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 Post subject: Elektra Records
 Post Posted: Wed Apr 08, 2009 9:57 am 
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Elektra Records!!!

Number Year Title Artist

AS-11380 1976 Menage A Trois- Bob Crewe Generation
AS-11381 1977 The Real Thing- Sergio Mendes & The New Brazil '77
AS-11382 1978 Starbooty- Roy Ayer's Ubiquity
AS-11383 1978 Just Family- Dee Dee Bridgewater
AS-11384 ***UNKNOWN***
AS-11385 ***UNKNOWN***
AS-11386 1978 Werewolves Of London- Warren Zevon
AS-11387 1978 Midnight After Dark- Roy Ayer's Ubiquity
AS-11388 1978 Heavy Metal Monster- Lenny White
AS-11389 ***UNKNOWN***
AS-11390 1978 Don't Let Go- Tony Orlando
AS-11391 ***UNKNOWN***
AS-11392 1978 Sweet Rain- Dee Dee Bridgewater
AS-11393 1978 Firecracker- Creed
AS-11394 1978 Superstar Radio Network- Jay Ferguson
AS-11395 1978 Nighttime In The Switching Yard- Warren Zevon
AS-11396 1978 All You Need Is The Music- Neil Sedaka
AS-11397 1978 Fire- Pointer Sisters
AS-11398 1978 Haunted House- Lee Oskar
AS-11399 1978 Tranquillo (Melt My Heart)- Carly Simon
AS-11400 1978 Thank You For Funkin'- Donald Byrd
AS-11401 1978 Fat Bottomed Girls- Queen
AS-11402 1978 Please Come Home For Christmas- Eagles
AS-11403 1978 Happiness- Pointer Sisters
AS-11404 1978 Hang It Up- Patrice Rushen
AS-11405 1978 All Mixed Up- Cars
AS-11406 1978 Top Tracks From "Energy"- The Pointer Sisters
AS-11407 1978 Happines (Orange-Yellow Vinyls)- The Pointer Sisters
AS-11408 1979 Why Leave Us Alone- Five Special
AS-11409 1979 Bad For Me- Dee Dee Bridgewater
AS-11410 ***UNKNOWN***
AS-11411 ***UNKNOWN***
AS-11412 1979 Tryouts For The Human Race/Beat The Clock- Sparks
AS-11413 1979 Kiss In The Dark- Pink Lady
AS-11414 ***UNKNOWN***
AS-11415 1978 We'll Be Dancin'- Chameleon
AS-11416 1979 Sign Of The Times- Terry Callier
AS-11417 1979 Ooh La La- Suzi Lane
AS-11418 ***UNKNOWN***
AS-11419 ***UNKNOWN***
AS-11420 1979 Bedtime Story/Love Me One More Night- Martinique
AS-11421 ***UNKNOWN***
AS-11422 ***UNKNOWN***
AS-11423 1979 Fantasy- Bruni Pagan
AS-11424 1979 Get Up- Chameleon
AS-11425 1979 I'll Tell You- Sergio Mendes Brazil '88
AS-11426 1979 I Was Made To Love Him- Michael White
AS-11427 1979 Roadrunner- Greg Kihn
AS-11428 ***UNKNOWN***
AS-11429 1979 Harmony- Suzi Lane
AS-11430 ***UNKNOWN***
AS-11431 1979 I Need Love- Shadow
AS-11432 1979 Peanut Butter- Twennynine & Lenny White
AS-11433 1978 Alice- Naughty Sweeties
AS-11434 ***UNKNOWN***
AS-11435 1979 Love Injection- Trussel
AS-11436 1979 Haven't You Heard- Patrice Rushen
AS-11437 1979 Tighten Up- Friendship
AS-11438 1979 Lovers- Bruni Pagan
AS-11439 1979 Do It Baby- Five Special
AS-11440 1979 I Don't Wanna Hear It- Shoes
AS-11441 ***UNKNOWN***
AS-11442 1979 Devil With A Blue Dress (Medley)- Jackson Browne & Bruce Springsteen
As-11443 1980 Take A Chance 'N' Dance- Side Effect
AS-11444 ***UNKNOWN***
AS-11445 1979 Let The Music Take Me- Patrice Rushen
AS-11446 ***UNKNOWN***
AS-11447 ***UNKNOWN***
AS-11448 1980 Slipstream/Survivor- Allan Clarke
AS-11449 1980 Jam (Let's Take It To The Streets)- Five Special
AS-11450 ***UNKNOWN***
AS-11451 1979 Givin' It Up Is Givin' Up- Patrice Rushen & D.J. Rogers
AS-11452 ***UNKNOWN***
AS-11453 1980 I Love It- Trussel
AS-11454 ***UNKNOWN***
AS-11455 ***UNKNOWN***
AS-11456 ***UNKNOWN***
AS-11457 ***UNKNOWN***
AS-11458 ***UNKNOWN***
AS-11459 1980 He's So Shy- The Pointer Sisters
AS-11460 1980 Better Things- Sylvia St. James
AS-11461 1980 Another One Bites The Dust- Queen
AS-11462 1980 Kid Stuff- Lenny White
AS-11463 ***UNKNOWN***
AS-11464 1980 Just Holdin' On- Ernie Watts
AS-11465 1980 Magnificent Madness- John Klemmer
AS-11466 ***UNKNOWN***
AS-11467 1980 Hot City- Shadow
AS-11468 1980 Could I Be Dreaming- The Pointer Sisters
AS-11469 1980 Look Up- Patrice Rushen
AS-11470 1980 Let It Flow (For D.J.)- Grover Washington Jr.
AS-11471 1980 I Can't Stop Hurting Myself- Greg Kihn
AS-11472 1980 Deja Vu- Stanley Turrentine
AS-11473 ***UNKNOWN***
AS-11474 ***UNKNOWN***
AS-11475 ***UNKNOWN***
AS-11476 1980 Be Yourself- Debra Laws
AS-11477 1980 Hold On Hold Out- Jackson Browne
AS-11478 1980 Fancy Dancer- Twennynine & Lenny White
AS-11479 ***UNKNOWN***
AS-11480 1980 Baby Don't Stop Me- Leon Ware
AS-11481 1980 Flash's Theme- Queen
AS-11482 ***UNKNOWN***
AS-11483 Just The Two Of Us- Grover Washington Jr. & Bill Withers
AS-11484 1981 Love Attack- Mighty Fire
AS-11485 1980 Make You Mine- Side Effect
AS-11486 1980 Never Gonna Give You Up- Patrice Rushen
AS-11487 ***UNKNOWN***
AS-11488 ***UNKNOWN***
AS-11489 ***UNKNOWN***
AS-11490 1980 Winelight- Grover Washington Jr.
AS-11491 ***UNKNOWN***
AS-11492 ***UNKNOWN***
AS-11493 ***UNKNOWN***
AS-11494 ***UNKNOWN***
AS-11495 ***UNKNOWN***
AS-11496 ***UNKNOWN***
AS-11497 ***UNKNOWN***
AS-11498 ***UNKNOWN***
AS-11499 ***UNKNOWN***
AS-11500 1981 Havin Fun With Mr. T.- Stanley Turrentine
AS-11501 ***UNKNOWN***
AS-11502 ***UNKNOWN***
AS-11503 ***UNKNOWN***
AS-11504 ***UNKNOWN***
AS-11505 ***UNKNOWN***
AS-11506 ***UNKNOWN***
AS-11507 1981 Don't You Want My Lovin'- Wanda Walden
AS-11508 ***UNKNOWN***
AS-11509 1981 Slow Hand The Pointer Sisters
AS-11510 ***UNKNOWN***
AS-11511 ***UNKNOWN***
AS-11512 1981 Love Has Come Around- Donald Byrd & 125th St. N.Y.C.
AS-11513 ***UNKNOWN***
AS-11514 ***UNKNOWN***
AS-11515 1981 Countdown (Captain Fingers)- Lee Ritenour
AS-11516 ***UNKNOWN***
AS-11517 ***UNKNOWN***
AS-11518 ***UNKNOWN***
AS-11519 ***UNKNOWN***
AS-11520 ***UNKNOWN***
AS-11521 ***UNKNOWN***
AS-11522 ***UNKNOWN***
AS-11523 ***UNKNOWN***
AS-11524 ***UNKNOWN***
AS-11525 ***UNKNOWN***
AS-11526 ***UNKNOWN***

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 Post subject: Re: Elektra Records
 Post Posted: Thu Apr 09, 2009 9:34 am 
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"Ooh, La, La"

Another great label and another great list of fantastic tracks...
Trussel, Patrice Rushen, Queen, Pointer Sisters, Roy Ayers... the list just goes on and on...


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