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 Post subject: RSO Records
 Post Posted: Mon Feb 23, 2009 2:26 am 
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RSO Records was a record label, formed by rock and roll and musical theatre impresario Robert Stigwood in 1973[1]. The "RSO" stands for the Robert Stigwood Organisation. The company's main headquarters were at 67 Brook Street, in London's Mayfair. It underwent four distribution stages: first by Atlantic Records, then as an independent label, then by Polydor Records, and finally by Polygram Records.

RSO managed the careers of several superstars (Bee Gees, Yvonne Elliman, Eric Clapton, Andy Gibb, and, as a record label, released the soundtracks to Fame, Sparkle, Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi, Times Square, Grease (over 25 million copies sold worldwide), and Saturday Night Fever (over 30 million copies sold worldwide). The release of the latter two albums made RSO one of the most financially successful labels of the 1970s.
As successful as the label was financially, the independent label produced successes on the pop charts never before seen by the recording industry. By one point in 1978, the label boasted an unprecedented 6th consecutive #1 single on the Billboard (US) pop charts, holding the top spot for 21 consecutive weeks. With singles releases from the Grease album ("You're The One That I Want", and the title track) and another huge Andy Gibb smash (Shadow Dancing), RSO would log a further 10 weeks at the #1 position, giving the label a record 9 in one calendar year (it just missed a 10th, as the Bee Gees release "Too Much Heaven" was held from the top spot until January 6, 1979). This feat remains unduplicated by any record label to date.
As high as the label was flying in 1978, the disastrous commercial and critical failure of RSO's movie version of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band crippled the company. The woes of this monumental failure were only somewhat offset by the middle of 1979, as the Bee Gees album, "Spirits Having Flown", went on to eventually sell nearly 20 million copies (with the album producing three further #1 singles that each sold more than 1 million copies in their own right). By 1981 Stigwood had ended his involvement with the label, which was absorbed into Polygram a few years later.

RPO-1000 1978 Shadow Dancing/Manhattan Skyline- Andy Gibb/David Shire
RPO-1001 1978 Discomania (Beatles Medley)- Cafe Creme
RPO-1002 1978 I Can Hear Music- California
RPO-1003 1978 Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band- Bee Gees
RPO-1004 1978 Silver Lining (AOR Sampler)- Player
RPO-1005 1978 Promises/Watch Out For Lucy- Eric Clapton
RPO-1006 1978 Best Of RSO '78- (In-House 13 Track Sampler)- Various Artists
RPO-1007 1978 Makin' It- David Naughton
RPO-1008 1979 Tragedy- Bee Gees
RPO-1009 1979 Limited Backless (6-Track Sampler)- Eric Clapton
RPO-1010 1979 Bridge Over Troubled Water- Linda Clifford
RPO-1011 1979 Best Of Grease & Saturday (In-House Sampler)- Various Artists
RPO-1012 1979 Don't Give It Up- Linda Clifford
RPO-1013 1979 Love Is On The Way- Sweet Inspirations
RPO-1014 1979 Shoe Shine- Jim Capaldi
RPO-1015 1979 Electric Nights- Jim Capaldi
RPO-1016 1979 Tell Me, Tell Me- Curtis Mayfield
RPO-1017 1979 Meat The Beat- East Coast
RPO-1018 1979 Here's My Love (Sampler)- Linda Clifford
RPO-1019 1979 Love Pains- Yvonne Elliman
RPO-1020 1979 Evita (Sampler)- Festival
RPO-1021 1980 You Never Loved Me- Ava Cherry
RPO-1022 1980 ***Unknown***
RPO-1023 1980 Fame (Sampler)- Irene Cara/Linda Clifford
RPO-1024 1980 RSO House Party (Sampler)- Wesley-Clifford-Mayfield
RPO-1025 1980 Star Wars-The Empire Strikes Back (In-Store Excerpts)- Original Soundtrack (John Williams)
RPO-1026 1980 Times Square (Sampler)- Various Artists
RPO-1027 1980 Takin' Her Back- Warren Paul & Explorer
RPO-1028 1981 He's A Liar- Bee Gees
RS-853 1976 You Should Be Dancing- Bee Gees

RSS-300 1978 Makin' It- David Naughton
RSS-301 1978 The Rock- East Coast
RSS-302 1979 Stand Up-Sit Down- AKB
RSS-303 1979 ***Unknown***
RSS-304 1979 Love Is On The Way- Sweet Inspirations
RSS-305 1979 Unforgettable- Leroy Hutson
RSS-306 1979 Share My Love- D'llegance
RSS-307 1979 Shoe Shine- Jim Capaldi
RSS-308 1979 Night Dancer- Jeanne Shy

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 Post subject: Re: RSO Records
 Post Posted: Tue Feb 24, 2009 3:58 pm 
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Great to get RSO on here...
I tried some years ago to get an interview with Robert Stigwood - but I never managed to get one. So... if anyone knows him - tell him I wanna talk to him !! :D

Now - don't forget to look at all the great releases in that list !
WOW !!!

Thanks !

// Discoguy

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