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 Post subject: pre-Disco checklist
 Post Posted: Tue Nov 04, 2008 8:34 am 
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Joined: Wed Apr 18, 2007 8:45 am
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I've been digging deep into my collection to compile those tracks that were played in clubs before Disco emerged as a genre

There's another thread on these pages that covers the 'first disco song'. That's not what I'm after, just finding good songs with a beat or a groove you can dance to, pre-Disco days...

any other suggestions?

Billy Stewart -sitting in the park
Marvin Gaye -heard it through the grapevine
Steam -nana, hey hey kiss him goodbye
Dorothy Moore -rain
Max B -banana ticoco
Wilson Pickett -don't knock my love
Sultana -rain 2000
Bar Kays -sons of Shaft
Isaac Hayes -theme from the men
Tribe -koke
Ripple -I don't know what it is but it sure is funky
Donny Hathaway -love love love
Gentle Persuasion -dynamite explodes
Barry White -baby can't you see
LTG Exchange -waterbed/corazon
Rita Fortune -sisters and brothers
Act One -tom the peeper
Polly Brown -up in a puff of smoke
Donna Summer -lady of the night
Jimmy Castor Bunch -e man boogie
The Temptations -happy people

 Post subject: SANTANA
 Post Posted: Tue Nov 04, 2008 7:24 pm 
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Evil Ways. Black Magic Woman, Oye como vas.

I like to wrestle!!

 Post subject:
 Post Posted: Tue Nov 04, 2008 8:09 pm 
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Sly Stone!! Isn't there another page just like this one? Called Before Disco??

Can't take it with you

 Post subject:
 Post Posted: Tue Nov 04, 2008 8:24 pm 
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Toleton wrote:
Sly Stone!! Isn't there another page just like this one? Called Before Disco??

Toleton is quite right Eedeecee.
There is another thread & you just may find some other titles you're not aware of.

Pop over here. ... highlight=

It's always been 'bout the music..........

 Post subject:
 Post Posted: Wed Nov 05, 2008 9:46 pm 
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thanks for the tip.

yes, I know that there have been other threads on these pages covering the pre-Disco era but I am not looking for the obvious stuff; Santana and the MOR usual hits that were played on radio. Not even danceable records by The Beatles or The Stones, even some stuff by James Brown was considered mainstream then....
Mungo Jerry "IN THE SUMMERTIME"....please!!!

my search is on for the unusual tunes that were played in clubs before Disco was a 'real genre'. Let's say I'm looking for real underground Disco before 1975...

tracks like;

Cymande -bra
Ohio Players -running with the devil
Isley Brothers -midnight sky
Little Sister -I'm the one
Curtis Mayfield -if there's hell below (we're all going to go)
Ultra High Frequency -we're on the right track

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 Post Posted: Wed Nov 05, 2008 9:51 pm 
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I'm still looking for "YOU'RE THE ONE" by Little Sister.

All I have is a MONO, Pt.1 & Pt.2 on a 45 single that I've worn to death.

My Ultra High Frequency & "MIDNIGHT SKY" are in pretty good shape.

"CALL MY NAME, I'LL BE THERE" - by Wilson Pickett (Atlantic 1971) is a Fav of mine. It was his follow up to "DON'T KNOCK MY LOVE"

"Doin'The Doo"

 Post subject:
 Post Posted: Thu Nov 06, 2008 11:43 am 
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"YOU'RE THE ONE" by Little Sister is very hard to find.

I'm not familiar with "CALL MY NAME, I'LL BE THERE" by Wilson Pickett but I'll look it up. "DON'T KNOCK MY LOVE" is a great dance-tune, as most of the Wicked Pickett's material is. It's curious that his dance-related tunes were not as big in the 70's as they were in the 60's

 Post subject:
 Post Posted: Fri Nov 21, 2008 4:14 am 

Joined: Fri Aug 29, 2008 8:26 am
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Stone Fox Chase (original) Are Code 615
Big Noise From Winnetka by Spaghetti Head
Jingo (Orignal) Olatunji
Gimme Some Mo by Redd Holt Unlimited
Song In A by Cat Mother produced by Hendrix with one of the baddest organ breaks on a song.

"Keep Your Ears And Your Mind Open"

 Post subject: Re: pre-Disco checklist
 Post Posted: Sun Jan 25, 2009 6:44 pm 
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Joined: Fri Jun 13, 2008 8:46 pm
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I'll Bake Me a Man - Barbara Acklin (Brunswick, 1973)
If You Love Me Like You Say You Love Me - Betty Wright (Alston, 1972)
Black Skin Blue Eyed Boys - Equals (Shout, 1972)
Rain - Dorothy Morrison (Elektra, 1971)
Fencewalk - Mandrill (Polydor, 1973)
Street Dance/Njia (Nija) Walk (Street walk) - The Fatback Band (Perception, 1973)
Sultana/Rain 2000 - Titanic (Epic, 1972/1973)
Dust Yourself Off and Try It Again - Beautiful Zion Choir (Myrrh, 1973)
You're the One - Little Sister (Stone Flower, 1970)
Music For Gong Gong - Osibisa (Decca, 1971)
I Got It - Gloria Spencer (Jay Walking, 1971)
Girl You Need a Change of Mind/Date With the Rain - Eddie Kendricks (Tamla, 1972)
You Sure Know How To Love Your Man - Willie Hutch (Motown, 1974)
Think (About It) - Lyn Collins (People, 1972)
I Like What I Like - Everyday People (Paramount, 1972)
Twenty-Five Miles/Running Back and Forth - Edwin Starr (Gordy, 1969)
Feel the Need in Me - Detroit Emeralds (Westbound, 1972)
Giving Up - Zulema (Sussex, 1973)
Doing it to Death - Fred Wesley & The J.B.'s (People, 1973)
Melting Pot - Boris Gardiner Happening (Dynamic, 1973)
Beggin' - Timebox (Deram, 1968)
Woman/Wild Safari - Barrabas (RCA, 1973)
The Bottle - Gil Scott-Heron (Strata-East, 1974)/Brother to Brother (Turbo, 1974)
I Can Understand It - The New Birth (RCA, 1973)/Kokomo (Columbia, 1975)
Pursuit of the PimpMobile - Isaac Hayes (Enterprise, 1974)
Take Off Your Make-up - Lamont Dozier (ABC, 1973)
Love and Happiness - Al Green (Hi, 1972)
Main Line - Ashford & Simpson (Warner Bros., 1974)
Armed and Extremely Dangerous/Smarty Pants - First Choice (Philly Groove, 1973)
Zing Went the Strings of My Heart - The Trammps (Buddah, 1972)
Who is He And What is He to You - Creative Source (Sussex, 1974)
Life and Death in G & A - Abaco Dream (A&M, 1969)
Half a Cup - Reggie Gardner (ABC, 1974)
We the People - Soul Searchers (Sussex, 1972)
Crazy 'Bout My Baby - Bonnie Bramlett (Columbia, 1973)
Getting Together - Brothers Guiding Light Featuring David (Mercury, 1973)
Sweet Charlie Babe/Time - Jackie Moore (Atlantic, 1973)
What Goes Around (Comes Around) - Black Ivory (Kwanza, 1974)
Soul Makossa - Manu Dibango (Atlantic, 1973)
Good Things Don't Last Forever - Ecstasy, Passion & Pain (Roulette, 1974)
Koke - Tribe (ABC, 1973)
Pull Yourself Together - Buddy Miles (Columbia, 1974)
Papa Was a Rollin' Stone - The Temptations (Gordy, 1972)
Under the Influence of Love - Love Unlimited (20th Century, 1973)
Little Bit of Love - Brenda & The Tabulations (Epic, 1972)

"Doin'The Doo"

 Post subject: Re: pre-Disco checklist
 Post Posted: Sun Jan 25, 2009 10:21 pm 
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That's some kind of list of "pre-historic" Disco stuff... :lol:
Some I think I've never even heard - but I do know a lot of them...

// Discoguy

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 Post subject: Re: pre-Disco checklist
 Post Posted: Sun Jan 25, 2009 11:15 pm 
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Joined: Fri Jun 13, 2008 8:46 pm
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There's plenty of more---In those days going to work was about bringing 5-7 boxes of 45s---I still have 90% of those titles mentioned.
Burning them on to CD & Mp3's are a REAL JOB!!!!
(but I'm doin it)

"Doin'The Doo"

 Post subject: Re: pre-Disco checklist
 Post Posted: Mon Jan 26, 2009 11:19 am 
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Joined: Wed Apr 18, 2007 8:45 am
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that's quite a nice addition of the most popular 'pre-disco' tracks... what strikes me that some of these are similar to Afrika Bambaata's list of tunes in his early hiphop-mixes...

add to the pre-disco checklist also the Mohawks -the champ, another very popular tune that was sampled to death in hiphop. The Mohawks were a band formed from session musicians and fronted by the undisputed king of Library music composers, Alan Hawkshaw.

 Post subject: Re: pre-Disco checklist
 Post Posted: Mon Jan 26, 2009 12:03 pm 
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Joined: Thu Aug 28, 2008 5:22 pm
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Great list Jay...Now thats a triple Cd I don't mind paying good money for...

I think it is to easy to loose your way in this subject as where do you really draw the line.
You would have to mention all the great tracks that came out of Detroit in the 60's and I am not just talking about Motown and Staxx. There were 100's are small independant record companies churning out record after record in the 60's. This music was picked up by the British public a few years later and The Northern Soul scene emerged in 1970/71. These clubs were packed with dancers, long before the roots of disco emerged.
If you want an insight into what the Northern Soul faternity were dancing to before disco, look below...There might be the odd few that fall into the disco-era, that is because this is a list of the top 100 Northern Soul Tunes All Time but the majority of the tracks listed here are pre 72"..This list is intended to give you a rough guide to what some of the people were dancing to in the UK before disco landed on us!

1. Do I Love You (Indeed I Do) - Frank Wilson
2. Out on the Floor - Dobie Gray
3. You Didn't Say a Word - Yvonne Baker
4. The Snake - Al Wilson
5. Long After Tonight is Over - Jimmy Radcliffe
6. Seven Day Lover - James Fountain
7. You Don't Love Me - Epitome of Sound
8. Looking for You - Garnet Mimms
9. If That's What You Wanted - Frankie Beverly & the Butlers
10. Seven Days Too Long - Chuck Wood
11. The Right Track - Billy Butler
12. Stick By Me Baby - Salvadors
13. I Really Love You - Tomangoes
14. Time Will Pass You By - Tobi Legend
15. Landslide - Tony Clarke
16. Too Late - Larry Willaims & Johnny "Guitar" Watson
17. You Don't Know Where Your Interest Lies - Dana Valery
18. Walking Up a One Way Street - Willie Tee
19. If You Ever Walk Out of My Life - Dena Barnes
20. There's a Ghost in My House - R. Dean Taylor
21. Here I Go Again - Archie Bell & the Drells
22. Hit and Run - Rose Batiste
23. What - Judy Street
24. Tainted Love - Gloria Jones
25. Girl Across the Street - Moses Smith
26. You're Gonna Love My Baby - Barbara McNair
27. You've Been Away - Rubin
28. She'll Come Running Back - Mel Britt
29. Double Cookin' - Checkerboard Squares
30. It Really Hurts Me Girl - Carstairs
31. If You Ask Me - Jerry Williams
32. Unsatisfied - Lou Johnson
33. Our Love is in the Pocket - J.J. Barnes
34. Come on Train - Don Thomas
35. Turnin' My Heartbeat Up - MVPs
36. You're Gonna Make Me Love You - Sandi Sheldon
37. I Got to Find Me Somebody - Vel-vets
38. I'm Gonna Love You a Long, Long Time - Patty & the Emblems
39. Better Use Your Head - Little Anthony & the Imperials
40. Dance, Dance, Dance - Casualeers
41. Dearly Beloved - Jack Montgomery
42. Crackin' Up Over You - Roy Hamilton
43. My Sugar Baby - Connie Clark
44. Cashing In - Voices of East Harlem
45. That's My Girl - Dee Clark
46. Lend a Hand - Bobby Hutton
47. Just Loving You - Ruby Andrews
48. Cause You're Mine - Vibrations
49. A Little Bit Hurt - Julian Covey
50. What Kind of Lady - Dee Dee Sharp
51. A Lil' Lovin' Sometimes - Alexander Patten
52. You Just Don't Know (What You Do to Me) - Chubby Checker
53. Just Like the Weather - Nolan Chance
54. Night Owl - Bobby Paris
55. Bari Track - Doni Burdick
56. I'll Always Need You - Dean Courtney
57. She's Wanted - Larry Clinton
58. I Travel Alone - Lou Ragland
59. They'll Never Know Why - Freddie Chavez
60. I Still Love You - Seven Souls
61. I'm On My Way - Dean Parrish
62. Baby Hit and Run - Contours
63. Open the Door to Your Heart - Darrell Banks
64. I'll Always Love You - Spinners
65. I'm Gonna Run Away from You - Tami Lynn
66. You Don't Want Me No More - Major Lance
67. Love, Love, Love - Bobby Hebb
68. Blowing My Mind to Pieces - Bob Relf
69. You Got to Pay Your Dues - Drifters
70. Skiing in the Snow - Invitations
71. She Blew a Good Thing - Poets
72. In Orbit - Joy Lovejoy
73. Stranger in My Arms - Lynne Randell
74. Nothing Can Compare to You - Velvet Satins
75. I Need You - Shane Martin
76. Hey Girl Don't Bother Me - Tams
77. I'm Comun' Home in the Mountain - Lou Pride
78. I Can't Help Lovin' You - Paul Anka
79. I'm Not Strong Enough - Four Perfections
80. I Got the Fever - Prophets/The Creation
81. Crazy Baby - Coasters
82. Heartaches Away My Boy - Christine Cooper
83. You've Been Cheatin' - Impressions
84. Get Out - Harold Melvin & the Bluenotes
85. Run For Cover - Dells
86. Girls Are Out to Get You - Fascinations
87. I Never Knew - Eddie Foster
88. Save My Love for a Rainy Day - Van Dykes
89. Send Him Back - Pointer Sisters
90. Gonna Be a Big Thing - Yum Yums
91. If I Could Only Be Sure - Nolan Porter
92. Next Line - Hoagy Landis
93. Time Marches On - Lainie Hill
94. I Walked Away - Bobby Paris
95. I Can't Make It Anymore - Spyder Turner
96. You're Ready Now - Frankie Valli
97. Thumb a Ride - Earl Wright
98. Gotta Have Your Love - Sapphires
99. Man Without a Woman - Michael & Raymond
100. My Man is a Sweet Man - Millie Jackson

"If It Moves Funk It"

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