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 Post subject: Re: Thank You Paul!
 Post Posted: Thu Aug 28, 2008 11:14 pm 
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Pete Denis wrote:
No MIAMI sound? No NEW YORK sound? No PHILLY sound? Just International music, sounds to me that your vinyl collection remains incomplete.

Pete, you crack me up. What I meant by saying the above was that we had no "disco" artists to speak of in Australia. No areas in any part of our great southern land that had a scene with funk/soul/disco artits.

You guys in the States were lucky. You had all those areas hotting up & making fabulous music. Not only that but you could also get those said artists to actually perform in your clubs. That must have been wonderful time & place. :)

As an Australian importer of dance music in the 70s we missed out on nothing. Sometimes we just had to wait a little longer to get it.

I would say that in the late 70s we were about 3 months behind the States.

By the early 80s it was about 3 weeks.

It's always been 'bout the music..........

 Post subject: Down Under
 Post Posted: Thu Aug 28, 2008 11:44 pm 
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I hope you understand that I meant that statement with kindness!
The PHILLY Sound was world wide. The NEW YORK Sound, too, was world wide. NOW, THE MIAMI SOUND??? That might have been a different story. Let me ask you, did you get a 12" on TK Records called "Don't Turn Away" by Midnite Flight? Or "Dance To The Drummer's Beat" by Herman Kelly? These are mid 70's songs. But were hits, but not HUGE selling records. With that said, "Don't Turn Away" was an instrumental song that rocked so much, NBC used it as their theme song on their football games. I am curious as to the time delay you mentioned. Because there are places in the United States that still haven't gotten some of those songs!! LOL In the 70's, a song that came out in New York would be a couple of weeks ahead of Miami. A song that came out in Miami was at times a month ahead of New York. But after 1978, everyone got the music almost immediately. I remember going to Birmingham Alabama to hire a deejay in 1979, and expecting Hillbilly music , or at best a year old music. Instead, that is where I first heard RING MY BELL. And the deejay that was mixing? He was great! HICKS? Not really. They even had A Gay club!! But I was called the N-word by those rednecks as I arrived in the airport. And I saw Rebel Flags everywhere. That afternoon there was a KKK rally. So the contradiction was amazing. In one place, modern progressive people in a Gay environment, ten feet from the front door, a klu klux klan hang out????

"Join The Dark Side"
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 Post subject: Re: Hey Paul
 Post Posted: Sat Jan 08, 2011 7:27 am 

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Jay Negron wrote:
Hey PFLEXT, very interesting story. I can relate to 90% of your history---your age (I'm 52), remixing/editing on cassette, hanging around the record store 24/7 in the beginning, even the call center job you have now (I have one just like that).
Maybe you can send Pete Denis & DJ RayJ a couple of CDs of your stuff so we can hear what's happening down under? eh?

I agree with you Jay, it is very interesting story. However, we can’t blame Pflext that call center for him is horrible job because of his schedule 9-5. Sometimes working in call center is hard because of too much facing at the computer can also cause of migraine.

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