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Dick Griffey RIP

Dick Griffey
November 16, 1943 - September 24, 2010

In loving memory of the creator of the Universal Sound of SOLAR...
Sadly Dick Griffey passed away in September 24, 2010 due to complications of quadruple bypass surgery.
Dick was a true pioneer with lots of achievements in the world of music.
He was significant to the whole Los Angeles music scene with the legendary Disco-Funk he brought us through his SOLAR Records label.
Thank you for all the music and memories you have given us over the years!
This page is dedicated to you

SOLAR Records was formed in 1977 as a result of the closing Soul Train Records.
The label would gain great success with its typical Funky-Disco sound,
and acts like Shalamar, the Whispers and Lakeside helped to consolidate the label as one of the most important for over a decade.
As time changed, so did the music scene and SOLAR navigated through those styles with success until its closure.
This is the universal sound of SOLAR...

Soul Train Logo SOLAR was the offspring of the Soul Train Recording Company label, a company started in 1975 by the Soul Train television creator and host Don Cornelius together with Soul Train booking agent Dick Griffey.
The Soul Train label scored a few hits, with Shalamar's "Uptown Festival" being the biggest one. Other acts with the label were Soul Train Gang, Carrie Lucas and the Whispers.
Due to the huge success of Don's TV show and the engagement it required, Don had to venture out of the record company and the partners folded the label in 1977.
But Dick Griffey had no plans of leaving the recording industry and in the late 1977 he founded Sounds Of Los Angeles Records, usually called just SOLAR, an acronym for the otherwise long label name.
The new label kept a close relationship to Don and the Soul Train show, which is why many of the SOLAR acts often performed in the extremely popular TV show.

SOLAR Records logo

The new label would soon get known for its "SOLAR Sound", a little more Soulful and Funkier kind of Disco/Dance music with great harmonies and wonderful vocal performances from acts like the Whispers, Lakeside, Midnight Star, Dynasty, the all-female group Klymaxx, Dick's wife Carrie Lucas and of course the labels best selling act, the already mentioned, Shalamar.
The label acts and their unique sound quickly established them as one of the most successful Disco labels and was also one of the very few US West coast Disco labels of the time. They retained this accolade until the mid/late eighties. Much thanks to the owner's trust in new talents and willingness to give them a chance, that's why successful writer/producer teams like Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis (who created music for Klymaxx for SOLAR and later super hits for S.O.S Band, Janet Jackson and Change just to mention a few) and Antonio "L.A." Reid & Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds (who created music for Paula Abdul, Karyn White, Whitney Houston and her ex-husband Bobby Brown, among others) scored their first hits with SOLAR.
Another success-factor for SOLAR was the fact that the label acts collaborated on each other's recordings which helped to strengthen and maintain the 'SOLAR Sound'. The labels main producer, Leon Sylvers III, is the one mosttly credited for creating their typical sound.
In its later years the SOLAR music profile switched into a more R&B/Hip-Hop kind of flavor and sadly lost a bit of the famous SOLAR sound which originally raised it to its success.

Constellation Records

Dick Griffey In the early 1980's Dick created a sub-label called Constellation Records in order to release more contemporary acts, but as time passed by it seems he abandoned that thought and moved two of his top female acts; Carrie Lucas and Klymaxx to Constellation, together with the multi-ethnical group - Collage.
Carrie never managed to score the kind of hits she previously did at SOLAR, but she got some minor success with tracks like "Summer In The Street" and "Hello Stranger" for Constellation, while Klymaxx yielded success with "I Miss You", "Meeting In The Ladies Room", "The Men All Pause" and "Sexy". Collage hit it big with their "Romeo Where's Juliet?".
But in 1986 Griffey decided to fold Constellation Records and its acts either moved on to other labels or were disbanded.

Dick Griffey today

Solar - Soul Train logos It's quite clear to see that SOLAR was the offspring of Soul Train, not only by the acts that were transferred to SOLAR, but also by just looking at the resemblance of the original Soul Train logo and the original SOLAR logo.
Just as the Soul Train label, SOLAR initially had a distribution deal with RCA Records, releasing their 12" Disco singles under the JD/YD-1xxxx matrix series. 'JD' for promo releases and 'YD' for the commercial releases. Soul Train had used the SD-1xxxx matrix.
The RCA distribution continued until 1981 when the label switched to an Elektra/Asylum Records distribution deal, following their sub-label Constellation Records' example, which originally had Elektra distribution from its start. The SOLAR 12" singles were mainly released in the AS-1xxxx and ED xxxx matrixes and later on the 0-6xxxx matrix.
Solar logo at Elektra What's surprisingly with the 0-6xxxx matrix is that it counts downwards instead of up! The earlier releases have a higher number than the later ones.
The Elektra/Asylum distribution remained until 1987.
During the Elektra years the label logo design was changed to better match the Elektra roster profile labels.
For some reason Mr. Griffey moved distribution for his Constellation Records to MCA in 1984, with promo 12"s released on a L33-1xxxx matrix and commercial (and later also promo's) on a MCA 2xxxx matrix.
When Dick moved the SOLAR distribution in 1987 he went for a brief agreement with Capitol Records which only lasted to 1989. But the change of distribution allowed him to change back to the classic logo design, which he did.
However, at this time the former success of the label had started to fade, still he signed another distribution deal with CBS Records in 1989, or in effect with Sony who at that point already owned CBS. From that time the SOLAR label were handled by different Sony sub-labels until its final closure in the mid 90's.
See the Matrix listing of SOLAR 12" releases.


After the labels closure EMI purchased the rights to the SOLAR catalog and have re-issued much of the labels material in various recordings and compilations. Probably a bright move considering the growing popularity of sampling in R&B, Rap and Dance music, making the SOLAR releases top class sampling material for today's producers and remixers because of its distinct SOLAR sound.
One of the most famous samples is the Armand Van Helden sample of Carrie Lucas' "Dance With You" in his "U Don't Know Me". The same Carrie track was also sampled in Phats & Small's "Music For Pushchairs".

Other famous SOLAR samples are; Will Smith's sample of the Whispers' "And The Beat Goes On" for his top hit "Miami", Lakeside's "Fantastic Voyage" and "It's All The Way Live" were both sampled by Coolio for his two hits with the exact same titles as the original tracks, Lakeside's "Eveready Man" were used by 2Pac in "Nuthin' But Love", while Missy Elliott used "Second Time Around" by Shalamar for her "Is This Our Last Time". Others who used Shalamar tracks in their songs are BabyFace feat. L.L. Cool J. who used "This Is For The Lover In You" in their "For The Lover In You", and "Take That To The Bank" were sampled by both Michael Jackson on "Someone Put Your Hand Out" and Will Smith feat. Robin Thicke in "Switch (R&B Remix)".
Angie Stone sampled Dynasty's "Adventures In The Land Of Music" in her "Lover's Ghetto", while 50 Cent and Monica both scored hits when sampling the Whispers' "You Are Number One" which was the B-side to the "Make It With You" 12" single on Soul Train.
And the list of sampled SOLAR tracks is continuously growing...

the Whispers

the Whispers As mentioned above, the Whispers were one of SOLAR's most successful acts. The quintet harmony group was actually formed in Los Angeles way back in 1964 by twin brothers Walter and Wallace "Scotty" Scott, along with Nicholas Caldwell, Marcus Hutson and Gordy Harmon. Gordy left the group in 1973 and was later replaced by Leaveil Degree.
The group recorded "I Was Born When You Kissed Me" for the Dore label in the mid 60's, followed by "The Time Has Come" and their first R&B chart hit - "Seems Like I Gotta Do Wrong" for the Soul Clock in the 1969 and 1970 respectively.
The success of "Seems Like..." led to a contract with the famous Janus Records, for which they recorded a several singles and four albums. Their last album for the label was - Bingo in 1974 - and it had all the, soon to become, hottest musicians and producers of the pre-Disco and Philly Disco scene writing and producing it... Names like Ron Baker, Norman Harris, Earl Young (all of 'Baker, Harris & Young' fame), Bunny Sigler and Alan Felder were all involved and it was produced for Gamble & Huff Productions. Surprisingly the only song from the Bingo LP that was not written or produced by any of the above, became the group's first song to enter the 'Billboard Disco Action' charts, namely "Where There Is Love".
In 1976 they made their first release for Dick Griffey and Don Cornelius' Soul Train label and that was the start of a long career for the group with Dick and SOLAR, which lasted until 1988. In their first year with Soul Train they got their first Number One 'Billboard Disco Single' with the song "One For The Money" from the album with the same name. The album was produced by Norman Harris and also scored the Billboard Disco Singles and/or National Disco Action (Club charts) hits "I've Got A Feeling" and "Put Me In The News".
In 1977 they returned with "I Fell In Love Last Night (At The Disco)" and the cover of Bread's 1970 #1 Pop hit - "Make It With You" from the album Open Up Your Love.
In 1978 and 1979 the group had some success in the R&B Singles charts with "(Let's Go) All the Way" and "(Olivia) Lost and Turned Out" from their 1978 Headlight album and "Can't Do Without Love" and "Homemade Lovin'" from their 1979 Whisper In Your Ear album. In 1979 they also released a Christmas album called Happy Holidays To You which opens up with "Funky Christmas" before going into more traditional jollies like "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" and "White Christmas".
the Whispers But frankly, the Whispers' big break came with their 1980 worldwide smash hit - "And The Beat Goes On". The track topped charts all over the globe and the group became hotter than ever. The song was of course the main track of their self titled 1980 hit album - The Whispers. DJ's also played "Can You Do The Boogie" and "Out Of The Box", while R&B stations helped the single "Lady" to Billboard R&B Singles chart success. "Out Of The Box" was also released as a single while "My Girl" became a single release in Europe.
The group followed up their success with the single "It's A Love Thing", but this and subsequent releases never managed to reach the heights of "And The Beat Goes On", even if both "It's A Love Thing" and the second single from the 1981 Imagination LP - "I Can Make It Better" both did very well. Many Club Jocks also reported spinning the LP track - "Up On Soul Train", a little tribute to Don's show which they frequently performed in. Still in 1981 they released another album called This Kind Of Lovin', from which only the title track made some escapades in various charts.
In 1982 The Whispers released their Love Is Where You Find It LP, which included the hit singles; "Emergency" and the even bigger "In The Raw". "Turn Me Out" was another brilliant track which stayed at being an LP track only.
The group was back again in 1983 with the Love For Love album which spawned the singles "Tonight", "Keep On Lovin' Me and "This Time", where the first two were the biggest hits in the Billboard R&B and Dance/Disco Top 80 charts.
Their next success was the song "Contagious" which had a more Urban Funk / Hip-Hop flavor to it, a style they would keep throughout their remaining time with SOLAR. Not surprisingly the single had success in the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles chart. The second single from the So Good album; "Some Kinda Lover" also reached above the Top 20 in the same charts, while the third single - "Don't Keep Me Waiting" was only a minor hit.
Their next album was released in 1987, that was the Just Gets Better with Time LP, an album that would become the groups' last album for SOLAR. But the Whispers knew how to end their time with SOLAR in style by topping charts with the "Rock Steady" single and doing great with the singles; "Just Gets Better With Time" and "In The Mood". They did OK with their last single from the album, the single what would actually be their last SOLAR release, a song with a title and mood that might sum up their time with the label - "No Pain, No Gain".
After SOLAR folded the group moved on to a career with Capitol Records for which they scored a few more hits. The Whispers are still performing even if I don't know which original members remain in today's setup, but they sure have given us LOTS of wonderful music throughout their nearly half century in the business. But as they say... "And The Beat Goes On"


The Whispers are probably the first group most people first associate with the SOLAR sound, but in fact Shalamar were the labels' biggest selling act and hit machine, scoring nearly 20 hits over their active years. We all remember hits like "A Night To Remember", "Second Time Around" and "Right In The Socket", among many others.
Shalamar - Jeffrey, Jody, Howard Shalamar was formed in New York in 1977 by Dick Griffey and European writer and producer Simon Soussan, who later gave us hits like "After Dark" by Pattie Brooks and who was also behind groups like Arpeggio, the Simon Orchestra and French Kiss. Their Shalamar act was a pure studio concept with all session singers and musicians, but after the success of the group's first release - a Motown classics medley to a Disco beat called "Uptown Festival", followed by an equally successful LP with the same name - Dick and Simon realized they had to create a performing group to support the music. Through his involvement with the Soul Train TV show, Dick found three Soul Train dancers with good singing abilities who became Shalamar; Jody Watley, Jeffrey Daniels and Gerald Brown.
Shalamar - Jeffrey, Jody, Howard The "new" group's first real work was the Disco Garden album released in 1978 and they had an R&B chart hit with the track "Take That To The Bank". The songs "Tossing, Turning And Swinging" and "Shalamar Disco Gardens" were also popular tracks off the album, even though none of them were released as singles.
Gerald Brown only got to record this one album, because in 1978 he was replaced by Howard Hewett which created the most famous and popular Shalamar lineup. This lineup was also the setting that managed to complete the group's wonderful signature vocal harmony arrangements and in 1979 Jody, Jeffrey and Howard went into the studio and recorded the Big Fun album. This album followed up their Billboard Disco Top 100 Number One smash - "The Second Time Around" - and included the hit singles "Right In The Socket" and "I Owe You One". With this album of songs, Shalamar were 'Right In The Socket' and proved the title of their LP opening track; "The Right Time For Us".
Shalamar - Howard, Jody, Jeffrey In late 1980 the Three For Love album was released, commercially it was not quite as big as 'Big Fun', yet it yielded the hits; "Full Of Fire", the ballad "This Is for the Lover in You" and the cream of the bunch - "Make That Move". For this album the group contributed songs written by themselves along with label mates Dynasty and Lakeside penning a few as well.
Less than 12 months later the group released their next long player, Go For It. The only track off the album to chart was the single "Sweeter As The Days Go By" which barely made it into the Top 20 of the R&B Singles. The title track got some rotation in clubs and it's surprising that the James Ingram written "You've Got Me Running" was not released as a single, instead of "Talk To Me" which was. It's a good track, but a far cry from their earlier chart busters.
Shalamar - Howard, Jody, Jeffrey The release of the 1982 album Friends would become Shalamar's biggest success thanks to hits like; "There It Is", "I Can Make You Feel Good", the title track "Friends" and the instant classic "A Night To Remember". To me, this was their most complete album music wise, and in the UK they flipped the "A Night To Remember" 12" single with both a remix of that song as well as another personal favorite off the album, the Funky - "On Top Of The World".
During 1983 things happened within the group, the trio recorded the Look album that gave them another hit with "Dead Giveaway". The songs "Disappearing Act", "You Can Count on Me" and "Over and Over" all became popular as well. But 'Over and Over' was just what it was for Jody Watley and Jeffrey Daniels who both left the group during the year to pursue solo careers. Jody had a successful one with MCA, while Jeffrey was quite unsuccessful with Polydor. Jeffrey later returned to SOLAR for one solo release - "She's The One" in 1990.
With two of the oldest members leaving, Howard was now joined by Delisa Davis and Micki Free. The 'new' Shalamar recorded the 1984 Heartbreak album and managed to get a hit with "Dancing in the Sheets", a song also featured in the blockbuster movie Footloose (starring Kevin Bacon) and its accompanied soundtrack. The songs "Amnesia" and "My Girl Loves Me" were also among the more favored tracks along with "Don't Get Stopped in Beverly Hills", another soundtrack recording from the Eddie Murphy movie Beverly Hills Cop - which is also the reason why that Shalamar 12" single was released on MCA and not SOLAR, a track which actually won the group a Grammy Award.
Film music seemed to be the thing for the group about this time, as the track "Deadline USA" was included in the D.C. Cab motion picture soundtrack in 1984. That track was produced by the producers behind Donna Summer, namely legends; Giorgio Moroder and Pete Bellotte. The 12" single was remixed by another legend - John "Jellybean" Benitez.
The Heartbreak album was Howard Hewett's last one with Shalamar. In 1986 he left the group to go solo with Elektra and do some production work for other acts, including some for his wife - Nia Peeples, the actress and singer who got her big break starring in the TV series Fame.
Shalamar - Jeffrey, Jody, Howard Howard was replaced in Shalamar by Sidney Justin and in 1987 the trio of Delissa, Micki & Sidney released what would become the last Shalamar album - Circumstantial Evidence. The album was for most parts produced by the soon-to-become very successful producer-team of Antonio "L.A." Reid & Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds, who also wrote the title track. The album spawned the hits "Circumstantial Evidence" and "Games" and both singles and the album did OK in the charts, but still the 'best before date' had passed for the group, however they released a few more singles with "Wake Up" in 1990 being their last. But that one couldn't 'Wake Up' their fading career and the band officially broke up in 1991. Nevertheless latest addition to the group, Sidney Justin, continued to tour with a new incarnation of Shalamar.
Since then their albums have been re-issued on CD and there have been numerous remixes/greatest hits/best of... compilations released, not to mention the countless number of released tracks that include Shalamar samples, proving that not only did their music have an impact bakc then, but that it continues to this day...
Howard Hewett and Jeffrey Daniels actually reformed Shalamar with Carolyn Griffey, the daughter of Dick Griffey and Carrie Lucas, in 2005. Together they performed on 'Hit Me Baby One More Time', a British TV show. The triumphant performance resulted in continued touring by the reincarnation for a couple of years.


The group Lakeside originates from the group the Young Underground, a band formed in Dayton, Ohio in the late 1960's when Thomas Shelby and Otis Stokes left the Bad Bunch and teamed up with Mark Wood. They got a deal with Curtom Records after winning a Chicago talent contest. The guys stayed in Chicago where they renamed themselves Ohio Lakeside Express after the Lakeside Express newspaper. The group played all around the Tri-State area, but the big break never seemed to happen, so in 1972 the guys decided to 'Go West' - to Los Angeles.
Lakeside By being the house band for a local hotel, they got food and roof over their heads. The band kept growing, and during this time the group became the nine members show band we now know as Lakeside. The other members were; Stephen Shockley, Fred Lewis, Marvin Craig, Norman Beavers, Tiemeyer McCain and Fred Alexander.
The group met producer Frank Wilson of Motown, who had earlier worked with both Eddie Kendricks and the Supremes, and Frank managed to get them a deal with Motown. They recorded one unreleased single for Motown before Mr. Wilson brought them over to ABC Records, for which he produced their first album - Lakeside. Sadly the label went under and the group was again without a contract.
The guys were lucky and met Dick Griffey and he signed them to his newly started SOLAR label, where they also became the house band for their label mates like Shalamar and Dynasty.
In 1978 they released their first album for the label - Shot Of Love, which spawned the Top 4 hit "It's All The Way Live" and immediately put their Funky sound on the map, even if their second single was the ballad "Give In To Love"
They followed up with the Rough Riders album the next year. The album wasn't quite as successful as 'Shot Of Love', but saw the single releases; "Pull My Strings" and "From 9:00 Until", two aggressive Funk numbers that were enjoyed by the R&B scene. "From 9:00 Until" received more Club play but "Pull My Strings" was the better track from a chart perspective.
Then Lakeside decided to take us on a Fantastic Voyage in 1980. It sure became a voyage for the band as they reached the top of the Billboard R&B singles charts with the title track and just missed the top spot with the album. Besides the "Fantastic Voyage" track, "Your Love Is On The One" was both a commercial and Top 15 hit single. Both tracks also became DJ favorites and generated good rotation on Nightclub turntables. Many people also credit this album to be Lakeside's Best album.
Next out was Funky dance number "We Want You (On The Floor)" which was a minor hit, but without it, the subsequent 1981 album - Keep On Moving Straight Ahead would probably have passed by unnoticed.
Lakeside To get revenge for the missing success of their previous album, the guys released yet another album later the same year. Your Wish Is My Command was a Top 10 R&B album and the title track is a Funky gem that kind of takes you back to Kool & the Gang's classic "Open Sesame". But that track was never a single release, instead the album was backed up by a soulful ballad version of the Beatles' "I Want To Hold Your Hand" and it paid off, as the single reached # 5 in the R&B Singles charts. The other single, "Something About That Woman", didn't reach as high but resided in the mid Top 20 and was a mid-tempo Funk smacker with some groovy guitar and bass playing. Other notable tracks off the album were "Magic Moments" and "the Urban Man".
Lakeside Back again in 1983 with the Untouchables album, which spawned the really heavy Funk hit "Raid". It's Lakeside back as the groovy danceable show band we remember from their earlier releases. "Turn The Music Up" was just as Funky as "Raid" and was another single off the album along with the ballad "Real Love". Getting back to the Funkier sound seemed to pay off and the LP was an R&B Top 10 success for the band.
1984 saw the release of the Outrageous album, another R&B Album success. The song "Outrageous" was never a chart hit, even if it was a strong track and single release. Instead the Giorgio Moroder inspired Euro-Disco track "Make My Day" swashed around top 40 in the singles charts. Classic Lakeside Funk could be heard in the song "Restrictions" along with a couple of nice ballads and more.
By the end of the decade the interest for Funk seemed to decline even though the band kept the beat going and they had some minor chart action in 1987 with the singles "Relationship" and "Bullseye", both featured on the album - Power. This would become the bands last charting album. In 1990 they released their last album - Party Patrol and the single "Money".
Lakeside covers One thing one has to mention about Lakeside's albums, was their wonderfully painted album covers. All, except the 'Power' album, had these painted covers with all the band members put in various 'historical situations'...
Their first album, A Shot Of Love, had a 'Robin Hood' kind of theme, while subsequent album theme's included; a 'Wild Bunch' (Rough Riders), 'Pirates' (Fantastic Voyage), 'Jockeys' (Keep Moving Straight Ahead), 'Genies' (Your Wish Is My Command), 'Detectives' (Untouchables), 'Indiana Jones Explorers' (Outrageous) and 'Patrol Men' (Party Patrol).


Dynasty Dynasty was another brainchild of Dick Griffey and Leon Sylvers. The group comprised of three young performers; vocalists Nidra Beard, Linda Carriere and bassist Kevin Spencer. Each very talented in their own right, together they formed another dynamic Funky Dance music act for SOLAR.
Nidra was born in Detroit, but grew up in Los Angeles and was quickly recognized as a very talented singer and actress. She studied piano and violin at the Loma Linda University. Besides that, her good looks also made her a professional model and from 1973 to 1975 she was a member of the song and dance troupe - DeBlanc, along with soon-to-become Dynasty colleague - Linda Carriere.
Linda was originally from New Orleans and singing and dancing were always her main interests. After a psychology major at the University of New Orleans, Linda moved to Los Angeles in 1972 and soon she would meet and become friends with Nidra and in 1973 they both became members of DeBlanc. When the group was disbanded the two ladies went into a group called Starfire together with a few other former DeBlanc members. But after a year the group decided to go separate ways, Linda starred in the musical 'The Meat Market' and Nidra became friends with Leon Sylvers leading to the two ladies filling in for the girls of Leon's band the Sylvers, as those members were under-aged. This led to Leon introducing the ladies to Dick and soon the new group would emerge...
Kevin was from Los Angeles and had been performing publicly since the young age of five. He was very inspired by his mother who was a piano and music teacher. Just like the girls in Dynasty, she studied theatre and as well as with being a lyricist and composer, she was also a wonderful musician and vocalist. Kevin just happened to be what Dick and Leon needed for their new group, and so the third party of the group was found and Dynasty became fact.
They kick-started their career in 1979 with the now classic "I Don't Want To Be A Freak (But I Can't Help Myself)", followed by the album Your Piece Of The Rock. The single danced its way into the hearts of SOLAR fans, but it never reached higher than #36 in the Billboard R&B Singles Chart and the album only climbed to #72 in the Billboard Album charts. The group really deserved better success as the title track, "Your Piece Of The Rock" was a Disco smash and it was actually the group's first single release, but sadly, never found its way to the charts. The third single off the album was "Satisfied" and it had the song "It's Still A Thrill" as its B-side, both becoming dancefloor favorites. The album only had five songs, all the ones already mentioned along with the ballad "When You Feel Like Giving Love (Dial My Number)".
Dynasty Next out was the single "I've Just Begun To Love You" which also would become Dynasty's biggest hit, peaking at number six in the R&B Singles Chart. The hit single was also the opening track from their 1980 album Adventures In The Land Of Music. The LP just missed the Top Ten and peaked at #11. The second single off the album was the danceable - "Do Me Right" followed by the single "Something To Remember" which was written by the ladies together with Gene Dozier (not sure if he's related to Lamont Dozier of Holland-Dozier-Holland fame). None of the two later singles could live up to the success of "I've Just Begun...", but the song "Groove Control" was another track off the album that got good Club rotation along with tracks like "Ice Breaker" and "Day And Night". The Soul-ballads "Take Another Look at Love" and the title track, "Adventures In The Land Of Music", have lovely vocal interactions a la Earth, Wind & Fire. For this album an additional vocalist by the name of William Shelby was introduced to sing lead vocals alongside Kevin, making the group a quartet for this release, even though William was not pictured on the albums cover.
In 1981 the group released their third album - The Second Adventure. From now on the group was a quintet, as Leon Sylvers now officially was a member of Dynasty, even though he had been involved in the group and their music from day one. Nidra had actually married Leon and was now credited as Nidra Beard Sylvers. The album spawned the singles "Here I Am" and "Love In The Fast Lane", with both ending up at around the 30-mark of the R&B Charts, but the album only climbed to 42.
Dynasty in 1982 Dynasty released two US singles in 1982; "Check It Out" and "Strokin'", both featured on their Right Back At Cha! album. It was only "Check It Out" that got any chart action and the LP reached the middle of the 100. In the UK the label went for two other singles; "The Only One" and "Does That Ring A Bell", where the latter entered the singles chart.
The band returned again in 1986 with the album Daydreamin', this time Linda was no longer part of the group and Nidra now only used her Sylvers surname. I don't even think there were any singles released to support the album and it really passed unnoticed.
Dynasty's final album - Out Of Control - was released in 1988. The singles "Don't Waste My Time" and "Tell Me (Do You Want My Love)?" were taken off the album. Even though new SOLAR hot shot producers, L.A. Reid & Babyface, were brought in to produce the latter, the group could not revive their earlier glory and disbanded soon afterwards.

Midnight Star logo

Midnight Star Midnight Star started out as a party band at Kentucky State University in Frankfort, KY. back in 1976. The group was formed by Reginald Calloway, Vincent Calloway together with vocalist Belinda Lipscomb. Originally studio musicians were used for their recordings, but over time the group grew to also include Bill Simmons, Bo Watson, Bobby Lovelace, Jeff Cooper, Kenneth Gant and Melvin Gentry.
They quickly got a reputation of being a great live act and after a gig in New York City Dick Griffey offered them a contract with SOLAR.
Their 1980 debut album was cleverly called The Beginning and included the bands first single and R&B chart hit - "Make It Last". Their second single was "You're The Star" but it never reached the charts.
They followed up with the single "I've Been Watching You", which did better than the previous ones and ended up at #36 in the charts. Second single was "Tuff" and both are found on the 1981 album Standing Together. The LP reached the mid of the albums charts and the band kept moving on...
In 1982 they claimed Victory, which was the name of their third album. The title cut along with "Hot Spot" both charted, so did the album, even if it wasn't a big success. The album was a good blend of Funky dance tracks and ballads, a formula that soon would pay off...
The big break came in 1983 with the album No Parking on the Dance Floor which reached #2 in the R&B Albums charts and #27 in the Billboard 200 Albums. This album was backed up by the singles "Freak-A-Zoid", "Wet My Whistle" and the title track "No Parking (On the Dance Floor)". All the tracks entered various charts with "Freak-A-Zoid" reaching highest, #2 in the R&B Singles charts. "Electricity" and the mid-slow tempo tunes "Feels So Good" and "Slow Jam" were other LP tracks that were well received as well.
Midnight Star In 1984 Midnight Star got their first Number 1 hit with the "Operator" single. It remained in the R&B Singles chart for 5 weeks and paved the way for the album - Planetary Invasion, from which they also lifted the dance tracks "Scientific Love" and "Body Snatchers" along with the sizzling "Curious".
In 1986 they released the album - Headlines, which was also the name of the third single. "Headlines" was a typical mid 80's R&B track that did better than both the first single "Engine No. 9" and one of my personal favorite Midnight Star tracks - "Midas Touch". This album also set an end for an era, as the Calloway brothers decided to leave the group after its last single release.
A Greatest Hits album was released in 1987, but in 1988 Midnight Star returned with their self titled album. Now reduced to a 7-piece band, they still managed to attract crowds and got their second #1, now in the Dance Music/Maxi-Single Sales charts, with "Don't Rock the Boat". It also reached #3 in the R&B/Hip-Hop Singles. Next single out was "Snake in the Grass", it did well and was an R&B/Hip-Hop #10 and was followed by "Love Song" which didn't do all that well.
Midnight Star logo Work It Out was the title of the 1990 album, but the album never managed to work it out for the group. It was only "Money Can't Buy You Love" which got some attention, so the group disbanded...
SOLAR was folded, but 1998 saw a revived Midnight Star and the album No Parking on the Planet was released, followed by 15th Avenue in 2002. None of them regained the bands former glory, but from what I hear, the band are still active, touring and performing as a quintet, featuring Lipscomb, Gentry, Watson, Lovelace and Gant.

Klymaxx logo

Klymaxx Klymaxx were an all-female band and the brainchild of drummer Bernadette Cooper. She formed the band in Hollywood, California, in 1979 together with guitarist Cheryl Cooley and keyboard player Lynn Malsby. The group was 'complete' when keyboardist Robbin Grider and original lead vocalists Lorena Porter Shelby and Joyce "Fenderella" Irby joined them. Joyce was also the bass player and a friend gave her the nickname - Fenderella - because she used to play Fender bass guitars and the friend said that if she didn't play all her parts right, just like Cinderella, she would turn into a pumpkin.
The girls made an impact in the Los Angeles music scene and got themselves a deal with SOLAR, for which they released their first LP Never Underestimate the Power of a Woman in 1981. The title track, "Never Underestimate the Power of a Woman", got some attention and entered the R&B Charts but things didn't really hit off.
Next year they returned with Girls Will Be Girls, with several tracks written and produced by the (soon to become) famous writer/producer team of Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis. The album didn't have any chart success, even though the Jam & Lewis track "Wild Girls" was a single release and has become a classic these days. "Heartbreaker (I'm Such A Mess)" was another US release, while "Heartbreaker" was the B-side track of "The Man In My Life" UK release. Both these tunes were also Jam & Lewis tracks.
In 1983 they planned to release an album called Girls In The Band, but for some reason it remained unreleased - but there was a 12" single released with the Jam/Lewis produced "Multi-Purpose Girls".
Klymaxx The next album wasn't released until late 1984 when Meeting in the Ladies Room hit the stores. But this time the girls were not to be found on SOLAR. Instead, Dick decided to release the girls on his subsidiary label, Constellation Records, which garnered them their biggest success. The first single from the album was "The Men All Pause" which was a Top 10 hit in 1984 and it re-entered the charts both in '85 and '86. They followed up with the title track "Meeting in the Ladies Room" which was a Club and Dance music hit. Then "I Miss You" was released and it even reached #3 in the Adult Contemporary charts and #5 in the Hot 100. The song stayed in the Hot 100 for 29 weeks and that made it the third biggest single of 1986. The last single released off the LP was "Lock and Key".
Constellation Records Their fourth album was the self titled Klymaxx in 1986. The ladies scored some Top 20 hits with "Sexy", "I'd Still Say Yes" and "Divas Need Love Too". They also had a Hot 100 hit with the "Man Size Love" single, which was also featured on the Running Scared movie soundtrack.
About this time Constellation Records was folded and Bernadette Cooper, Joyce Irby and Lynn Malsby left the band and moved onto to other careers. Remaining members; Lorena Porter Shelby, Cheryl Cooley and Robbin Grider continued to work as Klymaxx and in 1990 they released the album The Maxx Is Back for MCA Records. From the album they pulled the singles "Good Love" and "Don't Run Away", where the first was a #4 R&B Singles hit.
Four years later the trio were back again with the One Day album on the Valley Vue label. Also back was Bernadette, even if just on one track, along with Joyce who produced the record and in 2003 they released a live take from a reunion concert - Klymaxx Live at Pacifica L.A..
Rumors are that Bernadette & Joyce are to revive Klymaxx and probably release a new album in 2009/2010...

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Call Me
Bill Wolfer

Dance With You
Carrie Lucas

I Gotta Keep Dancin'
Carrie Lucas

Keep Smilin'
Carrie Lucas

Do You Like Our Music

Get In Touch With Me

Love Is For Everyone

Romeo Where's Juliet

Winners & Losers

Can You Dance

Adventure In The Land Of Music

Check It Out

Do Me Right

Groove Control

I Don't Wanna Be A Freak (But I Can't Help Myself)

I've Just Begun To Love You

Love In The Fast Lane


Your Piece Of The Rock

Divas Need Love Too

I'd Still Say Yes

Meeting In The Ladies Room

the Men All Pause


Fantastic Voyage

From 9 Until

It's All The Way Live

Midnight Star

Engine No.9
Midnight Star

Feels So Good
Midnight Star

Midnight Star

Midnight Star

Midas Touch
Midnight Star

Midnight Star

Slow Jam
Midnight Star

Wet My Whistle
Midnight Star

A night to remember

Dead Give Away

Disappearing Act


I Can Make You Feel Good

I Owe You One

Make That Move

Over & Over

Right In The Socket

Second Time Around

Sweeter As The Days Go By

Take That To The Bank

There It Is

This Is For The Lover In You

Uptown Festival

Come Back Lover

Take It To The Top

And the beat goes on

Can't Do Without Love



I Can Make It Better

I'm The One For You


In The Raw

It's A Love Thing

Let's Go All The Way

Make It With You

No Pain, No Gain

Rock Steady

Some Kinda Lover

Sweet Sensation

This Kind Of Lovin'

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Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Solar System Volume 1
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Midas Touch - Midnight Star
And the Beat Goes On - The Whispers
Take That to the Bank - Shalamar
Wet My Whistle - Midnight Star
It's a Love Thing - The Whispers
There It Is - Shalamar
Headlines - Midnight Star
Night to Remember - Shalamar
Operator - Midnight Star
Mega-Mix #1
Mega-Mix #2

Solar System Volume 2
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BUY Solar System Volume 2 CD from the US BUY Solar System Volume 2 CD from Europe
Dancing in the Sheets - Shalamar
Operator - Midnight Star
Fantastic Voyage - Lakeside
Rock Steady - The Whispers
Don't Rock the Boat - Midnight Star
Second Time Around - Shalamar
It's All the Way Live - Lakeside
I've Just Begun to Love You - Dynasty
Midas Touch - Midnight Star
In the Raw - The Whispers
I Gotta Keep Dancin' (Keep Smiling) - Carrie Lucas
Two Occasions - The Deele

Solar System Volume 3
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BUY Solar System Volume 3 CD from the US BUY Solar System Volume 3 CD from Europe
I Can Make It Better - Shalamar
No Parking (On the Dance Floor) - Midnight Star
Do Me Right - Dynasty
Winners and Losers - Collage
I Don't Want to Be a Freak (But I Can't Help Myself) - Dynasty
I Wanna Be Rich - Calloway
Freak-A-Zoid - Midnight Star
Come Back Lover - Leon Sylvers
Night to Remember [M & M Remix] - Shalamar
Take That to the Bank - Shalamar
Mega Mix - Voyage into the Land of Funk

Shalamar - 12inch Collection
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BUY Shalamar - 12 BUY Shalamar - 12
Uptown Festival
Take That to the Bank
Second Time Around
Right in the Socket
Full of Fire
Make That Move
Night to Remember
I Can Make You Feel Good
Dead Giveaway
Over and Over
Dancing in the Sheets
Circumstantial Evidence
This Is for the Lover in You

Midnight Star - Greatest Hits
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Wet My Whistle
No Parking (On The Dance Floor)
Body Snatchers
Midas Touch
Engine No.9
Snake In The Grass
Don't Rock The Boat

Dynasty - Greatest Hits
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BUY Dynasty - Greatest Hits CD from the US BUY Dynasty - Greatest Hits CD from Europe
I Don't Want To Be A Freak (But I Can't Help Myself)
I've Just Begun To Love You
Do Me Right
Something To Remember
Here I Am
Love In The Fast Lane
Check It Out
Don't Waste My Time
Tell Me (Do You Want My Love)
Your Piece Of The Rock
Man In Love

The Best of Klymaxx
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BUY The Best of Klymaxx CD from the US BUY The Best of Klymaxx CD from Europe
The Men All Pause
Meeting In The Ladies Room
I Miss You
Lock And Key
Man Size Love
I'd Still Say Yes
Divas Need Love To
Good Love
Private Party

Dance with You: The Best of Carrie Lucas
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BUY Dance with You: The Best of Carrie Lucas CD from the US BUY Dance with You: The Best of Carrie Lucas CD from Europe
Disc 1:
Dance With You
I Gotta Keep Dancin'
Play by Your Rule
I Gotta Get Away from Your Love
I'll Close Love's Door
What's the Question
Street Corner Symphony
Tic Toc
Depths of My Soul
Edge of Night
Are You Dancing?
I'm Gonna Make You Happy
Southern Star
Just a Memory - feat. The Whispers

Disc 2:
It's Not What You Got (It's How You Use It)
Career Girl
Use It or Lose It
Show Me Where You're Coming From
Is It a Dream?
Rockin' for Your Love
I Just Can't Do Without Your Love
Summer in the Street
Still in Love
Hello Stranger - feat. The Whispers
Goin' in Circles

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Dick Griffey today As with all stories, they sooner or later come to an end and sadly, the same goes for SOLAR.
Dick and the label had a hard time making the transition from their successful formula of uplifting dance music into the harder and darker rap and hip-hop scene that started to dominate the US in the late 80's. They were still successful and in the late 80's Babyface scored hits like "It's No Crime" for the label, but slowly they phased out the dance music and moved into Rap & Hip-Hop. But the hits didn't strike as frequently as they had used to.
Even if Dick Griffey's empire wasn't as strong as it used to be, he kept running things from his SOLAR building at 1635 North Cahuenga Boulevard, right between Hollywood Blvd and West Sunset Blvd, and just a few blocks from the legendary Capitol Records Tower. The building included office space and his Galaxy Sound Studio where most of his acts had recorded their hits.
SOLAR building, now Edmonds Tower Dick Griffey had been introduced to Death Row Records owners Suge Knight and Dr. Dre by music promoter Wes Crockett. He now saw a good opportunity to further enter the Hip-Hop scene and offered Knight & Dre an office in the SOLAR building and he also let them use the recording studio. From that point on, many of the Dr. Dre productions deals also went through Dick Griffey. So he was still highly involved in the music business and even though the official label credits might read something else, he usually got the SOLAR name featured in the releases.
SOLAR's last hit was the theme song of the 1992 movie Deep Cover, featuring Laurence Fishburne and Jeff Goldblum, the song was "Deep Cover" but is also known as "187". This was Dr. Dre's first solo single and it also introduced debuting Gangsta rapper-to-be - Snoop Doggy Dogg.
It seems SOLAR managed to hang on in to celebrate its 20 years, but then the SOLAR story was over and the label folded bringing a two decade era of universal hit music to an end.
The SOLAR building is still there and it's actually called the Edmonds Tower these days, named after and owned by one of Dick's proteges, Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds.

SOLAR 20th Anniversary

Even though SOLAR as a label doesn't exist anymore, their music is still alive through sampling, compilations and Greatest Hits CD's.
SOLAR referred to their deed as a 'Galaxy of Stars', and when looking at the acts that have passed through the SOLAR roster, one realizes how true that is... Shalamar, Whispers and so on, we have enjoyed them all!
I doubt Dick and Don really understood what an impact their Soul Train label would have on the music business, when later on they evolved into SOLAR and became one of the most important labels of the Disco era.
Thank heaven for SOLAR...


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The SOLAR Records Catalog
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Matrix #ArtistTitleYear
Soul Train
CARRIE LUCAS"I Gotta Keep Dancin'"1977
YD-11311CARRIE LUCAS"Street Corner Symphony"1978
YD-11354SHALAMAR"Take That To The Bank"1978
YD-11382LAKESIDE"It's All The Way Live"1978
YD-11483CARRIE LUCAS"Dance With You"1979
YD-11540DYNASTY"Your Piece Of The Rock"1979
YD-11591WHISPERS"Can't Do Without Love"1979
YD-11693DYNASTY"I Don't Want To Be A Freak (But I Can't Help Myself)"1979
YD-11733SHALAMAR"The Second Time Around"1979
YD-11745LAKESIDE"Pull My Strings" / "Visions Of My Mind"1978
YD-11895WHISPERS"And The Beat Goes On" / "Can You Do The Boogie"1979
YD-11904MIDNIGHT STAR"Make It Last" / "Follow The Path"1980
YD-11930SHALAMAR"Right In The Socket"1979
YD-11932LAKESIDE"From 9:00 Until" / "All In My Mind"1979
YD-12015CARRIE LUCAS"Keep Smilin'" / "I'm Gonna Make You Happy"1979
YD-12027DYNASTY"I've Just Begun To Love You"1980
YD-12036MIDNIGHT STAR"You're The Star" / "Two In Love"1980
YD-12051SHALAMAR"I Owe You One" / "The Right Time For Us"1980
JD-12052WHISPERS"Out The Box" / "Welcome Into My Dream"1979
YD-12086CARRIE LUCAS"It's Not What You Got (It's How You Use It)"1980
YD-12128DYNASTY"Do Me Right" / "Adventures In The Land Of Music"1980
YD-12130LAKESIDE"Fantastic Voyage"1980
YD-12144CARRIE LUCAS"Career Girl"1980
YD-12153SHALAMAR"Full Of Fire" / "Let's Find The Time For Love"1980
YD-12155WHISPERS"It's A Love Thing" / "Girl I Need You"1980
YD-12189LAKESIDE"Your Love Is On The One"1980
YD-12191CARRIE LUCAS"Fashion" / "Lovin' Is On My Mind"1980
YD-12193SHALAMAR"Make That Move" / "Pop Along Kid"1980
YD-12224KLYMAXX"Never Underestimate The Power Of A Woman"1980
YD-12233WHISPERS"I Can Make It Better"1980
YD-12299WHISPERS"This Kind Of Lovin'"1980
YD-12350LAKESIDE"We Want You (On The Floor)" / "All For You"1980
JD-13032LAKESIDE"Keep On Moving Straight Ahead"1981
YD-13034SHALAMAR"Talk To Me"1980
AS-11501KLYMAXX"Never Underestimate The Power Of A Woman"1981
AS-11504DYNASTY"Here I Am"1981
AS-11505MIDNIGHT STAR"I've Been Watching You"1981
AS-11522KLYMAXX"I Want To Love You Tonight"1981
AS-11531MIDNIGHT STAR"Tuff"1981
AS-11532LEON SYLVERS"Come Back Lover, Come Back"1981
AS-11541LAKESIDE"I want To Hold Your Hand"1981
AS-11543WHISPERS"In The Raw"1981
AS-11553SHALAMAR"A Night To Remember"1982
AS-11558COLLAGE"Money In Your Pocket" / "Special Occasion"1982
AS-11566LAKESIDE"Something About That Woman"1981
AS-11568CARRIE LUCAS"Show Me Where You're Coming From" / "Still In Love"1982
AS-11574MIDNIGHT STAR"Hot Spot" / "I Won't Let You Be Lonely"1982
AS-11575SHALAMAR"I Can Make You Feel Good"1982
ED 4904COLLAGE"Get In Touch With Me"1983
ED 4907MIDNIGHT STAR"Freak-A-Zoid"1983
ED 4911WHISPERS"Keep On Lovin' Me"1983
ED 4915SHALAMAR"Dead Giveaway" / "I Don't Wanna Be The Last To Know"1983
ED 4919LAKESIDE"Turn The Music Up" / "Alibi"1983
ED 4926COLLAGE"Young Girls"1983
ED 4929KLYMAXX"Multi-Purpose Girls"1983
ED 4933MIDNIGHT STAR"Wet My Whistle"1983
ED 4936SHALAMAR"Over And Over"1983
ED 4954MIDNIGHT STAR"No Parking (On The Dancefloor)" / "Electricity"1983
ED 4956DEELE"Just My Luck"1983
ED 4970MIDNIGHT STAR"No Parking (On The Dancefloor)" (Remix)1983
ED 4984LAKESIDE"Outrageous" / "So Let's Love"1984
ED 4993DEELE"Surrender"1983
ED 5001MIDNIGHT STAR"Night Rider"1983
ED 5009LAKESIDE"Make My Day"1984
ED 5017WHISPERS"Contagious" / "Keep Your Love Around"1984
ED 5018MIDNIGHT STAR"Operator" / "Playmates"1984
ED 5019SHALAMAR"Amnesia" / "You're The One For Me"1984
ED 5034SHALAMAR"My Girl Loves Me"1984
ED 5035MIDNIGHT STAR"Scientific Love"1984
ED 5036WHISPERS"Some Kinda Lover"1984
ED 5051DEELE"Material Thangz"1984
ED 5055WHISPERS"Don't Keep Me Waiting"1985
ED 5056MIDNIGHT STAR"Body Snatchers"1984
ED 5080DEELE"Suspicious"1985
ED 5084DEELE"Suspicious" (Remix)1985
ED 5111WHISPERS"This Christmas"1985
ED 5137MIDNIGHT STAR"Headlines"1986
ED 5156MIDNIGHT STAR"Midas Touch"1986
ED 5161MIDNIGHT STAR"Midas Touch"1986
ED 5164MIDNIGHT STAR"Midas Touch"1986
ED 5193MIDNIGHT STAR"Engine No. 9"1986
ED 5225MIDNIGHT STAR"Stay Here By Side"1986
0-66828MIDNIGHT STAR"Engine No. 9"1986
0-66836MIDNIGHT STAR"Midas Touch"1986
0-66851MIDNIGHT STAR"Headlines"1986
0-66906MIDNIGHT STAR"Body Snatchers" / "Curious"1986
0-66909DEELE"Material Thangz" / "Working (9 to 5)"1985
0-66913SHALAMAR"My Girl Loves Me" / "Dead Giveaway"1984
0-66930SHALAMAR"Amnesia" / "You're The One For Me"1984
0-66931MIDNIGHT STAR"Operator" / "Playmates"1984
0-66957LAKESIDE"Outrageous" / "So Let's Love"1984
0-66981DEELE"Body Talk"1983
0-66999SHALAMAR"Dead Giveaway" / "I Don't Wanna Be The Last To Know"1983
0-67919MIDNIGHT STAR"Freak-A-Zoid" / "Move Me"1983
0-67925LAKESIDE"Raid" / "The Urban Man"1983
0-67930WHISPERS"Tonight" / "Small Talkin'"1983
0-67931DYNASTY"Check It Out" / "Questions"1982
0-67966DYNASTY"Strokin'" / "A Man In Love"1982
0-67968MIDNIGHT STAR"Vicory" / "Love Is Alive"1982
0-67972CARRIE LUCAS"Men" / "I Just Can't Do Without Your Love"1982
0-67978KLYMAXX"Wild Girls" / "Can't Let Love Just Pass Me By"1982
0-67979SHALAMAR"Help Me" / "There It Is"1982
0-67980WHISPERS"Love Is Where You Find It" / "Say Yes"1982
0-67987LEON ISAAC KENNEDY"Duke Of Dukes"1982
0-69852KLYMAXX"Heartbreaker (I'm Such A Mess)" / "Don't Hide Your Love"1982
V-15433MIDNIGHT STAR"Snake In The Grass"1988
V-71151CAT MILLER"Beat My Face"1986
V-71152LAKESIDE"Relationship" / "Homewrecker"1987
V-71153WHISPERS"Rock Steady" / "Are You Going My Way"1987
V-71154DEELE"Can U-Dance" / "Dry Your Eyes"1987
V-71155SHALAMAR"Circumstantial Evidence"1987
V-71156BABYFACE"I Love You Babe"1987
V-71157MIDNIGHT STAR"Freak-A-Zoid"1987
V-71159BABYFACE"Mary Mack"1987
V-71160LAKESIDE"Still Feeling Good"1987
V-71161DYNASTY"Don't Waste My Time"1988
V-71162SHALAMAR"I Want You (To Be My Plaything)"1988
V-71163WHISPERS"No Pain, No Gain"1988
V-71164DYNASTY"Tell Me (Do You Want My Love)?"1988
V-71166MIDNIGHT STAR"Don't Rock The Boat"1988
SPRO-79316DEELE"Shoot 'Em Up Movies"1988
4Z9 68832BABYFACE"It's No Crime"1989
4Z9 6883332 PHREEZE"Flesh"1989
4Z9 74500RALPH BUTLER"I'll Take You There"1989
4Z9 74501MIDNIGHT STAR"90 Days (Same As Cash)"1989
4Z9 74502BABYFACE"Tender Lover"1989
4Z9 74503CALLOWAY"I Wanna Be Rich"1989
4Z9 74505CALLOWAY"Sir Lancelot"1989
4Z9 74506JEFFREY DANIEL"She's The Girl"1990
4Z9 74507BOBBY WOMACK"Priorities"1989
4Z9 74508LAKESIDE"Money"1990
4Z9 74509MIDNIGHT STAR"Do It (One More Time)"1990
45 74510BABYFACE"My Kinda Girl"1990
45 74512CALLOWAY"All The Way"1989
45 74517SHALAMAR"Caution: This Love Is Hot"1990
45 74521MIDNIGHT STAR"Luv-U-Up"1990
45 74526LAKESIDE"Party Patrol"1990
45 74537DIAN D"Groove With Me" / "Got'Em Hooked"1991
45 74538TIMES 3"Best Of My Love"1991
45 74552PARADISE"Down With My Nigga"1992
ZAS 2155WHISPERS"Give It To Me"1990
ZAS 2212SHALAMAR"Wake Up"1990
ZAS 4009SHALAMAR"Come Together"1990
ZAS 4273BABYFACE"Mary Mack"1986
ZAS 4426CALLOWAY"Let's Get Smooth"1992
ZAS 4436TIMES 3"Time To Get Loose" / "Typical Relationship"1991
ZAS 45213RD AVENUE"I've Gotta Have It"1992
ZAS 4627EMMAGE"Why You Frontin' On Me"1992
4447DA HOODSTAS"Slow Down"1994
4457JOHNNY J"Get Away From Me"1994
4478A.M. DRE'"Don't Pimp Slap Her Bro"1993
4480LOUD!"Feel Da Buzz"1994
4493A.M. DRE'"You Get's None"1994
4497LIL DUKE"Atlanta Style"1994
4515JOHNNY J"Puttin' Dat On Ehh Thang I Luv"1994
Soul Train
SOUL TRAIN GANG"Soul Train '75'"1975
Soul Train
FC 0947
Soul Train
CARRIE LUCAS"I Gotta Keep Dancin'" / "What's The Question"1977
FC 0996
Soul Train
WHISPERS"Make It With You"1977
Soul Train
SHALAMAR"Uptown Festival"1977
Soul Train
CARRIE LUCAS"I Gotta Keep Dancin'" / "What's The Question"1977
Soul Train
SOUL TRAIN GANG"My Cherie Amour"1977
Soul Train
WHISPERS"Make It With You"1977
WOLF"Why Do You Do Me"1982
WOLF"Papa Was A Rollin' Stone"1982
CARRIE LUCAS"Summer In The Street"1984
KLYMAXX"Meeting In The Ladies Room"1985
KLYMAXX"I Miss You"1985
CARRIE LUCAS"Going In Circles"1984
COLLAGE"Winners And Losers"1985
KLYMAXX"I'd Still Say Yes"1987
MCA 6041
CARRIE LUCAS"Summer In The Street"1984
KLYMAXX"The Men All Pause"1984
MCA 23537
CARRIE LUCAS"Charlie"1985
MCA 23539
KLYMAXX"Meeting In The Ladies Room"1985
MCA 23558
COLLAGE"Romeo Where's Juliet?"1985
MCA 23587
KLYMAXX"I Miss You"1985
MCA 23589
CARRIE LUCAS"Hello Stranger"1985
CARRIE LUCAS"Hello Stranger"1984
KLYMAXX"Lock And Key"1984
MCA 23725
KLYMAXX"I'd Still Say Yes"1987
KLYMAXX"Divas Need Love Too"1987

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