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 Post subject: A & M Records
 Post Posted: Sun Mar 15, 2009 8:05 pm 
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A & M Records:

Label Number Year Title Artist

AM-8339 1976 I Go To Rio- Peter Allen
AM-8379 1976 Get The Funk Out Ma Face- Brothers Johnson
AM-8397 1976 I Want You- Gato Barbieri
AM-8438 1977 African Summer- Herb Alpert
AM-8440 1977 Was Dog A Doughnut?- Cat Stevens
AM-8442 1977 (Every Time I Turn Around) Back In Love Again- L.T.D.
AM-8448 1977 Feels So Good- Chuck Mangione
AM-8458 1977 Sunrise- Gato Barbieri
AM-8459 1977 Keith Don't Go (Ode To The Glimmer Twins)- Nils Lofgren

SP-12001 1976 Funk De Mambo (Dance To The Music)- Karma
SP-12002 1977 Whatcha Gonna Do?- Pablo Cruise
SP-12003 1977 Strawberry Letter 23- (Red Vinyl) Brothers Johnson
SP-12004 1977 (Every Time I Turn Around) Back In Love Again- L.T.D.
SP-12005 1978 Disco Dancin'- Billy Preston
SP-12006 1978 Honk Honk Beep Beep- Badazz
SP-12007 1978 ***Unknown***
SP-12008 1978 Paranoid- (White Vinyl 10" single) The Dickies
SP-12009 1978 A Little Lovin' (Keeps The Doctor Away)- The Raes
SP-12010 1978 ***Unknown***
SP-12011 1978 Ain't We Funkin' Now- Brothers Johnson
SP-12012 1978 Livin' It Up (Friday Night)- Bell & James
SP-12013 1978 Can You Read My Mind (Love Theme From "Superman")- Krypton
SP-12014 1978 Let Me Take You Dancing- Bryan Adams
SP-12015 1978 (Hooked On) Young Stuff- Nino Tempo & 5th Ave. Sax
SP-12016 1979 Don's Place- The Hollywood Disco Jazz Band featuring The Waters
SP-12017 1979 I Only Wanna Get Up And Dance- The Raes
SP-12018 1979 Dancin' Johnson- Bill Saluga
SP-12019 1979 Double Or Nothing- Lani Hall
SP-12020 1979 ***Unknown***
SP-12021 1979 Whatcha' Gonna Do About It- Rozalin Woods
SP-12022 1979 Rise- (Clear Vinyl) Herb Alpert
SP-12023 1979 ***Unknown***
SP-12024 1979 There's No Business Like Show Business- Ethel Merman
SP-12025 1979 Don't Turn Around- The Raes
SP-12026 1979 Kissin' Power- Atlantic Starr
SP-12027 1979 Don't Wish Too Hard- Peter Allen
SP-12028 1979 ***Unknown***
SP-12029 1979 ***Unknown***
SP-12030 1979 ***Unknown***
SP-12031 1979 Fever- Little Nell
SP-12032 1979 Rotation- (Clear Vinyl) Herb Alpert
SP-12033 1980 Overnight Sensation- Jerry Knight
SP-12034 1980 Beyond- Herb Alpert
SP-12035 1980 ***Unknown***
SP-12036 1980 Tighten Up- Yellow Magic Orchestra
SP-12037 1980 ***Unknown***
SP-12038 1981 On The Rocks- Dennis Brown
SP-12039 1981 1000 Knives- Yellow Magic Orchestra
SP-12040 1981 Razzamatazz- Quincy Jones featuring Patti Austin
SP-12041 1981 (Si Si) Je Suis Un Rock Star- Bill Wyman
SP-12042 1981 ***Unknown***
SP-12043 1981 ***Unknown***
SP-12044 1981 Glad To Know You- Chas Jankel
SP-12045 1981 Don't You Want Me- The Human League
SP-12046 1981 Don't Stop Your Love- Booker T.
SP-12047 1981 109- Chas Jankel
SP-12048 1981 So Fine- Howard Johnson
SP-12049 1981 Hard Times/Love Action (I Believe In Love)- The Human League
SP-12050 1982 Nova Heart- Spoons
SP-12051 1982 ***Unknown***
SP-12052 1982 Wot- Captain Sensible
SP-12053 1982 Der Kommissar (The Commissioner)- Falco
SP-12054 1982 ***Unknown***
SP-12055 1982 Try My Loving- Kiddo
SP-12056 1982 She's Got To Be A Dancer- Jerry Knight
SP-12057 1982 ***Unknown***
SP-12058 1983 Cool As Ice- 52nd Street
SP-12059 1983 Say You Do- Janet Jackson
SP-12060 1983 ***Unknown***
SP-12061 1983 ***Unknown***
SP-12062 1983 ***Unknown***
SP-12063 1983 ***Unknown***
SP-12064 1983 ***Unknown***
SP-12065 1983 ***Unknown***
SP-12066 1983 ***Unknown***
SP-12067 1983 ***Unknown***
SP-12068 1983 ***Unknown***
SP-12069 1983 ***Unknown***
SP-12070 1983 Motor Song- Randyandy
SP-12071 1983 Rock The Beat- Chill Town
SP-12072 1983 ***Unknown***
SP-12073 1983 I've Got Mine- UB 40
SP-12074 1983 Vamos A La Playa- Righeira
SP-12075 1983 Without You- Chas Jankel
SP-12076 1983 Run, Run, Run- Hunters & Collectors
SP-12077 1983 Pressure Sway- Machinations
SP-12078 1983 Red Hot- (Red Vinyl) Herb Alpert
SP-12079 1983 Touch The Radio Dance- Language
SP-12080 1983 Stay With Me Tonight- Jeffrey Osborne
SP-12081 1983 Once Bitten- Annabel Lamb
SP-12082 1983 Let's Take Time Out- Howard Johnson
SP-12083 1983 Give Me Your Love- Active Force
SP-12084 1983 ***Unknown***
SP-12085 1983 ***Unknown***
SP-12086 1983 ***Unknown***
SP-12087 1983 ***Unknown***
SP-12088 1983 ***Unknown***
SP-12089 1983 Plane Love- Jeffrey Osborne
SP-12090 1983 ***Unknown***
SP-12091 1983 ***Unknown***
SP-12092 1983 Let This Dream Be Real- Howard Johnson
SP-12093 1983 ***Unknown***
SP-12094 1983 ***Unknown***
SP-12095 1983 ***Unknown***
SP-12096 1983 ***Unknown***
SP-12097 1983 ***Unknown***
SP-12098 1983 ***Unknown***
SP-12099 194 10-9-8-7- Armand Duchien
SP-12100 1984 ***Unknown***
SP-12101 1984 Lebanon- The Human League
SP-12102 1984 You Keep Me Coming Back- The Brothers Johnson
SP-12103 1984 ***Unknown***
SP-12104 1984 ***Unknown***
SP-12105 1984 Don't Stand Another Chance- Janet Jackson
SP-12106 1984 ***Unknown***
SP-12107 1984 ***Unknown***
SP-12108 1984 ***Unknown***
SP-12109 1984 ***Unknown***
SP-12110 1984 ***Unknown***
SP-12111 1984 ***Unknown***
SP-12112 1984 ***Unknown***
SP-12113 1984 ***Unknown***
SP-12114 1984 ***Unknown***
SP-12115 1984 Fast Girls- Janet Jackson
SP-12116 1984 The Borderlines- Jeffrey Osborne
SP-12117 1984 ***Unknown***
SP-12118 1984 ***Unknown***
SP-12119 1984 Two Thousand And Ten- Andy Summers
SP-12120 1984 Tesla Girls- Orchestral Manoevres In The Dark
SP-12121 1985 ***Unknown***
SP-12122 1985 Be Your Man- Jesse Johnson's Revue
SP-12123 1985 ***Unknown***
SP-12124 1985 ***Unknown***
SP-12125 1985 ***Unknown***
SP-12126 1985 ***Unknown***
SP-12127 1985 ***Unknown***
SP-12128 1985 ***Unknown***
SP-12129 1985 ***Unknown***
SP-12130 1985 ***Unknown***
SP-12131 1985 ***Unknown***
SP-12132 1985 If You Love Somebody Set Them Free- Sting
SP-12133 1985 ***Unknown***
SP-12134 1985 Cool, Calm, Collected- Atlantic Starr
SP-12135 1985 ***Unknown***
SP-12136 1985 ***Unknown***
SP-12137 1985 ***Unknown***
SP-12138 1985 ***Unknown***
SP-12139 1985 ***Unknown***
SP-12140 1985 ***Unknown***
SP-12141 1985 Good-Bye Bad Times-Phillip Oakey & Giorgio Moroder
SP-12142 1985 ***Unknown***
SP-12143 1985 ***Unknown***
SP-12144 1985 I Want My Girl/Fast Girl's- Jesse Johnson's Revue
SP-12145 1985 ***Unknown***
SP-12146 1985 Fall Down (Spirit Of Love)- Tramaine
SP-12147 1985 You Look Marvelous- Billy Crystal
SP-12148 1985 Silver Shadow- Atlantic Starr
SP-12149 1985 ***Unknown***
SP-12150 1985 ***Unknown***
SP-12151 1985 ***Unknown***
SP-12152 1985 ***Unknown***
SP-12153 1985 Love Is The Seventh Wave- Sting
SP-12154 1985 ***Unknown***
SP-12155 1985 ***Unknown***
SP-12156 1985 ***Unknown***
SP-12157 1985 ***Unknown***
SP-12158 1985 Hold On (For Love's Sake)- Joyce Kennedy
SP-12159 1985 ***Unknown***
SP-12160 1985 ***Unknown***
SP-12161 1985 ***Unknown***
SP-12162 1985 ***Unknown***
SP-12163 1985 ***Unknown***
SP-12164 1985 ***Unknown***
SP-12165 1985 ***Unknown***
SP-12166 1985 Olympia- Sergio Mendes
SP-12167 1986 What Have You Done For Me Lately- Janet Jackson
SP-12168 1986 ***Unknown***
SP-12169 1986 You Should Be Mine (The Woo Woo Song)- Jeffrey Osborne
SP-12170 1986 ***Unknown***
SP-12171 1986 ***Unknown***
SP-12172 1986 ***Unknown***
SP-12173 1986 Thinking About You- Ta Mara & The Seen
SP-12174 1986 Thieves Like Us- New Order
SP-12175 1986 Say It, Say It- E.G. Daily
SP-12176 1986 ***Unknown***
SP-12177 1986 ***Unknown***
SP-12178 1986 Nasty- Janet Jackson
SP-12179 1986 ***Unknown***
SP-12180 1986 ***Unknown***
SP-12181 1986 Set Fire To Me- Willie Colon
SP-12182 1986 ***Unknown***
SP-12183 1986 ***Unknown***
SP-12184 1986 ***Unknown***
SP-12185 1986 ***Unknown***
SP-12186 1986 ***Unknown***
SP-12187 1986 Love In The Shadows- E.G. Daily
SP-12188 1986 ***Unknown***
SP-12189 1986 ***Unknown***
SP-12190 1986 Soweto- Jeffrey Osborne
SP-12191 1986 ***Unknown***
SP-12192 1986 ***Unknown***
SP-12193 1986 When I Think Of You- Janet Jackson
SP-12194 1986 ***Unknown***
SP-12195 1986 ***Unknown***
SP-12196 1986 Nasty (Cool Summer Mix)- Janet Jackson
SP-12197 1986 Human- Human League
SP-12198 1986 ***Unknown***
SP-12199 1986 Room With A View- Jeffrey Osborne
SP-12200 1986 ***Unknown***
SP-12201 1986 ***Unknown***
SP-12202 1986 Live And Die- Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark
SP-12203 1986 ***Unknown***
SP-12204 1986 ***Unknown***
SP-12205 1986 ***Unknown***
SP-12206 1987 Once Bitten, Twice Shy- Vesta Williams
SP-12207 1987 ***Unknown***
SP-12208 1987 ***Unknown***
SP-12209 1987 Control- Janet Jackson
SP-12210 1987 ***Unknown***
SP-12211 1987 ***Unknown***
SP-12212 1987 ***Unknown***
SP-12213 1987 I Need Your Loving- The Human League
SP-12214 1987 Crazay- Jesse Johnson featuring Sly Stone
SP-12215 1987 ***Unknown***
SP-12216 1987 ***Unknown***
SP-12217 1987 ***Unknown***
SP-12218 1987 Control (Video Mix)- Janet Jackson
SP-12219 1987 ***Unknown***
SP-12220 1987 ***Unknown***
SP-12221 1987 Something About You- Vesta Williams
SP-12222 1987 ***Unknown***
SP-12223 1987 ***Unknown***
SP-12224 1987 ***Unknown***
SP-12225 1987 ***Unknown***
SP-12226 1987 ***Unknown***
SP-12227 1987 ***Unknown***
SP-12228 1987 ***Unknown***
SP-12229 1987 Don't Blow A Good Thing- Vesta Williams
SP-12230 1987 The Pleasure Principle- Janet Jackson
SP-12231 1987 Diamonds- Herb Alpert featuring Janet Jackson & Lisa Keith
SP-12232 1987 ***Unknown***
SP-12233 1987 ***Unknown***
SP-12234 1987 ***Unknown***
SP-12235 1987 ***Unknown***
SP-12236 1987 ***Unknown***
SP-12237 1987 Sho' You Right- Barry White
SP-12238 1987 ***Unknown***
SP-12239 1987 ***Unknown***
SP-12240 1987 ***Unknown***
SP-12241 1987 ***Unknown***
SP-12242 1987 ***Unknown***
SP-12243 1987 ***Unknown***
SP-12244 1987 ***Unknown***
SP-12245 1987 ***Unknown***
SP-12246 1987 Mind Over Matter- E.G. Daily
SP-12247 1987 Making Love In The Rain- Herb Alpert featuring Lisa Keith
SP-12248 1987 ***Unknown***
SP-12249 1987 ***Unknown***
SP-12250 1987 ***Unknown***
SP-12251 1987 We'll Be Together- Sting
SP-12252 1987 ***Unknown***
SP-12253 1987 ***Unknown***
SP-12254 1987 I'm Beggin' You- Supertramp
SP-12255 1987 ***Unknown***
SP-12256 1988 ***Unknown***
SP-12257 1988 ***Unknown***
SP-12258 1988 Dreaming- Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark
SP-12259 1988 ***Unknown***
SP-12260 1988 ***Unknown***
SP-12261 1988 ***Unknown***
SP-12262 1988 ***Unknown***
SP-12263 1988 ***Unknown***
SP-12264 1988 For Your Love (I'll Do Most Anything)- Barry White
SP-12265 1988 ***Unknown***
SP-12266 1988 ***Unknown***
SP-12267 1988 ***Unknown***
SP-12268 1988 Speed Of Light- Reimy
SP-12269 1988 Blueberry Gossip- Ta Mara & The Seen
SP-12270 1988 ***Unknown***
SP-12271 1988 Gravity- Brenda Russell
SP-12272 1988 Secret- Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark
SP-12273 1988 ***Unknown***
SP-12274 1988 Another Lover- Giant Steps
SP-12275 1988 ***Unknown***
SP-12276 1988 ***Unknown***
SP-12277 1988 I'll Bet She's Got A Boyfriend- Shanice Wilson
SP-12278 1988 ***Unknown***
SP-12279 1988 ***Unknown***
SP-12280 1988 She's On The Left- Jeffrey Osborne
SP-12281 1988 ***Unknown***
SP-12282 1988 Don't Walk Away- Toni Childs
SP-12283 1988 ***Unknown***
SP-12284 1988 ***Unknown***
SP-12285 1988 Brides Of Frankenstein- Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark
SP-12286 1988 Into You- Giant Steps
SP-12287 1988 ***Unknown***
SP-12288 1988 Put A Little Love In Your Heart- Annie Lennox & Al Green
SP-12289 1988 Red Red Wine- UB 40
SP-12290 1988 ***Unknown***
SP-12291 1988 Breakfast In Bed- UB 40 & Chrissie Hynde
SP-12292 1988 ***Unknown***
SP-12293 1989 4 U- Vesta
SP 12296 1989 Don't Tell Me Lies- Breathe
SP-12294 1989 ***Unknown***
SP-12295 1989 ***Unknown***
SP-12296 1989 Don't Tell Me Lies- Breathe
SP-12297 1989 Downtown- One 2 Many
SP-12298 1989 ***Unknown***
SP-12299 1989 ***Unknown***
SP-12300 1989 ***Unknown***
SP-12301 1989 ***Unknown***

SP-12700 1979 Do-Re-Me-For-Soul (Use It Before You Lose It)- Richard Evans
SP-12701 1979 ***Unknown***
SP-12702 1979 Computer Game (Theme From "The Circus")- Yellow Magic Orchestra
SP-17000 1978 Foreplay #-5- Various Artists
SP-17009 1978 A&M Major Electives- Various Artists
SP-17010 1978 Starlight- Cory Wells
SP-17011 1978 Radio Sampler- Head East
SP-17016 1978 Honk Honk Beep Beep- Badazz
SP-17018 1978 Foreplay #-7- Various Artists
SP-17019 1978 Stuff Like That- Quincy Jones
SP-17021 1977 Grand Illusion- Styx
SP-17022 1978 Sampler- Hugh Masekela & Herb Alpert
SP-17023 1978 Radio Special- Garland Jeffreys
SP-17024 1977 Love Stop- Airwaves
SP-17025 1978 Foreplay #-8- Various Artists
SP-17026 1978 R&B Hit Kit #-3- Various Artists
SP-17027 1978 Poinciana (Song Of The Tree)- Gato Barbieri
SP-17028 1978 Sampler #-2- Chuck Mangione
SP-17029 1978 Caleb's Song- Steve Cash/John Dillon
SP-17031 1978 Stand Up- Atlantic Starr
SP-17032 1978 Foreplay #-9- Various Artists
SP-17036 1978 Foreplay #-10- Various Artists
SP-17037 1978 Latin Lady- Gato Barbieri
SP-17038 1978 Horizon Music Sampler- Various Artists
SP-17039 1978 Carpenter's Christmas Album (Promo)- Carpenters
SP-17040 1978 Foreplay #-11- Various Artists
SP-17041 1978 Foreplay #-12- Various Artists
SP-17042 1978 Just The Way You Are- Les McCann
SP-17045 1978 Togetherness (Radio Special)- L.T.D.
SP-17048 1978 Foreplay #-13- Various Artists
SP-17049 1978 Blam! (Radio Special)- Brothers Johnson
SP-17050 1978 Don't Want To Live Without It- Pablo Cruise
SP-17051 1978 R&B Hit Kit #-4- Various Artists
SP-17053 1978 Styx (Radio Special)- Styx
SP-17054 1978 Brother To Brother (Radio Special)- Gino Vanelli
SP-17058 1978 Livin' It Up (Friday Night)- Bell & James
SP-17059 1979 Foreplay #-14- Various Artists
SP-17060 1978 I Go To Rio- Pablo Cruise
SP-17061 1979 Horizon Music Sampler #-2- Various Artists
SP-17068 1979 Prime Time- The Tubes
SP-17069 1979 I Only Wanna Get Up And Dance- The Raes
SP-17070 1979 Foreplay #-15- Various Artists
SP-17071 1979 Foreplay #-16- Various Artists
SP-17072 1979 Don't Wish Too Hard- Peter Allen
SP-17077 1979 Warriors (Soundtrack Sampler)- Various Artists
SP-17078 1979 Foreplay #-18- Various Artists
SP-17079 1979 (Let's) Rock 'N' Roll- Atlantic Starr
SP-17080 1979 Run For Your Life (4-track Sampler)- Tarney Spencer Band
SP-17081 1979 Don't Wish Too Hard/(Same)- Peter Allen
SP-17082 1979 Echoes In My Mind- Mandrill
SP-17083 1979 Horizon Music Sampler #-3- Various Artists
SP-17084 1979 Dancin' Is Makin' Love- Gap Mangione
SP-17086 1979 Dance 'N' Sing 'N'- L.T.D.
SP-17088 1979 Foreplay #-20- Various Artists
SP-17089 1979 Foreplay #-21- Various Artists
SP-17090 1979 New York Lady- Burt Bacharach
SP-17091 1979 Foreplay #-22- Various Artists
SP-17092 1979 Horizon Music Sampler #-4- Various Artists
SP-17093 1979 Charge It- Tim Curry
SP-17094 1979 Foreplay #-23- Various Artists
SP-17096 1979 Foreplay #-24- Various Artists
SP-17098 1979 Disco Therapy- Dr. John
SP-17100 1979 Peter Frampton (Radio Special)- Peter Frampton
SP-17102 1979 Foreplay #-26- Various Artists
SP-17103 1979 I Do The Rock- Tim Curry
SP-17104 1979 Shakedown- Bell & James
SP-17105 1979 I Want You Tonight- Pablo Cruise
SP-17107 1979 Foreplay #-27- Various Artists
SP-17108 1979 Flashback- Rozalin Woods
SP-17109 1979 Foreplay #-28- Various Artists
SP-17110 1980 Foreplay #-29- Various Artists
SP-17111 1980 Stomp!- The Brothers Johnson
SP-17112 1980 Foreplay #-30- Various Artists
SP-17113 1980 Foreplay #-31- Various Artists
SP-17117 1980 Live At The Rainbow Music Hall- 38. Special
SP-17119 1980 Light Up The Night- The Brothers Johnson
SP-17020 1980 Foreplay #-33- Various Artists
SP-17122 1979 Message In A Bottle- The Police
SP-17123 1980 Foreplay #-34- Various Artists
SP-17124 1980 Foreplay #-35- Various Artists
SP-17125 1980 Foreplay #-36- Various Artists
SP-17127 1980 Kamali- Herb Alpert
SP-17128 1980 Foreplay #-37- Various Artists
SP-17129 1980 Behind The Mask- Yellow Magic Orchestra
SP-17131 1980 What Cha Doin'- Seawind
SP-17132 1980 Foreplay #-38- Various Artists
SP-17133 1980 Bi-Coastal (Short)- Peter Allen
SP-17136 1980 Tighten Up- Yellow Magic Orchestra
SP-17137 1980 Voices Inside My Head- The Police
SP-17142 1980 Ai No Corrida- Chas Jankel
SP-17145 1980 Foul Play- Dennis Brown
SP-17153 1981 On The Rocks- Dennis Brown
SP-17163 1981 Magic Man- Herb Alpert
SP-17164 1981 Am I Honest With Myself Really?/Lenta Latina- Chas Jankel
SP-17168 1981 Think About That- Atlantic Starr
SP-17170 1981 Dancin' Free- The Brothers Johnson
SP-17172 1981 Time To Think- Rockie Robbins
SP-17179 1981 One Hundred Ways- Quincy Jones featuring James Ingram
SP-17184 1981 Don't You Want Me- The Human League
SP-17187 1982 Circles- Atlantic Circle
SP-17188 1981 Don't Stop Your Love- Booker T.
SP-17190 1981 Special Delivery- Alvin Fields
SP-17191 1981 Caught Up In You-.38 Special
SP-17194 1982 I Really Don't Need No Light- Jeffrey Osborne
SP-17205 1982 Red Hot Stuff- Magic Lady
SP-17207 1982 Young Love- Janet Jackson
SP-17216 1982 I Burn For You- The Police
SP-17224 1983 Mr. Roboto- Styx
SP-17225 1983 Call Me Up- 8th Day
SP-17226 1983 Never Gonna Let You Go- Sergio Mendes vocals: Joe Pizzulo & Leza Miller
SP-17241 1983 Don't You Get So Mad- Jefrrey Osborne
SP-17255 1983 The Dance- Ray Manzarek featuring Phillip Glass
SP-17261 1984 People- Randyandy
SP-17267 1984 Waterfront/Up On The Catwalk- Simple Minds
SP-17298 1984 Don't Stop- Jeffrey Osborne
SP-17304 1985 Don't You Forget About Me- Simple Minds
SP-17333 1985 I Got You Babe- UB 40 with Chrissie Hynde
SP-17416 1986 The Lady In Red- Chris De Burgh
SP-17475 1987 Diamonds (Cool Summer Mixes)- Herb Alpert featuring Janet Jackson & Lisa Keith
SP-17610 1988 Standing In The Doorway- Soul Asylum
SP-17683 1988 The Love You Take- Dan Hartman & Denise Lopez
SP-17699 1988 All Because Of You- Jeffrey Osborne
SP-17721 1988 Le Restaurant- Brenda Russell
SP-17925 1989 Miss You Much- Janet Jackson
SP-18021 1989 Alright- Janet Jackson

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 Post subject: Re: A & M Records
 Post Posted: Sun Mar 15, 2009 10:06 pm 
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This is brilliant for a reference points...
Thanks ver much for the info Giorgio, very valuable

"If It Moves Funk It"

 Post subject: Re: A & M Records
 Post Posted: Sun Mar 15, 2009 11:29 pm 
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Thanks Michael :D The next days I'll post some more 12inch catalogs from Warner Bros. and Columbia Records!

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