Bombing badly
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Author:  Jussi [ Tue Nov 11, 2008 1:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Bombing badly

Admit it, there were times you bombed badly. We all have done it. A careless selection of sounds, not taking into consideration the theme of the night or just going on feeling rotten. Last Saturday was one of those nights for me. I’m still getting emails from people trying to console me: “nonono, you did well, it was the crowd, maybe it was not just your night…” I know I did ok for much of the night but there were moments that were just CRAP.

I arrived to the heavily promoted gay&lesbian party at midnight with my records and sensed it was going to be a bumpy ride. The warmup was playing pop house from cds and on the floor, two couples were shuffling their feet lazily. The rest of the crowd were sitting at the tables having conversations or standing at the bar, looking bored. The music was loud and the sound system very good but there was no atmosphere. The manager took me by my arm and told me I have to program stuff people could relate to. Well, the if the crowd was not relating to the ghastly MTV fodder blasting thru the speakers as we spoke I thought they were either going to be falling asleep or going to go thru the roof with excitement, as my music was naturally something quite different.

I came on trying to get them on their feet, it was what I was being there for. So, it was Communards with the DMC mix of Never Can Say Goodbye, properly spinned as opposed to just pushing the go button on the cd deck. Sure enough, there was a dribble of movement towards the floor from the bar, and by the time I slapped on the 12” of Lay All Your love On Me, breaking my rule of No Abba Ever, the floor was full. They danced extremely flegmatically though, as if it was freezing cold inside. Very little singing along, very few limp wrists in the air, no drag queens launching into choreographed Agnetha&Frida acts. After this I went into I Wanna Be Your Lover by La Bionda and I must say the difficult tempo-altering mix was smooth. And what did the crowd do, they left back for the bar and the chairs en masse, apart from c 10 young guys going mental in the front. These were the fans, screaming and twitching like being subjected to electric shocks. That ten remained there for the rest of my set, everybody else seemed not to care. I had the floor full again for Gloria Gaynor’s I Am What I Am, which I elongated with Night Force’s Get Up And Dance, mixing it in first during Gloria’s break, letting Gloria go on for the climax and then coming back full force with Night Force. When it hit some 6 minutes later that they were no longer dancing to I Am What I Am, there was again a mass exodus away from the floor. Luxuria by Sueno Latino, a couple of more people get on their feet. The ten guys raved on during Modern Rocketry: Homosexuality into Easy Going: Fear-Baby I Love You-I Strip You-Suzy Q into Androids: Love Dance into Telex: Moscow Discow. The manager says look, people do NOT like this, you MUST change the beat. So, I did the unthinkable - well, I had anticipated something like this was coming as this was a G&L party. gays and lesbians are, pardon me, the worst audiences these days. For the boyz especially, music is just another accessory, less exciting than their new D&G teeshirt. They do not want to sweat for heaven’s sake, they’d lose their pphotogenity! I thought the girls would be more receptive but no.The days when gay clubs were cutting edge are truly gone. Anyway, I almost literally threw on RICK ASTLEY. The mix I had to do to get to Never Gonna Give You Up was the pits, I just lowered the volume and let it start. Rick kicked off with no bass to add to the insult, too. Very un-professional of me. After this, I decided Enough Is Enough and had the warmup take over and give them Madonna. He did, but nobody seemed to get excited. Of course the 10 into the good stuff vanished.

Still, I had to stay until the very end. As a personal statement, I came back for the final track spinned with an ironic I Will Survive. What a night.
Anyone else care to confess anything?

Author:  Jay Negron [ Tue Nov 11, 2008 4:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Bombs Away

When in a situation like that early in the game, what works for me is:
"CLUB LONELY" Lil Louis - 12"
"SHOW ME LOVE" Robin S. - 12"

Back To Back----it NEVER fails!

Author:  Pete Denis [ Tue Nov 11, 2008 8:11 pm ]
Post subject:  1235

Jussi, btw, nice to hear from you, in the mis-80's, after much protest from partiers, Club 1235 finally brought me in to deejay. Now, this was the SHIT back then. No bigger or better club around. The crowd there did not welcome me, in fact, EVERYONE was hostile. I played my music, a few dozen were dancing, but it should have been a few hundred. After a while, I broke out DEAD or ALIVE, put "You Spin Me Round" And the place reacted well. The floor got packed, but everytime I went into the 120 BPMs I lost the floor. So I gave them hi-engy all night. It rather sucked. Not one of my favorite clubs to spin at. Huge, monstrous club, with idiots as patrons. HATED EVERY MINUTE of it. Then add to that, that I was coming down off a three day coke binge, and it really sucked! LOL

Author:  boogienights [ Wed Dec 31, 2008 11:36 pm ]
Post subject: 

That didn't sound like a fun night for you at least. Being of the young, gay variety myself I can understand your perception of "too cool" young queens and it pisses me off too. For me, the music has ALWAYS been first and foremost the reason I go out. Anything else that happens is a bonus. Needless to say none of my mates are into the tunes I like. I know from your taste in music I would love to hear a set from you Jussi. I can def seeing myself get down to Akka B Queens of Space, Vivien Vee Remember, Danny Williams Dancing Easy, Telex...thats like heaven to me!! So much of todays dance just doesnt thrill me like disco proper. I dont think it ever will..btw happy new year! :D

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