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 Post subject: Casablanca Records
 Post Posted: Wed Feb 25, 2009 5:49 pm 
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Casablanca Records was formed in 1973 and was run by Neil Bogart.
Casablanca's first big signing was Kiss. Casablanca Records became the most successful disco label when signing artists like Donna Summer, Village People, Brooklyn Dreams, Cher, and great P-Funk act Parliament.
Neil Bogart sold Casablanca to PolyGram in 1980. On May 8, 1982, Neil Bogart died of cancer. The label stopped releasing new material in 1984.
In 2004, the name was revived for a joint venture between Universal Music Group and Tommy Mottola. In a Billboard article, Mottola said that he chose the name as an homage to the original label, but that there was no direct connection between the old and new labels. Casablanca is now a part of Universal Motown Records Group.
Sublabels: Chocolate City, Earmarc Records, Oasis, Parachute Records:

Don't miss Discoguy's ==> Casablanca Records bio

NBD-100 1977 Winter Melody/Spring Affair- Donna Summer
NBD-101 1977 Love In "C" Minor- The Heart & Soul Orchestra
NBD-20102 1977 Life/I'll Go Where Your Music Takes Me- Jimmy James
NBD-20103 1977 Four Track Sampler- Parliament
NBD-20104 1977 I Feel Love/Theme From The Deep- Donna Summer
NBD-20105 1977 Je T'Aime- Donna Summer
NBD-20106 1977 ***Unknown***
NBD-20107 1977 ***Unknown***
NBD-20108 1977 ***Unknown***
NBD-20109 1977 Selected Cuts From "Once Upon A Time"- Donna Summer
NBD-20110 1977 Selected Cuts From "Once Upon A Time"- Donna Summer
NBD-20111 1978 Romeo & Juliet (Long)- Alec R. Costandinos
NBD-20112 1977 Rumour Has It/I Love You- Donna Summer
NBD-20113 1977 Flash Light- Parliament
NBD-20114 1978 Return To Casablanca Volume-1- Various Artists
NBD-20115 1978 ***Unknown***
NBD-20116 1978 After Dark- Pattie Brooks
NBD-20117 1978 With Your Love- Donna Summer
NBD-20118 1978 ***Unknown***
NBD-20119 1978 Take It To The Zoo- Sunshine
NBD-20120 1978 I Wanna Dance- Marathon
NBD-20121 1978 You're The Most Precious Thing In My Life- Love & Kisses
NBD-20122 1978 Last Dance- Donna Summer
NBD-20123 1978 Thank God It's Friday- Love & Kisses
NBD-20124 1978 Do You Want The Real Thing- D.C. LaRue
NBD-20125 1978 In-Store Sampler Of "Thank God It's Friday"- Various Artists
NBD-20126 1978 ***Unknown***
NBD-20127 1978 Radio Concert- Angel
NBD-20128 1978 A Taste Of Platinum-Sampler- Kiss
NBD-20129 1978 Disco Queen- Paul Jabara
NBD-20130 1978 Golden Tears- Sumeria
NBD-20131 1978 Return To Casablanca Volume-2- Various Artists
NBD-20132 1978 ***Unknown***
NBD-20133 1978 Got A Feeling- Patrick Juvet
NBD-20134 1978 I Love America (Blue Vinyl)- Patrick Juvet
NBD-20135 1978 Return To The Casbah Volume-3- Various Artists
NBD-20136 1978 Let Them Dance- D.C. LaRue
NBD-20137 1978 Radio Sampler- Kiss
NBD-20138 1978 Don't Stop, Get Off- The Sylvers
NBD-20139 1978 Deliverance- Space
NBD-20140 1978 Gypsy Woman- Leroy Gomez
NBD-20141 1978 Pleasure Island- Paul Jabara
NBD-20142 1978 This Is The House Where Love Died- Pattie Brooks
NBD-20143 1978 The Hunchback Of Notre Dame- Alec R. Costandinos
NBD-20144 1978 Y.M.C.A./Macho Man- Village People
NBD-20145 1978 Hallelujah 2000- Hallelujah 2000
NBD-20146 1978 Chase- Giorgio Moroder
NBD-20147 1978 Aqua Boogie- Parliament
NBD-20148 1978 MacArthur Park- Donna Summer
NBD-20149 1979 Themes From Superman- Meco
NBD-20150 1979 Take Me Home- Cher
NBD-20151 1978 Love Is The Ultimate (Medley)- Ultimate
NBD-20152 1978 They're Playing Our Song- Tony Orlando
NBD-20153 1979 Like An Eagle- Dennis Parker
NBD-20154 1979 ***Unknown***
NBD-20155 1978 In The Navy- Village People
NBD-20156 1979 My Love Is Music- Space
NBD-20157 1978 Ain't Nothing Gonna Keep Me From You- Teri DeSario
NBD-20158 1979 It's Over (2-mixes)- Alma Faye
NBD-20159 1979 Hot Stuff- Donna Summer
NBD-20160 1979 Lady Night/Swiss Kiss- Patrick Juvet
NBD-20161 1979 Ridin' High- Parlet
NBD-20162 1979 Disco Wedding/Honeymoon In Puerto Rico- Paul Jabara
NBD-20163 1979 A Sign- Bad News Travels Fast
NBD-20164 1979 Can You Feel It- Cindy & Roy
NBD-20165 1979 In The Navy/Go West- Village People
NBD-20166 1979 Go West- Village People
NBD-20167 1979 Hot STuff/Bad Girls- Donna Summer
NBD-20168 1979 Take Me Home/Hell On Wheels- Cher
NBD-20169 1979 I Was Made For Loving You- Kiss
NBD-20170 1979 Don't Fall In Love/It's Over- Alma Faye
NBD-20171 1979 Rock Your Body- Harvey Scales
NBD-20172 1979 Moondancer- Meco
NBD-20173 1979 Music Machine- Joel Diamond Experience
NBD-20174 1979 You Must Be Love- Love & Kisses
NBD-20175 1979 44 Lines (Radio Sampler)- Robin Williams
NBD-20176 1979 Dancing On Wheels- Kickin'
NBD-20177 1979 ***Unknown***
NBD-20178 1979 Save Your Love For Me- Space
NBD-20179 1979 Dancing In The Moonlight- Platypus
NBD-20180 1979 ***Unknown***
NBD-20181 1979 ***Unknown***
NBD-20182 1979 I Can't Forget You- Joey Travolta
NBD-20183 1979 Hot Jungle Drums And Voodoo Rhythm- D.C. LaRue
NBD-20184 1979 ***Unknown***
NBD-20185 1979 ***Unknown***
NBD-20186 1979 Rock It- Lipps Inc.
NBD-20187 1979 Can You Feel It (Remix)- Cindy & Roy
NBD-20188 1979 Got Tu Go Disco- Pattie Brooks
NBD-20189 1979 Hell On Wheels- Cher
NBD-20190 1979 ***Unknown***
NBD-20191 1979 Synergy- Alec Costandinos & The Synchophonic Orchestra
NBD-20192 1979 Put Your Feet To The Beat- Ritchie Family
NBD-20193 1979 Dim All The Lights- Donna Summer
NBD-20194 1979 Sleazy- Village People
NBD-20195 1979 Put Yourself In My Place- T.J.M.
NBD-20196 1979 Devil Delight- Meco
NBD-20197 1979 Reach Out For Love- J. Michael Reed
NBD-20198 1979 Straight From The Heart- Loose Change
NBD-20199 1979 Enough Is Enough (No More Tears)- Donna Summer & Barbra Streisand
NBD-20200 1979 Tall In The Saddle- Joel Diamond Experience
NBD-20201 1979 Burnin' Alive Tony Rallo & The Midnite Band
NBD-20202 1979 Love The Way You Funk- Platypus
NBD-20203 1979 Ready For The 80's- Village People
NBD-20204 1979 Love's In You/Dance, Freak, And Boogie- Nightlife Unlimited
NBD-20205 1979 Disco Symphony- Lightning
NBD-20206 1979 I Wanna Testify- Cindy & Roy
NBD-20207 1979 Funkytown- Lipps Inc.
NBD-20208 1979 Theme From The Black Hole- Meco
NBD-20209 1979 Walk The Night- Skatt Bros.
NBD-20210 1979 Street Babies- Platypus
NBD-20211 1980 That Thang Of Yours- John & Arthur Simms
NBD-20212 1980 Selected Cuts From "Foxes"- Various Artists
NBD-20213 1980 Give Me A Break- Ritchie Family
NBD-20214 1980 ***Unknown***
NBD-20215 1980 Sound Of The City/Samantha- David London
NBD-20216 1980 That Thang Of Yours- John & Arthur Simms
NBD-20217 1980 I Enjoy Ya'- 7th Wonder
NBD-20218 1980 I Get Off On It- Tony Joe White
NBD-20219 1980 No Respect"-Sampler- Rodney Dangerfield
NBD-20220 1980 Wolf Ticket- Parlet
NBD-20221 1980 Can't Stop The Music- Village People
NBD-20222 1980 Chain Reaction- Bob McGilpin
NBD-20223 1980 That Burning Love- Edmund Sylvers
NBD-20224 1980 Magic Night- Village People
NBD-20225 1980 How Long- Lipps Inc.
NBD-20226 1980 Walk Away- Donna Summer
NBD-20227 1980 Have You Heard The News- Edmund Sylvers
NBD-20228 1980 My Feet Won't Move But My Shoes Did The Boogie- People's Choice
NBD-20229 1980 So Much For L.A./Boys Can't Fake It- D.C. LaRue
NBD-20230 1980 How Long/The Gossip Song- Lipps Inc.
NBD-20231 1980 Girls Can Get It- Dr. Hook
NBD-20232 1980 Agony Of Defeat- Parliament
NBD-20233 1981 Eugene Goes To School- Crazy Joe & The Variable Speed Band
NBD-20234 1981 Doin' It To The Bone- Mantra
NBD-20235 1981 Body Language/Crush It- Parliament
NBD-20236 1981 Action- Mantra
NBD-20237 1981 ***Unknown***
NBD-20238 1981 Hold Me Down- Lipps Inc.
NBD-20239 1981 Let Me Set You Free- Four Tops
NBD-20240 1981 Designer Music- Lipps Inc.
NBD-20241 1982 Baby Wears Her Blue Jeans Tight- Dr. Hook
NBD-20242 1982 ***Unknown***
NBD-20243 1982 You're My Everything- Santa Esmeralda
NBD-20244 1982 Last Night- Stephanie Mills
NBD-20245 1982 Donnez Moi- Dusty Springfield
NBD-20246 1982 Heavyhands (Pump It Up)- Heavyhands Band & The T.M. Orchestra & Chorus
NBD-20247 1983 El Watusi/La Bamba- Rags To Riches
NBD-20248 1983 Flashdance (What A Feelin')- Irene Cara
NBD-20249 1983 Maniac- Michael Sembello

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 Post subject: Re: Casablanca Records
 Post Posted: Thu Jul 23, 2009 2:22 pm 
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My GOD, how did I miss this post?!?!
Dancer, that was awesome!!!!! It brought back memories of visiting the office during the hey day. I remember getting my acetate copy of "Take Me Home" as well as promo copies of "Bad Girls" "Hot Stuff" "Village People" and so many others. I really thank you for the flashback and your time investment in this post.

dance, the final frontier

 Post subject: Re: Casablanca Records
 Post Posted: Mon Jul 27, 2009 11:59 am 
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Another informative post Giorgio..
I can't get enough of info like this, it is a real treat!
Many thanks for all the hard work that you put into this...

"If It Moves Funk It"

 Post subject: Re: Casablanca Records
 Post Posted: Tue Aug 18, 2009 7:29 pm 
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Great Article on CASABLANCA RECORDS ... 1975-1977/

"Doin'The Doo"

 Post subject: Re: Casablanca Records
 Post Posted: Fri Aug 21, 2009 7:33 pm 
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Does anybody still have the TGIF promo pack 12 inch set from the movie???
I still have mine in mint condition.

dance, the final frontier

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