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(out of 5)
"Space under sun" - Ari Gold
CD release by Gold 18 - USA

This is an American Craig Davis...
A record inspired by Soul, R'n'B, UK two-step, Ballads, a little Funk and Disco - all blended together to a wonderful album which will take you dancing, crying, relaxing and everything in between.
Every song has it's own life and story. From songs like "Intimate" and "He's on my team", to an amazing update of Culture Club's classic "Do you really want 2 hurt me".
Some of the songs have a (homo) sexual undertone, but if you're not offended - it's just a wonderful album.
Visit the Ari Gold web-page for more info...
Check this out!

The songs;

Space under sun
Funk that ship
More than enough
Bashert (Meant to be)
He's on my team
Do you really want 2 hurt me
Wave of you
Back to me
Love will take over
Bonus Tracks
Wave of you
Review my kisses (mp3 track)
Wave of you (video)

Alcazar - Casino CD
(out of 5)
Casino - Alcazar
CD release by BMG (Europe) and E-Magine (US)

This Swedish Disco-House act has done great in Clubs so far... Now everone else just MUST hear this brilliant group.
Most of the music is written by Alexander Bard who was also behind the legendary Swedish glamour act Army of Lovers and Alcazar takes over where AoL left off. Alcazar is just as glamourous and DISCO as anything you've ever heard.
Their fullength album is full of uplifting great dance music... Who hasn't heard their hits "Crying at the Discoteque" (which was also featured in the soundtrack of the Gay TV serie - Queer as folk), "Sexual guarantee" and their brilliant cover of the Human League's "Don't you want me".
In their first hit, "Crying at the Discoteque" they sampled the classic Sheila B. Devotion hit "Spacer", written by Nile Rogers & Bernard Edwards of Chic fame.
They followed up this hit with sampling another Chic classic - "My forbidden lover" - in their "Sexual guarantee".
The album - Casino - also include other future hits like "Transmetropolis", "Paris in the rain", "Almost famous", "Ritmo del amor" and the track "Paradise" in which they sample S.O.S Band's "Take your time (do it right)" in a really clever way.
The Alcazar album is available in 2 versions - the US and the European version...
The US version include some dance/club remixes of the hits, "Crying at the Discoteque", "Don't you want me" and "Sexual guarantee". The US version is the more "club" version of the album, while the European release include more songs from the group and also the "hidden" bounus track "Blues in G minor".
Either way - it's a brilliant album - BUY IT!

The European release

Sexual guarantee
Crying at the discotheque
Don't leave me alone
Almost famous
Stars come out at night
Paris in the rain
Baby come back
Breaking free
Don't you want me
Shine on
Ritmo del amor
Tears of a clone
Bells of Alcazar
Blues in G minor

The US release

Sexual guarantee
Crying at the discotheque
Don't leave me alone
Paris in the rain
Don't you want me
Almost famous
Ritmo del amor
Crying at... (Illicit rmx)
Crying at... (Ivan's X mix)
Don't you... (Project Eden rmx)
Don't you... (Almighty Club mix)
Sexual... (Fu-Tourist rmx)
Sexual... (Johan S Vocal Club mix)

I wish you love CD
(out of 5)
I wish you love - Gloria Gaynor
CD release by Logic/BMG - USA

It's here!!! Mrs. Gaynor's first worldwide released album in 15 years, I wish you love, hit the stores on September 10, 2002. It's a very strong, kicking dance album and is jam-packed with hits and possible single releases.
Except for the two previous singles ("I never knew" and "Just keep thinking about you") there are many future dance hits like "Gotta be forever", "Gone too long", "No one can love you more" and others.
The intro of "Just no other way" give me the chills since it builds similar to Gloria's classic - "I will survive". That track's also featured in this album but in Live versions from Brazil.
There are also a few tracks slowing down the dance beat to a more r'n'b - ballad tempo, all perfectly accompanied by Gloria's unmistakable lovely voice. If we would have to wait another 15 years for her next album and it would only be half as good as this - it's would be worth the wait. For sure!!!
So, if you haven't got hold of this album already -
make sure to get yourself a copy right now!

The tracks;

Gotta be forever
Gone too long
Just no other way
I never knew (LP version)
All the man
Just keep thinking about you
I wish you love
Let it rain
No one can love you more
You keep running
I'm here for you
Free Bonus CD
I will survive (Live from Brazil - English Ver.)
I never knew (Hex Hector HQ2 Remix)
I will survive (Live from Brazil - Spanglish Ver.)

(out of 5)
"San Francisco" - 2 Phat Nerds feat. Martin
CD release by WEA/Warner - Sweden

Once again - something as rare as a Swedish Disco-House release.
2 Phat Nerds have put together a great 4-track release with 2 Disco-House mixes and 2 more Dance/Club mixes.
They sample the SalSoul classic - "Moon Boots" by Orlando Riva Sound (O.R.S) and they do it in a GREAT way and the sample fits like a glove.
The title of the song has nothing to do with the old Village People classic with the same name. No - this is brand new Disco-House for you to enjoy.
Check this out!

The mixes;

Radio version
Extended version
JJ's Golden Gate Dub
2PN's Beats of San Francisco Dub

(out of 5)
"Dreamin'" - Loleatta Holloway
12" release by Defected Records - UK

This slamming remix of the classic Loleatta Holloway track - "Dreamin'" is made by the US remix team - Jazz-N-Groove.
J-N-G have turned it into a great dance record and what makes it even better is that it's true to form, and that only original parts were used. The guys actually had the original 24 track master to play with for this remix.
This is an excellent piece of work!

The mixes;

Dreamin' (Jazz-N-Groove Vocal Mix)
Dreamin' (Jazz-N-Groove Dub)
Dreamin' (Soulfuric Dub)

(out of 5)
"Saturday" - Joey Negro feat. Taka Boom
12" release by Yola Records - UK

UK DJ/remixer/producer Dave Lee releases a slamming cover of the Nile Rodgers & Bernard Edwards [Chic] written Norma Jean classic - "Saturday", under his Joey Negro alias.
As always in his productions it's very uplifting Disco-House at it's best and this release will be a sure floorfiller.
Promotional copies of the song has appeared in radio top lists and DJ charts long before it's official release.
This top tune is released on Yola Records, a sub-label of the legendary Azuli label in the UK.
The double promo 12" comes in Gridlock and Solar remixes to satisfy every dance floor.
Make sure to check this out!!!

The mixes;

Saturday (Gridlock rmx)
Saturday (Solar rmx)

(out of 5)
"Under her covers" the Album - Marina
Album release by MRK Records - N.Y.C.

Now it's here... the new Marina album - Under her covers.
The previous album 'Um Lotty Da' contained the material written by Marina, Tony Marinello and friends.
But here's the album with all the previous cover releases and they're all on this CD, plus some new covers like "Shame, shame, shame" (Yes - the Shirley & Company classic), "Fly" (Sugar Ray), "the Last song" (Elton John) and "Get up, stand up" (Bob Marley), the later that has been used for the human rights movment by Amnesty International.
This is like a Marina - Greatest Covers Hits...

The songs;

Foolish games
the Last song
Ti amo
Do ya wanna dance?
Rocket to your heart
Sisters are doin' it for themselves
Shame, shame, shame
Get up, stand up
Ti amo - ballad

(out of 5)
"24-7" - Orlando Speed World
CD release by Atom Records - Stockholm, Sweden

This is something as unusal as a Swedish Disco-House track.
It's a great pumping track by the team TWIN, Niklas Molinder & Joacim Persson, who have earlier written and produced for Swedish acts like Robyn, Titiyo & Dr. Alban. They have also worked with the legendary SweMix team and the same goes for the vocalist, Ann Consouelo, who made several tracks with SweMix and also scored hits in the UK.
Check this single out, 'cause as the promotional information says -
"It's Disco. It's rocking... Like hell!!!"

The mixes;

Radio version
12" version
RedTop's Full vocal dub

(out of 5)
"Happiness" - Bini & Martini
12" & CD release by Azuli Records - London, UK

WOW!!! If you're a Disco-House lover, then this record will knock you out...
Based on the classic Cuba Gooding track "Happiness" and mixed up with Sylvester's anthem "I need you" this is one of the best Disco-House records - EVER!!!
It really doesn't get any worse when you find out that it's David Morales who have put his Midas touch to one of the mixes - the others are by Jeremy B and B&M. But it's specially the David Morales mix that will make your body move, 'cause you really can't sit still when listening to this one.
Just two words - BUY THIS!!!

The mixes;

David Morales Mix
Jeremy B Mix
Radio Mix

(out of 5)
Can't get high without you - the Joey Negro compilation
Album release by Azuli Records - London, UK

Joey Negro is one of the inventors of the Disco-House scene and on this GREAT CD - Azuli have captured some of his finest moments as a writer, producer and/or remixer.
You'll find great tracks under many of the man's alter ego's, like Sunburst Band, Z-Factor, Doug Willis and Raw Essence - all with classy Disco samples like in "the Lovin' game" where Joey samples Brainstorm's "Lovin' is really my game"...
With the songs all segued together into a 70 minutes dance orgy, this is the record that I "Can't get high without U"... This is really THE record for any Disco-House lover.

The songs;
"Can't get high without U" - Joey Negro
"I'm back" - Sessomatto
"Get another love" - Dino & Terry pres. Karla Brown
"Big blow" - Sunburst Band
"Think positive" - Mistura
"Montayo" - Agora
"Gotta keep pushing" - Z-Factor
"You can't run from my love" - Mistura
"Garden of love" - Sunburst Band
"the Lovin' game" - Raw Essence
"Got to get your own" - Doug Willis
"One kiss" - Pasha
"I need someone tonight" - Thelma Houston

(out of 5)
BlackMarket presents 2 STEP - the best of Underground Garage
CD release by Azuli Records - London, UK

This is the perfect party album for Garage music lovers...
Nice pumping garage beats and top tunes non-stop mixed by Frankie Foncett. Just have a look at the track listing and find artists/acts like Artful Dodger, Gabrielle and Neneh Cherry, among many others...
Buy this, play it loud and Party-on !

The songs;

"Rewind" - Artful Dodger pres. Craig David
"Little bit of luck" - DJ Luck feat. MC Neat
"Movin' to fast" - Artful Dodger & Romina Johnson
"Enough is enough" - Y Tribe
"Scrappy" - Wookie
"Life ride" - N'n'G feat. Rose Windross
"Girls like us" - B15 feat. Chrissy D & Lady G
"Buddy X'99" - Dreem Team V. Neneh Cherry
"Joyride" - Colourgirl
"R U Sleeping" - Indo
"Sunshine" - Gabrielle
"Spirit of the sun" - Lenny Fontana
"Ravin' cru" - Capital T MC Peace
"Grass ain't greener" - De Ryus
"Gabrielle" - Roy Davis Jr.
"My love" - Kele Le Roc
"1999" - Groove Chronicles
"the Phone tune" - 212
"I don't smoke" - DJ Dee-Kline

(out of 5)
"Um-Lotty-Da" the Album - Marina
Album release by MRK Records - N.Y.C.

Finally the wait is over... Now for the new Millennium IT'S HERE... The Un-Lotty-Da album from Marina. It sure was worth waiting for.
This jammed packed Hi-nrg dance smacker will keep us dance music lovers dancing constantly through the 45 minutes and 11 songs long CD. Just the start up with "Dreamlover" and "Un-Lotty-Da" knocks you out and gives you a hint on what's to come...
Surprisingly, none of the Marina cover versions and previous hits are on the CD. It's just original Marina & Tony Marinello tunes - but what a great work and you don't miss the old singles when listening to the album, since it's filled with hits. Songs like "Stay away too long", "Limit of love", "Gotta new love" and "Best friends for life" (and several others) are all possible future single cuts.
Once again Marina and team have done a GREAT dance record - this time it's even better - an album!

The songs;

Stay away too long
Limit of love
She knows you're lying
Gotta new love
Love is a way of life
Try some love
Best friends for life

(out of 5)
"I'm comin'" - Taana Gardner
12" & CD-release by West End Records - N.Y.C.

Taana Gardner is the Disco Diva of West End Records.
This classic Disco star and this classic Disco label are both BACK and with a new HOT single !
This is a great dance track and it will make you move... It comes in 6 mixes, one of the legendary DJ - Nicky Siano.
Get ready - 'cause Taana's comin' !

The mixes;

Radio Mix
Blazin' Mix
Remix by C.Pagli & N.Siano
Bangin' Mix

(out of 5)
"Singer, dancer, lover" - Mantus
CD-promo release by Mantus - N.Y.C.

This 3 track CD starts out with the song;
"Singer, dancer, lover" which has got a latin touch...
(out of 5)
"the Beat is Back".
Second out is "the Beat is Back", a track originally released on a promo cassett about 2 years ago - but still as good!!!
(out of 5)
Caution... This is HOT!!! Check it out NOW!!!
This is a GREAT dance track with potentials... It will make every dancefloor move...
Check out this Groove!

The mixes;

"Singer, dancer, lover"
Promo mix

"the Beat is Back"
Promo mix

Promo mix

(out of 5)
"Sisters are doin' it for themselves"
Marina & Hazell Dean
12" & CD-release by MRK Records - N.Y.C.

WOW - This is GREAT !!!
Marina AND Hazell Dean is just the perfect mix. Their AWESOME cover of this classic Eurythmic's song really blows me away!
The best Marina release so far...
Excellent mixes that will work on EVERY dance floor.
I have been waiting for this release, I had the oportunity to hear it already in October 1998 when I visited MRK. I remembered it was GREAT back then... BUT NOW - IT'S EVEN BETTER!!!
If you should buy just one Dance record

The mixes;

Sisters Radio Mix
Roc & Presta Radio
PMS Radio Mix
Bounce Factory Radio
Sisters Extended Mix
Roc & Presta Extended
PMS Extended Mix
Bounce Factory Extended

(out of 5)
"Um-Lotty-Da" (remixes) - Marina
12" & CD-release by MRK Records - N.Y.C.

These remixes was released on promo some months ago, but now it's commercially available... and it's HOT!
This was a strong release already when released on the "Dream Lover EP" (see below), but these remixes are even BETTER!!! WOW!!!
Marina & MRK really understand the DJ's needs for different mixes... And this realease most definatly have a version to suite ANY dancefloor!!!

The mixes;

Original Radio Edit
Silky Smooth Vanilla
Mechanized Radio Mix
Marina vs. Trujillo Radio
Original Radio Extended
Silky Smooth Vanilla
Marina vs. Trujillo Mix
Rios-Mayfield Mix
Mechanized Mix

(out of 5)
"Totally Fabu" - Marina
12" & CD-release by MRK Records - N.Y.C.

This latest Marina release is more progressive then her previous releases...
If you're into progressive house - then this is the record for you...
My favorite is the Santana's Slammin' mix !

The mixes;

Original Club Mix
Lil' Big Dub
Santana's Slammin' Mix
a la Mode Mix

(out of 5)
"the Dream Lover EP" - Marina
12" & CD-release by MRK Records - N.Y.C.

Caution... This is HOT!!! Check it out NOW!!!
Marina and crew have done it again...
"Dream Lover" is a GREAT Hi-Nrg/Euro Dance smacker! Don't miss this release - it will work on every dancefloor.
"Dream Lover" comes in 5 different mixes... and this ain't enough... There's 2 more songs on the EP...
(out of 5)
"Foolish games".
Not as good as "Dream Lover" but still good.
(out of 5)
Difficult title but still VERY good. This will work great on the floors as well!

The mixes;

"Dream Lover"
Radio mix
Extended Club
Dream Velvet mix
Galaxy Love mix
Brutal's Groovin' mix

"Foolish games"
Radio mix
Extended Club

Radio mix
Extended Club

(out of 5)
"Silent Night" - Marina
12" & CD-release by MRK Records - N.Y.C.

A New strong release from Marina... "Silent Night" is a good Ni-Nrg song worth checking out. But specially you should check out the Bonus track - Marina's version of Lisa's Hi-Nrg classic...
(out of 5)
"Rocket to your heart".
(One of my personal Hi-Nrg favorites !!!)

The mixes;

"Silent Night"
Radio mix
XXX mix
House mix

"Rocket to your heart"
the Mix

(out of 5)
"Do ya wanna Dance ?" - Marina feat. Kraze
12" & CD-release by MRK Records - N.Y.C.

Marina has teamed up with Kraze - the man who housed the late 80's dancefloors with tunes like: "Let's play house".
Marina's GREAT voice together with Kraze's pumpin' house have put new life into this Bobby Freeman classic.
A VERY strong release that will work-out every dancefloor. The record have got mixes for all tastes, like Retro Disco, Eurobeat, Tribal beats and House mixes.
MARINA... Please give us more !!!

The mixes;
Retro Disco Radio
Eurobeat Radio
Tribal Club Anthem
House mix
Retro Disco Extended
Eurobeat Extended

(out of 5)
"Ti amo" - Flambé feat. Marina
12" & CD-release by MRK Records - N.Y.C.

This first Marina release sounds promising for the future.
Flambé and Marina has turned this Italian love-anthem ballad by Giancarlo Bigazzi & Umberto Tozzi into a hot Dance track.
If you still want "Ti Amo" as a ballad, try the Ballad mix, else go for the hotter Dance mixes - Radio Mix, Euromix or the pumpin' (almost dub-style) House Anthem.

The mixes;
House Anthem

There is yet more to come...
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