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 Post subject: DISCO roots
 Post Posted: Tue Jun 20, 2006 6:34 am 
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Although we acknowledge that disco started in the1970's, there were many events that led up to it. Here is a shortened version of some of the events which gave us a great moment in time.

These comments are paraphrases from a book as referenced at the end of this

Spring 1939 - The swing Kids were a small middle class youth movement that were dedicated to jazz and its outrageous fashion. It was a reaction to the Nazi movement, growing in Germany. A movie was made telling of their story. Unfortunately, the SS eventually closed them down.

1942-3 - La Discoteque, a basement nightclub with only 1 turntable opens in Paris

1947-8 - Paul Pacine opens the Whiskey A-Go-Go in Paris and sets this club as a forerunner for European nightlife, especially for the Jet Set.

1961 - The Twist becomes the craze the US and the Peppermint Lounge is the place to be in NYC.

Roger Earle starts DJ’ing at The Twisted Earle in Manchester and creates the foundation of Northern Soul scene which would have a big impact on Disco.

May 1965 - The trendy Arthur opens in NY. It was here that DJ Terry Noel became the first DJ to mix records (However I have heard many others claim to be the first).

1966 - The Equals version of "Hold Me Closer" and "Baby Come Back" becomes a big hit in Europe setting in motion Europop and then Eurodisco.

September 1968 - The Continental Baths opens in NYC (The rest is history).

1969 - The Church, later called the Sanctuary opens on West 43rd Street in NYC and the legendary Francis Grasso is the DJ.

1969 - Jerry Butler’s "Only The Strong Survive" is released and helps define the Philly sound that would become one of the most important components of Disco history.

1969 - The Stonewall Riots (need I say more).

1969 - The Cockettes, featuring Sylvester opens as theatre troupe in San Francisco

1970 - David Mancuso and his Loft parties begin in NYC and become a forerunner of many clubs to come.

1970 - The Ice Palace opens in Fire Island, followed by the legendary Botel and the Sandpiper in the Pines. All 3 are major forces in the disco movement.

1972-3 - Eddie Kendricks’ "Girl You need A Change Of Mind" and the Temptations' "Law Of The Land" become a prototype of Disco records

1973 - Kool Dj Herc throws his first party in the Bronx and Hip Hop is born.

1973 - Salsoul changes it name from Mexicana and becomes one of the most successful record labels

1973 - Soul Makossa enters the pop charts and after being a favorite at top NYC nightclubs.

1973 - "The Love I Lost" is released featuring the incredible drummer Earl Young whose hi-hat sound would soon define the disco beat.

1974 - Tom Moulton does his first extended remix on Don Downings’ "Dream World"

Tom, Barry Lederer, Mel Cheren and Billboard Magazine push Disco into the main stream of America and become important forerunners of the disco movement.

1974 - Love Unlimited's "Love's Theme" hits # 1 on the pop charts

1974 - "Love Is The Message" by MFSB is released and becomes Disco's "national anthem"

1974 - Wpix in NYC starts the world's first disco radio show

1974 - The legendary Flamingo opens in NY

1975 - Silver Convention's "Save Me", the calling card of Eurodisco is released

1975 - Van McCoy's "The Hustle" is released and takes over the music industry.

1975 - There are over 10,000 discos in the US alone.

1976 - Walter Gibbon's "10%" becomes the first commercially available 12"

1977 - The Warehouse opens in Chicago with Frankie Knuckles and house music is born.

1977 - Studio 54 opens (you know the rest).

1977 - Donna Summer arrives on the scene and rest is history

1977 - Saturday Night Fever is released and disco explodes worldwide.

1978 - The Paradise Garage opens with the legendary Larry Levan at the helms

1979 - Chicago Dj Steve Dahl explodes 10,000 disco records at Comiskey Park

1979 - Heaven, Europe’s most famous gay disco opens in London

1980 - The Saint opens in NYC and is considered to be one of the best discos ever.

1981 - John" Jellybean" Benitez" plays at The Funhouse bringing with him the influence of freestyle to disco music

1999 - Disco is enshrined by the US Postal Service with its own disco stamp.

*NOTE- There are probably many names of clubs, performers, labels, djs, producers and the like that are not mentioned.

You all know who they are. Anything left out is only due to the length of this article as I am not writing a book.

Please feel free to write in and voice your comment.

*** Credit for the above information goes to Peter Shaperio from which these dates were paraphrased and added to for disco history

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