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 Post Posted: Tue Feb 24, 2009 2:44 am 
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I think there's no need for any words or infos.....

M-00001 1976 Down To Love Town/Let's Be Young Tonight- The Originals/Jermaine Jackson
M-00002 1976 Don't Leave Me This Way/Fancy Dancer- Thelma Houston/Commodores
M-00003 1976 Shake It, Shake It/Goin' Up In Smoke- Willie Hutch/Eddie Kendricks
M-00004 1977 Vitamin U/Chalk It Up- Smokey Robinson/Jerry Butler
M-00005 1977 Do It For Me/One To One- Jennifer/Syreeta
M-00006 1977 Tailgate/Born Again- 21st Creation/Eddie Kendricks
M-00007 1977 Brickhouse- Commodores
M-00008 1977 I Was Born This Way- Carl Bean
M-00009 1978 Ride A Wild Horse- Ernie Fields Jr.
M-00010 1978 I Can't Go Living Without Your Love/Your Love Is So Good For Me- Thelma Houston/Diana Ross
M-00011 1978 What You Gave Me/Free Me From My Freedom- Diana Ross/Bonnie Pointer
M-00012 1978 High On Your Love (Suite)/You & I- Rick James
M-00013 1979 Saturday Night, Sunday Morning- Thelma Houston
M-00014 1978 A Funky Space Reincarnation- Marvin Gaye
M-00015 1979 Pops, We Love You- Ross-Gaye-Wonder-Robinson
M-00016 1979 Go For It- Billy Preston & Syreeta
M-00017 1979 Just Wanna Get The Feel Of It- Bloodstone
M-00018 1979 Astro Disco- Apollo
M-00019 1979 Shoulda Gone Dancin'- High Inergy
M-00020 1979 Heaven Must Have Sent You- Bonnie Pointer
M-00021 1979 I Just Keep Thinking About You Baby- Tata Vega
M-00022 1979 Spirit Groove- Mandre
M-00023 1979 The Down Sound- Finished Touch featuring Harold Johnson
M-00024 1979 I'm A Sucker For Your Love- Teena Marie
M-00025 1979 Best Beat In Town- Switch
M-00026 1979 The Boss- Diana Ross
M-00027 1979 Get Ready- Smokey Robinson
M-00028 1979 I Just Need More Money- Shadee
M-00029 1979 Give Me Time To Say- Platinum Hook
M-00030 1979 You Have Inspired Me- Mira Waters
M-00031 1979 ***Unknown***
M-00032 1979 Roll-Her Skater- Sterling
M-00033 1979 Red Hot/Midnight Dancer- Mary Wilson
M-00034 1980 Body In Motion (Want Your Body In Motion With Mine)- Clifton Dyson
M-00035 1979 Medley Of Hits- Diana Ross & The Supremes

PR-001 1973 Save The Children- Diana Ross/Marvin Gaye (7" Single)
PR-002 1973 Seasons Greeting's From Motown- Various Artists (7" Single promo greetings from artists)
PR-003 1973 Last Time I Saw Him- Diana Ross (7" Single)
PR-004 1974 Darin 1963-1973- Bobby Darin (4-track 7" Single)
PR-005 1974 November Album Releases- Various Artists
PR-006 1975 Album Sampler January Releases- Various Artists
PR-007 1975 Caston & Majors- Caston & Majors (4-track 7" Single)
PR-008 1975 ***UNKNOWN***
PR-009 1975 Love Machine- Miracles
PR-010 1975 Just Look What You've Done- Frankie Valli
PR-011 1975 ***UNKNOWN***
PR-012 1975 Walk Away From Love- David Ruffin
PR-013 1975 This Empty Place- Stephanie Mills (7" Single)
PR-014 1976 Everybody's Got To Do Something- The Originals
PR-015 1976 Love Hangover/I Want You- Diana Ross/Marvin Gaye
PR-016 1976 ***UNKNOWN***
PR-017 1976 12 Track Sampler- David Ruffin/Libra/The Originals/Rose Banks/Motown Magic Disco Machine
PR-018 1976 It Should Have Been Me- Yvonne Fair
PR-019 1976 Funky Cocktail- Disco Stan
PR-020 1976 Down To Love Town- Originals
PR-021 1976 Full Speed Ahead- Tata Vega
PR-022 1976 July Prodigal Label Sampler- Various Artists
PR-023 1976 Down To Love Town/Full Speed Ahead- The Originals/Tata Vega
PR-024 1976 Goin' Up In Smoke- Eddie Kendricks
PR-025 1976 ***UNKNOWN***
PR-026 1976 Midnight Rhapsody- William Goldstein & The Magic Disco Machine
PR-027 1977 Got To Give It Up- Marvin Gaye
PR-028 1977 Nowhere To Run- Dynamic Superiors
PR-029 1977 Theme From "Big Time"- Smokey Robinson
PR-030 1977 Keep Trying- Mandre
PR-031 1977 Sing My Songs For You- Phillip Jarrell (4-track 7" Single)
PR-032 1977 Motown's Chewton Glen Collection- Various Artists (Fifth Dimension/21st Creation/Tata Vega/Switch)
PR-033 1977 I'm Here Again- Thelma Houston
PR-034 1978 You & I- Rick James
PR-035 1978 Sample The Magic Of Motown- Various Artists (Diana Ross/Cuba Gooding/Major Lance/Kenny Lupper)
PR-036 1978 ***UNKNOWN***
PR-037 1978 Warm Ride- Rare Earth
PR-038 1978 Motown's Magical Spring Tour!- Mandre, Rare Earth & Platinum Hook
PR-039 1978 Commodores 1978 Platinum Tour- Commodores (Pressed on both silver and black vinyl)
PR-040 1978 Good Times Theme- Prime Time
PR-041 1978 I Love To See You Dance- Finished Touch
PR-042 1978 What You Gave Me- Diana Ross
PR-043 1978 The Motown Review- Various Artists (Bonnie Pointer/Rare Earth/Thelma Houston/Smokey Robinson)
PR-044 1978 ***UNKNOWN***
PR-045 1978 Saturday Night, Sunday Morning/High On Your Love (Suite)- Thelma Houston/Rick James
PR-046 1979 A Funky Space Reincarnation- Marvin Gaye
PR-047 1979 Perfect Timing (On Valentine's Day)- Pure Magic (7" Single Vocal/Instr.)
PR-048 1979 ***UNKNOWN***
PR-049 1979 ***UNKNOWN***
PR-050 1979 ***UNKNOWN***
PR-051 1979 ***UNKNOWN***
PR-052 1979 Smokey Robinson and Patrick Gammon (4-track 12" Single Sampler)
PR-053 1979 Ride To The Rainbow/Love Machine- Thelma Houston
PR-054 1979 No One Gets The Prize-The Boss/It's My House- Diana Ross
PR-055 1979 I Call Your Name/Best Beat In Town- Switch
PR-056 1979 Still/Sail On- Commodores
PR-057 1979 Skate To The Rhythm- High Inergy
PR-058 1979 Red Hot- (Red Vinyl)- Mary Wilson
PR-059 1979 ***UNKNOWN***
PR-060 1979 Love Gun- Rick James
PR-061 1979 Sampler From "Journey Through The Secret Life Of Plants"- Stevie Wonder
PR-062 1979 ***UNKNOWN***
PR-063 1980 Strut Your Stuff/I Love Makin' Love (to The Music)- Stone City Band/High Inergy
PR-064 1979 Give It Up, Hot- Billy Preston
PR-065 1980 Only You- Quiet Storm
PR-066 1980 Let's Get Serious- Jermaine Jackson
PR-067 1980 Break It To Me Gently- Planets (7" Single)
PR-068 1980 Power/Behind The Groove- The Temptations/Teena Marie
PR-069 1980 Medley- Diana Ross & Supremes (7" Single Double A-Side)
PR-070 1980 Jesus Is Love/Mighty Spirit- Commodores
PR-071 1980 Jesus Is Love/Mighty Spirit- Commodores (7" Single)
PR-072 1980 Upside Down/Big Time- Diana Ross/Rick James
PR-073 1980 Burnin' Hot/Feelin' Free- Jermaine Jackson
PR-074 1980 I Need Your Lovin'/Make Me Yours- Teena Marie/High Inergy
PR-075 1980 I'm Coming Out/Rock & Roll Me/Shake It Lady- Diana Ross/Mira Waters/Legend
PR-076 1980 Master Blaster- Stevie Wonder
PR-077 1980 Sampler From "Hotter Than July"- Stevie Wonder
PR-078 1980 Shake It Up/You Like Me Don't You-Little Girl Don't Worry- The Dazz Band/Jermaine Jackson
PR-079 1980 ***UNKNOWN***
PR-080 1981 All Day And All Of The Night- Stone City Band
PR-081 1981 Give It To Me Baby- Rick James
PR-082 1981 Square Biz/Mighty Mighty- Teena Marie/Ozone
PR-083 1981 Super Freak- Rick James
PR-084 1981 The Artists And Music That Started It All- Various Artists (6-LP Boxed Set)
PR-085 1981 Just For You/Gigolette- Billy Preston & Syreeta/Ozone
PR-086 1981 ***UNKNOWN***
PR-087 1981 Keep On Taking Me Higher/Why You Wanna Try- Commodores
PR-088 1981 It Must Be Magic/Don't Park Your Loving- Teena Marie/High Inergy
PR-089 1981 Ghetto Life-Mr. Policeman/I Do Love You-Call On Me- Rick James/Switch
PR-090 1981 Quick Slick/Out The Box- Syreeta
PR-091 1981 I Second That Emotion- Jose Feliciano
PR-092 1982 Tell Me Tomorrow/Right In The Middle Of Falling In Love- Smokey Robinson/Betty Lavette
PR-093 1982 - Do What Cha Wanna/Keep On Dancin'/Let It Whip- Ozone/Dazz Band
PR-094 1982 Move It Do It/Can't Shake Your Love- Syreeta
PR-095 1982 Let It Whip/Keep It Live (On The K.I.L.)- Dazz Band
PR-096 1982 I Can't Stop/Standing On The Top- Bettye Lavette/Temptations with Rick James
PR-097 1982 Dance Wit' Me/Old Fashioned Love- Rick James/Smokey Robinson
PR-098 1982 Do I Do- Stevie Wonder
PR-099 1982 Front Line- Stevie Wonder
**Above 2-12's Combined In A Special Programmers Jacket**
PR-100 1982 Lil' Suzy- Ozone
PR-101 1982 Let Me Tickle Your Fancy/Hard To Get- Jermaine Jackson (With Devo)/Rick James
PR-102 1982 Stop! Don't Tease Me- DeBarge
PR-103 1982 Greatest Hits Medley/The Only Game In Town- Smokey Robinson
PR-104 1982 Lil' Suzy/Keep It Live On The K.I.L.- Ozone/Dazz Band
PR-105 1982 She's Just A Groupie- Bobby Nunn
PR-106 1982 My Love/Wandering Stranger- Lionel Richie
PR-107 1982 She Blew My Mind (69 Times)- Rick James
PR-108 1982 Very Special Part- Jermaine Jackson
PR-109 1982 Don't Mess With Bill- Monalisa Young-La Wanda Page And Other Artists
PR-110 1982 Bill Cosby Superspecial- Bill Cosby
PR-111 1982 Got to Get Up On It- Bobby Nunn
PR-112 1983 On The One For Fun- Dazz Band
PR-113 1983 He's A Pretender- High Inergy
PR-114 1983 Dancing Machine- Monalisa Young-Bobby Militello, And Other Artists
PR-115 1983 Candy Man/Sexy Sassy- Mary Jane Girls/Bobby Nunn
PR-116 1983 You Don't Want My Love- Ozone
PR-117 1983 Dirty Rats- Kagny & Dirty Rats
PR-118 1983 All Night Long- Mary Jane Girls
PR-119 1983 Surface Thrills/Skip To My Lou- Temptations/Finis Henderson
PR-120 1983 Strut My Thang/Cheek To Cheek/At 15- Ozone/Dazz Band/Kagny & Dirty Rats
PR-121 1983 The Motown Story: The First Twenty-Five Years- Various Artists (7-LP Boxed Set)
PR-122 1983 Moments Of Motown- Various Artists (15-20 Second Segments Of Hits With Narration)
PR-123 1983 Superstars Sing Motown- Various Artists
PR-124 1983 Ladies Choice- Stone City Band
PR-125 1983 Party Right Here- Dazz Band
PR-126 1983 Baby I Will- Michael Lovesmith
PR-127 1983 Private Party- Bobby Nunn
PR-128 1983 The Crown- Gary Byrd & The G.B. Experience
PR-129 1983 I Heard It Through The Grapevine/Tracks Of My Tears/I Second That Emotion-Marvin Gaye/Smokey Robinson & Miracles
PR-130 1983 Joystick- Dazz Band
PR-131 1983 Miss Busy Body (Get Your Body Busy)- Temptations
PR-132 1983 All Night Long (All Night)- Lionel Richie
PR-133 1983 U Bring The Freak Out/Boys- Rick James/Mary Jane Girls
PR-134 1983 The Battle Of The Champions- Four Tops/Temptations (9-Track Sampler)
PR-135 1983 Running With The Night- Lionel Richie
PR-136 1983 Hangin' Out At The Mall- Bobby Nunn
PR-137 1983 ***UNKNOWN***
PR-138 1983 Hellzarockin'/Killer Instinct/Good Clean Fun- Kidd Glove
PR-139 1984 Hello/All Night Long- Lionel Richie
PR-140 1984 Don't Look Any Further- Dennis Edwards & Siedah Garrett
PR-141 1984 Joystick/Swoop (I'm Yours)- Dazz Band
PR-142 1984 Little Lady- Duke Jupiter
PR-143 1984 Obscene Phone Caller- Rockwell
PR-144 1984 17- Rick James
PR-145 1984 And I Don't Love You- Smokey Robinson
PR-146 1984 Rescue Me, Little Lady- Duke Jupiter
PR-147 1984 Baby Sister- Ko-Ko-Pop
PR-148 1984 I Can't Give Her Up- Michael Lovesmith
PR-149 1984 Hit And Run Lover- Charlene
PR-150 1984 Hell is On The Run- Jakata
PR-151 1984 Motown's Summer Sizzlers- Various Artists
PR-152 1984 ***UNKNOWN***
PR-153 1984 Farewell My Summer Love/Call On Me/Motown Medley- Michael Jackson/Jackson 5
PR-154 1984 Candlelight Afternoon- Phyllis St. James
PR-155 1984 Pretty Mess- Vanity
PR-156 1984 Sugar Don't Bite- Sam Harris
PR-157 1984 Let It All Blow- Dazz Band
PR-158 1984 You Turn Me On- Rick James
PR-159 1984 Mechanical Emotion- Vanity
PR-160 1984 In My House- Mary Jane Girls
PR-161 1984 Love Light In Flight- Stevie Wonder
PR-162 1984 Hearts On Fire- Sam Harris
PR-163 1984 Treat Her Like A Lady/Let It All Blow- Temptations/Dazz Band
PR-164 1985 Heartbeat- Dazz Band
PR-165 1985 Man In The Middle- Thomas McClary
PR-166 1985 Nightshift- Commodores
PR-167 1985 Peeping Tom- Rockwell
PR-168 1985 Upset Stomach, First Time On A Ferris Wheel- Stevie Wonder-Smokey Robinson-Syretta
PR-169 1985 Seduction- Val Young
PR-170 1985 Ain't Nothing Like It- Michael Lovesmith
PR-171 1985 Brand New Beat- Ko Ko Pop
PR-172 1985 More Than You Can Handle- Lushus Daim & Pretty Vain
PR-173 1985 The Line Of Your Fire- Duke Jupiter
PR-174 1985 Skips A Beat, Sounds Like Love- Warp 9
PR-175 1986 The Motown Section, Volume 1- Various Artists (Cassette only)
PR-176 1986 The Motown Section, Volume 2- Various Artists (Cassette only)
PR-177 1986 The Motown Section, Volume 3- Various Artists (Cassette only)
PR-178 1986 The World Is Rated X- Marvin Gaye
PR-179 1986 Motown Superstar Interviews, Volume 1- Vanity and Smokey Robinson
PR-180 1986 A Fine Mess- Temptations
PR-181 1986 ***UNKNOWN***
PR-182 1986 Motown Superstar Interviews, Volume 2- Temptations and Sam Harris
PR-183 1986 Who's Johnny- El Debarge
PR-184 1986 Carme- Rockwell
PR-185 1986 Animals- Vanity
PR-186 1986 Land Of La La- Stevie Wonder
PR-187 1986 Weatherman/Casco Bay- Nick Jameson
PR-188 1986 ***UNKNOWN***
PR-189 1986 El Elaborates: Motown Superstar Interviews, Volume 3- El DeBarge
PR-190 1986 Nail It To The Wall- Stacy Lattisaw
PR-191 1986 ***UNKNOWN***
PR-192 1986 Crack Killed Applejack/Applejack's Theme- General Kane
PR-193 1986 ***UNKNOWN***
PR-194 1986 ***UNKNOWN***
PR-195 1986 A Special Motown Service To Country Radio: Your Side Of Lionel Richie- Lionel Richie
PR-196 1986 Deep River Woman/Ballerina Girl- Lionel Richie
PR-197 1986 Jump Into My Life- Stacy Lattisaw
PR-198 1987 Save The Best For Me- Bunny Debarge
PR-199 1987 Sherry/Movie Queen- Blake and Hines
PR-200 1987 Nice Girls/That's The One Who Loves You- F.G.O. (For Girls Only) [Unissued]
PR-201 1987 Million Performance Songs- Various Artists
PR-202 1987 ***UNKNOWN***
PR-203 1987 ***UNKNOWN***
PR-204 1987 Se La- Lionel Richie
PR-205 1987 Smokey Robinson Month!- Smokey Robinson (20-Track cassette-only)
PR-206 1987 The Motown Section- Various Artists (11-Track cassette-only)
PR-207 1987 ***UNKNOWN***
PR-208 1987 ***UNKNOWN***
PR-209 1987 Feels Good To Feel Good- Garry Glenn (10-Track cassette-only)
PR-210 1987 American Soul Man- Wilson Pickett (9-Track cassette-only)
PR-211 1987 Skeletons- Stevie Wonder
PR-212 1987 The Motown Section: Winter Rap Up- Various Artists (cassette-only)
PR-213 1987 Together Again- Temptations (9-Track cassette-only)
PR-214 1987 The Motown Section: Dancing With Strangers- Chris Rea (cassette-only)
PR-215 1987 ***UNKNOWN***
PR-216 1987 ***UNKNOWN***
PR-217 1987 In The Midnight Hour/Just Let Her Know- Wilson Pickett
PR-218 1987 Gonna Buy A Hat- Chris Rea
PR-219 1987 ***UNKNOWN***
PR-220 1987 Motown New Years Revolutions- Various Artists
PR-221 1988 2-9/Bedrock- Georgio
PR-222 1988 ***UNKNOWN***
PR-223 1988 Rainy Night/Desperate- Chico Debarge
PR-224 1988 Bedrock- Georgio
PR-225 1988 To Feel Good- Garry Glenn
PR-226 1988 Betcha Can't Lose (With My Love)- Magic Lady
PR-227 1988 Tired of Being Alone- Right Choice [Unissued]
PR-228 1988 Running Away/You Don't Even Know- Garry Glenn
PR-229 1988 Free Man/If You Believe In Love/My Guitar- Gregg Wright
PR-230 1988 Do You Wanna Go With Me- Temptations
PR-231 1988 Let Me Take You Down- Stacy Lattisaw
PR-232 1988 Star Spangled Banner- Marvin Gaye (7" Single)
PR-233 1988 His Eye Is On The Sparrow- Marvin Gaye (7" Single)
PR-234 1988 ***UNKNOWN***
PR-235 1988 ***UNKNOWN***
PR-236 1988 Sweeter Than Candy- Georgio
PR-237 1988 Get It/Skeletons- Stevie Wonder

3500-V1 1981 Square Biz (Remix)- Teena Marie
4500-MG 1981 Can't Shake Your Love- Syreeta
4503-MG 1982 Let It Whip- Dazz Band
4505-MG 1982 Greatest Hits Medley- Smokey Robinson
4514-MG 1983 All Night Long- Lionel Richie
4515-MG 1983 Somebody's Watching Me- Rockwell
4523-MG 1984 Sugar Don't Bite (2nd Remix)- Sam Harris
4526-MG 1984 Pretty Mess- (Picture Disc) Vanity
4527-MG 1984 Don't Drive Drunk- Stevie Wonder
4529-MG 1985 In My House- Mary Jane Girls
4531-MG 1985 Peeping Tom- Rockwell
4532-MG 1985 Rhythm Of The Night- DeBarge
4542-MG 1985 Boys Will Be Boys- Maureen Steele
4545-GG 1985 You Wear It Well- El DeBarge with DeBarge
4548-TG 1985 Part-Time Lover- Stevie Wonder
4552-GG 1985 The Heart Is Not So Smart- El Debarge with DeBarge
4553-TG 1985 Go Home- Stevie Wonder
4556-MG 1985 I'd Do It All Again- Sam Harris
4560-MG 1986 The Bells- Sam Harris
4563-MG 1986 Nail It To The Wall- Stacy Lattisaw
4564-MG 1986 Dancing On The Ceiling- Lionel Richie
4567-MG 1986 Talk To Me- Chico DeBarge
4569-MG 1986 Love Will Conquer All- Lionel Richie
4575-GG 1986 Save The Best For Me- Bunny DeBarge
4600-MG 1987 Love Don't Give No Reason- Smokey Robinson
4603-MG 1987 Bedrock- Georgio
4604-MG 1987 Get It- Stevie Wonder & Michael Jackson
4605-MG 1988 Betcha' Can't Lose With My Love- Magic Lady
4611-MG 1988 Do You Love Me? (Remixes)- The Contours
4616-MOT 1988 My Eyes Don't Cry- Stevie Wonder
4661-MOT 1990 Friends Advice (Don't Take It)- The Pointer Sisters
4670-MOT 1989 Broken Dreams- El Debarge

Originals - Down To Love Town  Jpg.jpg
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