Disco Music CD's!

Since I get a lots of questions regarding Disco Music CD's I thought I was goint to take this time to write about some of my favorite Disco Music CD's. CD's I really think I can recommend.
We should keep in mind that there are lots and lots of Disco compilation CD's available worldwide and this is nothing near a complete listing of Disco CD's I would just like to recommend some of the CD's I think are among the best Disco Music compilations available.

First out is the brand new "the DISCO box" from Rhino Records. I think that this is the ultimate Disco Music collection if you're looking for the most wellknown Disco hits from 1973 to 1983. With this CD Box you'll get 4 CD's with 80 great Disco songs. So if you want all the hits then this is the collection for you! Songs include everything from "Rock the Boat" (Hues Corp.), "the Hustle" (Van McCoy), "That's the way..." (KC & Sunshine Band) through other highlights like "Disco Inferno" (Trammps), "Le Freak" (Chic), "I will survive" (Gloria Gaynor), "Ring my bell" (Anita Ward), "Born to be alive" (Patrick Hernandez) and ending up with "Fresh" (Kool & the Gang).
If you're throwing a Disco party just get this collection and the party will be a blast...

The only thing you might miss within "the DISCO box" (as above) is the Bee Gees. Unfortunatly there are no songs from Saturday Night Fever on "the DISCO box" BUT that is easily fixed... Buy the Saturday Night Fever CD! It's a great CD and it's a great compliment to "the DISCO box". The Saturday Night Fever CD include all the classic Bee Gees' hits "Stayin' alive", "Night fever", "You should be dancing" and more, together with Yvonne Elliman's brilliant "If I can't have you" among others.

For you people who are into the Salsoul sound, you should buy the double CD "the Original Salsoul Classics". Included within this CD's are great classics like "Dr.Love" (First Choice), "Ten percent" (Double Exposure this song was actually the first ever commercially released 12" Disco single), "Love sensation" (Loleatta Holloway) and "Ain't no mountain high enough" (Inner Life). All these songs comes in their full-length Disco versions.

Finally there's 3 different CD's with more obscure Disco tracks for you who already have got all the most wellknown Disco hits. For all these 3 CD's my friend Joey Negro choose the songs. He has a remarkable knowledge of Disco that's really beyond my belief, so for you who want great stuff that not everyone knows about these are the CD's for you...
MasterCuts "Classic Disco vol. 1" include pearls like "I need you" (Sylvester), "Sure shot" (Tracy Weber), "I hear music in the street" (Unlimited Touch) and "Delirium" (Francine McGee).
On "Jumpin'" you find "Keep on jumpin'" (Musique), "Disco juice" (Cloud One), "Touch & Go" (Ecstacy, Passion & Pain) and the Paradise Garage classic "Go bang" (Dinosaur L).
Finally there's "Jumpin' 2". I this CD you'll get "Moments of my life" (Inner Life), "Groovin' you" (Harvey Mason), the Chic penned "Saturday" (Norma Jean), "Mainline" (Black Ivory) and the totally unknown but yet so brilliant "You've got me dancing in my sleep" (Frisky).

I really hope I have mangaged to get you interested in finding yourself a new Disco CD. Either if you're more into the classic Disco hits or the more obscure classics. Now you at least know these CD's are available out there and they should be able to order throught the big "CD Web-stores" on the Net.
'Till next month...

Take care and Disco-on,