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Author:  Dancer [ Fri Mar 06, 2009 6:45 am ]
Post subject:  Polydor Records

Polydor Records:

PRO-001 1975 ***Unknown***
PRO-002 1975 Acid Queen (7" Single)- Tina Turner
PRO-003 1975 Modern Scream (6-Track Sampler)- Lily Tomlin
PRO-004 1975 ***Unknown***
PRO-005 1975 Dooley's Junkyard Dogs (7" Single)- James Brown
PRO-006 1975 Spanish Hustle- Fatback Band
PRO-007 1976 ***Unknown***
PRO-008 1976 ***Unknown***
PRO-009 1976 ***Unknown***
PRO-010 1976 Get Up Offa That Thang- James Brown
PRO-011 1976 You To Me Are Everything- Revelation
PRO-012 1976 Disco Duck- Rick Dees & His Cast Of Idiots
PRO-013 1976 Boogie Child- Bee Gees
PRO-014 1976 Sleigh Ride- Memphis Sounds Orchestra
PRO-015 1976 ***Unknown***
PRO-016 1976 Armando's Rhumba (7" Single)- Chick Corea
PRO-017 1977 Most Of All- Gloria Gaynor
PRO-018 1977 ***Unknown***
PRO-019 1977 ***Unknown***
PRO-020 1977 ***Unknown***
PRO-021 1977 NYCNYUSA- Fatback Band
PRO-022 1977 Battle Axe (4-Track Sampler)- Billion Dollar Babies
PRO-023 1977 Running Away- Roy Ayers Ubiquity
PRO-024 1977 Moonlight Lovin' (Menage A Trois)- Isaac Hayes
PRO-025 1977 One Step At A Time (Yellow Vinyl)- Joe Simon
PRO-026 1977 Oxygene (Part-4)- Jean-Michel Jarre
PRO-027 1977 Street Music (7" Single)- San Francisco Symphony
PRO-028 1977 All The Way Lover- Millie Jackson
PRO-029 1977 Selections From "Outrageous"- Various Artists
PRO-030 1977 ***Unknown***
PRO-031 1977 Shine On- Keni St. Lewis
PRO-032 1977 Mile High- Fatback Band
PRO-033 1977 Selections From "Saturday Night Fever"- Bee Gees/Yvonne Elliman
PRO-034 1977 Catavento- Dave Grusin
PRO-035 1977 On White (4-Track Sampler)- Eric Clapton
PRO-036 1977 Risky Changes/Dance Little Dreamer- Bionic Boogie
PRO-037 1978 Freaky Deaky- Roy Ayers
PRO-038 1978 If You Don't Give A Doggone About It- James Brown
PRO-039 1978 B & G Rhythm- B & G Rhythm
PRO-040 1978 Eyesight/The Spank- James Brown
PRO-041 1978 ***Unknown***
PRO-042 1978 The Mad Hatter Rhapsody- Chick Corea
PRO-043 1978 This Love Affair/You're All I Need To Get By- Gloria Gaynor
PRO-044 1978 Manhattan Skyline- Orchestra 88
PRO-045 1978 ***Unknown***
PRO-046 1978 Selections From "You Missed" (Red Vinyl)- Pat Travers
PRO-047 1978 Hot Stuff- Wayne Henderson
PRO-048 1978 Got To Have Loving- Don Ray
PRO-049 1978 Slippin' Away- Independent Movement
PRO-050 1978 Get On Up, Get On Down- Roy Ayers
PRO-051 1978 The AOR Mini-Album (Sampler)- Alicia Bridges
PRO-052 1978 ***Unknown***
PRO-053 1978 ***Unknown***
PRO-054 1978 On The Shelf- D & M (Donny & Marie Osmond)
PRO-055 1978 Shake Your Groove Thing- Peaches & Herb
PRO-056 1978 Keep The Home Fires Burnin'- Millie Jackson
PRO-057 1978 Love Vibration- Joe Simon
PRO-058 1978 Symphony Of Love- Miquel Brown
PRO-059 1978 For Goodness Sakes, Take A Look At Those Cakes- James Brown
PRO-060 1978 Steppin' To Our Disco (Mixed By Rich Kaczor)- Various Artists
PRO-061 1978 ***Unknown***
PRO-062 1978 For You- Ten C.C.
PRO-063 1978 Jungle D.J.- Kikrokos
PRO-064 1978 Equinoxe Part-5- Jean Michel Jarre
PRO-065 1978 Just The Way You Are- Isaac Hayes
PRO-066 1978 Cream (Always Rises To The Top) Mix #-2 Gregg Diamond's Bionic Boogie
PRO-067 1978 Stomp Your Feet- Ollie Baba
PRO-068 1978 (Do The) Boogie Woogie- Fatback
PRO-069 1978 Golden Dawn/Central Park- Chick Corea
PRO-070 1978 Hot New Blues Chick Corea
PRO-071 1978 Heat Of The Beat- Roy Ayers and Wayne Henderson
PRO-072 1978 Love And Desire- Arpeggio
PRO-073 1978 I Can See Him Makin' Love To You, Baby- Ray Dahrouge
PRO-074 1979 It Must Be Love- Alton McClain & Destiny
PRO-075 1978 Realization- Patrick Moraz
PRO-076 1979 Equinox- Jean-Michel Jarre
PRO-077 1978 PSI Power- Hawklords
PRO-078 1978 Mr. Clean (3-Track Sampler)- Jam
PRO-079 1979 Standing In The Rain- Don Ray
PRO-080 1979 Body Heat- Alicia Bridges
PRO-081 1979 Going Through These Changes- Joe Simon
PRO-082 1979 Nothing To Lose- U.K.
PRO-083 1979 For Your Love- Chilly
PRO-084 1979 Steppin' To Our Disco Volume Two- Various Artists
PRO-085 1979 Take A Little Bit Of My Life- Dennis Lambert
PRO-086 1979 It's Too Funky In Here- James Brown
PRO-087 1979 Steppin' Out- Ray Dahrouge
PRO-088 1979 Hot Butterfly/Fess Up To The Boogie- Gregg Diamond's Bionic Boogie
PRO-089 1979 We're The Right Combination- French Kiss
PRO-090 1979 You Burn Me Up- Robert Fripp
PRO-091 1979 Boom Boom- Pat Travers
PRO-092 1979 ***Unknown***
PRO-093 1979 Love Will Bring Us Back Together- Roy Ayers
PRO-094 1979 Panic-Save Me- French Kiss
PRO-095 1979 Crazy Love- Alton McClain & Destiny
PRO-096 1979 Rock 'N' Roll From "Underdog"- Atlanta Rhythm Section
PRO-097 1979 North Star- Robert Fripp
PRO-098 1979 Go With The Feeling- Krystal
PRO-099 1979 We Got To Hit It Off- Millie Jackson
PRO-100 1979 Star Generation- James Brown
PRO-101 1979 Rock Gems From D'Arrow- D'Arrow
PRO-102 1979 The Bitch- Olympic Runners
PRO-103 1979 Don't Let Go- Isaac Hayes
PRO-104 1979 Rest Your Love On Me- Andy Gibb & Olivia Newton-John
PRO-105 1979 Dancin' Love Affair- Wayne Henderson
PRO-106 1979 Just Take My Body- Rudy
PRO-107 1979 Mr. Big Shot- The Simon Orchestra
PRO-108 1979 I Cried For You- Brook Benton
PRO-109 1979 Lady From The Sea- Bram Tchaikowsky
PRO-110 1979 Fever- Roy Ayers
PRO-111 1979 Let Me Know I Have A Right- Gloria Gaynor
PRO-112 1979 Only Love Can Make It Right- Jet Brown
PRO-113 1979 Nice & Slow Michelle Freeman
PRO-114 1979 Quadrophenia Radio Special- The Who
PRO-115 1979 ***Unknown***
PRO-116 1979 Roller-Skatin' Mate- Peaches & Herb
PRO-117 1979 Dirty Water- Inmates
PRO-118 1979 (You) Keep On Making Me Hot- Busta Jones
PRO-119 1979 Don't Stop The Feeling- Roy Ayers
PRO-120 1979 ***Unknown***
PRO-121 1979 Back Up Against The Wall- Atlanta Rhythm Section
PRO-122 1979 Tiger, Tiger- Gregg Diamond's Bionic Boogie
PRO-123 1979 The Walk- Inmates
PRO-124 1979 Call Me (Theme From "American Gigolo")- Blondie
PRO-125 1979 Snortin' Whiskey- Pat Travers
PRO-126 1980 Under Heavy Manners (7" Single)- Robert Fripp
PRO-127 1980 Hot Butterfly- Gregg Diamond/Bionic Boogie
PRO-128 1980 ***Unknown***
PRO-129 1980 ***Unknown***
PRO-130 1980 ***Unknown***
PRO-131 1980 Just A Little Misunderstanding- Busta Jones
PRO-132 1979 I Ain't Never- Isaac Hayes
PRO-133 1980 ***Unknown***
PRO-134 1979 Funtime- Peaches & Herb
PRO-135 1980 ***Unknown***
PRO-136 1980 Let's Do It Again- Fatback
PRO-137 1980 ***Unknown***
PRO-138 1980 Live Sides (Sampler)- Benny Mardones
PRO-139 1980 If You Feel The Funk- LaToya Jackson
PRO-140 1980 ***Unknown***
PRO-141 1979 Summer Of '42- Comsat
PRO-142 1980 ***Unknown***
PRO-143 1980 ***Unknown***
PRO-144 1980 Love Fantasy- Roy Ayers
PRO-145 1980 Going Underground (7" Single)- Jam
PRO-146 1980 I Had To Say It- Millie Jackson
PRO-147 1980 ***Unknown***
PRO-148 1980 ***Unknown***
PRO-149 1980 ***Unknown***
PRO-150 1981 Inductive- Robert Fripp
PRO-151 1981 ***Uknown***
PRO-152 1981 Take It Any Way You Want It- Fatback
PRO-153 1981 ***Unknown***
PRO-154 1981 ***Unknown***
PRO-155 1981 ***Unknown***
PRO-156 1981 ***Unknown***
PRO-157 1981 ***Unknown***
PRO-158 1981 ***Unknown***
PRO-159 1981 ***Unknown***
PRO-160 1981 ***Unknown***
PRO-161 1981 Magnetic Fields Part-2- Jean Michel Jarre
PRO-162 1981 ***Unknown***
PRO-163 1981 The Friends Of Mr. Cairo/State Of Independence- Jon (Anderson) & Vangelis
PRO-164 1981 ***Unknown***
PRO-165 1981 Freeway- Peaches & Herb
PRO-166 1981 Kool Whip- Fatback
PRO-167 1981 ***Unknown***
PRO-168 1981 ***Unknown***
PRO-169 1981 Love Is More Than Making Love- Lenore O'Malley
PRO-175 1982 Hot Butterfly- Gregg Diamond's Bionic Boogie
PRO-182 1982 Jamaica- Bobby Caldwell
PRO-183 1982 Medley From "Victor/Victoria"- Julie Andrews-Lesley Anne Warren-Etc.
PRO-184 1982 On The Floor- Fatback
PRO-192 1982 Mess On Your Hands- Millie Jackson
PRO-198 1983 Life Takes A Life- Jon Butcher Axis
PRO-216 1983 Can't Shake Loose- Agnetha Faltskog
PRO-226 1983 Unconditional Love- Donna Summer
PRO-228 1983 Baby's In The Mountains- Peter Godwin
PRO-231 1983 Love Is The Law- The Suburbs
PRO-235 1983 Crumblin' Down- John Cougar Mellencamp
PRO-241 1983 Tonight- Kool & The Gang
PRO-254 1983 Play Guitar/Pink Houses (Acoustic Version)
PRO-278 1983 Straight Ahead- Kool & The Gang
PRO-287 1984 The Moment Of Truth- Survivor
PRO-323 1984 Thief Of Hearts- Melissa Manchester
PRO-335 1984 Misled (Remix & 7" Versions)- Kool & The Gang
PRO-337 1984 Obsession- Animotion
PRO-366 1984 Shout (Remixes)- Tears For Fears
PRO-421 1986 Touch And Go- Emerson, Lake & Powell
PRO-441 1986 Lay Down Your Guns- Emerson, Lake & Powell
PRO-467 1986 Goin' To The Bank- Commodores
PRO-478 1987 Stone Love- Kool & The Gang
PRO-493 1987 Back & Forth- Cameo
PRO-527 1987 Paper In Fire- John Cougar Mellencamp
PRO-584 1987 All Right Now- Pepsi & Shirlie
PRO-588 1988 Surrender- Swing Out Sister
PRO-615 1988 Remixes From "Everything;s Kool & The Gang"- Kool & The Gang
PRO-635 1988 Bad Medicine- Bon Jovi
PRO-641 1988 Solitaire- Commodores
PRO-674 1988 I Know How To Make You Love Me- Nia Peeples
PRO-735 1988 Darlin' I- Vanessa Williams
PRO-739 1989 Raindrops- Kool & The Gang
PRO-768 1989 Tied Up (Remixes)- Yello
PRO-831 1990 Talkin' With Myself (Clear Vinyl Remixes)- Electribe 101
PRO-832 1990 Talkin' With Myself (Blue Vinyl Remixes)- Electribe 101
PRO-833 1990 Talkin' With Myself (Black Vinyl Remixes)- Electribe 101
PRO-940 1991 Dream About You- D'Bora
PRO-946 1991 What Would We Do (Remix)- DSK
PRO-948 1991 Running Back To You- Vanessa Williams
PRO-953 1991 Makin' Happy- Crystal Waters
PRO-960 1991 Running Back To You (Remixes)- Vanessa Williams

PD-501 1976 Tattoo Man- Denise McCann
PD-502 1977 Running Away- Roy Ayers Ubiquity
PD-503 1978 I Love The Nightlife (Disco Round)- Alicia Bridges
PD-504 1978 Substitute/I Will Survive- Gloria Gaynor
PD-505 1978 **Unknown**
PD-506 1978 Body Heat- Alicia Bridges
PD-507 1978 Anybody Wanna Party?- Gloria Gaynor
PD-508 1979 Steppin' Out- Ray Dahrouge
PD-509 1979 **Unknown**
PD-510 1979 It's Too Funky In Here- James Brown
PD-511 1979 **Unknown**
PD-512 1979 I Will Survive (Spanish-English)- Gloria Gaynor
PD-513 1979 Can't Live Without Your Love- Tamiko Jones
PD-514 1979 Tumble Heat- Michelle Freeman
PD-515 1979 Saturday Night-Breakout- Arpeggio
PD-516 1980 Radio Action- Claudja Barry
PD-517 1981 Let's Mend What's Been Broken- Gloria Gaynor
PD-518 1981 Stay The Night/Camp Kuchi Kaiai- LaToya Jackson
PD-519 1981 **Unknown**
PD-520 1982 Starchild- Level 42
PD-521 1982 Night Train- Visage
PD-522 1982 **Unknown**
PD-523 1982 **Unknown**
PD-524 1982 Can He Find Another One- Double Discovery
PD-525 1982 Weave Your Spell- Level 42

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Author:  Discoguy [ Fri Mar 06, 2009 1:49 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Polydor Records


Another LOVELY label from the Golden era of DISCO !!!
LOADS of nice tracks in that list... :D

Thanks !
// Discoguy

Author:  Soul-Boy [ Sun Mar 08, 2009 10:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Polydor Records

Great post Giorgio...I don't know why...but I always seem to forget about how many great tracks were released by the Polydor label.....mind you!, I guess that we can all agree that Disco Duck was an exception...Lol

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