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DJ:  Jay Negron

Born: Bronx, NY in 1956
City: New York City
Active years: 1973-1982
(resident years)
the Last Laff (1973-74)
the Playhouse (1974-75)
Act III (1976)
Tropicalia (1976-1980)
Pegasus (1980-1982)
Record Pool: the Record Pool 1975-82
Speciality: Beat mixing with a "momentum" and a "happy" atmosphere.
Other information: — at around 10 years old his parents started buying records for him and by the time Jay was 14 years old he had over 100 45s.
— when Jay was 15 years old, he and his friends snuck into a club called Forbidden Fruit in Manhattan. It was wild experience as the DJ was spinning all the songs Jay had in his house, stuff like Aretha's "Rock Steady", James Brown's "Make It Funky", Beginning Of The End's "Funky Nassau", Dennis Coffey's "Scorpio". Young Jay was in heaven! This was something he definitely wanted to get involved in.
— after his High School graduation in '73 he was working part time in his father's grocery store for which he had made self-made mix tapes. One customer worked as a DJ at a small bar in the Bronx named The Last Laff and told Jay to come over and eventaully he gave Jay Thursday nights to spin, which later became three nights a week. "Rock The Boat" and "Rock Your Baby" were the biggest hits at the Last Laff.
— 6 months later, in Spring 1974, 'The Last Laff' closed (due to legal infractions by the owner) and Jay auditioned at the Bronx Hot Spot, The Playhouse. He only needed to play three songs as the owner, Sal Abbatiello recognized him from 'Last Laff' and hired Jay on the spot and Jay stayed there for the next 18 months.
— in the beginning of 1976 he became the DJ of the brand new state of the art club Act III in Bronx, but he was only there for three months...
— the owner of 'Tropicalia' was at 'Act III' and offered Jay a residency in his Manhattan Club where Jay stayed until the Club closed in 1980.
— in 1977 Jay made his own Sushine Sound acetate pressings, the "Hollywood Dub" was one of his creations and it was created after some 48+ hours of Clubbing without any sleep.
— Jay moved on to Pegasus, a black Club that played Soul and real R&B, where he stayed for one and a half year, 'till 1982 when the building got sold for real estate.
— he has kept playing private parties and creating mix tapes ever since.
Favorites 1975 
Club: Playhouse 
Dreaming A Dream - Crown Heights Affair
The Player - First Choice
The Mexican - Babe Ruth
Where Do We Go From Here/Shout/Love Epidemic - The Trammps
When The Fuel Runs Out - Executive Suite
Can't Get Enough/You're The First... - Barry White
Ask Me/Good Things... - Ecstasy Passion & Pain
Time - Mighty Clouds
The Bottle - Gil Scott-Heron
Crystal World - Crystal Grass
Look Me Up - Blue Magic
Sex Machine - James Brown
Save Me - Silver Bird
Bad Luck/The Love I Lost - Harold Melvin & the Bluenotes
She's A Winner/I'll Always Love My Mama - The Intruders
Sugar Pie Guy - The Joneses
Favorites 1982 
Club: Pegasus 
Ain't No Mountain High - Inner Life
Just A Little Bit Of Jazz - Nick Straker Band
Walking Into Sunshine - Central Line
Got To Be Real - Cheryl Lynn
I'm In Love - Evelyn King
Paradise - Change
I'll Do Anything For You - Denroy Morgan
Last night a DJ Saved My Life - Indeep
Nights - Billy Ocean
Heartbeat - Taana Gardner
anything by Slave
anything by 'D' Train
anything by The Whispers


Born: December 5th, 1956
City: New York City/Miami
Active years: 1972-1997
(resident years)
The Copacabana [NYC] (1973-78)
Binghampton's Ferry Boat (1977-78)
Crown in Kendall (1978-80)
Menage (1980-81)
Faces In The Grove (1980-82)
Sammy's East Side (1980-81)
Tuttle's (1982-84)
Club Mystique (1984-86)
The Forge (1985-86)
Top Of The Grove (1986-87)
Club 1235 (1987)
Faces In The Grove (1986-87)
Way Off Broadway (1987-88)
Londontown (1984-97)
Record Pool: Florida Record Pool 1978-83 (Director 1979-81)
Flamingo Record Pool 1983-87
Star Record Pool 1987-90
Speciality: Live Remixing
Other information: — Won three "Battles Of The Deejays" where he used mulitiple turntables. Award winning mix featured "Midnight Express" (Giorgio Moroder) being played throughout the entire mix, with the DiscoNet version of "I Feel Love" (Donna Summer) being played simultaneously. After second break the introduction of "Pump It Up" (Fever) comes in. All three songs build momentum, into the crescendo, Pete lays "Deputy Of Love" (Don Armando's 2'nd Avenue Rhumba Band), on measure, sneaking in, just as it is going, the piano intro gets louder, all the songs are on, then as it all hits that high point and the vocals "I'm The Deputy Of Love" explodes!
— At the Copa, the Deejay booth was a Hang-Out for Mobsters to get laid, a blow job, or do drugs. Some Stars such as John Travolta, Freddie Prince and John Belushi were also regular visitors. Many epic fights, ended in the Alley behind The Copa, in extreme violence.
— At Binghampton's Ferry Boat, one fight escalated into a RIOT, that ended the life of DISCO, and a bass guitar player, there. Over 500 people fighting, many injuries, many arrests. All the interior of the Boat ended up in the Hudson River.
— At Club Menage, Pete played during a bombing, never stopped until the fire department made him!
— Pete was also hired by Londontown Associates, a Nightclub/Disco installation service, that had over 400 Clubs at one time. Pete recorded, weekly, a 3 hour reel-to reel tape that they duplicated and sent to their Deejays to play. It made him the most heard Deejay in the world. Londowntown supplied the sound system, the light show, helped in designing the Club, and provided the Deejays, which Pete would audition and hire. These included all Hilton Hotels, Marriots and many other locations.
— He has also taught over ten Deejays their craft!
— Pete was one of the rare Deejay's who took requests! And actually played them.
— In Club Mystique Pete let anyone select from a stack of say 20 records, which song he would mix next. Audience participation!
— Known for playing Crazy music, very non-disco stuff, such as Waltzes and international classics to start a night.
Would "Bounce" music from speaker to speaker, during certain songs, the effect was stimulating.
— Known for leaving the booth to personally throw out troublemakers. No fights allowed, they had to answer to Pete's wrath!
— In his early days Pete was taken under the wings of the Greatest DISCO 'Mixoligist' ever, the incredible Jimmy Burgess. He showed Pete how to relate to the crowd, to get them where they wanted to go. 'You always try your best, but it is the music you play, that makes the deejay!! Jim showed Pete how to 'Pick' a winner. The record that will get everyone dancin.
Photo: Pete & friend at Copacabana 1977
Photo: Copacabana dancefloor 1977
Photo: Pete & friend at Binghampton's 1978
Photo: Pete & friends at Binghampton's 1978
Photo: Pete at Tuttles in 1982
Photo: DJ Friends; DJ JP, DJ Eli & DJ Chulo
Disco Top 10  My Male Curiosity - Kid Creole
Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart - The Trammps
Woman - Barrabas
Cher Chez La Femme - Dr Buzzards Original Savannah Band
I'll Play The Fool - Dr Buzzards Original Savannah Band
Come On And Do It - Pouzzez
There But For The Grace Of God Go I - Machine
Deputy Of Love - Don Armando's Second Avenue Rumba Band
I Feel Love - Donna Summer
When Will I See You Again - The Three Degrees
Playlist 1980 
Club: Menage 
Love & Desire - Arpeggio
Runaway - Arpeggio
The Break - Kat Mandu
Get Up and Boogie - Freddie James
Come To Me - France Joli
Risky Changes - Bionic Boogie
The Auction - Frankie Smith
Slang Teacher - Wide Boy Awake
Savage Lover - The Ring
I Love America - Patrick Juvet
DJ:  Ray Juanes (A.K.A. DjRayJ)


Born: Key West, Florida in 1963
City: Miami
Active years: 1982-19
(resident years)
Tuttles (1982-83)
The Four Ambassadors (1983-84)
Club Mystique (1984-85)
Scaramouche (1985-87)
The Box Office (1985-87)
The Forge (1985-86)
Top of the Grove (1985-86)
Faces in the Grove (1986-87)
G-Wizz (1987-88)
Club 1235 (1987)
The Mutiny (1987-88)
Houlihans (1987-88)
Way off Broadway (1987)
Scarlettes (1988-89)
Club Beverly Hills (1989-90)
Record Pool: Florida Record Pool
Flamingo Record Pool
Speciality: Live remixing and "Experimental" (different and unusual) music
Other information: — born in Key West, but at the age of 5 the family moved to Miami which later would become Ray's Club playground...
— his first favorite song in elementary school was "Crocodile Rock" by Elton John.
— in Junior High, when going to sweet 15's he got his first favorite Disco song... "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood" by Santa Esmeralda.
— at 16 he snuck into his first disco and got a new favorite Disco song in "Savage Lover" by The Ring.
— Ray spun his first record in College at a Rock Dance Bar in Muscatine, Iowa in 1982. The Favorite song was "Who Can It Be Now" by Men at Work.
— in 1983 he started tending bar at Tuttles in Miami, here he met Pete Denis who introduced him to Disco mixing and Ray was hooked for life...
— with a great love of the Punk and New Wave movement along with other "unusual" music which he incorporated with the latest Disco sounds and that's how he created his very own musical mix that would become his trademark
— he have been working for Power 96 and Rhythm 98 along with a countless number of Clubs and writing for the Vynil Junkie news magazine
— Ray was also active as a mobile DJ and has a full laser light show which he brings along to his gigs
— Ray still DJ's privately and is thinking of un-retiring and become an active DJ again.
Photo: DJ Ray with his wife
Disco Top 10  Souvenirs - Voyage
Savage Lover - The Ring
Deputy of Love - Don Armando's Second Avenue Rhumba Band
La Bamba (Disco Version) - El Watusi
Land of a Thousand dances - Rags & Riches
The Mexican - JellyBean
Move on Up - Destination
Wanna be Startin' Somethin' - Michael Jackson
I Feel Love - Donna Summer
If You Could Read My Mind - Viola Wills
Doce Vita - Kristian Conde (Import)
Top Ten 1987 
Club: G-Wizz 
It's a Sin - Pet Shop Boys
Touched by the Hand of God - New Order
Big Love - Fleetwood Mac (12" club version)
Certain Things are Likely - Kissing The Pink
When Smokey Sings - ABC
Fascinated - Company B
Two of Hearts - Stacey Q
Docle Vita - Kristian Conde (Import 12" Maxi)
Pump up the Volume - Marrs
Funkytown - Pseudo Echo

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