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 Post subject: Capitol Records
 Post Posted: Tue May 12, 2009 11:53 pm 
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Capitol Records:
I am not crazy! All the numbers you see above were taken from the actual records. Capitol records has long had a reputation for doing erratic things. The numbering system and it's releases make no sense :shock: ...just enjoy the info!

Label Number Year Title Artist
SPRO-8382 1976 Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel- Tavares
SPRO-8389 1976 Pretty Maid/Hey Hey Big John- Pretty Maid Company
SPRO-8445 1976 Soul-Full Summer (Sampler)- Various Artists
SPRO-8480 1976 It's A Long Way There- Little River Band
SPRO-8492 1976 Hot Line- The Sylvers
SPRO-8500 1976 Don't Take Away The Music- Tavares
SPRO-8572 1976 I'll Always Call Your Name- Little River Band
SPRO-8586 1977 Catch The Wind- Sammy Hager
SPRO-8588 1977 Boogie Bopper- Sun
SPRO-8637 1977 Trans-Europe Express- Kraftwerk
SPRO-8673 1977 Funk It Up (David's Song)- Sweet
SPRO-8717 1977 Love Magnet/Sky Islands- Freda Payne/Caldera
SPRO-8782 1978 The Ghost Of Love/Workin' Together- Tavares/Maze
SPRO-8784 1978 Say You Will/Dance Let's Shake It- Eddie Henderson/Sun
SPRO-8809 1978 Hoops- Jimmy Miller
SPRO-8821 1978 Boogie Oogie Oogie/Bring On The Love- A Taste Of Honey/Gloria Jones
SPRO-8853 1978 Timber/Sun Is Here- Tavares/Sun
SPRO-8863 1978 Disco-Tech- Carole King
SPRO-8881 1978 Ooh Child/Shake Your Body- Charles Jackson/Gary Bartz
SPRO-8894 1978 Skinnydippin'- Cheryl Ladd
SPRO-8922 1978 Happy Days Are Here Again- Freda Payne
SPRO-8942 1978 Haven't Stopped Dancing Yet- (Original) Gonzalez
SPRO-8945 1978 Blue Light Microphone/Sun Of A Gun- Gloria Jones/Sun
SPRO-8964 1978 One Last Kiss (Short)- J. Geils Band
SPRO-8983 1978 Prance On- Eddie Henderson
SPRO-8984 1978 Haven't Stopped Dancing Yet- (Remix) Gonzalez
SPRO-8990 1978 I'm Catching Hell (Living Here Alone)- Natalie Cole
SPRO-8994 1978 Disco Dancin'/Sky High- A Taste Of Honey
SPRO-9007 1978 Our Love Is Insane- (Original) Desmond Child & Rouge
SPRO-9008 1976 True Fine Love- Steve Miller Band
SPRO-9022 1983 Invisible Hands- Kim Carnes
SPRO-9025 1978 Bad Case Of Lovin' You- Moon Martin
SPRO-9026 1980 Stuck Up- Kwick
SPRO-9027 1979 Torero- Al Martino
SPRO-9033 1983 The Politics Of Dancing- Re-Flex
SPRO-9049 1978 Billboard"-Disco Sampler Vol.-1 Various Artists
SPRO-9050 1978 Billboard"-Disco Sampler Vol.-2 Various Artists
**Above 2 Items In A Special D.J. Package**
SPRO-9059 1979 Come Dancing- No Dice
SPRO-9080 1978 Waterfall/Late Again- Triumvirat
SPRO-9083 1983 Praying To The Beat- Re-Flex
SPRO-9087 1979 Straight From The Heart- Tavares
SPRO-9094 1979 Precious Love- Bob Welch
SPRO-9096 1979 Missing You- Cheryl Ladd
SPRO-9103 1979 4-Track Sampler From "Touch The Sky"- Carole King
SPRO-9117 1979 Make Love to Me- Helen Reddy
SPRO-9119 1979 When You're In Love With A Beautiful Woman- Dr. Hook
SPRO-9120 1983 Hurt- Re-Flex
SPRO-9122 1983 Hurt- Re-Flex
SPRO-9127 1983 Hurt- Re-Flex
SPRO-9133 1978 Wild Man- J. Geils Band
SPRO-9135 1979 We All Need Love- Troiano
SPRO-9141 1984 4-Track Sampler From "Private Dancer"- Tina Turner
SPRO-9150 1979 Timin'- Maze
SPRO-9151 1979 Do It Good- A Taste Of Honey
SPRO-9154 1979 Walkin' In The Streets- Gambler
SPRO-9155 1984 Such A Shame- Talk Talk
SPRO-9159 1979 Hot Fun In The Summertime-Dayton
SPRO-9181 1979 This Is Hot- Pamala Stanley
SPRO-9189 1984 Boogie Oogie Oogie- (Remix) A Taste Of Honey
SPRO-9196 1984 What's Love Got To Do With It- (Remix) Tina Turner
SPRO-9199 1979 My Sharona- The Knack
SPRO-9201 1979 Rolene- Moon Martin
SPRO-9218 1979 I'm Gonna Get Your Love- Charles Jackson
SPRO-9219 1979 Red Hot- Freda Payne
SPRO-9228 1979 I Can't Live Without Your Love- Delores Hall
SPRO-9230 1984 Strut- Sheena Easton
SPRO-9232 1979 Race- A Taste Of Honey
SPRO-9233 1979 Pure Fire- Sun
SPRO-9236 1979 Walk Right In- Breathless
SPRO-9252 1979 We Don't Talk Anymore- Cliff Richard
SPRO-9282 1979 Bad Times- Tavares
SPRO-9288 1984 Sidewalk Talk- Jellybean (Written and Backgrounds By Madonna)
SPRO-9289 1980 In The 80's/TV Guide- Graham Nash
SPRO-9312 1984 Sugar Walls- Sheena Easton
SPRO-9321 1984 Turn Your Back On Me- Kaja
SPRO-9333 1980 Back In Stride- Maze
SPRO-9334 1979 This Time/Say Hello- Cherie & Marie Currie
SPRO-9335 1985 Read My Lips- Melba Moore
SPRO-9342 1979 Sexy Eyes- Dr. Hook
SPRO-9359 1979 Point Of View (Squeeze A Little Lovin')- Matumbi
SPRO-9372 1985 Walking On Sunshine- Katrina & The Waves
SPRO-9381 1985 Read My Lips (Remix)- Melba Moore
SPRO-9382 1980 Take What You Find- Helen Reddy
SPRO-9391 1985 A View To A Kill- Duran Duran
SPRO-9395 1980 Love Stinks- J. Geils Band
SPRO-9412 1980 Dog Star- Klaatu
SPRO-9425 1985 We Don't Need Another Hero (Thunderdome)- Tina Turner
SPRO-9432 1980 Rescue Me- A Taste Of Honey
SPRO-9446 1985 When You Love Me Like This (Remix)- Melba Moore featuring Lillo Thomas
SPRO-9449 1980 Southern Girl- Maze featuring Frankie Beverly
SPRO-9453 1980 If You Ever Need Somebody- Charles Veal
SPRO-9500 1980 Champagne & Cocaine- Randy Hansen
SPRO-9526 1980 I'm Talkin' 'Bout You- A Taste Of Honey
SPRO-9530 1980 Quest- Sun
SPRO-9533 1985 Slave To The Rhythm- Grace Jones
SPRO-9538 1980 I Want To Dance With You- Kwick
SPRO-9572 1980 Sukiyaki- (7" Fan Shaped Disc) A Taste Of Honey
SPRO-9588 1986 Jimmy Mack- Sheena Easton
SPRO-9600 1985 Toys- Robin Gibb
SPRO-9638 1981 The Stroke- Billy Squier
SPRO-9643 1982 We Can't Miss- Dayton
SPRO-9644 1981 I Love You More- Rene & Angela
SPRO-9645 1981 On The Beat- The B.B. & Q. Band
SPRO-9676 1981 Nightlife- Kwick
SPRO-9678 1981 Take My Love- Melba Moore
SPRO-9694 1981 Loveline- Tavares
SPRO-9713 1986 Who's Leaving Who- Anne Murray
SPRO-9724 1981 River Blindness/Flame Thrower- The J. Geils Band
SPRO-9726 1981 Let's Stand Together/Take My Love- Melba Moore
SPRO-9728 1986 Hey Good Lookin'- George Clinton
SPRO-9731 1981 The Gigolo- O'Bryan
SPRO-9732 1981 Shake Till Your Body Break- Kwick
SPRO-9736 1981 Don't Come Crying To Me- Linda Clifford
SPRO-9753 1986 Old Friend/Screaming At The Moon- Phyllis Hyman
SPRO-9776 1986 Love The One I'm With (A Lot Of Love)- Melba Moore featuring Kashif
SPRO-9779 1982 Airwaves- Thomas Dolby
SPRO-9786 1986 About Last Night" (Dance Compilation)- Sheena Easton-John Oates-Del-Lords
SPRO-9821 1982 Voyeur- Kim Carnes
SPRO-9845 1982 Voyeur- (Remix) Kim Carnes
SPRO-9852 1982 All Night Long (She's Got The Moves I Like)- B.B. & Q. Band
SPRO-9854 1982 Do You Wanna Huh?- Donna Washington
SPRO-9856 1982 Are You Getting Enough Happiness- Hot Chocolate
SPRO-9876 1982 She Blinded Me With Science- Thomas Dolby
SPRO-9910 1986 Living All Alone- Phyllis Hyman
SPRO-9923 1982 Always Something There To Remind Me- Naked Eyes
SPRO-9965 1986 Zero In July- Focus
SPRO-9981 1986 Crush- Grace Jones
7800 1979 This Is Hot/Only You Can Reach Me- Pamala Stanley
8501 1977 Sweet Lucy/Time Is On My Side Raul De Souza/Maze featuring Frankie Beverly
8502 1977 Showroom Dummies- Kraftwerk
8503 1977 Bring On The Love (Why Can't We Be Friends)- Gloria Jones
8504 1978 Disco Fairyland/Rock Me Baby- Kitty & The Haywoods
8505 1978 Never Had A Love Like This- Tavares
8506 1979 Our Love Is Insane (Remix)- Desmond Child & Rouge
8507 1979 Boogie Oogie Oogie/Disco Dancin'- A Taste Of Honey
8508 1979 Haven't Stopped Dancing Yet (Remix)- Gonzalez
8509 1978 I'll Do Anything For You- Freda Payne
8510 1979 Radiation Level- Sun
8513 1979 Trans-Europe Express- Kraftwerk
8514 1979 Snapshot- Delores Hall
8515 1979 When Your In Love With A Beautiful Woman- Dr. Hook
8516 1979 Life, Love & Harmony- Nancy Wilson
8517 1979 Make Love To Me- Helen Reddy
8518 1979 We All Need Love- Troiano
8519 1979 Do It In The Dark- Shobizz
8521 1979 People's Party- Gonzalez
8522 1979 When I Was A Little Girl- Gloria Jones
8523 1979 Body Party- Gaye Evers & Nitelite
8526 1978 The Model/Neon Lights- Kraftwerk
8531 1982 Don't Come Crying To Me- Linda Clifford
8535 1982 Imagination- B.B. & Q. Band
8537 1982 Abracadabra- The Steve Miller Band
8543 1982 Mind Up Tonight- Melba Moore
8547 1982 Underlove- Melba Moore
8548 1983 Bangin' On The Boogie- Rene & Angela
8563 1983 Keep It Hot- B.B. & Q. Band
8568 1983 Soul Train's A Comin' (Party Down)- O'Bryan
8569 1983 Keepin' My Lover Satisfied Melba Moore
8572 1983 Nubian Nut- George Clinton
8574 1983 The Politics Of Dancing- Re-Flex
8575 1984 Radio Ga-Ga- Queen
8579 1983 Let's Stay Together- Tina Turner
8583 1984 Lovelite- O'Bryan
8586 1983 Love Me Right- Melba Moore
8588 1983 Hurt- Re-Flex
8590 1984 I Want To Break Free- Queen
8597 1984 What's Love Got To Do With It- Tina Turner
8600 1984 Love's Got A Hold On Me- Lillo Thomas
8605 1984 Breakin' Together- O'Bryan
8609 1984 Better Be Good To Me- Tina Turner
8612 1984 Solid- Ashford & Simpson
8633 1984 Outta The World- Ashford & Simpson
8635 1984 Show Some Respect- Tina Turner
8647 1985 When You Love Me Like This- Melba Moore
8650 1985 You Are My Lady- Freddie Jackson

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 Post subject: Re: Capitol Records
 Post Posted: Wed May 13, 2009 1:19 am 
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Another fab post on disco labels Dancer! 8)
Your hard work is very much appreciated. :)

It's always been 'bout the music..........

 Post subject: Re: Capitol Records
 Post Posted: Wed May 20, 2009 2:52 pm 
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One of my favourite record lables of all time and not just through the disco era either. These boys released some great soul over the years..
Thanks for the info Dancer, much appreciated!

"If It Moves Funk It"

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