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Pattie Brooks' life has always been centered around music
and she has been working with people like;
Donna Summer, Diana Ross, Olivia Newton-John, Barry Manilow, Barbra Streisand,
Ann-Margret, Paula Abdul and Rick James (the list would go on...).
In 1977 she got signed to Casablanca and soon she had a worldwide Hit
when "After Dark" was featured in the movie Thank God It's Friday.
Learn more about this lady who's got the THING...
Here's - 'Miz Thang' - Pattie Brooks !

Pattie Brooks was born in Ft. Riley Kansas, her father was an Army Captain which made the family move a lot during Pattie's childhood. She has lived in many different U.S. cities as well as living in Germany for four years.
I Discoguy asked Pattie; Moving around a lot as a kid, both in the US and Europe, how do you think that formed you as a person and/or artist?
Pattie Brooks - Party Girl album "Traveling at an early age gave insight on the many cultures of the world and made me very receptive to everything around me."
Was there anywhere you specially felt was "home" during these years?
"I felt like a gypsy, everywhere was home."
Music was always played in the family home and Patti tells about when she started singing; "My earliest recollection would be 5 years of age, but music was always in the household - every type of music."
All of the classic Jazz greats like Billie Eckstein, Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Joe Williams, Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughn and Billie Holliday would be frequently played. Personally she was more into the newer Soul acts like Aretha Franklin and Gladys Knight. All of them were a great inspiration to the young Pattie to start using her own voice, she was even singing opera for three years (which she remembers to be her first love).
She was always singing in the school choirs and school plays.

Casablanca Records logo Ms. Brooks started out singing opera, then moving over to Jazz, followed by more kind of Rock/Pop & Soul and eventually leading to a Disco career at Neil Bogart's Casablanca Records.
It really takes a lot to be able to sing all these different genres, as they've all got their own phrasing and techniques. We all know opera and how important breathing, strength and endurance are in order to give a good performance. When talking Jazz you need different qualities and you would definitely need to know how to 'Scat'. And yet again - Rock, Soul and Disco that's another ballgame as well. So this is kind of Pattie's trademark - her possibilities to sing any genres.
I asked her about this and her voice and I think her answer says it all; "I'm a chameleon, I change with the music I'm asked to sing."
Your first love was Opera, do your still sing Opera?
"I do sing opera but only for myself as it's very demanding."
You later moved into Jazz, then moving into the Rock/Pop field and ending up in Disco and Dance music. Going through all these genres - which genre was the most challenging or gave you most pleasure, personally, to sing?
"I would have to say jazz because there is certain kind of freedom you get when you are improvising."
When did you first start working with music, more professionally?
"In 1968 I auditioned for a TV variety show called the Smothers' Brothers Comedy Hour and that started it all. I then traveled with Henry Mancini's Young Generation and sang on the Bobby Darin Show. From there I started back-up sessions for a lot of the studios in LA. Locally I sang in bands around the city - Rock and R&B. Later on I would sing with jazz groups. I was lucky to get the training I did, singers today don't always have that experience. It was wonderful working with Ann-Margret, Donna Summer and a host of others."
Was singing something you always wanted to do, or was it more "by chance"?
"Yes! I guess so, and maybe by chance."
Have you ever done something else? Or has music always been your life? What do you do now for a living?
"Music is my life, I'm still singing jingles. I also perform live with other groups, as well as solo."

After the success in the TV shows mentioned above, Pattie could be seen in most major television shows like - Soul Train, American Bandstand, Dance Fever, Merv Griffin, Johnny Carson, Midnight Special and Dinah Shore (just to mention a few). One thing led to another and with her singing background she eventually ended up in the recording studio...
Cleopatra Jones movie Which was the first song you ever recorded?
"The first song I think I recorded was for a movie - Cleopatra Jones in 1972-73 - and it was a standard - 'Am I Blue'."
Pattie was also briefly featured in that Blaxploitation movie as well as doing the vocal over-dubs for Brenda Sykes, who played Tiffany, which was one of the more leading characters in the movie. Tamara Dobson stars as Cleopatra Jones, a jive female James Bond.
You have always been a performer, and besides singing you have also been dancing and acting as well. Did you prefer any of these different talents before the other?
"Oh no! I love it all."
For a period you also hired other talented singers/dancers for different TV performances and shows. How was that? Wasn't it hard to hire other people when probably wanna be in the shows and spotlight yourself?
"No, It was great hiring other singers because I knew what they could do, and I was a working singer."
During the early 70's you sang on lots of demos for A & M Records - you sung on many tracks which later became hits for other artists? Can you name some?
"Yes, I sang songs which Diana Ross, Dusty Springfield, King Harvest and Thelma Houston, to name a few later had hits with."
I guess it would have been interesting to have heard Pattie's recordings of these songs as well...
During this time, Pattie (together with Randy Crawford) were also backing up Jaye P. Morgan in her shows. It was a great opportunity for the young back-up singers as Jaye even allowed them perform solo numbers in her shows.

Pattie Brooks on a sofa

In the mid 70's the Disco craze started and Pattie got into the studios recording more and more backgrounds for 'Disco acts'. At this time Pattie also helped out putting together background singers for recordings, just like she had hired singers and dancers for TV shows earlier. And one of the first Disco divas she worked with was Donna Summer...
Ms. Brooks put together the background singers for Donna's "I remember yesterday" album. She gives the following comments on the work they did together; "Donna was great, I always knew she had a big voice! Her producer's were very talented."
This work with Donna also led to an own deal with famous Casablanca Records. How was it being on Casablanca Records?
"Being on Casablanca was truly crazy! When I got the deal at Casablanca I had no idea what Disco music was, because I was on tour in Vegas. I recorded 'After Dark' for the movie Thank God it's Friday and when I returned I was taken to a Disco club that was playing it at peak hours. That was something else."
One of the visitors of remembers that "After Dark" was a very special anthem at the legendary New York City club Starship Discovery. He said: "As soon as the song came on EVERYBODY came running to the dance floor, everybody just had to get up and dance to it!"

Thanks to her wonderful work with Donna Summer, Shalamar's producer Simon Soussan approached Pattie and became her producer for her first two albums - Love Shook and Our Ms. Brooks. Simon was also the man behind the studio Disco group Arpeggio, which he both wrote and produced.
Pattie Brooks - Love Shook album The Love Shook album was released in 1977 and was credited to Pattie Brooks & the Simon Orchestra. The album include hits like the title track - "Love Shook", as well as "Girl Don't Make Me Wait", "Let's Make Love To the Music" and the "Pop Collage" (which is a medley of "Popcorn", "Black Is Black" and "Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye"). The whole album reached number 2 in the Billboard National Disco Action Top 40.
Other notable info is that background vocals for this album was sung by Carrie Lucas ("Dance With Me") and the Whispers ("And the Beat Goes On" and other hits).

Thank God its Friday album After her successful debut LP, Pattie hit it big-time with the song "After Dark", which was featured in the soundtrack and movie - Thank God It's Friday.
The movie itself was a co-production by Casablanca and Motown and included great Disco music and acts from both labels.
From the Motown roaster you find Diana Ross, Commodores and Thelma Houston and from Casablanca Love and Kisses, Paul Jabara, D.C. LaRue and Donna Summer and Pattie Brooks, among others.
The soundtrack topped the Disco charts for weeks in Spring 1978 and also included the Oscar and Golden Globe Award winning 'Best Original Song' - "Last Dance" as sung by Donna Summer.

Pattie Brooks - Our Ms Brooks album Pattie's second album, the 1978 Our Ms. Brooks, included the mega hit "After Dark" and was also produced by Simon Soussan.
"After Dark" which was both written and produced by Simon, had already been released as a 12" single as well as being featured in the 'T.G.I.F.' soundtrack as mentioned above.
The 'Our Ms. Brooks' album also included the hits "Come fly with me/Let's do it again", "Heartbreak in Disguise" and "This Is the House Where Love Died which was originally recorded by First Choice.
The whole album peaked at #22 in the National Disco Action Top 40.

Pattie Brooks - Party Girl album In 1979 her third album, Party Girl, was released. This time 'our Ms. Brooks' teamed up with legendary SalSoul Records writer/producer Bunny Sigler who produced the album and also wrote a few of the songs, for example the title track - "Party Girl".
Even Bunny's bother Jimmy Sigler wrote a song for the album.
Most known track is probably the song "Got Tu Go Disco" which was also the title theme for an unsuccessful Broadway show. The track was written by John Davis (of the Monster Orchestra) and produced by Jurgen Koppers.
But Bunny also brought in his friend Tom Moulton to remix the track "Leap Tall Buildings" and besides Tom he also brought along SalSoul Funkers - Instant Funk ("I Got My Mind Made Up") to give the album a little more 'Funkier' sound.

Pattie Brooks - the Pattie Brooks album Next up was Pattie's fourth and last album for Casablanca, the self-titled - Pattie Brooks. It was released in 1980 and in the backlash of the 'Disco Sucks' campaign and the album never got the same success as Ms. Brooks' earlier albums.
You recorded 4 albums for Casablanca and you had several hits, where "After Dark" is the most remembered and which is also one of the most memorable tracks of the T.G.I.F. soundtrack. What have this track meant to you and your career?
"It has meant a great deal. 'After Dark' has had life of it's own without me, by that I mean I haven't performed it for a while, but it is still being played quite a bit."
Which of your Casablanca tracks do you love the most and/or are most proud of?
"'After Dark', 'Love shook' and Oh... 'Come fly with me/Let's Do it Again'."
Neil Bogart sold off Casablanca in 1980, was there any change to the label/artists after that?
"It was over for the artist's that weren't getting support from the label."

Pattie Brooks - In My World album In 1982 Pattie got signed to Atlantic Records sub-label Mirage for which she released an album - In My World.
The album included the prior 12" single with the same name, "In My World" which was flipped by the hit "Dr. Ruth" (a song about the famous US Radio & TV-hostess and sexologist).
But that was the only album that came out of her deal with Mirage, but in 1983 she was back again, this time on the small BackStreet label. On BackStreet she released the 7" & 12" single "Get It On And Have A Party" and on the B-side of the 7" single (only) there's a song called "Hold Him". This track is a duet with famous actor Dan Aykroyd and was featured in the Doctor Detroit movie along with their second duet for the movie, "Working Girls". Dan also plays harmonica on one of the tracks.
In 1985 Pattie could be heard in "Lifeline Dancing" on Easy Street Records.
Two years later it was "All Talk", a song released on West Holly and in 1988 Pattie was to be found on Waterwheel with the song "Function At the Junction".
During the 80's you released a few singles and an album for Mirage and then later released singles on BackStreet, Easy Street, West Holly and Waterwheel. Have you recorded anything else under your own name after that?
"I never knew I was on WEST HOLLY and EASY STREET, but I recorded some tracks that haven't been heard yet."
That's exciting news... Fingers crossed that we'll get to hear these track some day!

Pattie Brooks and Dan Aykroyd in the Studio

Have you got a copy of every record you've been involved in?
"I don't have copies of everything I recorded (shame on me). I'm sure there are people out there with more on me than me!"
Did you sing the vocals on any Disco tracks which you never was credited for?
"I probably have been on tracks that I didn't get credit for, but none that I can recall."
With all the sampling going on these days, I assume Pattie might have been sampled as well without getting proper credit.
Since my pages are mainly Disco oriented, have you got any favorite Disco songs?
"My favorite disco songs are 'Native New Yorker' [Odyssey], 'This Time Baby' [Jackie Moore], 'You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)' [Sylvester], I have so many!"

You have been working with LOTS of great Disco acts over the years. People like Donna, Olivia Newton-John, Thelma Houston, Paul Jabara, D.C. LaRue and the list can go on... Any special ones you specially loved to work with and any comments of them?
"D.C. LaRue and Paul Jabara were the funniest people, we had a lot of fun together."
If you could have been any other Disco artist during that era, then which Disco artist would you like to have been?
"There isn't anyone else I would have liked to have been in the Disco era."
You have later also worked with other famous acts like Paula Abdul, Barry Manilow and many others. Anything special or some comments about them?
"All creative artists always have an edge."
Over the years Pattie has been working with many famous artists and groups, among them Diana Ross, Rick James, Roberta Kelly, Teena Marie, Slave, Dusty Springfield, George Duke, David Foster, Marlena Shaw, Bill Summers, just to mention a few...
Pattie Brooks She has also received Platinum records for her own "After Dark" as well as for her background vocals for Rick James & Teena Marie's "Fire and Desire" and for "Opposites Attract" by Paula Abdul.
What about Disco music - Did you like Disco music during that era, or was it just like a job?
"I think I would have liked to be known for more serious music. Power ballads and more Funk, which I was known for before I got signed as a Disco artist.
I also have performed as a Jazz vocalist, that is such a special platform for me. I love taking the classics and making them mine."

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After Dark [Original]

After Dark [LA Tee Club Mix]

After Dark [L.E.X. Nuskool Mix]

After Dark [SoulShaker Mix]

Dr. Ruth

In My World

This Is The House Where Love Died

Straight To The Bank
Bill Summers

I Feel Love
Donna Summer

Forever Your Girl
Paula Abdul

Opposites Attract
Paula Abdul

Pleasure Island
Paul Jabara

Fire and Desire
Rick James & Teena Marie

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Copacobana "At the Copa"
Barry Manilow

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I'm coming out
Diana Ross

Love hangover
Diana Ross

Upside down
Diana Ross

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Diana Ross

Bad girls
Donna Summer

Hot stuff
Donna Summer

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Donna Summer

Love to love you baby
Donna Summer

MacArthur Park Suite
Donna Summer

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Donna Summer

No More Tears (Enough is Enough)
Donna Summer & Barbra Streisand

I want you for myself
George Duke

Party down
George Duke

This Time Baby
Jackie Moore

Thank God it's Friday
Love & Kisses

All night long
Mary Jane Girls

Native New Yorker

Olivia Newton-John

You Make Me Feel "Mighty Real"

I need your lovin'
Teena Marie

Pattie Brooks - Love Shook and Our Ms. Brooks CD
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BUY Pattie Brooks - Love Shook and Our Ms. Brooks CD from the US BUY Pattie Brooks - Love Shook and Our Ms. Brooks CD from Europe
Girl Don't Make Me Wait
Love Shook
Let's Make Love To The Music
Pop Collage Medley: Popcorn / Black Is Black / Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye
After Dark
This Is The House Where Love Died
Heartbreak In Disguise
Medley: Come Fly With Me / Let's Do It Again
The Back-Up Singer

Pattie also write and compose songs and her songs have been heard on TV and movie soundtracks like 16 Candles, Doctor Detroit and Boone.
Besides singing "After Dark" for the T.G.I.F. soundtrack, she was singing the theme "Close Enough For Love" for the 1979 Dustin Hoffman and Vanessa Redgrave movie - Agatha. A movie about the legendary British mystery novelist Agatha Christie.
The Doctor Detroit soundtrack feature four Pattie tracks, including the two duets with Dan Aykroyd as mentioned earlier, along with the title track as sung by Devo and "King of Soul" & "Get Up Offa That Thing/Doctor Detroit" by James Brown, to mention a few.
Of all the artists you've been working with, from whom have you learned the most?
"I really thought Ann-Margret was a great performer, her shows were always very well planned."
In another interview Ms. Brooks said; "Ann-Margret taught me that you can be a great singer and a great dancer, but if you havenít got charisma, itís not going to happen. And people know when youíre copping out. But if they see you up there and youíre giving your all, theyíll be right there with you."
You have met lots of talented people over the years. Any special ones you wanna mention?
"Donna was fun to work with as well as Rick James. Barbra Streisand was so professional..."
Have you got any advice to new want-to-become artists?
"You really have to find good songs and have a good producer." And to quote her own motto; "Itís all timing. Just hang in there honey, donít give up. If youíve got the talent - if you believe in yourself - it will happen."
Many people refer to you as Miz Thang, how and when did you get dubbed 'Miz Thang'?
"I really don't know when or how I got dubbed 'Miz Thang'."
Most likely Pattie got dubbed 'Miz Thang' due to the fact that she has got the 'THING' - a very distinctive vocal and own performing style and charisma, which also has made her a popular performer of the Los Angeles cabaret scene.
She's still a sexy, hot woman with "legs that never quit", legs that even have been seen in TV commercials for LEGGS (as Pattie recalls).

So, What are you up to today?
Pattie Brooks - After Dark 2006 remix "I'm still singing and reinventing myself! Ha-ha! 'After Dark' is on the Dance charts again and I'm recording new material soon to be released. I also sing with the Friends Of Distinction they had hit's like 'Grazing in the Grass' and 'You Got Me Going in circle's'. I also sang with Donna Summer on New Years Eve [2005] with Dick Clarke. So I'm keeping myself busy."
So you still play gigs from time to time?
"Yes, I'm working on projects all the time. I'm still asked to do my own live show so I think that is my next venture."
Finally, have you still got contact with any other old Disco acts?
"I see Thelma Houston, Cynthia Manley and Evelyn King from time to time. I got a Christmas card from the Village People and I'll see them in New York this year."

It's not only Pattie who enjoys the spotlights of the entertainment business, Pattie's daughter - Yvette Marine Barlowe - was actually part of the Mary Jane Girls, which had both a number ONE Dance hit with "In My House" and a Top Ten hit with "Wild And Crazy Love" in 1985.
Yvette joined this Rick James written and produced act in 1985, just in time for their second album and the two hits mentioned above. Yvette went under the name Corvette in the group and played the part of a wild 'n trendy girl, as each girl would have their different personality and looks. The other members were called Candi, JoJo and Maxi.
Just like her mother, Yvette Barlowe still keeps herself in the spotlight, these days as a TV hostess for the show In The Mix with Yvette.

It's clear to see what a multi-talented artist Pattie is, with abilities to sing everything from Opera and Jazz - to Pop, Rock and Disco.
She's a true performer and has been seen on TV and Stages, in Shows and Cabarets for the last 40 years.
Our Ms Brooks is still HOT and she's back on record again, working together with classic
Disco remixer supreme - Rick Gianatos and his RGP Music Group.
So, the "Party Girl" is back (not that she ever really was gone)...
Don't wait 'till "After Dark" - Enjoy her now!
Thank God It's...
Pattie Brooks

For more news and info, visit Pattie's own web-page:


to Pattie for participating and making this page possible !!!
And to Yvette for putting me in contact with her mother.

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