A Decade of Saturday Nights

press release february 1 ,2005

DISCO-DISCO.COM is proud to have a report of the opening night festivities of DISCO: A DECADE OF SATURDAY NIGHTS which opened last night (Jan. 31) in NYC at Lincoln Center.
Reported by our man of the streets and Disco legend - Barry Lederer.

This Exhibition brings the worldwide 70's phenomenon to NYC from Feb. 1 through May 14 2005.
Organized by Seattle's Experience Music Project, this exhuberant exhitition mixes more than 200 rare artifacts, scores of video presentations, a wealth of music and an interactive DJ booth into a palpable exploration of the Disco era and its cultural repercussions.

This is the first major exhibition to explore the historical content and continuing influence of the rich, complex world of Disco as it affected the musical and social fabric of America and the World.

This exhibition as said, has more than 200 displays from the Disco era as well as a dozen video monitors showing a percussive stream of vintage images, classic film and television footage and filmed interviews with Disco pioneers, listening stations and kiosks holding a wealth of songs from "Soul Makossa" to the Ethel Merman Disco LP and an interactive DJ booth at which visitors may create their own dance mixes.
Among the dazzling array of historical materials are the drums Earl Young used to lay down the signature Four-On-The-Floor Disco beat, examples of sound equipment that gave birth to the Disco mix, and a collection of the Disco innovation - the 12 inch single.
There are stage costumes worn by Donna Summer, Nile Rodgers, Patti LaBelle ad the Bee Gees.

The collection continues with album covers, posters, club souvenirs and photographs of the dancers and DJ's who were the true Stars of the era.
There is memorabilia from many of the regional Disco venues in the U.S., a letter from Barbra Streisand to DJ Nicky Siano, an exact replica of the 'Moon and Spoon' sign that was lowers from the roof at Studio 54.
There is sample evidence of the selling of Disco from a Sear's Disco Pool record player to Wolfman Jack's Disco party flying disc, as well as artifacts of the 'Disco Sucks' reaction to Discos pervasiveness, which culminated in the burning of 10,000 Disco records at Chicago's Comiskey Park in 1979.

Attendance include Tom Moulton, David Mancuso, Mel Cheren (WestEnd Rec's), Tom Silverman, Vince Aletti, Paul Casella, Jackie McCloy, Earl Young and a host of DJ's from the era that we all love.

Following the exhibit, there was a party held at Club Spirit with DJ Nicky Siano spinning classic tunes.


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