Some of you would probably say you remember both, but generally I would say that it's the songs most people remembers. What do you think?

I think many of the Disco scene's artists, groups and vocalists didn't get the attention they really deserved. There were many high class acts out there, really schooled singers with huge and powerful voices and bands with many of the greatest players. But somehow it was just a couple of these fine acts that got fame and stardom.
Artists like Donna Summer, Sylvester and Michael Jackson, together with groups like Chic, BeeGees, KC & the Sunshine Band and gay icons Village People all made their way to the stars. But many other fine acts never got there...
Don't get me wrong now I love all the above mentioned acts, but there was much more to Disco than just these acts. I just think it's a shame that there wasn't more artists and groups who got there as well.

I guess that many of you who grew up on Disco music still could find yourself singing along (and remembering most of the text!!!) if you heard Disco anthems like "I will survive" by Gloria Gaynor or "Relight my fire" by (the late) Dan Hartman. But I guess there would be many of you that didn't remember who preformed them.
Other great songs is for example "Can't fake the feeling", a huge club hit performed by Geraldine Hunt (look out for a bio on her career within my pages soon) and "Love sensation" another song written by Dan Hartman but performed by the great Loleatta Holloway. Actually you hear Loleatta on Dan's "Relight my fire" as well. Loleatta's voice from "Love sensation" was also sampled in the Italian Dance act Black Box's "Ride on time" and in Marky Mark's "Good vibrations" a couple of years ago.

OK, I must admit that I think part of this problem - that not so many acts got the stardom and fame they were worth and that you can't recall the acts names was Disco itself...
Everyone wanted to make a Disco Hit (click here if you've got RealPlayer installed to your computor) and the market was really drowned with Disco singles by different acts and constellations. There were also many 'on-hit-wonders' and I must admit that much of what was released wasn't really good at all. But there were also many highlights. Still today I find myself and get recommended 'new' great Disco songs I never know of before.

Many of the greatest songs was actually written by a handful of people. Many times it was one or two persons under an alias or who formed an act around the music he/she/they created. One of the most important guys who many people unfortunatly haven't heard of is the songwriter, producer and more - Patrick Adams. He's a real musical genius and the brain behind songs like "I'm caught up" sung by Inner Life and "Push, push In the bush" & "Keep on jumpin'" sung by Musique, among many other acts he wrote and produced. In both these mentioned acts he had one of the greatest voices in the music business on lead vocals, namely Jocelyn Brown.
Again I would guess that you would recognize the songs, but probably didn't know about the groups or the man behind them... Am I right?!

So actually I don't think it's strange that it's the songs most people remember. Specially when you have heard good songs on the radio or in clubs but never owned the record.
I'm happy you all remember the songs, but I just a little sad that not more disco acts got the credit they really deserved!
Within my personal web-pages I try to highlight old Disco acts. So If you were part of a known Disco act during that time OR If you know and can connect me to any old Disco acts or famous Disco-DJ's... Please let me know immediately with a mail. I really would love to highlight more acts to show how much fine artists that really was out there...
Keep remember the songs, and think a little of the acts behind them as well...
'Till next month...

Take care and Disco-on,