What do you think? IS there any Disco music today?
I would say YES to that question... and this is why:

First is all the sampling that's going on these days. Almost every artist uses a small snippet/sample of a old Disco or Funk song today. I've been into this subject before, but I really think this is important to keep Disco music alive.
And as famous UK DJ, Artist and Remixer Joey Negro said in the BBC Radio 1 show Disco's Revenge regarding the sampling of Chicago's old Disco tune "Street player"; "Kenny Dope of Masters At Work sampled the beginning section and used it for his Bucketheads record "the Bomb". And what's interessting about it now is I often play the Chicago when I DJ and it always gets massive chears 'cause people knows it so well from the Bucketheads record. Though I can remember playing it before the Bucketheads came out and they entering the floor so it just show the familiarity of the track beeing sampled can actually make people interested in the original record which I think is definatly a healthy thing..."
I can't do nothing else than agree with Joey. The sampling really helps getting people interested in the originals as well. Even artists like George Michael, who really can write great songs himself, used a little snippet of the classic "Forget me nots" by Patrice Rushen in his "Fastlove". This really made a stirr on the second hand record market for the Patrice original.

Secondly it's all cover versions of old Disco songs that's released constantly. They are way too many to mention but right now you can hear for example Ace of Base doin' their version of the classic Bananarama gem, "Cruel summer".
All this cover versions really helps keeping Disco music on the scene. I think most of this bands and artists that plays what we call today Dance music, actually plays Disco music! But since Disco was a ugly word for about one decade, and even a little longer, the Dance music of today is just called different other names. But... I just reasently got a mail from another Disco fan who told me this story of a girl he had met who was playing in a band... "Oh", my friend said, "What kind of music do you play?" and the girl replied without a blink "Disco!". It's soo nice to see that times changes, 'cause just a couple of years back she would probably had replied with something else...

Third and last is the Disco House music that has been coming and started just a few years ago. This Disco House music seems to be coming mostly from the UK and France, but this is really Disco music of today. It sounds and breath Disco but is using todays technology (and often samples).
Look out for this... 'Cause I think this can become quite hot within time. A great example of a guy making great Disco House music is Joey Negro as mentioned above. His remixes and own records is as close to "original" Disco as one can get and is a great example of that fact that there is Disco music today! Check it out...
'Till next month...

Take care and Disco-on,