the Disco acts are Back!

I know it must seems, to you regular readers of my Disco column, like I'm talking about Disco's revival over and over again. But the fact IS that Disco IS having a revival and also... There's beeing produced lots and lots of new music with a Disco touch these days. Except for all the sampling of course.
BUT what's even more is that the old Disco acts are coming together again and old Disco artists are recording again... the Disco acts are Back!

One of the first acts I came across when I got access to the Internet and put up my own Disco Inferno [now], was a band named Mantus. Not all of you might recognize the name but I bet you've heard some of their classics like "Boogie to the bop" and "(Dance it) Freestyle rhythm". You'll recognize these songs when you hear them.
Anyway, I got in touch with Mantus and I ended up doing a kind of interview with them. Their story started already in 1977 and lasted for a couple of years and then the band split up. But now since 1995 the friends are playing together again. They're back and as one of their tunes are called "the Beat is Back". Watch out for this song together with a totally brand new tune I got a promo of just last week, a GREAT song called "Heartbeat".

After having written the Mantus piece, I got to know another Disco legend namely Patrick Adams. He's one the the mega-writer/producers of the Disco era, but yet he's still quite unknown for the big audience. Patrick was the brain behind acts like; Musique - "(Push, push) In the bush" and "Keep on jumping", Inner Life - "I'm caught up (in a one night love affair)", Universal Robot Band and others. He is also still very active in writing and producing.

Since then I've get in touch with several other old Disco acts and written pages about them and their carreer. That list of acts include people like the lady who never "Can't fake the feeling" - Geraldine Hunt, Nicky Siano (one of the pioneer DJ's who was also working in Studio 54), Mel Cheren West End Records and Kenton Nix (writer and producer of Taana Gardner and Gwen McCrae).
I'm currently working on a piece based on an interview with the just mentioned Taana Gardner ("Heartbeat" and "Work that body") and she is now back with a new top tune on West End Records and the song is actually again written by Kenton Nix.
It also looks like I'll be doing a piece on Vicki Sue Robinson as well.
I've got alos regular contact with Nile Rodgers' manager and just a couple of days ago there was a new Chic album out. A live album called "Live at the Budokan".

What's nice to see is that the demand for these classic Disco acts are that high and that they are still active and playing popular gigs all around the world. You're favorite Disco act might also be out there playing. Open your eyes and ears and support them...
'Till next month...

Take care and Disco-on,