Good Times, but...
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Author:  Ayfer [ Fri May 10, 2013 1:33 am ]
Post subject:  Good Times, but...

Why are there so many -- and I mean, SO MANY -- advertisements for a reunion posted here? I thought I'd get to read more than one person's promotional agenda here.

"I Remember What You Like."
The "Time Warp" screams
"Let Me Go,"
"Dancing in the Shadow of Love"
"Underwater" "Dirty Talk" pulls me in.

The "Emotional Disguise" is torn
and the Funhouse mirrors have shattered
Yet the "Games People Play" continue
Like a song with a predictable hook.

I've been to the "Hills of Kathmandu"
and rolled in "Disco Circus" rings
Chasing a "Mirage," I found a "Powerline"
And thank God for everything.

Good times... it's a nice place to re-visit... now can we read something other than a promo?


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