Disco's IN – I'm out!

Hi there all the readers of this Disco column, this is once again a colum from yours truly Discoguy. Unfortunatly (or fortunatly – depending on what you think about my columns) this will be my last column.
I must say that I have enjoyed writing about Disco music for Suite101.com. I've been writing this column for some 15 months by now and I feel my time doesn't last for everything I would like to do. That toghether with the lack of respons I've got of what I've been writing led it's way to desiding to quit.
BUT also... I don't know if you guys "just" have been reading my column or if you have found your way over to my Disco Inferno [now disco-disco.com] as well? If you have been around my site you might have seen my artist and DJ pages I have been writing about different Disco acts. Most of these are based on interviews I've made with these acts and this is really something I really enjoy to do – and it really takes much of my time. So I hope all of you who are interessted in Disco and Disco acts head over to my site and check out those interviews.

Some of the people I've been interviewing is people like one of the best Disco writer and producers Patrick Adams. Patrick was the man behind great Disco acts like Musique ("Keep on jumpin'" and "Push, push, In the bush"), Inner Life ("Ain't no mountain high enough" and "I'm caught up – in a one night love affair"), Bumblebee Unlimited, Phreek, Venus Dodson and many many more. He's really one of the most important guys to the Disco scene, but still he is quite unknown to the big masses.

I've also been interviewing 3 of the most important people of the famous West End Records label. First it's the former and owner of the label - Mel Cheren who told me about the label that is now re-birth.
Mel also put me in contact with one of the labels famous writer/producers, namely Kenton Nix. Kenton wrote hits for Ednah Holt ("Serious Sirius space party") and for the West End's Disco diva - Taana Gardner he wrote classics like "Heartbeat" (which is the labels biggest selling hit), "Work that body" and a couple of others.
Through Mel and Kenton I got to interview Taana, and she is really a lovely lady – I must admit I don't think I ever have had such a great time interviewing someone.

I've also interviewed one of the first real DJ's, a guy who opened up his on club in the early 70's and who later became one of the first resident DJ's of the legendary Studio 54. This guy is still active and his name is Nicky Siano.

I have also interviewed other Disco acts like the group Mantus, Geraldine Hunt and I've also got in touch with Chic through Nile Rodgers' manager.

I can't tell you who might be coming up soon, but I've got some people "in the pipeline" and I really hope all of them will happen – 'cause they are some really hot and great people, so keep stoppin' by my Disco Inferno [now disco-disco.com].
I can tell you though that I'm currently working on a page about... Vicki Sue Robinson based on an interview with the lady. Watch out for that…

OK – I really hope to see you guys around my site and I really hope some of you have enjoyed this column and have been reading it regulary. Again, I have really enjoyed writing this columns and I hope all of you understand that I'm now leaving Suite101.com with a little sadness, but I really feel my time doesn't last for everything I wanna do – even if there was 28 hours a day.
Just one more thing before I'm out – IF YOU KNOW OR IF YOU WERE AN OLD DISCO ACT – PLEASE CONTACT ME!!!
To all of you from me... Don't forget Disco music and acts are still out there and it still influence people and music today, sometimes even more than it did some 20 years ago.
I hope well meet again someday, 'till then...

Take care and Disco-on,