Les Bains-Douches- Paris, France
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Author:  Pete Denis [ Mon Sep 29, 2008 4:44 am ]
Post subject:  Les Bains-Douches- Paris, France

Les Bains- Douches --- FROM KOOLCHRIS
7 rue du Bourg- l'Abb�, 75003 Paris, France

In the late '70s-throughout the '80s, this club has been a main attraction for jet-setters and stars. Many have mentioned the club or even named tracks after it, as Kid Creole, Grace Jones, etc... The policy was to maintain high cover and drink fees (for the tourists, regulars got in free) and invite big cheeses from the fashion, music, film, and model industries, as well as many models, which made the club highly desirable.

Many people wanted in, few were let in, which, added to the high concentration of stars, models, and wealthy people, made the Bains- Douches the most desirable, hard-to-get-in club in Paris. At 11:00 PM, the crowd around the entrance would pour into the street, stopping traffic. The great majority of these people would never get in.

This continued until 1995, with Marilyn at the door and Hubert Bokobza owning the club, when David Guetta, former resident DJ at Le Palace, and his wife Cathy, former waitress at the Bains- Douches (both now co-organizers of mega parties in Ibiza and London and marketers of David's Dance tracks), took over, and changed the policy to any- and everyone gets in, provided you pay a cover charge. Most of the models and regulars have now gone away, so has the magic and chic formerly associated with the name. I stopped going in 1995, and I'll always miss the feeling of belonging to a small but beautiful family.

Author:  Jussi [ Mon Oct 13, 2008 11:07 am ]
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My wife and I went to Les Bains a few times during it's late 80's heyday. Thinking about the way we were dressed makes my toes curl. Black on black is ok as such I quess but what about the massive shoulderpads on the bolero jackets and the unisex harem pants?! When we were dancing the shoulderpads would wobble from side to side but we failed to see anything ironic about any of it. Still, everybody else had the same Look, so it was nobody's fault really. The door policy was kinda strict but if you held your head high, wore pads wide enough and a lot of black you'd get in. The music was as good as it got during the era. Downstairs, it was quite a party with tracks by Les Rita Mitsouko, Kid Creole, Einsturzende Neubauten, classical flamenco, Sinitta, Grace Jones, D.A.F, Culture Club, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Gipsy Kings, Talking Heads and a lot of tropicalia. A LOT of models and celebs in the house but no snotty attitude - strange but true. One could actually see supermodel types dance wildly until they'd be all coverd with sweat, hairdos ruined etc , and yet they would just laugh and carry on. A lot of good-humoured posing, though. I remember watching how Guy Cuevas and his entourage were served artistically arranged plates of thinly sliced cucumbers. Nobody was visibly doing any drugs and the vibe was cheerful and hassle-free, just like Kid Creole sang in his hommage to Les Bains. That club is one of the rather few things I miss about the 80's, like Hong Kong heroic bloodshed movies by John Woo starring Chow-Yun Fat, obsessive exchanging and collecting of vhs tapes, Madrid and the Movida movement and Jean Michel Basquiat.

Author:  Pete Denis [ Mon Oct 13, 2008 2:12 pm ]
Post subject:  I envy you guys at times.

I envy you guys at times. The great times you must have had, the culture of Europe. The disco that remains alive and well, and The Kid! It sounds so good, I have often thought of moving there like KOOL CHRIS did. But I would miss the Caribbean culture, the hot Latina women, the weather and American Football and baseball. And the European style of cooking food is too bland for my tastes. Like it with some spice in my life, LOL.

Author:  Jussi [ Fri Nov 07, 2008 1:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: I envy you guys at times.

[quote="Pete Denis"] But I would miss the Caribbean culture, the hot Latina women, the weather and American Football and baseball. And the European style of cooking food is too bland for my tastes. Like it with some spice in my life, LOL.[/quote]
Well, check out Barcelona, the absolute greatest city in the universe. I've never met anyone who has been there and not developed an addiction for it. Style, luxury, relaxed funky vibes, cutting edge modern art, cultured tradition, pure class all around. Hot Latina women? Pete my man, sit down at the cafe on El Born square and let your eyes feast. Tasty spicy food? Of course, all European food is not as bland as it is in England, Finland or in Belgium ! American Football and baseball...? You will not miss those in that cafe on El Born Square, or anywhere else in Barcelona. There's CNN if you suddenly get the urge but I doubt it. Whatever you do, do visit Barcelona if you haven't already. You simply have no idea how gorgeous it is, especially during the summer. Hotel Casa Camper, Bar Lobo, El Born Square, the clubs in El Raval, MOCBA the Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona, the tapas bars, the xocolata, the arthouse cinemas screening films in their original language versions, the sun, the sea, the beach. That's life.

Author:  Pete Denis [ Fri Nov 07, 2008 3:57 pm ]
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BARCELONA!! The greatest City in the Universe!!---

JUSSI, you obviously never been to HOBOKEN!! LOL-

Barcelona, many have told me, is a very fantastic city. All I get stuck with is the beautiful Beaches, the 89 degree temperature of today. The sun, the fun, the naked women on South Beach. I will trade it all for Barcelona, as long as we find a Ranch House over there too!

Author:  DMSR [ Fri Nov 07, 2008 8:45 pm ]
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I just LOVE Barcelona!
Whenever i wanna go out to a REAL party, DANCE & have a REAL GOOD TIME i go there (it's 3 hours from where i live).

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