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Author:  Jussi [ Tue Aug 18, 2009 3:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Italian Disco

I love Italian disco - not as much italodisco as actual Italian Disco, like all the obscure Celso Valli 7-inchers like "Fly Away" by Little Queens, "Rasta & Fagioli" and such, the electronic stuff, the Heather Parisi-style pop sounds, the extremely cheesy yet captivating Gloria Guida things, Cicciolina/Ilona Staller's attempts at the music, the gorgeous "Encounters" by Nadia Cassini, Cassandra's Disco panther (another Celso Valli track), the Giorgio Farina-type semi-experimental freak-outs, Squallor's I Love My Disco Baby, up to the early 80's stuff like Luisa Colombo's "Maracaibo". Soundtracks, love them to death: Zombi, the various Black Emanuelle things by Nico Fidenco, what classics! The amazing Fire Night Stars disco suite by Piero Piccioni, priceless. - Even Raffaella Carra, I like her.

Author:  qawa67 [ Tue Aug 18, 2009 5:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Italian Disco

Hi Jussi :)

I'm glad to know that you have enjoy with some Italian tracks :)

but please, read this post of mine (posted before)...

qawa67 wrote:
After reading and look at some video about disco/house history, where all is born, with all the memories of peoples that have lived these times, I've understood something about the differences in the "spirit" of disco/house sounds between USA and Italy.
Somethings are visually silly, as the Italian text in the lyrics... or in the melodies... easy (very easy)... and I think there is a reason...
I think Italian peoples (we) have understood badly the "spirit" and the "soul" of disco/house music. We want dance and dance just for fun.... Disco in Italy they don't need a message... just listen for dance and smile... and this is not enough for me !!!
Is not the right feeling.... it's just fun-dance... nice tracks, but no more than this...
What I've felt from the 70's and 80's sounds (and first House) from USA, played at "Paradise Garage" and "Loft" (or Warehouse), it's a deep message behind the melody and the groove (that is more than enough for me)...
what I want to say (and I dont know if I write here the right words, but I'll try), is this....
Songs like "Let yourself go", "I will survive" and "release yourself" they give me a deep message.... directly in my soul... in my heart.... a very strong feeling.... that give me the wants to fly in my dreams... forgetting my real "life problems" ... a message of love, friendliness, peace... I imagine peoples together in a dancefloor without any difference about sex, race and country.... a big feeling of happiness (not fun) !!!
Perhaps I'm too emotive, and some of you dont bring my thought (no problems) ;)
I can't imagine how this magic feeling has been in the first USA dancefloors... I can think those days was "magic" !!!
I'm very disappointed that most of the Italian peoples dont feel this "message" when they dance... it's a very lacks of sensibility !!!
btw.. I'm here.... at home in this web site !!! :)

Author:  Jussi [ Tue Aug 25, 2009 7:49 am ]
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Well, Gawa67, what can I say except to each his own. All I personally want from music is the same sensations I want from films. I listen to Lia Velesco's "Theme from 505" and I feel just like stepping into Enzo G Castellari's "Il Cittadino Si Ribella/Street Law" - finger on the trigger, ready to live like a man and to die like a cop! But then, the track melts effortlessly into "Cerrone's Paradise" and I step out of the car, lured into a dark night club by 3 luscious-looking young ladies - deluxe call girls, mistresses of mafia hitmen or laura Gemser, Edwige Fenech and Rosalba Neri, completely naked under their figure-hugging maxi coats?! Colours flash like in a Sergio Martino giallo, until the next tune seques in - and so on into the jungle, the Arabian desert and into outer space! Dj Hell, Kraftwerk, The Moon Birds, The Rockets, Arpadys! This is the voyage I want to take dancers too in my dj sets. Come to Gothernburg Sweden on 17.10 or to Jyvaskyla Finland on 26.9, etc!

Author:  qawa67 [ Wed Aug 26, 2009 8:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Italian Disco

I dont know if I've understood correctly (due my ignorance with English Language)...

but from what I've read (and understood), you have a good spirit in your soul !!! :)

I like your vision of music !!! 8)

I've visited your website, and now I'm impressed from your sound style !!!
I'm really honored (and very interested) to listen 1 of your set !!!

Author:  pzonale [ Sun Apr 11, 2010 5:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Italian Disco


i love italo disco, too, listen to this kind of music since 1985, when i was in southern italy with my parents to visit my grandparents there.. some time ago i was reading, that italo disco in the early 1980s was a foundation for chicago house and detroit techno music, is this true?

here're some tracks i personally love:

Alexander Robotnick - Computer Sourire (1983)

'Lectric Workers - Robot Is Systematic (1982)

Baricentro - Tittle Tattle (1983)

Clio - Faces (1985)

Ris feat. Celeste - Love 'n Music (1983)

My Mine - Hypnotic Tango (1983)

The Twins - Ballet Dancer (1983)

Cyber People - Void Vision (1984)

greetings from germany

Author:  Discoguy [ Sun Apr 11, 2010 6:19 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Italian Disco

Hi Pzonale,

First - WELCOME to the Forum ! Hope you'll like it here !!
Thanks for sharing your favorite Italo Disco - always nice to hear favorites of other people...
Be around and Disco-on !

Claes "Discoguy"

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