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Vinyl Masterpiece

In spring 2004 PTG Records released the wonderful Nighttime Lovers double CD and a promised to release more never before released classic tracks on CD - digitally remastered of course.
I got a chance to ask Martijn van Jole, the label head of the company a coupld of questions on the and upcoming releases... Everything mentioned will be found through their web-site.

Nighttime Lovers First I'd like to congratulate you to an excellent compilation. Nighttime Lovers have made me rediscover some forgotten tracks and also opened my eyes up for some I never heard before. It's a Great collection.
"Thanks for your positive vibe. We tried to put on this compilation tracks, which have never been on CD or tracks which are difficult to find. Our mission was not to make a CD with only rare tracks, but a compilation for the disco funk lovers. So as well for the "incrowd" disco funk lovers as for the people who like this music, but do not know many of the artists on this compilation.
We think there is a big group of people who wants to hear other music than hits like "It's raining men", "I will survive" etc. There are many compilations with that kind of music, but where can you find (as we call it) "the quality disco funk from the eighties" on CD?
So we hope this CD meets the demand of a bigger audience who are looking for good disco funk music and the incrowd lovers, who will find there favourite tracks as well."

How did you make the selection for the compilation?
"It's quite difficult to make a selection, because there are so many tracks which we would like to compile. But we sat together with Ferry Maat, who is in fact the founder of the famous Soul Show, which is one of the longest running radio shows on Dutch Radio (it started already in the Seventies).
Ferry Maat brought and is still bringing soul music (disco, funk, dance etc) to a broader audience in The Netherlands. Now he is on air every Saturday night on Radio Veronica and still many people are listening.
With Ferry Maat we spoke about our idea to make this CD and he immediately wanted to co-operate. Because we wanted to bring this CD also to a wider audience, we would like to call the CD "Ferry Maat's Soulshow presents Nighttime Lovers" and so a new series was born."
Who knew/remembered all those great tracks?
"It was Ferry along with me and Adri."

I assume it was a though job just trying to clearing the rights to use all of those tracks as there's not one "mainstream" track. So how did you clear them all?
"This is always one of the most difficult things these days. As we are quite long active in the music business we have a wide network of people, which we work with. Sometimes it is still very difficult and it can happen that we can not find the owners of the tracks. Then we decided to not put it on this CD, but on the next one (expected beginning of September).
But alsomajor record companies (as Sony, BMG and EMI) are sometimes owners of very obscure tracks. The funny thing is, that they mostly do not know this and we help them to find these tracks, which they license to us."

Haha! That's just too cool...

Was there many other tracks you wanted on the compilation which never made it because you couldn't get them cleared?
"Yes there was, as told earlier, but I can tell you one: Nona Hendryx - "Boys will be boys". But it will hopefully be on the next Nighttime Lovers."
Which are your favorite tracks of the compilation?
"Our (Adri Blok & I) favourite disco funk are those tracks with a synthesiser bass sound and great vocals. My favourite years were 1980 - 1985. My favourite tracks on this CD are Gladys Knight & the Pips - "When your far away" (Remix), A Taste of Honey - "Sayonara", Lillo Thomas - "Your love's got a hold on me" and Network - "Pump it up"."

Please tell me somethings about your upcoming releases... I know of the B.B.&Q. Band and Change CD's and the Masterpiece rare Disco compilation. But I'd like to know more about the cleared tracks for the Masterpiece CD and how many tracks will be featured and when it might be released and so on...
>"That is one of the most questions we get. Unfortunately I can not say everything we are planning to release. This because of the fact that our competitors are watching too. Especially those ones who are doing bootlegs.
The process of releasing is sometimes long. First we have to find the owners, then the mastertapes. We remaster everything on the highest level possible and if we make a reissue our atwork guys are quite long busy with reparing the original covers.
As our mission is to reissue at the highest level possible - This means investments in time and money.
But to give you some news, in August we'll release the first compilation with great tunes as: Strike One - "Can't touch me anymore", Sign of the times - "Point Blank", Advance - "Take me to the top", Skool Boyz - Slip away, Jagg - "Take time" and many others! 13 tracks in total."

If you haven't already - I advise you to go to and check out their latest releases on vinyl and CD!
I'm sure we'll hear lots more in the future from
Vinyl Masterpiece

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Disco Giants
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Disco Giants
[PTG Records PTG34035]
Vinyl Masteriece continues to give us lots of strong and interesting compliations and they're back with a new series - Disco Giants. 20 great 12"inch Disco classic on 2 CD's.
As always the people at Vinyl Masterpiece brings you a mix of wellknown songs along with lesser known, but still GREAT, tracks.
Some might say this release is a bit more "commercial" then what we're used to, but I don't think so. OK, there are more HITS on Disco Giants - but still all the songs are stuff you won't find in any other Disco compilation and that's what makes Vinyl Masterpiece's releases so interesting!
Just by starting out with Chic's "You Are Beautiful" set the tone for the whole double CD. Besides this you'll find classic tracks by Chaka Khan, the System, Aurra, Mary Jane Girls, One Way and B.B.& Q. Band, among others.
So, check out the track list and ORDER NOW !

Disc 1
Chic - You Are Beautiful (Frankie Rodriquez’ Beautiful re-edit) (6:22)
One Way - Let’s Talk (6:20)
Chaka Khan - I Feel For You (12” mix) (7:15)
Tramaine - Fall Down (Spirit of Love) (8:13)
Mary Jane Girls - Candy Man (7:37)
Con Funk Shun - Burnin’ Love (7:09)
Network - I Need you (5:01)
The Quick - The Rhythm Of The Jungle (7:11)
Selection - Got to be Real (5:52)
Yvonne Gage - Garden Of Eve (long version) (6:27)
Disc 2
BB&Q Band - Dreamer (Shep Pettibone / Long Vocal Version) (7:11)
Aurra - You & Me Tonight (6:39)
Loose Ends - Nights Of Pleasure (Nick Martinelli mix) (5:25)
Rochelle - My Magic Man (Magic Mix) (5:44)
Stephanie Mills - You Can’t Run From My Love (7:17)
Johnny Kemp - Just Another Lover (12” mix) (5:26)
The System - You Are In My System (5:49)
Leon Haywood - I’m Out To Catch (6:08)
Five Star - Love Take Over (6:06)
Maxx Traxx - To Be With You (4:28)

Disco Giants 2
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Disco Giants 2
[PTG Records PTG34039]
The second release in Vinyl Masteriece's Disco Giants series. Another 20 great 12" inch Disco classics on 2 CD's.
A great mixture of songs, from top hits to lesser known gems.
The CD's include several of my own personal favorite tracks, like; the Jellybean remix of Peter Brown's "They Only Come Out At Nights" and Sheryl Lee Ralph's "In The Evening", along with fave's from Phyllis St. James, Young & Co and O'Jays.
There is not a bad track on this compilation which spans over Disco, Funk and Boogie tracks.
OK - Go ahead and BUY IT NOW !

Disc 1
Fatback - I found lovin' (4:05)
Sheryl Lee Ralph - In the evening (6:14)
9.9 - All of me for all of you (Frankie Rodriquez Extended Remix) (7:05)
Jeffrey Osborne - Plane Love (Frankie Rodriquez Airborne Re-edit) (7:12)
Ca$hflow - Mine all mine (6:59)
Kool & The Gang - Fresh (12" Remix) (5:47)
September - The lover in me (4:32)
Young & Co - I like (what you doing to me) (7:15)
Tavares - Got to find my way back to you (6:32)
Phyllis St. James - Candlelight afternoon (5:26)
Disc 2
Regina - Baby Love (6:27)
The O'Jays - Put our heads together (6:12)
Nuance Feat. Vikki Love - Love ride (6:38)
Haywoode - Getting Closer (6:16)
Peter Brown - They only come out at night (6:22)
Phyllis Nelson - I Like You (Shep Pettibone Remix) (7:18)
One way - You better quit (7:39)
First Love - Don't say goodnight (6:55)
Divine Sounds - What people do for money (7:24)
Jesse Johnson - She (I can't resist) (7:20)

Disco Giants 3
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Disco Giants 3
[PTG Records PTG34049]
Back again for a third release of Disco Giants. 20 "new" 12-inch Disco classics.
The CD starts out with a Jellybean track which include vocals by a young Madonna. There are also two Larry Levan remixed classics by Gwen Guthrie and David Joseph.
"Don't Stop The Music" sings Yarbrough & Peoples and the great music still plays on by artists like Odyssey, Billy Ocean, Vaughan Mason & Crew, Cameo, Stacy Lattisaw and One Way (among others).
Another great selection of Disco, Funk and Boogie songs.
Get your copy now...

Disc 1
Jellybean - Sidewalk talk (6:04)
Ritchie Family - I'll do my best (for you baby) (5:16)
Gwen Guthrie - It should have been you (Larry Levan Mix) (7:06)
The Manhattans - Crazy
Odyssey - Inside out (6:21)
Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam with Full Force - I wonder if I take you home (6:40)
Vesta Williams - Once bitten twice shy (5:58)
Skipworth & Turner - Thinking about your love (5:51)
Cameo - Single Life (6:29)
David Joseph - You can't hide your love (from me) (Larry Levan mix) (6:42)
Disc 2
Vaughan Mason & Crew - Bounce, rock, skate, roll (7:20)
High Fashion - Feelin' lucky lately (5:43)
Skyy - Givin' it (to you) (5:33)
Yarbrough & Peoples - Don't stop the music (7:49)
Stacy Lattisaw - Jump into my life (Frankie Rodriquez' Jumpin' Club Mix) (7:06)
Jaki Graham - Round and around (5:45)
Billy Ocean - Nights (feel like getting down) (4:41)
One Way - Mr. Groove (4:43)
O'Brian - Lovelite (6:09)
Loose Ends - Slowdown (4:56)

Disco Giants 4
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Disco Giants 4
[PTG Records PTG34056]
20 more Disco Giants in this release. Music for all tastes.
The second CD starts with an all-time classic; Mary Jane Girls' "All Night Long" just to be followed by "Reach Up" by Toney Lee. You also get classics like Cheryl Lynn's "Got To Be Real" and the Funky "Sexomatic" by Bar-Kays.
This time you can get down to some B-Boy tracks from René & Angela, The World's Famous Supreme Team, Fatback and Michael Jonzun along with tunes from from Cameo, Heatwave, Starpoint, Princess, Midnight Star and many others. See tracklisting for your personal favorites...
"Hey DJ" you'll play this "All Night Long"!

Disc 1
Bar-Kays - Sexomatic (6:24)
René & Angela - Save your love for no .1 (5:27)
Michael Jonzun - Burnin' up (7:46)
Nona Hendryx - Why should I cry? (7:09)
Zena Dejonay - I’ve got to find a way (5:12)
Fatback - Is this the future? (6:11)
Princess - I'll keep on loving you (7:27)
Dayton - The sound of music (X-tended Remix) (8:09)
Heatwave - Gangsters of the groove (4:01)
Midnight Star - Operator (7:45)
Disc 2
Mary Jane Girls - All night long (5:44)
Toney Lee - Reach up (6:49)
Total Contrast - Hit and Run (6:02)
Melba Moore - It's really love (4:33)
The World's Famous Supreme Team - Hey D.J. (6:11)
Cheryl Lynn - Got to be real (5:06)
Bobby Nunn - Private party (4:48)
Starpoint - Object of my desire (5:04)
Ready for the world - Oh Sheila (6:49)
Cameo - Attack me with your love (4:32)

Disco Giants 5
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Disco Giants 5
[PTG Records PTG34065]
The fifth release is one of the strongest (so far) in the Disco Giants series.
It include some of my top favorite tracks like Breakfast Club's "Right on track", René & Angela's "I love you more", "Act Like You Know" by Fat Larry’s Band and "This beat is mine" by Vicky D..
Check out the track listing for other Disco, Funk and Boogie faves from Mel Brooks, Phil Fearon, Dazz Band, Gap Band, Cheryl Lynn, Evelyn 'Champagne' King and Harold Melvin.
This collection is "Outstanding" and "Right On Track".

Disc 1
Dazz Band - Let it all blow (5:22)
Glenn Jones - I am somebody (6:23)
Evelyn 'Champagne' King - Just for the night (4:42)
Kashif - Stone love (5:24)
Herold Melvin & The Blue Notes (Feat. Nikko) - Today is your lucky day (6:16)
Fat Larry’s Band - Act Like You Know (6:26)
Answering Service - Call me Mr. Telephone (6:33)
Brenda K. Starr - Pickin' up pieces (4:38)
Phil Fearon – What do I do (M and M Mix) (7:11)
Mel Brooks - It’s Good To Be The King (5:27)
Disc 2
The Gap Band – Outstanding (6:12)
Cheryl Lynn - Encore (Live version) (5:13)
Vicky D. - This beat is mine (5:53)
Newcleus - Jam on it (7:54)
The Jones Girls - You can't have my love (4:23)
Howard Johnson - So fine (5:29)
René & Angela - I love you more (5:29)
Bobbi Humphrey - No way (7:03)
The Cool Notes - In your car (5:58)
Breakfast Club - Right on track (7:08)

Masterpiece vol. 1
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Masterpiece vol. 1 the Ulitmate Disco Funk Collection
[PTG Records PTG34008]
This is a great collection of Disco and Funk tracks from the early to mid eighties.
Just like Vinyl Masterpiece's Nighttime Lovers [below], this compilation is a MASTERPIECE!
Again there's lots of wonderful tracks you have forgotten but now get to re-discover...
Armenta's "I wanna be with you" just brings back sooo many fond memories. But make sure to check out Advance, Strike One and all the other songs in their full-lenght versions.
Act now - as it's a Limitied Edition release.

Strike One - Can't Touch Me Anymore
Armenta - I Wanna Be With You (part one)
Sign Of The Times - Point Blank (12 inch mix)
Advance - Take Me To The Top
Zebrass - Feel So Good (extended version)
Michael Baker - Dont You Want My Lovin' (dance mix)
Bridge - Baby Don't Hold Your Love Back
Jagg - Take Time (extended mix)
Skool Boyz - Slip Away
Karavan - The Funk Is Gonna Getcha
Neddy Smith - Give It Up
O'Bryan - Tenderoni
Family Brown - I Am Gonna Getcha

Masterpiece vol. 2
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Masterpiece vol. 2 the Ulitmate Disco Funk Collection
[PTG Records PTG340013]
Vinyl Masterpiece has done it again - Another wonderful collection of Soulful Disco Funk tracks from the Vinyl Masterpiece crew...
When you see names like Cheryl Lynn, Thelma Houston, Forrest or Nona Hendryx you probably get some track popping up in your head... Wrong it's just not them - at least not in this compilation. No, on here you'll find other great moments with these acts, the songs you didn't remember they did but that still will knock you off your feet.
Besides the above you'll find Millie Scott, Time Bandits, Shirley Lites and the Limit on there, among others.
Buy it NOW !

Sheryl Lynn - Fidelity (Extended remix)
Nona Hendryx - B-Boys (Special Extended Club-version)
Eleanor Goodman - Sneak preview (Extended version)
Time Bandits - I’m only shooting love (USA remix)
Millie Scott - Automatic (Extended version)
Keith Patrick - Night to remember (Extended version)
Shirley Lites - Heat you up, melt you down
Thelma Houston - Guess It Must Be Love (Extended remix)
Controllers - Stay (Extended remix)
Forrest – Could this be love?
The Limit - Crimes of passion (Extended version)
Fascination - Out to get you (12 inch mix)

Masterpiece vol. 3
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Masterpiece vol. 3 the Ulitmate Disco Funk Collection
[PTG Records PTG340023]
Third time around and yet another wonderful collection of Soulful Disco Funk tracks from Vinyl Masterpiece...
The CD feature 12 hard-to-find and great tracks, including the rare promo remix of "Best love" by Rose Royce. But you should also check out the Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis kind of S.O.S. Band disco by Tululah Moon, along with classics from Barbara Roy, Sunfire, Maijk and Fox the Fox. All are fantastic tracks and if you're familiar with the previous Masterpiece releases, then you know you gonna love this!
Go get it now !

Nuance feat. Vikki Love - Loveride
Barbara Roy - With All My Love
Twilight 22 - Mysterious
Rose Royce - Best Love (Promo Remix)
Klinte Jones - In The Heat of The Night
The Concept – Mr. DJ
Tululah Moon - If You Want My Love
Fox the Fox - Flirting and Showing
Gayle Adams - I’m Warning You
Maijk - You Gotta get Up
Sunfire - Shake Your Body
Allan Harris - You Bring Out the Best in Me

Masterpiece vol. 4
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Masterpiece vol. 4 the Ulitmate Disco Funk Collection
[PTG Records PTG34027]
The forth CD in the now classic series and many full length hard to find 80's Disco-Funk classics.
Starting out with Disco pioneer Narada Michael Walden's sister-in-law - Wanda, later followed by the former cleaning woman at Sigma Sound Studios - a woman who would earn great success as Evelyn "Champagne" King. You'll also find acts like Nick Straker, Lillo Thomas, a funky piece from the Creations as well as synth driven track from kim Covington.
There's also 2 wonderful West End Records classics "Ride On the Rhythm" and "You Can's Have Your Cake and Eat It Too". Vinyl Masterpiece has done it AGAIN !!!

Wanda - I must be dreamin'
Sweet Ecstasy - Pull our love together
Evelyn "Champagne" King – Out of Control
Nick Straker – Must you dance (Dance Mix)
Mahogany featuring Bernice Watkins - Ride on the rhythm
Brenda Taylor - You can't have your cake and eat it too
Lillo Thomas – I’m in love
The Creations - Kinky girl
Exquisite Taste - It's you that’s happening
Kim Covington – All of my Love
Diamond Thread - Search you love
Serena - Get your body up
Simon & McQueen - Let's get into it

Masterpiece vol. 5
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Masterpiece vol. 5 the Ulitmate Disco Funk Collection
[PTG Records PTG34037]
Vinyl-Masterpiece are back with a fifth release in their great series.
As always, full length versions of Soulful classic early-to-mid 80's Disco-Funk.
All great tracks from acts like Roy Ayers, Dayton, Kerr, The Conway Brothers, Gwen Guthrie, Kopper, Mark Fisher, Danté and the UK Players.
A CD well worth every penny...

Dayton - Out tonight (Frankie Rodriquez’ nightly club mix)
Roy Ayers - Slip 'n slide
UK Players - Love's gonna get you
The Conway Brothers - Turn it up
Kerr - Back at ya
Danté - Freak in me
Kopper - Velocity
Gwen Guthrie - Outside in the rain
Mark Fisher - Love situation (Frankie Rodriquez’ loved re-edit)
Take Three - Tonite's the night (all right)
Brenda Watts - Who needs a love like that
Lemelle - You got something special
Videeo - Closet Freak

Masterpiece vol. 6
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Masterpiece vol. 6 the Ulitmate Disco Funk Collection
[PTG Records PTG34044]
Vinyl-Masterpiece keep being successful in releasing exciting compilations in this serie and this is the sixth release and it has the same quality as its predecessors.
The sub-title of these releases really comes to its full right - "the Ultimate Disco Funk Collection".
Because this is pure, simple and great Funky Disco from the early 80's as presented by acts like Roy Ayers, Bar-Kays, Major Harris and others...
And as Dynasty sings - "Check It Out"!

Bar-Kays - She talks to me with her body
Dynasty - Check It Out
Evan Rogers - Secret Love (Frankie Rodriquez' Extended Masterpiece re-edit)
Love Club - Hot Summer Nights
Maxine Singleton - You can't run from love
Major Harris - Gotta make up your mind
Kathy Buck - Don't beat around the bush (Frankie's Cutting Around The Bush re-edit)
Thunderflash - Reach your high tonight
Up Front - Infatuation (Frankie Rodriquez' Infatuated re-edit)
Roy Ayers - Fast Money
Les Femmes - Yes, you thrill me
Pamela Joy - Think Fast

Masterpiece vol. 7
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Masterpiece vol. 7 the Ulitmate Disco Funk Collection
[PTG Records PTG34055]
13 wonderful Disco Funk tracks for your listening pleasure...
First out is the classic Patrick Adams penned "Touch Me (All Night Long)" with vocals by the lovely Fonda Rae, followed by acts like O'Jays, Mtume and the Whispers.
So "Watch Out" - this is "Prime Time" choons!

Wish featuring Fonda Rae - Touch me (all night long)
Michael Wycoff - Tell me love (Extended version)
Freeez - Can't keep my love
Tony Ransom - Stay if you wanna
The Whispers - Tonight
O'Jays - Love you direct (Frankie Rodriquez Instant re-edit)
Mtume - Prime time
Lee Prentiss - Love this way
Real Thing - Street corner boogie
Barbara Jayne - I like the way you move
Toshiki Kadomatsu - Step into the light
Julius Brown - Sho nuff (sure look good)
Brandi Wells - Watch out

Masterpiece vol. 8
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Masterpiece vol. 8 the Ulitmate Disco Funk Collection
[PTG Records PTG34064]
This series sure lives up to its "the Ultimate Disco Funk Collection" tag-line.
It's fascinating how the Vinyl-Masterpiece manage to dig up all these great tracks which are many times forgotten or wasn't on the avarage Top lists, but songs that have stood the test of time and keeps rocking.
Weeks & Co. starts out with a Funky little gem followed by Raven with additional vocals by the ever so great Jocelyn Brown.
Funky Disco indeed that "Takes Me Higher"!

Weeks & Co. - Tunnel of love
Raven feat. Jocelyn Brown - So in love
Shabazz - Takes me higher
Fonzi Thornton - (Uh Oh) There goes my heart
Surface - Stop holding back
Intrigue - Fly girl
Glenn Jones - Love intensity
Rockie Robbins - I've got your number
Output - Move for me
The Sequence - I just want to know
Grace Rico - Tell me
The Givens Family - I'm still waiting (Frankie Rodriquez' patient re-edit)
Atmosfear - Xtra special (Dry mix)

Nighttime Lovers
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Nighttime Lovers
[PTG Records PTG34004]
This is a wonderful collection of Soulful Disco and Funk from the eighties.
This compilation has made me rediscover as well as open up my ears to lots of the finest 80's musical moments.
Most are very rare tracks from the early 80's and you'll find classic acts like Change, A Taste of Honey and Glady's Knight & the Pips, to just mention a few, in this double CD.
On top of that - most of the tracks comes in their even harder-to-get extended versions and of course all tracks are digitally remastered for the top listening pleasure.
You really need this compilation - buy it now as it's a Limitied Edition release.
Check out my interview with the label head who gave you this compliation...

Disc 1 - Downtown:
L.J. Reynolds - Trust In Me (5:12) (Extended Mix) 1982
Change - Tell Me Why (5:00) 1983
High Fashion - You Satisfied My Needs (5:05) 1983
Blue Feather - Feelgood (6:04) (Extended Mix) 1985
B.B.&Q. Band - Time For Love (5:56) 1981
Barbara Mitchell - Get Me Through The Night (6:41) (Extended Mix) 1984
Dayton - Meet The Man (6:23) (Extended Mix) 1982
Mccrarys - Love On A Summernight (5:55) (Extended Mix) 1982
Deep - A Good Thing Is So Hard To Find (4:02) 1985
Gladys Knight & The Pips - When Your Far Away (6:40) (Extended Mix) 1983
Disc 2 - Uptown:
Chocolate Milk - Lets Go All The Way (5:45) 1981
Colorblind - Crazy (6:03) (Extended Mix) 1984
Mystic Merlin - Mr. Magician (5:59) (Extended Mix) 1982
O'Brian - Right From The Start (5:21) 1982
Beau Williams - All Because Of You (6:01) (Extended Mix) 1986
A Taste Of Honey - Sayonara (5:25) (Extended Mix) 1982
Lilo Thomas - Your Love's Got A Hold On Me (6:21) 1984
Network - Pump It Up (6:21) 1984
Centerfold - Admit It (5:33) 1988
The Limit - Miracles (4:07) 1985

Nighttime Lovers 2
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Nighttime Lovers 2
[PTG Records PTG34011]
This second collection in this series is just as filled with Soulful Disco and Funk from the eighties as volume 1.
All tracks comes in their LONG versions and are remastered for your listening pleasure.
Rediscover some of the finest moments in 1980's music history by acts like Larry Wu, Kano, Spence and others...
Check out my interview with the label head who gave you this compliation...

Larry Wu - Let Me Show You (long vocal version)
Starbound - We Can Make It
Spence - Get It On
AM/FM - You Are The One
High Fashion - You Make Me Feel So Good
Dolos - Night So Right
Candela - Love You Madly
Mikki - Dance lover
Sahara - Love So Fine
Projection - Luvstruck
Kano - Dance School
Richard Jon Smith - She's The Master Of The Game
Tony Jackson - Steppin' Out Of The Groove

Nighttime Lovers 3
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Nighttime Lovers 3
[PTG Records PTG34017]
The third CD in this awesome serie is here, as always filled with 80's Disco-Funk in the vain of the first two volumes.
Still you get these great tracks digitally remastered and in full-length versions.
These are the classics you might have forgot, brilliant great tracks you won't find in any other compilations. Tracks from Rufus, Brothers Johnson, NV, Enchantment, Simplicious and many others...
Click the cover to buy NOW...

NV - It's alright
Mercy Mercy - What are we gonna do about it
The Horn Section (T.H.S.) - Lady shine
Active Force – Give me your love
Felicity - Something about you
One on One - Gotta thang
Kinky Foxx - So different
Hypnotic – Are you lonely?
Brothers Johnson - You keep me comin' back
Simplicious - Let her feel it
Enchantment – Here is your chance to dance
Scram - Running away
Rufus - Tonight we love

Nighttime Lovers 4
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Nighttime Lovers 4
[PTG Records PTG34026]
Time for he fourth CD in the series. More great Disco Funk classics of the early 80's.
As always - full-lengt versions for maximal listening pleasure and remasterd to perfection.
Lots of great tracks from many fine artists, just look at the track listing...
Click the cover to buy NOW...

Meli'sa Morgan - Fool's paradise (Frankie Rodriquez’ Foolish Re-edit)
Sybil Thomas - Rescue Me
Windjammer - Tossing And Turning
Melba Moore - Love's comin' at ya
Double Vision - Clock on the wall
Katie Kissoon - You're the one (you're my number one)
Thunderstorm - Here's to you
Roundtree - Hit on you (Tony Humphries Dub Mix)
Men At Play - Dr. Jam (in the slam)
Five Star - Hide and seek
Pink Rhythm feat. John Rocca - Can't get enough of your love (Vocal Dance Mix)
Gwen Pressley & Portable Patrol - Running

Nighttime Lovers 5
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Nighttime Lovers 5
[PTG Records PTG34030]
The fifth release in this wonderful series. All 12" versions in a superb mix of Disco Funk classics of the early 80's.
Again the people at Vinyl Masterpiece mange to bring you everything from known hits to forgotten (but Great!) gems.
Starting out with Barbara Mason's WestEnd Records classic "Another Man" immediately gives an idea of what's to come...
Next out is "She can't love you" by Chemise, another Great classic! But it doesn't stop there... No-no, the list goes on with fab tracks from Evelyn "Champagne" King, Carol Williams, World Premier, Colors and the De De classic "S&M".
One of the strongest Nighttime Lovers compilations so far!

Barbara Mason - Another Man
Chemise - She can't love you
Evelyn “Champagne” King - Your personal Touch (Frankie Rodriquez' Personally Touched re-edit)
Klymaxx - Wild girls
September - Are you free tonight (Frankie Rodriquez' Free Nighttime Lovers re-edit)
Carol Williams - Can't get away (from your love)
World Premiere - Share the night
Sumy - Funkin' in your mind
Colors - Am I gonna be the one
Toni Smith - Ooh, I like the way it feels
Freddie James - Don’t turn your back on love
De De - S&M (sexy music)

Nighttime Lovers 6
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Nighttime Lovers 6
[PTG Records PTG34036]
Unbelievable... It's the sixth release in the series and still this release is as great as all the others.
First song out is completely overlooked awesome track from Tavares, but again the guys at Vinyl Masterpiece always seems to find all these wonderful tracks you won't find in ANY other compilations... And of course they give you the full lenght versions of your maximum listening pleasure!
You also get the SAM Records classic "Feel Alright" by Komiko along with high-lights from Curtis Hairston, Alfie Silas, American Gypsy and the Latest.
76 minutes of Soulful Disco pleasure...
Check it out !

Tavares – Loveline (Frankie Rodriquez’ Nighttime Lovers Extended)
Gloria D. Brown - The more they knock (The more I love you)
Curtis Hairston - I want your lovin' (Just a little bit)
Cutty – Naughty Times
Komiko – Feel Alright
Naima - You never had a love like mine
Royalle Delite – (I’ll be) a freak for you
Real II Reel - Love me like this
Lukk feat. Felicia Collins – On the one
Alfie Silas - You put the L in love
American Gypsy - The Champ
Joy – I need your love
The Latest – Starting over

Nighttime Lovers 7
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Nighttime Lovers 7
[PTG Records PTG34040]
This is the seventh release in the Nighttime Lovers series and this release is just as fresh as the first ones. Vinyl Masterpiece really does a great job finding all these Disco Funk gems from the 80's.
Even more personal favorites they've been able to get onto this release. Boogie tracks like "Take My Love" by Vanessa Holmes & Chicago Nite Life and "I Can't Win For Losing" by Khemistry along with lovely tracks by Eugene Wilde, Jonathan Butler, Laurice Hudson and Nicci, among others.
"I Can't Wait" for Nighttime Lovers 8 !

Vanessa Holmes & Chicago Nite Life - Take my love
Jonathan Butler - Overflowing
Masterpiece - I can't wait
The Affair feat. Alyson - Please don't break my heart
Khemistry - I can't win for losing
Kreamcicle - Hold On
Chocolate Milk - Who's getting it now
Clockwork - I'm your candy girl
Ingram - I Like it (Frankie Rodriquez Extended Re-edit)
Laurice Hudson - Feel my love
Eugene Wilde - Personality
Nicci - So in love
Essence III - The party side of town

Nighttime Lovers 8
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Nighttime Lovers 8
[PTG Records PTG34051]
Another "Knockout" collection from our friends at Vinyl-Masterpiece.
Even though it's the eigth release in the series, the quality of the tracks are still as high as it was in the first releases.
13 "new" Soulful Disco-Funk tracks from the early 1980's, including favorites from Black Ivory, Legion, Karen Young and Carl Anderson (among others).
If you like the other releases, then you won't be disappointed!
"Gimme the Funk" !

Krystol - After the dance is through
Runners – Play the game (so you think it's funny)
Legion – Guarantee
Charades – Gimme the Funk
Direct Drive - Pass the paper (Original Mix)
Joseph – Knockout (Frankie Rodriquez Hansom re-edit)
Black Ivory – I've got my eye on you
Carl Anderson – Magic
Rome Jefferies - Good love
Mona Raye – I've been watching you
Karen Young – You don't know what you got
Joanna Gardner – Watching you (Frankie Rodriquez' Extended Club Mix)
Caviar - Never stop loving you

Nighttime Lovers 9
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Nighttime Lovers 9
[PTG Records PTG34057]
13 more 12-inch full-length Disco Funk tracks from 1981-1986, including tracks by Funk Deluxe and Bernice Watkins from the classic SalSoul roster.
What's more... there are classic from Heaven & Earth, Alfie Silas and Finesse, among others...
So - "Get On Up" and "Feel It" !

Funk Deluxe - Tender lovin' (Frankie Rodriquez TLC Edit)
Heaven & Earth – I really love you
Michael Lovesmith – Ain't nothing like it (Club Mix)
Zushii – Say goodnight
Private Joy - Cooling out
Bernice Watkins - Let's call it a day
Jazzy Dee – Get on up
Xavier – What goes around (Frankie Rodriquez Extended re-edit)
Alfie Silas – Communicate
Finesse – Feel It
Dotty Green – I want you
Futura – Feelin' hot
Sunrize – Who's stickin' it?

Nighttime Lovers 10
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Nighttime Lovers 10
[PTG Records PTG34061]
The 10'th release in the series. This celebration release include 14 "new" Disco Funk tunes from the 80's along with a 'Best of Nighttime Lovers 1-10 Megamix'.
The "new" tracks include songs by Candi Bowman, Elaine & Ellen, Jones Girls, Legacy and Glass (among others)
The MegaMix CD give you a DJ mix of 'the Best of the Best' from earlier releases.
Both CD's make sure this is the "Best part of the night" because there "Ain't nothing like it" !

Disc 1 - Nighttime Lovers 10:
Angela Bofill - Can't slow down
Jimmy Williams - All of my lovin'
Candy Bowman - I wanna feel your love
The Jeff Lorber Band featuring Gavin Christopher - Best part of the night
Richard Jon Smith - Baby's got another (Frankie Rodriquez' Got Another re-edit)
Earl Turner - Love caught you by surprise
Elaine & Ellen - Fill me up
Keith Sweat - My mind is made up
Legacy - Word up
The Jones Girls - On target
The Hudsons - You keep me up
Kim Herte - Do you wanna dance (with me) (Frankie Rodriquez Loves 2 Dance re-edit)
Glass - Let me feel your heartbeat
Disc 2 - Best of Nighttime Lovers Volume 1–10 Megamix:
Vanessa Holmes & Nite Life - Take my love
Joanna Gardner - Watching you
Mercy Mercy - What am I gonna do about it?
Krystol - After the dance is through
Sahara - Love so fine
Beau Williams - All because of you
Lillo Thomas - Your love's gotta hold on me
Legion - Guarantee
One On One - Gotta thang
Gloria D. Brown - The more they knock (the more I love you)
Evelyn "Champagne" King - Your personal touch
Klymaxx - Wild girls
Black Ivory - I got my eye on you
Cutty - Naughty times
Gladys Knight & the Pips - When you're far away
Jonathan Butler - Overflowin'
Michael Lovesmith - Ain't nothing like it
Gwen Pressley & Portable Patrol - Running
The Cool Runners - Play the game (so you think it's funny)
Jazzy Dee - Get on up
Private Joy - Cooling out
Masterpiece - I can't wait
The Horn Section (T.H.S.) - Lady Shine

Nighttime Lovers 11
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Nighttime Lovers 11
[PTG Records PTG34074]
Celebration is over and a new release hit us as hard as the previous 10...
13 x 12-inch Disco Funk tracks, a pure "Funkincise" as Gift Of Dreams puts it.
I specially enjoy favorites like Desi's "I Want To Be With You" and "Love Don't Come Easy" by New Jersey Connection.
All great tracks which include material from Toney Lee, Phyllis St.James, Jamaica Girls and others...
Another Superior Movement from Vinyl-Masterpiece!

Gift Of Dreams – Funkincise
Ron Banks - My love is for real
Babara Fowler - Come and get my lovin'
Toney Lee - Love so deep
Phyllis St. James - Ain't no turning back (Frankie Rodriquez Extended Mix)
New Jersey Connection - Love don't come easy
Darlene Davis - I found love
Samson & Delilah - I can feel your love slippin' away (Frankie Rodriquez Cutting away Club mix)
Gene Dunlap - Take my love
Desi - I want to be with you
Superior Movement - Wide shot
The Jamaica Girls - Need somebody new
Linda Taylor - (You're) in the pocket

the Ultimate Italian Disco Funk Collection
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the Ultimate Italian Disco Funk Collection
[PTG Records PTG34012]
This CD is jam packed with wonderful Italian Disco Funk tracks that never been released on CD before.
As for all Vinyl-Masterpiece's compilations - All tracks comes in their LONG versions and are remastered for this CD.
This is a superb collection with acts like Trance, Kano, Kasso, Michael Baker AND... The extremely hard-to-find "Miss Manhattan" by Metropole - which makes this CD a bargin even if you're only after that track.

Boeing – Dance On The Beat
Trance – Hang On It
Selection – Ride The Bream
Rainbow Team – Stay
Metropole – Miss Manhattan
Armed Gang – Love Shot (Club Version)
Korja – My Mind
George Aaron – Silly Reason
Asso – Don’t Stop
Kano – Can’t Hold Back Your Lovin’ (Dance Mix)
Kasso – Dig It
Michael Baker – Don’t You Want My Lovin´ (Dance Mix)
Gong's Gang – Gimme Your Love (Vocal Disco Mix)

the Ultimate Italian Disco Funk Collection 2
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the Ultimate Italian Disco Funk Collection 2
[PTG Records PTG34038]
The second release in this series which includes many of the best and rarest Italian Disco tracks from the beginning to the mid 80's.
The CD hits off with the excellent "Take Me To The Top" by Advance along with high-lights from Ago, Armed Gang, Selection and Engian.
This is really something "For You"!

Advance - Take me to the top (1985 remix)
Firefly - Love (is gonna be on your side)
James Otis White - Baby Come on
Selection - Ride the Beam
Orlando Johnson & Trance - Turn the Music On
Vivian Vee - Destiny
Dr. Jerky & Mrs. Hives - Higher!
Touché - Wrap it up
Engian - Secret Hearts
Ago - For You
The Armed Gang - All I want
Joe Coleman - Get it off the ground

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the Active Force CD
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Active Force - Active Force
[PTG Records PTG34025]
Active Force is a typical early eighties disco/funk album with funky synth-bass lines, beautiful vocals and very well produced. Active Force had one big club hit "Give me your love". The extended version, originally released on the 12 inch, has been included on this CD as a bonustrack!

Keep on Rockin’
Cold Blooded Lover
I Never thought I’d Love Again
Coo Coo Kachu
Give me your love
Bottom Line
Rise Up
My Sunshine
Give me your love (Extended) [Bonus track]

the Atlantic Starr - Brilliance CD
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Atlantic Starr - Brilliance
[PTG Records PTG34029]
Atlantic Starr was one of the most consistently successful – and underrated – soul bands of the 80s, with a basketful of memorable songs that still sound good today.
The 9 piece band was influenced by the self-contained funk bands like Earth Wind & Fire and Kool & the Gang.

Love me Down
Sexy Dancer
Love Moves
Your Love Finally Ran Out
Let’s get Closer
Perfect Love
You’re The One

the Atlantic Starr - Radiant CD
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Atlantic Starr - Radiant
[PTG Records PTG34031]
Atlantic Starr's hit album Radiant give you the hits; "When Love Calls" and the stunning ballad "Send for me", but the whole album is worth listening to.
This was the groups third album and it was produced by the Commodores producer, which might have helped to its success.
Soulful and good - Check it out!

When Love calls
Does it Matter
Think about that
Send For Me
Mystery Girl
Am I Dreaming
Under Pressure
My Turn Now

the B.B.& Q. Band - Genie CD
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B.B.& Q. Band - Genie
[PTG Records PTG34018]
'Genie' is the fourth, last and most successful album of BB&Q Band, originally released in 1985.
On this special edition of 'Genie' the best remixes have been included. Six bonustracks with remixes of Shep Pettibone and Ben Liebrand. For the first time on CD, this masterpiece of B.B.& Q. Band!

Main Attraction
Won’t you be with me tonight
Don’t force it
Minutes Away
On the shelf
Dreamer (Shep Pettibone / Long vocal version)
Riccochet (Ben Liebrand Mix)
Dreamer (Shep’s Dream Version)
Main Attraction (The finest Remix)
Dreamer (No. 1 Remix)
Dreamer (Shep Pettibone / Short vocal version)

the Gwen Guthrie - Portrait CD
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Gwen Guthrie - Portrait
[PTG Records PTG34053]
Gwen started her career in the 70's as a background singer as well as a song writer, working with acts like Sister Sledge, Martha Reeves, Roberta Flack, Luther Vandross, Madonna and others.
This is her classic second album from 1983 which has now been remastered and is available on CD for the first time...
The album was produced by the famous producer team - Sly & Robbie and some of the tracks were successfully remixed by NYC DJ legend Larry Levan, whose remixes later laid ground for the sought for Padlock EP.
Some of Larry's remixes are featured as bonus tracks in this CD, including his hard-to-find instrumental remix of "Hopscotch".
Sadly Gwen is no longer with us, as she passed away in 1999, but her music lives on and these are some of her finest moments...

Peanut Butter
Seventh Heaven
You’re the one
Family Affair
Younger than me
Oh what a life
Peanut Butter (Special Mix by Larry Levan)
Hopscotch (Larry Levan Instrumental rmx)
Padlock (Special Mix by Larry Levan)

the Gwen Guthrie - Padlock CD
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Gwen Guthrie - Padlock
[PTG Records PTG34060]
This is the famous Padlock 12" EP / mini-LP with the Larry Levan remixes of some of his favorite tracks from the 'Portrait' album. Now available for the first time on CD.
The "Padlock" track was a Club and Disco/Dance Radio hit for months which help boost sales for this remix release, that still remain very sought for today.
This CD release even give you no less than seven Bonus tracks for you to enjoy!
Take your chance to own this piece of history...

Peanut Butter (prelude)
Seventh Heaven
Getting Hot
Getting Hot (prelude)
Peanut Butter
Hopscotch (Larry Levan remix instrumentral)
Seventh Heaven (album mix of "portrait")
Padlock(album mix of "portrait")
Getting Hot(original 12" version)
Peanut Butter (original 12" version)
Padlock (Larry Levan remix - short vocal)
Hopscotch (album mix of "portrait")

the Magic Lady - Hot N Sassy CD
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Magic Lady - Hot 'N' Sassy
[PTG Records PTG34028]
In 1982 the female trio from Detroit, Magic Lady (Linda Stokes, Jackie Steele and Kimberly Ball) released on A&M "Hot 'n' Sassy". The had earlier served as background vocalists for Enchantment, Bob Seger, Keith Barrow and the Soul Searchers.
The single "Red hot Stuff" was a R&B hit in the USA and "Hold Tight" became a cult UK soul track.

Sexy Body
Give It Up
Hold Tight
Stand Up
Get Off
Red Hot Stuff
When we Love

the Millie Scott - Love me right CD
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Millie Scott - Love me right
[PTG Records PTG34054]
Mildred "Millie" Scott was discovered by the Temptations and has toured with them, the Detroit Spinners and also worked with Al Green, among others.
In 1986 she got signed for this solo album which scored the hits "Prisoner Of Love", "Automatic" and "Ev'ry Little Bit".
"Prisoner..." is a personal favorite of mine from 1986 - so check it out...
'Cause it's "2 Hot 2 Handle".

Sexy Body
Give It Up
Hold Tight
Stand Up
Get Off
Red Hot Stuff
When we Love

Oliver Cheatham - Saturday Night CD
Click cover to buy

Oliver Cheatham - Saturday Night
[PTG Records PTG34032]
Detroit born Oliver Cheatham had a major club hit in 1983 with the title track from this CD - "Get Down Saturday Night" and his career got a new boost in 2003 when the track was sampled in Room 5's "Make love". This also made people re-discover Oliver's fresh Funky-Disco and the original US 12" single became highly priced and sought for by Disco lovers.
On this album we clearly hear the influences from the classic Funk act One Way with its leader Al Hudson in the funky gems "Make Your Mind Up" and "Something About You". It's a grooving album and it gets to you by each listening.
The second single "Bless The Ladies" is a great and VERY overlooked track that never scored the success of "Get Down...".
There are also 3 ballads where Oliver gets to use the whole range of his voice, before ending up in the Gospel-Funky "Just To Be With You" and an extended version of "Get Down..." as a great bonus track.

Get Down Saturday Night
Make Your Mind Up
Something About You
Bless The Ladies
Do Me Right
Never Gonna Give You Up
Through It All
Just To Be With You
Get Down Saturday Night (Special Extended version)

the Spunk - Tighten it up CD
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Spunk - Tighten it up
[PTG Records PTG34024]
This Spunk album was produced by Jesse Boyce and Rich Tufo in 1981. Jesse Boyce became known of his productions on the Prelude label (Bill Brandon, Saturday Night Band, Lorraine Johnson).
For people who like post-1976 funk this is a great album with classics as; "Get what you want", "Tighten it up" and "Expose yourself"!

Get what you want
Hot Flashes
Love look good on you
Crazy me
Tighten it up
A friend ain’t a friend
Expose yourself
La Bimini

the StarPoint - All night long CD
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StarPoint - All night long
[PTG Records PTG34021]
'All Night Long' is a seminal 1982 effort that was released on Casablanca and did really well on the rare groove/boogie circuits in the late 80s and early 90s.
Check out that funky guitar and freaky keyboards. Oh yes, I like this!!!

Bring your sweet lovin' back
Get your body up
All night long
Show me
I like it
I can give you love
Miracle love
It's you

the Stephanie Mills - Sweet Sensation CD
Click cover to buy

Stephanie Mills - Sweet Sensation
[PTG Records PTG34042]
This 1980 20th Century album has got new life through this remastered release. A classic album from a classic Disco voice.
Besides the title track, you'll get mostly stompin' groovy tracks along with a few ballads.
But the album is ment for "D-a-n-c-i-n'" and I bet you "Never Knew Love Like This Before"!

Sweet Sensation
Try My Love
I Just Wanna Say
Wish That You Were Here
Still Mine
Never Knew Love Like This Before
Mixture Of Love
Sweet Sensation (Extended Mix) [Bonus track]

the Total Contrast - self-titled CD
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Total Contrast - Total Contrast
[PTG Records PTG34052]
UK's Total Contrast was Robin Achampong and Delroy Murray who wrote and produced this album together with Steve Harvey.
The original album was released in 1985 and gave the team a Billboard US number one hit with "Takes A Little Time", along with other minor hits like "the River" and "Hit and Run".
Their Soulful Dance music keep entertaining to this day and to add to your listening pleasure the people at Vinyl Masterpiece has managed to add no less than five bonus tracks, including the groups first 12" release - "Be With You Tonight", which was a white label release only on their own Total Contrast Records when released in 1983.
Don't get "Entangled", just hit the album cover picture to buy your own copy of this classic album...

Hit and run
The River
Where is love?
How many reasons
Takes a little time
What you gonna do about it
Takes a Little Time (Vocal US Remix) [Bonus track]
Be with you tonight (TCR1 - 12 inch / A-side) [Bonus track]
What you gonna do about it (Dance Re-mix) [Bonus track]
I’m still waiting [Bonus track]
Dub a little while [Bonus track]

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