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 Post subject: Full Intention / Hustlers Convention
 Post Posted: Sat Apr 18, 2009 3:21 am 
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These two boys from the Uk have been bringing disco music to a modern audience since the early 90's...I love all there body of work, have a look how prolific these boys have been speading the disco message!

Full Intention are a house music duo from England who are best known as prolific remixers, reworking songs for varied artists such as the Sugababes and Whitney Houston. Group members are Michael Gray and Jon Pearn.

They have hit the Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart three times with their own singles, first under the name Arizona feat. Zeitia with "Slide On The Rhythm", which went to number one in 1993, and with "America (I Love America)" under the Full Intention name, a number one hit from 1996. Although many of their remixes for other artists have been successful club hits, they did not return to the chart as artists until 2002, when "I'll Be Waiting" featuring Shena climbed to number three. Both members have achieved solo success with Gray releasing singles "The Weekend" and "Borderline" which were hits on both the charts and in the clubs, while Pearn has formed a side project Bodyrox.


1995 Phase One, as Hustlers Convention
2006 Connected: 10 Years of Full Intention

Mixed compilations
2002 Ministry of Sound - Defected Sessions

Full Intention
1994 "Full Length Disco Mixes"
1995 "America (I Love America)" (with Nick Clow)
1996 "The Return Of Full Intention"
1996 "Uptown Downtown" (with Nick Clow)
1996 "You Are Somebody" (with Nick Clow)
1997 "America (I Love America) '97" (with Nick Clow)
1997 "Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground)" (with Nick Clow)
1997 "Dancin' All Night/In The Streets"
1998 "Everybody Loves The Sunshine" (with Ernestine Pearce and Xavier Barnett)
2001 "Can't Get Over You" (with Kat Blu)
2001 "I'm Satisfied"
2001 "I'll Be Waiting" (with Shena McSween)
2002 "Soul Power" (with Thea Austin)
2002 "Blue EP"
2002 "I Need A House Party"
2003 "No One"
2003 "Your Day Is Coming" (with Shena McSween)
2003 "Red EP"
2003 "Green EP"
2004 "Orange EP"
2004 "It's Set To Groove"
2004 "It Hurts Me/Once In A Lifetime" (with Xavier Barnett)
2004 "Purple EP"
2005 "La Musique"
2005 "Anniversary EP"
2006 "Your Day Is Coming 2006" (with Shena McSween)
2006 "I Believe In You" (with Lee Muddy Baker)
2006 "Soul Power 2006" (with Thea Austin)
Hustlers Convention
1992 "The Groovers Delight EP"
1992 "The Uptown EP"
1993 "The Hustlers Dance EP"
1993 "Volume 4"
1993 "The Hustlers Party EP"
1994 "Just Can't Give Up"
1995 "Dance To The Music" (with Dave Laudat and Ondrea Duverney)
1996 "Final" (with Ondrea Duverney)
1998 "Disco Roots Vol. 1"
1998 "Turn It Up"
1995 "Vol. 1"
1996 "Vol. 2"
1996 "Vol. 3"
1997 "Vol. 4"
1997 "Vol. 5"
2000 "I Need A House Party/Can You Feel It"
2004 "Vol. 8"

Deep Down

1999 "Gime Me Your Love/A Definite Strangeness" (with Kat Blu)
2001 "Gime Me Your Love" (with Kat Blu)
2004 "Deep Down EP", (with Kat Blu and Anthony Moriah)
2005 "It Seems To Hang On" (with Anthony Moriah)


1990 "Give Me"
1991 "Love"
1992 "Gonna Let You Go"
1994 "Pump Up The Volume" (with Ricardo Da Force)
1996 "Release The Tension"
1997 "Pump Up The Volume '97" (with Ricardo Da Force)

Other aliases

1990 "Satisfaction", as Grade A
1993 "The Greed EP", as Groove City
1993 "Slide On The Rhythm", as Arizona (with Zeitia)
1994 "I Specialize In Love", as Arizona (with Zeitia)
1996 "So Addicted", as XXX (with Eliza)
1997 "Dancin' In Outer Space", as Disco Roots (with Andy Sojka)
1997 "I Thought It Was You", as Sex-O-Sonique
1998 "Mas Que Mancada", as Ronaldo's Revenge
1998 "Who Do You Love", as Soul Asylum
1998 "You're The One For Me", as Preluxe (with Steve Anderson and Clive Griffin)
1999 "I Need Your Love/Wired Up", as The Rule (with Ernestine Pearce)
1999 "(Do The) Spanish Hustle", as Hustle Espanol
1999 "I Need Your Love (Body Music)", as The Rule (with Ernestine Pearce)
1999 "So Bad", as Storm Life (with Ernestine Pearce)
1999 "How Do You Feel", as Met Life (with Cie)
2000 "How Long", as Essence
2000 "(Do The) Spanish Hustle (The Remixes)", as Hustle Espanol
2000 "I Don't Know If I Should Call You Baby", as Definitive (with Luciana Caporaso)
2001 "I Can Cast A Spell", as Disco Tex Presents Cloudburst (with Julian Jonah, Danny Harrison and Shena McSween)
2001 "Time After Time", as High Rise
2006 "Better Than Perfect", as Miami Ice

Production for other artists

1995 Awa Band - "Timba"
1998 Anthony Moriah - "The Reality"
2000 Anthony Moriah - "Whatcha Doing Now?"
2000 Awa Band - "Timba" (re-release)
2001 Awa Band - "Tudo Lindo"
2001 Dajae - "What Do You Want"
2001 Dina Vass - "The Love I Have For You"
2001 Aly-Us - "Follow Me"

Appear on (co-producers and other studio work)

1992 D.O.P. - "Groovy Beat"
1993 D.O.P. - "Oh Yeah"
1993 The Chameleon Project - "The Latin Alliance EP"
1994 Happy Larry's Big Orchestra - "Got The Music"
1994 Congress - "Happy Smiling Faces"
1994 Nush - "U Girls"
1995 Nush - "Move That Body"
2001 Una Mas - "I Will Follow"
2002 Soul Avengers featuring Kat Blu - "I Can't Stop"

Selected Remixes

Another Level - "Be Alone No More"
Another Level - "I Want You For Myself"
Bob Sinclar feat. Gary Pine - "Love Generation
Bon Garcon - "Freek U"
Brandy - "Full Moon"
C-64 feat. Lionel Richie - "On a Good Thing"
Christina Milian - "Dip It Low"
Deepest Blue - "Shooting Star"
Duran Duran - "Sunrise"
Emma Bunton - "Free Me"
Faithless - "Muhammad Ali"
Frankie Knuckles - "Tears"
George Michael - "Amazing"
Jamiroquai - "Cosmic Girl"
Jamiroquai - "You Give Me Something"
Jennifer Lopez - "Get Right"
Jennifer Lopez - "Love Don't Cost a Thing"
Junior Jack - "E Samba"
Lemar - "Dance (With U)"
Les Rythmes Digitales - "Jacques Your Body (Make Me Sweat)"
Milky - "Just The Way You Are"
Moony - "Dove (I'll Be Missing You)"
Roachford - "River of Love"
Sophie Ellis Bextor - "I Won't Change You"
Sugababes - "Hole in the Head"
Supafly vs. Fishbowl - "Let's Get Down"
Ultra Nate - "Found a Cure"
Ultra Nate - "Free"
Whitney Houston - "Whatchulookinat"

"If It Moves Funk It"

 Post subject: Re: Full Intention / Hustlers Convention
 Post Posted: Sat Apr 18, 2009 4:29 am 
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Oohh my God,I never knew that Full Intention has so many productions!!!!
They're been my favourite UK remixers for the 90's,perfect for my clubs and my radio mix shows 8)
I played to death "America (I Love America)","Everybody Loves The Sunshine","Gime Me Your Love","I'm Satisfied","Soul Power","It's Set To Groove","(Do The) Spanish Hustle","I Can Cast A Spell",Dina Vass - "The Love I Have For You",Nush - "U Girls" and Una Mas - "I Will Follow"
Thanks for the memories Soul-Boy!!!

 Post subject: Re: Full Intention / Hustlers Convention
 Post Posted: Mon May 18, 2009 1:11 am 
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I also had no idea that they did so much. Thank you for the education.

dance, the final frontier

 Post subject: Re: Full Intention / Hustlers Convention
 Post Posted: Wed Jan 27, 2010 6:07 pm 

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BTW Full Intention has now launched their own new record label with new original productions! Exciting

 Post subject: Re: Full Intention / Hustlers Convention
 Post Posted: Sat Jan 30, 2010 12:26 pm 
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Thanks for filling us in on this exciting information...
Do you know what their new label is called ??

// Discoguy

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