRAMMPS"Disco Inferno" / "That's Where The Happy People Go"1978
DK 4623CERRONE"Cerrone's Paradise" / "Love In C Minor"1978
DK 4624CERRONE"Supernature" / "Give Me Love"1978
DK 4700CHIC"Le Freak"1978
DK 4701MIDNIGHT RHYTHM"Workin' & Slavin'" / "I Need Love"1978
DK 4702
Scotti Brothers
LEIF GARRETT"I Was Made For Dancin'"1978
DK 4703
BROADWAY"Kiss You All Over" / "Love Bandit"1978
DK 4704G. B. EXPERIENCE"Disco Extravaganza"1978
DK 4705
Scotti Brothers
JOHN PAUL YOUNG"Lost In Your Love" / "The Day My Heart Caught Fire"1978
DK 4706TASHA THOMAS"Shoot Me (With Your Love)"1978
DK 4707
DK 4708HERBIE MANN"Superman" / "Etaugi"1978
DK 4709TRAMMPS"Soul Bones" / "Love Magnet"1978
DK 4710
SISTER SLEDGE"We Are Family" / "He's The Greatest Dancer"1978
DK 4711
ADC BAND"Fire Up" / "More And More Disco"1978
DK 4712CHIC"I Want Your Love" / "(Funny) Bone"1978
DK 4713MICK JACKSON"Weekend"1978
DK 4714NARADA MICHAEL WALDEN"I Don't Want Nobody Else (To Dance With You)"1978
DK 4715KLEEER"Keeep Your Body Workin'"1978
DK 4716
BROADWAY"This Funk Is Made For Dancing"1979
DK 4717RARE ESSENCE"Disco Fever"1979
DK 4718
DK 4719WONDER BAND"Whole Lotta Love"1979
DK 4720
DK 4721SPINNERS"Are You Ready For Love"1979
DK 4722
Scotti Brothers
LEIF GARRETT"Feel The Need"1979
DK 4724
DALTON & DUBARRI"I Can Dance All By Myself"1979
DK 4725
DK 4726
DEE EDWARDS"Loving You Is All I Want To Do"1979
DK 4727
STACY LATTISAW"Rock With Me" / "When You're"´1979
DK 4728
ERAMUS HALL"Do The Rock"1979
DK 4729
CARLIS MUNRO"Boogie Up, Rock Down"1979
DK 4730TASHA THOMAS"Street Fever" / "Midnight Rendez-Vous"1979
DK 4731
JIMMY CASTOR BUNCH"Don't Do That" / "Psych-Out"1979
DK 4800BETTE MIDLER"Married Men"1979
DK 4801CHIC"Good Times" / "A Warm Summer Night"1979
DK 4802CERRONE"Rock Me" / "Rocket In The Pocket"1979
DK 4803
Scotti Brothers
ADDRISI BROTHERS"Ghost Dancer" / "Streetlight"1979
DK 4804TASHA THOMAS"Hot Buttered Boogie" / "Midnight Rendez-Vous"1979
DK 4805
DK 4806
Virgin America
NOEL"Dancing Is Dangerous" / "the Night They Invented Love"1979
DK 4807MICHAEL MCGLOIRY"Love Every Inch Of Me"1979
DK 4808
DK 4809
Virgin America
FLYING LIZARDS"Money" / "Summertime Blues"1979
DM 4810
WEE GEE"Hold On (To Your Dreams)" / "Ain't Nothin' Missin' (But the Music)"1979
DM 4811
SHEILA & B. DEVOTION"Spacer" / "Don't Go"1979
DM 4812STARS ON 45"Stars On 45"1981
DM 4813SUZY Q"Get On Up Do It Again"1981
DM 4814
SISTER SLEDGE"He's Just A Runaway"1981
DM 4815VOGGUE"Dancin' The Night Away"1981
DM 4816BOBETTES"Love Rhythm"1981
DM 4817
DM 4818JUMBO"Take It Light (Get That Mojo Working Day & Night)" / "Sexy Thing"1981
DM 4819MODERN ROMANCE"Can You Move"1981
DM 4820STARS ON 45"Stars On 45 Vol. 2"1981
DM 4821JERRY CARR"This Must Be Heaven"1981
DM 4822DOLLY DOTS"P.S."1981
DM 4823
KANO"Can't Hold Back (Your Loving)" / "She's A Star"1981
DM 4824YVONNE GAGE"Garden Of Eve"1982
DM 4826STARS ON 45"Stars On Stevie Wonder"1982
DM 4827
CHIC"Soup For One" / "Burn Hard"1982
DM 4828 1982
DM 4829KAREN YOUNG"Detour"1982
DM 4830CLAUDJA BARRY"If I Do It To You"1982
DM 4831
CARLY SIMON / CHIC"Why" / instrumental1982
DM 4832 1982
DM 4833GWEN GUTHRIE"It Should Have Been You"1982
DM 4834KING COTTON"Stick To the Grind"1982
DM 4835LAURA BRANIGAN"Gloria"1982
DM 4836 1982
DM 4837
SYSTEM"It's Passion"1982

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